Tipping in Croatia Guide | When and How Much to Tip in Croatia 

Is Tipping in Croatia a customary culture? This question has been one of the most frequently asked among travellers planning to visit the country. Tipping is a part of the Croatian culture but is not expected as in other parts of the world. 

Many travellers visit Croatia to enjoy the stunning Mediterranean gem on the Adriatic Sea. It has become a favoured destination for travellers seeking sun-drenched coastlines, historic cities, and a rich tapestry of culture. 

When going out and about, you are most likely to find local staff helping you, such as hotel staff, restaurant servers, tour guides and porters.

Merchant selling handmade antique souvenir to a child in Dubrovnik s street market. Dubrovnik is one of the most famous travel destination in Croatia.

Understanding the art of tipping is essential to ensure respectful and smooth interactions with the locals while navigating this enchanting country. Tipping them when you receive exceptional service is the standard rule of thumb. 

To help you navigate the nuances of tipping in Croatia, I created this guide that provides insights into the country’s tipping practices, cultural nuances, and a summary of who to give tips to.

As you continue reading, I will delve deeper into these customs and provide practical advice on when and how to tip in various scenarios. 

By embracing the local Croatia tipping etiquette, you not only show appreciation for the hospitality of the Croatian people but also ensure a more enjoyable and respectful journey through this captivating nation.

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Are you expected to tip in Croatia?

Do you tip in Croatia? Yes, tipping in Croatia is appreciated, but it’s less heavily expected or ingrained in the culture than it is in some other countries. Tipping is not obligatory; instead, it is a courteous way to show appreciation for good service. 

In Croatia, the approach to tipping is flexible and relatively low-key. Locals and service industry workers will appreciate your gestures of gratitude, but they will not consider it rude if you do not leave one for them. 

So, if you’re wondering how to tip in Croatia, the approach is generally more about rewarding exceptional service than fulfilling a mandatory obligation. If you want to show your appreciation to them, you can leave them a decent amount, depending on what you feel is appropriate. Don’t feel pressured!

Kuna Croatian money in various copies on stone. The currency of Croatia.

What’s the easiest way to give a tip in Croatia?

A few countries, like the US, pay their bills with tips. However, when tipping in Croatia, the classic and easiest way to do it is by leaving it on the table, especially in restaurants.

While many places in Croatia, especially in larger cities and tourist areas, accept credit cards for payments, tipping with cash is the most convenient and widely accepted method. 

So, ensure you have small bills of Euro as you travel around Croatia. Below, I have covered the best and easiest way to tip in different situations that you might encounter.

  • When paying your bill at a restaurant, cafe, or any other service, simply leave the desired tip amount in cash on the table or hand it directly to the service provider. If you’re unsure how much to give, round up the bill to the nearest convenient amount. 
  • Check if there are tipping jars where you can leave some tips. These are usually found at the counter of cafes and fast food restaurants. 
  • It’s always a good idea to have smaller denominations of Euros. This makes it easier to give precise tips, and many locals appreciate receiving tips in small denominations, as it’s more convenient for them.
  • If you want to give tips discreetly, you can put money in a small envelope or folded paper. Just enclose the cash inside, and you can hand it to the service provider. Do this when you are in public places to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.
  • When tipping, workers will appreciate it if you express your gratitude verbally. You can say “Hvala” or simply thank you to them with a smile when you give the tip.

In general, cash tips are the most straightforward way to show your appreciation in Croatia. While credit cards are widely accepted for payments, there are instances when you can only hand out money. They may also prefer and appreciate cash tips in their local currency.  

Tourists walk by ATMs at a shopping street in Dubrovnik Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When and How Much to Tip in Croatia?

Although it is usually left to your discretion on whether or not to tip your service providers, tipping while travelling is an excellent practice. The same goes when you visit Croatia – tip generously but also accordingly.

While every country has different tipping practices, it is standard to tip in Croatia when dining in restaurants, cafes and bars.

The amount you’ll give reflects your interpretation of the quality of service you received, but at least 10% to 20% is enough. However, if a service charge is already included in the bill, you can decide whether or not to leave a tip. 

Tipping in Croatia hotels and their staff is also a great courtesy to show your appreciation to them. Usually, porters, receptionists and housekeeping receive the most tips. You can give them 3 to 5 Euros. 

There are many other circumstances where you can give tips while travelling to Croatia. Whether it may be taxi drivers, tour guides, or airport porters, it’s up to you. Keep reading as I will specify more on how much tip is reasonable in Croatia.

Man holding croatian Kuna and Lipa coins in hand. Kuna is currency in Croatia used since 1194 and will be in use till January 2023, then replaced by Euro.

Can I tip in USD in Croatia?

It is possible to tip in USD in Croatia, but it is generally advisable to use their local currency, Euros. Most tourist areas are equipped to handle transactions in USD, but if you are tipping, Euros is much appreciated. 

Tipping with USD might not be as widely accepted because of the unfavourable exchange rates. It is also a bad idea to tip in foreign currency when visiting small towns, so to ensure smooth transactions, you always carry cash and Euros.

Croatia recently changed their currency from the Croatian Kuna (HRK) to Euros in 2023. Euros use a combination of notes and coins. When you travel to Croatia, I suggest you always carry small bills and coins. This way, you won’t have difficulty looking for change when giving tips. 

Euro and kuna in the hands of a tourist on a white background. Currency of Croatia and Europe.

What Is A Reasonable Tip In Croatia? 

In Croatia, just like in any other country, your tip depends on how satisfied you are with their service. You can base off percentages, like tipping from 10% to 15% of your total bill in restaurants, cafes, and bars. This is the most customary practice for expressing appreciation for good service.  

Meanwhile, for other services like tipping taxi drivers, you can round up the fare or make them keep the change.

This is sufficient already to say thank you to your driver. Croatians value modest gestures, so the key is to be polite, respectful, and appreciative rather than feeling obligated to leave substantial tips. 

If you want to thank them with a tip, I have listed below a few instances where you can give out tips and the most reasonable amount. 

Taxi & Uber Drivers

Is it customary to tip taxi drivers in Croatia? No, but it would be a kind gesture if you tip them, especially if they kept you safe and comfortable during your ride. 

  • When tipping, the most reasonable and common practice for taxi drivers and Uber is to round up the fare to the nearest convenient amount or allow the driver to keep the change as a tip. 
  • When you use ride-sharing apps like Uber, there is already an option on the app to give a tip to your driver. You can either do this or hand the cash directly after your ride. I suggest this since they can use the money immediately without waiting for a payout from Uber.
  • If you got stuck in traffic while travelling to a destination quite far from your pick-up point, giving at least 5% or 10% of the total bill as your tip to the driver would be nice. For example, if the meter fare reaches 20 Euros, you can give 5 Euros to the driver as a tip. 
  • Taxi and Uber drivers are usually the most knowledgeable about places, and if you’re travelling alone, you can ask for directions and transportation advice from them. In return, you can also give them some tips. A small amount of 3 to 5 Euros is enough. 
Taxis at along branitelja Dubrovnika next to the walls of the Old Town in Dubrovnik

Tour Guides & Operators

Tour guides in Croatia are known to be one of the best in Europe and usually bring life to your trip. Giving tips to tour guides and even the operators (if they provide great smooth and excellent service) should be considered. The amount of tipping tour guides in Croatia can vary depending on several factors.

  • If you are on a group tour and hire a single tour guide, it’s common practice to pool tips with your companions to give the operator or tour guide a lump sum. It doesn’t necessarily mean you all have to provide a tip separately; instead, combining maybe 3 to 5 Euros to come up with 20 to 30 Euros is better.
  • When joining a private tour, you’ll have exclusive access to different destinations, and the tour guide yourself. So, if you enjoyed the guide’s service, you can give them at least 20 Euros when satisfied.
  • There are multi-day tours available for booking in Croatia, and a guide will be joining you along the way during this tour. In this setup, your group should at least tip your guide 30 to 40 Euros a day.
  • Going on outdoor tours that entail hiking, rafting, kayaking, or cycling would be a kind gesture to tip your guide a small amount. Again, this will depend on how much you enjoyed their service. 
Croatia with Traverse Journeys!

Spa & Wellness Places

Like in other countries, tipping in spa and wellness places in Croatia is also a thing. While the workers here usually do not expect locals to tip them, as a tourist, you can hand over a small amount to show respect and gratitude to them for accommodating you. 

  • If you get a massage, you can tip the practitioner at least 10% of your bill. This is still discretionary, depending on the service they provide.
  • The tip you will give should be higher if you availed more than two services and only one attendant serviced you. For example, you got a facial, manicure, pedicure and a massage during your visit. You can give at least 15% to 20% of the bill.
  • Spa workers in Croatia usually don’t expect tips, but if you insist, you can hand it over to them directly in cash. Make sure to give it in their local currency.
  • Other spas and wellness centres have tip jars or boxes in their reception area. You can drop your tip there for the whole staff. The amount is up to you, but generally 5 to 10 Euros is okay.
Man applying black healing clay at the spa resort

Hotel Staff

When tipping hotel staff in Croatia, giving them a decent amount to express gratitude is customary. Offering a tip to staff, including housekeeping, porters and receptionists, motivates them to stay comfortable for you as their guest.

  • Daily housekeeping usually cleans rooms when guests are out and has requested a change of linen and cleaning. So, you can leave a note at the bedside table together with your tip to let them know it’s for them. At least 5 Euros per day for housekeeping staff is okay.  
  • Porters at hotels help you with your luggage and stuff when you go in and out of the hotel. You can give them 2 to 4 Euros every time they offer help. These amounts are already considered generous enough to acknowledge their effort to carry your things.
  • If you ask help from the receptionist with your travel plans, like booking a taxi, asking for places to visit or arranging a day tour, they would also appreciate a tip from you. Giving them around 5 to 10 Euros is customary for this type of service. 
DUBROVNIK, CROATIA - Hilton Grand Hotel Imperial Dubrovnik in a beautiful spring day

Cafes, Restaurants & Bars

In Croatia, asking for the restaurant bill is given only after you request it. Upon receiving your bill, checking if it includes service charges is essential. Still, if you are satisfied with their service, you can leave them tips as a gesture of gratitude. 

  • In restaurants and bars, you can discreetly hand over your tip or leave it in a receipt wallet on your table before leaving. This ensures that the waiter assigned to your table will collect it when they clear the table.
  • Showing your appreciation through tips in restaurants is always appreciated. When dining in high-end restaurants, I recommend you leave a tip of at least 10% of the total bill. For example, if you had a 3-course meal that costs 80 Euros, you can give 10 to 20 Euros as a tip.
  • Cafes in Croatia usually have a tip box on their cashier. Dropping 5 Euros is already considered generous, but you can also leave 10 Euros if the service was exceptionally excellent. 
  • In Croatia, adding a tip to your bill when paying with a credit card is not an option. So, always be prepared with some Euros when dining out or drinking at bars.
  • Tipping in fast food is not expected. Usually, when you dine in here, you’ll need to Clean As You Go. This is already enough to show respect to the restaurant crew. 
DUBROVNIK, CROATIA - People sitting on terrace of Restaurant Kopun and Konoba Jezuite. Dubrovnik has many restaurants which offer traditional Dalmatian cuisine and some great wine lists.

Food Delivery

When food is delivered to your hotel or accommodation, it is nice to tip them 2 to 3 Euros for their effort. Food delivery riders usually have low salaries in Croatia, so it would be nice to tip them occasionally. 

  • You can round up the total bill of your food delivery and let the delivery man keep the change. This is the most convenient way to tip them without worrying about where to get small changes.
  • Croatia only has local food delivery services, so tip accordingly and pay with Euros. 

Street Vendors & Markets

It is not customary and expected among locals and even tourists to tip Street and Market Vendors. While they cater to selling local products, you can round up the purchase price to the nearest convenient amount and let them keep the change. 

  • At markets, it is more common to negotiate prices for goods, and tipping may be a different practice. However, if the vendors were accommodating, give them a small tip to thank them.
  • If you visit food markets in Croatia, you may leave the vendors a small tip after eating. Do it discreetly to avoid unnecessary attention. You can give 2 Euros to 3 Euros, depending on what you think is appropriate.
Dubrovnik Croatia - People at the Street Market in the Old town of Dubrovnik Croatia


In the hospitality industry, it is normal and a common practice to tip staff and say thank you to them after providing you good service. This practice also applies to Airport and Hotel Porters, who usually carry pieces of luggage for you. 

  • In Croatia, when it comes to tipping airport porters, it is already reasonable to give them 2 to 3 Euros per bag or 10 Euros per service provided. For example, if you have them carry your luggage and hand-carry it from the inside to your transportation, 10 Euros is enough to give. 
  • If you ask for assistance from Airport porters other than carrying bags, you can add 2 Euros more from the original tip you will give them. Don’t forget to say thank you along with the tip.
  • The above situation also applies to hotel porters. You can hand them the tip directly after they help you with your things. But, if the luggage is heavier, it’s a nice gesture to tip them on the higher-end range. 
DUBROVNIK, CROATIA - Entrance to the new airport building with drop-off points.

FAQs About what is the etiquette for tipping?

is it rude not to tip in croatia?

Tipping is not customary in Croatia, so it is not necessarily considered rude if someone does not tip. However, some people view it as rude to not tip service workers who have done an exemplary job.

The consensus among locals is that the visitor can decide whether or not they want to give a tip, and there will be no judgement either way from the locals. Ultimately, if you feel like tipping for good service, it’s always appreciated.

how does tipping work in croatia

Tipping in Croatia is not compulsory, but it’s customary to leave a small tip in restaurants and bars. Tips of 10-15% of the total bill are generally expected.

However, if you receive excellent service, you can tip up to 20%. In taxis, round up the fare or leave a few extra kuna (Croatian currency) as a gesture of appreciation.

Tipping isn’t expected in other services. Generally speaking, Croatians appreciate small tokens of gratitude for good service.

is tipping a thing in croatia

Tipping is generally expected in Croatia, although it’s not mandatory and the amount you choose to tip is up to you.

It’s also common to tip your guide or driver after a tour. Of course, tipping should only be done if you feel the service was good or exceptional!

Dubrovnik Croatia - People at Dubrovnik Cathedral in the Old city of Dubrovnik Croatia

Final Thoughts: tipping in croatia 2023

Tipping is a personal choice, whether it may be in Croatia or not. While I provided a few guidelines on how much to tip in Croatia and their tipping culture, it is essential that you still consider the level of service they offer and your satisfaction. 

Including a tipping budget for your travel is also not mandatory because tipping should be done with gratitude and appreciation.

Croatian culture is characterised by its flexibility and emphasis on good service, so if you don’t have enough money to give, it’s always okay to say thank you and send them your appreciation at the end of the day. 

Ultimately, I created this guide to enhance your travel experience and ensure you know the culture of tipping in Croatia. 

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