Where to stay in Dubrovnik [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Dubrovnik, a city in southern Croatia, is a remarkable destination I explored over a few weeks. It’s known for its stunning location by the Adriatic Sea and its rich history, which includes being the capital of the Republic of Ragusa and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city is famous for its Old Town, surrounded by huge 16th-century stone walls and known for being used in Game of Thrones. Walking through its pedestrian-only streets, you’ll see historic buildings, museums, shops, restaurants, and hotels. It’s a great place for history lovers and those who enjoy seafood.

Map of Dubrovnik for best areas to stay

Choosing where to stay in Dubrovnik in 2024 is a crucial requirement to enjoy your trip, no one wants an uncomfortable bed or hotel room after a long day of exploring.

As a first-time visitor, I found it important to pick the right neighborhood and hotel. This guide will help you find the best place to stay in Dubrovnik, no matter your budget. It covers different areas and accommodation options in Dubrovnik.

We’ll introduce 7 of the best neighborhoods in Dubrovnik. These suggestions are based on personal experiences and include recommendations for activities, places to visit, and favorite eateries in each area. This guide aims to be straightforward and helpful for anyone planning to stay in Dubrovnik.

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  • Best area to stay in Dubrovnik for first time: Old Town
  • Where to stay in Dubrovnik without a car: Old Town, Pile & Ploce
  • Best place to stay in Dubrovnik for young couple: Pile
  • Best Hostel in Dubrovnik: Love Dubrovnik Hostel
  • Best Budget Hotel in Dubrovnik: Studio Marin
  • Best Mid Range Hotel in Dubrovnik: Scalini Palace
  • Best Family Hotel in Dubrovnik: Rooms Pile
  • Best Luxury Hotel in Dubrovnik: Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

Please note, while pricing is great to have in articles, due to the seasonal fluctuation, I don’t want to provide inaccurate information.

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Discover the best places to stay in Dubrovnik in this informative video! Whether you’re looking for luxury, budget-friendly options, unique local experiences, or you’re unsure what neighborhood to stay in Dubrovnik, our guide covers it all.

Dive into Dubrovnik neighborhoods and find your perfect home away from home. Watch now for insider tips and make your Dubrovnik trip unforgettable!

Old Town – Where to Stay in Dubrovnik for First Timers

When I first visited Dubrovnik, I stayed in the Old Town, and it was the best decision because I wanted to be in the main centre! This area is the heart of the city, offering a unique experience for travellers. Here’s why I think it’s the best area to stay in Dubrovnik for first timers.

Who is Old Town Dubrovnik Ideal For:

  • First-time visitors wanting to experience the city’s sight.
  • People travelling without a car, as Old Town is pedestrian-friendly.
  • Travellers interested in exploring ancient architecture and history.
  • Game of Throne fans

What’s Good About Old Town Dubrovnik:

  • Pedestrian-only streets, free from traffic.
  • A rich blend of historical sites, from a gothic style palace to ancient city gates.
  • Plenty of local dining options with a lively evening atmosphere.
  • Close proximity to major attractions.

Why Stay in Old Town Dubrovnik:

Old Town Dubrovnik is a special place to stay because it is full of history and beautiful old buildings. The town has ancient walls and streets that make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

There are a lot of things to see and do in the Old Town, as well as plenty of nice cafes, good restaurants, and small shops to enjoy and of course accommodation in Old Town Dubrovnik.

Things to Do in Old Town Dubrovnik:

  • Walk the Walls of Dubrovnik: A must-do. The views from the walls are stunning. I recommend visiting during cooler hours to avoid the heat (early morning).
  • Stroll along Stradun: This main street is lively and full of interesting sights and shops. Don’t miss the small balancing stone outside the friars’ monastery.
  • Visit Rector’s Palace: A treasure trove of history. The palace’s architecture and views are impressive.
  • Enjoy a drink at Buža bar: Perfect for sunset views. Both Buža I and II offer amazing views over the ocean, especially at sunset.

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Old Town Dubrovnik

Map of Old Town in Dubrovnik

Hostel Angelina Old Town – Best Hostels In Old Town Dubrovnik

Hostel Angelina Old Town

Hostel Angelina Old Town is a casual and budget-friendly accommodation in the heart of the historic Old Town area. The dorm rooms are clean, with white furnishings and exposed stone walls, and there are twin and triple rooms too if you prefer some privacy. The highlight of the hostel is its beautiful terrace, and there is a fully-equipped kitchen for use as well.

Private Accomodation Linda – Best Budget hotel In Old Town Dubrovnik

Private Accommodation Linda is a charming holiday apartment in the best area to stay Dubrovnik. Set in an authentic stone house, it offers compact air-conditioned single and double rooms with free Wi-Fi, stylish bathrooms, a minibar, and basic kitchenware. The accommodation is full of character, with old stone walls that add to its charm.

Private Accomodation Linda

Scalini Palace – Best Mid-range hotel In Old Town Dubrovnik

Scalini Palace

Housed in a fully renovated 16th-century manor, Scalini Palace is an interesting boutique hotel with a charming atmosphere. Steps away from Stradun Promenade, this is the best location to stay in Dubrovnik for first-time visitors. Many of the deluxe suites include balconies with charming city views, as well as a small kitchenette and living area. Breakfast is brought up to your room daily, and room service is offered too.

Apartment Stulli 2 – Best Family hotel In Old Town Dubrovnik

Only a few hundred metres from the beach in one of the best neighborhoods in Dubrovnik, Apartment Stulli 2 is a 4-star accommodation suitable for four people. This spacious and modern apartment includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen with a dishwasher, and a living area, providing all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. Extras like towels, linens and a coffee machine are also included.

Apartment Stulli 2

Boutique Hotel Stari Grad – Best Luxury hotel In Old Town Dubrovnik

Boutique Hotel Stari Grad

Boutique Hotel Stari Grad is a unique and luxurious accommodation located within the old city walls. Housed in a 16th-century nobleman’s house. Despite its convenient location in a vibrant area, it is on a quiet street, so you’ll be able to get a restful sleep. The nine guest rooms combine an old-world atmosphere with sleek and modern amenities, plus free champagne if you are staying in the suites. Enjoy breakfast on the rooftop as you admire views over the Old Town and the Adriatic Sea.

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Cityscape image of beautiful romantic streets of old town Dubrovnik, Croatia at twilight blue hour.

Ploce – Where to stay in Dubrovnik for nightlife

When I was looking for the best area to stay in Dubrovnik for nightlife, I found Ploce. It’s right next to the city walls and offers amazing views of over the ocean. The area is known for its upscale hotels, so i can be a little bit pricey, but the experience is worth it – trust me!

Who is Ploce Ideal For:

  • Travellers looking for good nightlife and lively evenings.
  • Travellers who want easy access to both the beach and the city.
  • Visitors interested in a mix of modern amenities in a historic settings.

What’s Good About Ploce:

  • Stunning coastal views and proximity to the Old Town.
  • A selection of high-end hotels offering top-notch services.
  • Easy access to beaches and trendy beach clubs.
  • A blend of historical sites and modern cafes and shops.

Why Stay in Ploce:

Ploce is the best place to stay in Dubrovnik for nightlife as it’s close to the city. The views of the old city walls and the sea are incredible, and there are plenty of places to explore right in the neighborhood.

The nightlife in Dubrovnik is more about quality over quantity – the bar and pub scene is much bigger than the nightclub scene. I personall loved, Mr. Goodlife Gin Pub & Pizza, Port 22 & Snogu Wok Bar.

Ploce combines luxury, history, and a nightlife, making it a fantastic choice for those who want the best of Dubrovnik. From historical sites to modern comforts, Ploce has it all.

Things to Do in Ploce:

  • Visit Ploce Gate: This historical gate offers a unique view of the Old Town’s harbor. It’s a great place for a scenic walk or a picnic.
  • Explore Dominikanski Samostan: A historic religious complex with a beautiful gothic-style church and a museum. It’s near Ploce Gate, within the Old Town walls.
  • Ride the Dubrovnik Cable Car: This short ride takes you up to a plateau with breathtaking views of Ploce, the Old Town, and the sea. There’s also a restaurant and bar, perfect for watching sunsets.

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Ploce

Map of Ploce in Dubrovnik

Love Dubrovnik Hostel – Best Hostels In Ploce

Love Dubrovnik Hostel

Love Dubrovnik Hostel is the perfect choice for budget travellers looking for the best place to stay in Dubrovnik for nightlife. The shared dorms are clean and surprisingly spacious, with privacy curtains on each bed and a seating area. However, you might prefer to get a private room with your own bathroom, or a suite that includes a kitchen and a charming balcony.

Apartment Rimac – Best Budget hotel In Ploce

Overlooking the Old Town and the Adriatic Sea, Apartment Rimac is a budget accommodation with a luxury view. The apartment has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private kitchen, a washing machine and a living area. Plus, you can admire the views of the Old Town walls and the boats in the harbour from your private balcony. With Stradun Promenade and Banje Beach both within walking distance, you’ll also save a lot of money by not needing taxis.

Apartment Rimac

Villa Ragusa Vecchia – Best Mid-range hotel In Ploce

Villa Ragusa Vecchia

Villa Ragusa Vecchia is a charming holiday apartment rental located near the quiet Ploce Gate. The studio and one-bedroom apartments feature a comfortable bed, either a shared or private terrace, a kitchen, and a lovely host. The building dates back to 1830 and has kept its wooden and stone elements that add plenty of character.

Fora Apartments – Best Family hotel In Ploce

For a family-friendly stay outside the city walls, Fora Apartments is a conveniently-located accommodation in Dubrovnik, offering one-bedroom apartments with a comfortable sofa bed. With a kitchen, dining table, washing machine, separate bedroom and free WiFi, you’ll have plenty of space and all the amenities you need for a smooth stay in Dubrovnik.

Fora Apartments

Ragusina luxury apartments – Best Luxury hotel In Ploce

Ragusina luxury apartments

Looking for the best area to stay in Dubrovnik for nightlife but don’t want to compromise on luxury? The Ragusina Luxury Apartments are just what you’re looking for. With a private entrance, the one-bedroom apartments and suites include a kitchen, a washing machine, and a living room. Yet, best of all is the amazing view from the balcony.

Architecture of old houses in the streets of historical centre of the Dubrovnik town, Croatia, Europe.

Pile – Where to stay in Dubrovnik with Family

Pile is a great spot for families visiting Dubrovnik. It’s right by the sea and has a relaxed vibe, perfect for a family getaway. I found it to be one of the best areas to stay in Dubrovnik, not only for families but for younger couples too!

Who is Pile Ideal For:

  • Families looking for a calmer area.
  • Beach lovers.
  • Fans of “Game of Thrones” and Shakespeare.
  • Younger couples, looking for a Dubrovnik weekend getaway.

What’s Good About Pile:

  • Close to the beach, ideal for swimming and water activities.
  • Historic sites like Fort Lovrijenac, a popular filming location from Game of Thrones.
  • Access to the Old Town through the historic Pile Gate.
  • Local eateries serving delicious Croatian seafood.

Why Stay in Pile:

Pile combines the tranquility of a coastal town with the convenience of being near Dubrovnik’s Old Town. The area’s laid-back atmosphere is great for families.

The blend of historical sites, beach activities, and family-friendly dining makes it a versatile area. Additionally, it’s also a great place to stay in Dubrovnik for a young couple looking for a mix of relaxation and exploration.

Things to Do in Pile:

  • Explore Fort Lovrijenac: Known as Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar, this fort offers history and fantastic views. It’s also a treat for “Game of Thrones” fans.
  • Swim in Dubrovnik West Harbour: A picturesque spot for swimming and enjoying sunsets. You can also rent kayaks here to explore the area by water.

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Pile

Map of Pile in Dubrovnik

Rooms Garden – Best Hostels In Pile

Rooms Garden

For a super affordable night or two in Dubrovnik, Rooms Garden offers both air-conditioned dorms and private rooms. Check-in is quick and easy via WhatsApp, and the host is really helpful. There is an outdoor space to hang out, a shared kitchen, decent WiFi, and a convenient bus stop right outside the hostel.

Room Center Old Town – Best Budget hotel In Pile

Room Center Old Town is a perfectly located accommodation option close to a ton of attractions, including Sulic Beach and Fort Lovrijenac. This affordable little studio apartment is safe and comfortable, with basic amenities like tea and coffee facilities, a wardrobe and a TV. What sets this property apart is the absolutely lovely host, who goes out of her way to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, even offering to prepare meals.

Room Center Old Town

Stone Elegance – Best Mid-range hotel In Pile

Stone Elegance

Stone Elegance offers modern studio and one-bedroom apartment rentals. Only a few hundred metres from the Old Town and a short distance from the beach, this is the best part of Dubrovnik to stay with family. While nicely renovated, the original stonework still shines through as a focal point of the rooms. Most, though not all, of the apartments have kitchenettes, so double-check when booking if this is a necessity.

Rooms Pile – Best Family hotel In Pile

Rooms Pile offers a comfortable and welcoming environment in the best area to stay in Dubrovnik for families. The 3-star guest house has traditionally-decorated double rooms with a lovely patio, a velvet seating area, a large wardrobe, city views, and either a sofa bed or an additional single bed. Located close to Pile Gate, it’s a great base for exploring the city’s attractions with your family.

Rooms Pile

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik – Best Luxury hotel In Pile

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

It’s not hard to see why the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik is one of the best hotels in Dubrovnik. This impressive 5-star hotel is set in a historic late-1800s building, and each guest room and suite retains elements of this 19th-century charm. Of course, there are plenty of modern comforts as well, including bathrobes, a minibar, and a spacious bathroom. Enjoy coffee or afternoon tea at the lobby bar, indulge in Mediterranean delicacies at the Imperial Terrace, and visit the wellness centre for a spa, hammam, massage, or a swim in the pool.

Dubrovnik, Croatia - People climb the stairs from Pile Gate, one of the main entrances to Dubrovnik`s Old town.

Lapad Bay – Where to stay in Dubrovnik for couples

Lapad Bay is a fantastic area in Dubrovnik, especially for couples looking for a mix of relaxation and sightseeing. My partner and I found it to be one of the best places to stay in Dubrovnik for couples, offering both affordability and proximity to the city’s attractions.

Who is Lapad Bay Ideal For:

  • Couples looking for a romantic and peaceful setting.
  • Budget-conscious travellers who still want quality accommodation.
  • Nature lovers interested in hiking and biking.
  • Anyone wanting easy access to Dubrovnik’s historical sites.

What’s Good About Lapad Bay:

  • Affordable accommodation compared to Old Town or Ploce.
  • Beautiful beachfront with clear waters and pebble shores.
  • Green hills offering hiking and biking trails.
  • Proximity to Dubrovnik’s main attractions, just a short bus ride away.

Why Stay in Lapad Bay:

Lapad Bay is perfect for couples who want a balance of adventure and relaxation. It’s close enough to explore the Old Town but offers a more laid-back atmosphere for romantic evenings.

Lapad Bay offers a unique blend of beach relaxation, nature trails, and proximity to cultural sites, making it one of the best areas to stay in Dubrovnik.

Things to Do in Lapad Bay:

  • Relax at Uvala Lapad Beach: A picturesque beach nestled between mountains and the city. It’s perfect for a day of lounging with clear waters and fine pebbles.
  • Explore Lapad Bay: The waterfront area has upscale hotels, great seafood restaurants, and water-sport facilities, providing plenty of options for activities.

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Lapad Bay

Map of Lapad Bay in Dubrovnik

Hostel 365 For U – Best Hostels In Lapad Bay

Hostel 365 For U

Hostel 365 For U is a relaxed hostel offering modern, comfortable and affordable rooms for travellers. Make the most of amenities like the communal kitchen and air-conditioned TV lounge on a hot day. If you don’t want to stay in the shared dorms as a couple, you can book your own room with a private bathroom. The staff are really helpful, and the closest bus station is only 50 metres away.

Studio Marin – Best Budget hotel In Lapad Bay

Only 200 metres from the beach, the cosy Studio Marin is a lovely spot for couples who want a little home away from home. The studio has a charming furnished terrace surrounded by green vines, a fully-equipped kitchenette, a private bathroom with free toiletries, air-conditioning, and a flat-screen TV. A farmer’s market, a shopping centre, and countless bars and restaurants are only moments away, making it a very convenient base for exploring Dubrovnik.

Studio Marin

Hotel Splendid – Best Mid-range hotel In Lapad Bay

Hotel Splendid

With its unique design celebrating Mediterranean culture, Hotel Splendid is a laid-back gem offering a memorable beachside getaway. The romantic double room comes with a balcony with sea views, as well as complimentary fruit basket and a bottle of wine. The terrace overlooking the bay is a lively place to try some Dalmatian cuisine and listen to music with your favourite cocktail in hand, while the beach bar serves a range of light meals and snacks. As a bonus, all guests receive a special discount at a nearby wellness centre.

Club Dubrovnik Sunny Hotel by Valama – Best Family hotel In Lapad Bay

Found on the Babin Kuk Peninsula, the Club Dubrovnik Sunny Hotel is all-inclusive and family-friendly. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, this is easily one of the best areas to stay in Dubrovnik. Book a contemporary room with two separate sleeping areas, and a lovely balcony facing a park. With an outdoor pool overlooking the bay, a buffet restaurant, two bars, sports courts, and extended breakfast and brunch hours, you’ll find lots to do here. If you’re a couple travelling with kids, the nearby Maro World will provide the perfect entertainment.

Club Dubrovnik Sunny Hotel

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace – Best Luxury hotel In Lapad Bay

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Without a doubt, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace is the best place to stay in Dubrovnik for couples wanting to create memories together. There are numerous rooms and suites designed in calming, earthy tones, with private balconies looking out onto unforgettable sea views. Together, you can also enjoy beach access, the spa, the scuba diving centre, four different restaurants, two swimming pools and a pool bar.

Panoramic view of Dubrovnik with the harbor, Croatia, Europe

Srebreno – Where to stay near Dubrovnik for relaxation

Srebreno was my choice when I looked for a peaceful getaway near Dubrovnik. Located just 11 km from the city, it offers the perfect blend of relaxation and accessibility. Here’s why I think it’s one of the best places to stay near Dubrovnik.

Who is Srebreno Ideal For:

  • Travellers looking a quiet getaway.
  • Beach lovers who prefer less crowded spots.
  • Visitors interested in local wine and Croatian meals.

What’s Good About Srebreno:

  • Sheltered coves with pebble beaches, ideal for relaxation.
  • Close proximity to Dubrovnik, with easy access by bus or boat.
  • New resorts that provide modern comforts.

Why Stay in Srebreno:

Srebreno is a great choice for a relaxing holiday near Dubrovnik. It feels like a world away from the the city, yet it’s close enough for sightseeing trips. The beaches here are quieter, and the overall vibe is much more laid-back.

It’s ideal for those who want to unwind and enjoy the Adriatic coast, with the option to easily visit Dubrovnik for a bit of sightseeing.

Things to Do in Srebreno:

  • Visit VARDIA Vineyard for Wine Tasting: This family-run vineyard offers an authentic experience. Take a tour which includes tasting their wine, olive oil, and homemade bread.
  • Relax on Srebreno or Mlini Beach: Both beaches are quieter compared to those in Dubrovnik, making them perfect for a peaceful day by the sea.

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Srebreno

Map of Srebreno in Dubrovnik

Apartment Blue Mediteran – Best Budget hotel In Srebreno

Wondering where to stay in Dubrovnik on a budget yet still experience privacy and relaxation? Apartment Blue Mediteran is the perfect compromise. There are a few apartment options to choose from, including a larger split level that can fit four guests. Each apartment has sea views, a kitchen, a balcony, a dining and living area, and a separate bedroom and bathroom. Bicycles can be rented here to get around the area, and the beach is only a few minutes away.

Apartment Blue Mediteran

Exclusive Villa Mative – Best Mid-range hotel In Srebreno

Exclusive Villa Mative

Set in one of the most relaxing areas in Dubrovnik, Exclusive Villa Mative is the perfect mid-range accommodation for a laid-back, private stay. The spacious and stylish villa fits about seven guests, with four separate bedrooms, three bathrooms, a private pool, a kitchen, barbecue facilities, and a lounge area with a smart TV. The highlight, however, is the amazing sea and mountain views from the balcony.

Maistra Select Srebreno Villas – Best Family hotel In Srebreno

For a peaceful family getaway, it’s hard to beat Maistra Select Srebreno Villas. Set in a gorgeous three-storey building surrounded by gardens, the property has modern one and two-bedroom apartments that offer plenty of space and freedom. Each apartment has separate bedrooms, a kitchenette, a comfortable living area, a bathtub, and a balcony with views of the garden. Staying here also gives you access to nearby facilities like the swimming pool, fitness centre, spa and restaurant at the nearby Sheraton Hotel, plus a kids’ playground and an easy walk to the beach.

Maistra Select Srebreno Villas

Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel – Best Luxury hotel In Srebreno

Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel

Looking for where is best to stay in Dubrovnik for luxury and relaxation? Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel is an upscale property with an elegant design and luxurious amenities. With its secluded beachfront location, there is a very exclusive, relaxed atmosphere. Among the hotel’s facilities are four swimming pools, a fitness centre, four onsite restaurants with Mediterranean and international cuisine, a pool bar, a wellness centre and a spa. Each of the modern and spacious rooms and suites include a balcony with scenic views.

Adriatic coast view in Srebreno and Mlini bay, Dubrovnik archipelago in Dalmatia region of Croatia

Cavtat – Where to stay near Dubrovnik Along the beach

When I was looking for a beachside retreat near Dubrovnik, Cavtat stood out as a great option. Situated south of Dubrovnik, it’s a peaceful alternative to the city and it’s close to the airport!

Who is Cavtat Ideal For:

  • Beach lovers looking for a coastal experience.
  • Travellers who want to stay close to Dubrovnik Airport.
  • Budget-conscious visitors looking for affordable accommodation.

What’s Good About Cavtat:

  • Proximity to the airport, making travel convenient.
  • A picturesque waterfront with plenty of dining options.
  • Quieter and more relaxed than central Dubrovnik.
  • Frequent buses and ferries to Dubrovnik for easy city access.

Why Stay in Cavtat:

Cavtat offers a mini-Dubrovnik feel with its own historical and cultural attractions. It’s ideal for travellers who want to be near the beach and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere. Plus, the convenience for airport travel is a big plus for early or late flights.

Cavtat’s definitely a great place to stay near Dubrovnik, especially for travellers who prefer a beach setting and a quieter atmosphere. The affordability compared to central Dubrovnik is also a major advantage for budget-conscious travellers.

Things to Do in Cavtat:

  • Visit the House of Vlaho Bukovac: Discover the early life of this famous painter and see where his artistic journey began.
  • Wander Cavtat Seaside Promenade: A perfect spot for a relaxing stroll or to enjoy the stunning views. The promenade is lined with shops and eateries, offering a pleasant walk around the peninsula.

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Cavtat

Map of Cavtat in Dubrovnik

B&B Villa Royal – Best Budget hotel In Cavtat

200 metres away from beautiful pebble beaches, the B&B Villa Royal has simple double and triple rooms with air-conditioning and private balconies. The bathrooms are nice and modern, and the studios come with a kitchenette. Plus, the bus stop to Dubrovnik is only a short walk away. This villa is great for travellers on a budget who want to be in a convenient yet laid-back location.

B&B Villa Royal

Boutique Hotel Villa Pattiera – Best Mid-range hotel In Cavtat

Boutique Hotel Villa Pattiera

Boutique Hotel Villa Pattiera is a 4-star, family-run gem located in a beautifully-restored mansion. The double and family rooms are colourful, warm and cosy, putting you in a great mood when you wake up. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy breakfast on the outdoor terrace. The kind and helpful staff are always happy to offer tips and recommendations, so don’t be scared to ask.

Hotel Cavtat – Best Family hotel In Cavtat

If you want to know where to stay in Dubrovnik for beach views and access, Hotel Cavtat is a clear winner. Only 50 metres from sandy Tiha Beach, the hotel offers executive suites and interconnecting family rooms in calming, neutral tones. The views from the rooftop pool are definitely Instagram-worthy, with lots of sunbeds and parasols on the terrace. There are two restaurants onsite, serving Croatian and international cuisine, and massages can easily be arranged to help you unwind.

Hotel Cavtat

Hotel Supetar – Best Luxury hotel In Cavtat

Hotel Supetar

The 5-star, beachfront Hotel Superstar is one of the best places to stay near Dubrovnik. With a seasonal outdoor pool, beautiful gardens, friendly staff, an onsite bar and a romantic Mediterranean restaurant, it’s the ideal spot for a summer getaway. The rooms are very classic and elegant, with cosy extras and luxury amenities to make your stay more memorable.

Town of Cavtat colorful Adriatic waterfront view, south Dalmatia, Croatia

FAQs About where to stay in dubrovnik area

For first-time visitors, the Old Town is the ideal place to stay. It’s the historic heart of Dubrovnik, offering easy access to major attractions like the city walls, Stradun, and various historical sites. The area is pedestrian-friendly, making it convenient for exploring on foot. Accommodation options vary from luxury hotels to quaint guesthouses, catering to different budgets.

Yes, there are budget-friendly options in Dubrovnik. Areas like Lapad Bay and Gruž offer more affordable accommodation compared to the Old Town or Ploce. These areas are well-connected to the city center by public transport, making them convenient for sightseeing. Hostels, budget hotels, and private rentals are available, offering good value for money. Also, consider staying a bit outside the city center in places like Srebreno or Cavtat for more cost-effective options.

Dubrovnik is a great destination for family vacations. The area of Pile is highly recommended for families. It offers a mix of beach activities and historical exploration, with family-friendly beaches and close proximity to Old Town attractions. The area is quieter than the city center, providing a relaxing environment for families. Accommodations are varied, including hotels and apartments, many of which cater to families with additional amenities and services.

Final Thoughts: dubrovnik accommodation

As we wrap up our journey through the magical city of Dubrovnik, it’s clear that this Adriatic gem has something for every type of traveler.

Whether you’re soaking in the historic stories of the Old Town, embracing the laid-back vibes of Lapad Bay, or finding your chilled out hideaway in Cavtat, Dubrovnik persistently offers a blend of history, culture, and breathtaking views.

Remember, the choice of where to stay can significantly shape your experience in this city. From luxurious resorts to cozy budget-friendly accommodations, each area presents its own slice of Dubrovnik’s rich tapestry.

So, pack your bags, choose the spot that resonates with your travel style, and prepare to step into a world where every turn brings a new discovery, every sunset paints a different picture, and every moment becomes a cherished memory. Dubrovnik is not just a destination; it’s an experience waiting to be lived. Happy travels!

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