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Where to stay in Dubrovnik

Town of Dubrovnik UNESCO world heritage site aerial view, Dalmatia region of Croatia

Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic Sea,” Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful and appealing destinations in the Mediterranean region. Whether you love city breaks, beach escapes, or are a history buff about Europe’s former days, Dubrovnik brings them all together in a charming way that will satisfy any traveller.

Located in the extreme South of Croatia, Dubrovnik stands boldly as one of the world’s most magnificent walled cities facing the calm blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Once the capital of the wealthy sea-faring Republic of Ragusa, the city has reclaimed the essence of its former glory as it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most up-market tourist destinations of the Mediterranean.

Packed full of history and architecture, Dubrovnik enchants many with its stunning Old Town, encircled with massive stone walls from the 16th century. Not only is this town charming because it is pedestrian-only, but the white limestone streets are lined with well-preserved treasures such as elegant Baroque churches and medieval fortifications, history-filled museums, delightful shops and restaurants, and chic five-star hotels. If you want to be awed and have some of the best seafood on the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is where you need to be.

Although a small city, choosing where to stay can make or break a trip. To help you make the most of Dubrovnik as a first-time visitor, we’ve put together the top places of where to stay in Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik neighborhoods, Dubrovnik hotels, Dubrovnik accommodation options for every budget, the best place to stay in Dubrovnik and all the different areas in Dubrovnik. Check out the below guide on where to stay in Dubrovnik Croatia 2023.

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Old Town – Best location to stay in Dubrovnik

Where to stay in Dubrovnik Old Town? If you want to stay in the heart of Dubrovnik, the Old Town is where it beats. There’s nothing more magical or awe-inspiring than walking through these narrow limestone streets inside ancient city walls, all with the endless shimmer of the Adriatic Sea in the distance lighting up the town.

Although contained within towering walls, the Old Town is pedestrian-only, which makes a great spot if you’re wondering where to stay in Dubrovnik without a car. Old town is a maze of narrow paved streets just waiting to be explored. You can be sure that you will come across many historical treasures from a centuries-old Gothic palace or secretive monasteries to an aristocratic stone palazzi or the ancient city gates.

Lined with dozens of local restaurants and cafés that come alive in the evening, enjoy the romantic and bustling atmosphere that fills the air along with music beyond midnight. Filled with the majority of the attractions in the entire city, the Old Town is a stunning and convenient place to stay. Below is a list of best places to stay Dubrovnik old town. Wondering where to stay in Dubrovnik with family, Old Town is the place to be, it’s convenient to get around, especially with tired kids.

Where to stay in Old Town Dubrovnik

Cheapest Hostels in Old Town:
Hostel Angelina Old Town
Sinistaj Rooms

Budget Hotels in Old Town: 
Major Apartments Dubrovnik
Guest House Jeljenic
Hotel Sumratin

Mid-Range Hotels in Old Town:
Apartments & Rooms Verdi
Hotel Lero
Fresh Sheets Kathedral

Family Friendly Hotels in Old Town:
Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik
Rixos Hotel Libertas

Luxury Hotels in Old Town:
Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik
Nije Presa Apartments
Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik
The Pucic Palace

DUBROVNIK, CROATIA - : People visiting amazing old town in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Lapad Bay – Where to stay in Dubrovnik for couples

If you want to spend your time in Dubrovnik relaxing as well as absorbing the culture and seeing the sights, Lapad Peninsula is a great choice to do just that. Just 15 minutes West of the city and its Old Town, Lapad is a popular place to stay as accommodation is much more affordable than Old Town or Ploce, yet you are only a quick bus away from all of the main historical attractions.

The biggest attraction in Lapad itself is definitely Lapad Bay (Uvala Lapad), a big waterfront section complete with upscale hotels, amazing seafood restaurants, and adventure water-sport facilities that will keep you busy for days. As well as the picturesque beachfront, Lapad is also home to rolling green hills boasting a plethora of hiking and biking trails, some of which offer exceptional views of Dubrovnik.

If you want to make the most of the natural beauty of the city without blowing your budget, Lapad Peninsula is the ideal place to stay.

Best places to stay in Lapad Bay Dubrovnik

Cheapest Hostels in Lapad Bay:
Cocoon Hostel & Apartments
Hostel Sol
Hostel EuroAdria

Budget Hotels in Lapad Bay:
Cosmopolitan House Dubrovnik
Hotel Adriatic
Hotel Sumratin

Mid-Range Hotels in Lapad Bay:
Apartments Mandy
Apartments Zore Glavinic
Hotel Komodor

Family Friendly Hotels in Lapad Bay:
Grand Hotel Park
Hotel Splendid
Valamar Club Dubrovnik
Tirena Hotel

Luxury Hotels in Lapad Bay:
Hotel Dubrovnik Palace
Royal Princess Hotel
Hotel More
Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik
Royal Blue Hotel

Aerial view at marble landscape bay in Dubrovnik riviera, Croatia.

Ploce – Where to stay in Dubrovnik for nightlife

Best place to stay in Dubrovnik for nightlife? Situated immediately South of the city walls right on the Adriatic coast, Ploce takes its name from the Old Town’s southern entrance, Ploce Gate. A neighbourhood in such a sublime location with views over the deep blue waters, you can imagine that the most prestigious hotels are going to be here so prepare to pay for the view.

With some of the oldest hotels in Dubrovnik, Ploce is known for being one of the best places to stay in the city. Why? Because here you get the best of both worlds: breathtaking coastal views and ancient city walls on your other side housing the historic city charm and attractions that Dubrovnik is known for. Although just a short walk from the Old Town, Ploce itself is worth exploring.

Discover a range of charming cafes, souvenir shops and historical attractions, or relax on the sandy beach, swim in the clear waters or dine at the trendy beach clubs that line the coast. If you want convenience, beauty, and tranquillity all in one, Ploce is the area you need to be in.

Best places to stay in Ploce Dubrovnik

Cheapest Hostels in Ploce
Hostel Angelina

Budget Hotels in Ploce:
Pupo Rooms
Apartments Festa
Dubrovnik Residence

Mid-Range Hotels in Ploce:
Pavisa Apartments

Family Friendly Hotels in Ploce:
Kamara Dubrovnik
Hotel Adria

Luxury Hotels in Ploce:
Ragusa Luxury Apartments
Grand Villa Argentina

Dubrovnik bay and historic walls view, tourist destination in Dalmatia, Croatia

Cavtat – Where to stay in Dubrovnik near the beach

Unlike the prime location of Gruž so close to the city, Cavtat is situated South of Dubrovnik, entirely removed from the city. You might think that this makes Cavtat a bad place to stay but bear with us, it has its perks. There are two main reasons why this area is considered one of the best places to stay while in Dubrovnik.

First, Cavtat is very convenient for travel as it is only 5 minutes away from Dubrovnik Airport as opposed to 30 minutes that the Old Town is. Secondly, this small and charming Adriatic City is like a mini Dubrovnik all on its own. Filled with history, ancient architecture, and a stunning waterfront housing dozens of eateries, cafes and bars, it is no surprise that you can stay in Cavtat quite happily.

As well as these attractions, frequent buses and ferries link this area to the city, plus everything, including the accommodation, is cheaper here than in the centre so this area is becoming an increasingly popular area to stay.

Best places to stay in Cavtat Dubrovnik

Budget Hotels in Cavtat:
Pansion Lovac
Red Coral Apartments
Apartments Boras

Mid-Range Hotels in Cavtat:
Hotel Castelletto
Hotel Cavtat

Family Friendly Hotels in Cavtat:
Fox Apartments
Remisens Hotel Epidaurus
Remisens Hotel Albatros

Luxury Hotels in Cavtat:
Hotel Croatia Cavtat

Town of Cavtat towers and waterfront view, south Dalmatia, Croatia

Srebreno – Where to stay in Dubrovnik on a Budget

If complete isolation and tranquillity are what you want, escape the city and head to Srebreno. A sheltered turquoise cove, fringed with pebble beaches and pine trees in rugged mountains, Srebreno really does offer a whole different experience of Dubrovnik complete with island vibes and new resorts. Atop the bay is the village, Mini, a charming place just 10km southeast of the Old Town.

Although away from the bustle of the city, Srebreno are regularly serviced by local buses and boats. This makes this area the perfect choice for visitors who want to take a plunge in the Azure Sea and relax on the beach away from the crowds whilst making occasional trips to the centre for some sightseeing.

Best places to stay in Srebreno Dubrovnik

Cheapest Hostels in Srebreno:
Hostel Dubrovnik Marine
Hostel Dubrovnik Karla
Best Hostel Dubrovnik 1

Budget Hotels in Srebreno:
Guesthouse MM
Pupo Rooms

Mid-Range Hotels in Srebreno:
Apartments Prguda
Rooms Raic

Family Friendly Hotels in Srebreno:
Sea View Apartments
87 Stairs Apartments
MirO Studio Apartments

Luxury Hotels in Srebreno:
Art House Dubrovnik
Amorino of Dubrovnik Apartments

Aerial view of Dubrovnik emerald coastline in Srebreno, Dalmatia region of Croatia

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where to stay in dubrovnik

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

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