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Where to go shopping in Phuket?

Best Spots to go shopping in Phuket?

These days Phuket is so full of tourists; there are markets and shops everywhere! There is certainly no shortage of places to go shopping in Phuket With it being Thailand, you are able to get a great bargain like a t-shirt for 100 baht ($3 AUD). Most of the markets are evening markets as it is far too hot to be out during the day, plus most tourists are on day tours or sitting by the pool or beach during the day sipping cocktails.. You can check out our guide on Where to Stay in Phuket here

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Shopping in Patong Phuket

Patong Shopping Centre

Patong is the largest area for shopping malls and markets in Phuket. There is a large shopping mall near Bangla road called Jungceylon, which has similar stores like Myer and David Jones (in Australia) or like large department stores like Macy’s in America. The pricing is fairly similar to Australia/America so you aren’t really getting that much of a bargain by shopping here and all prices are fixed.

Where to go shopping in Phuket?

There are a few smaller shops or stalls within this mall, where you are able to bargain and get a better deal. What I really liked about Jungceylon was how safe I felt; as I walked into the mall I was greeted by very polite security guards. I don’t think there is much crime in Patong and at no point did I feel unsafe, maybe they were there to keep trouble makers or drunk tourists out.

Shopping at Patong Markets

Patong has markets everywhere! They sell designer/fake clothing, handbags and anything else designer you can think of as well as “normal” watches, wallets, clothing, shoes, hats, jewellery, art work, DVDs etc.

Make sure you do your research before heading to the markets as you might get ripped off especailly when it comes to designer items in Patong. Check out our Our top 10 hot tips on how to barter your way to the best price in Thailand.

Where to go shopping in Phuket?

The vendors in Patong can get a little abusive and at times physical, trying to pull you into their stores or not letting you go until I agree to make the purchase. Just remember to remain calm, say thank you and walk away. They have become a little too spoilt by all the tourists overspending and dont want to agree to a reasonable price.

Other shopping areas in Patong

There is a little arcade down Bangla road called Ocean Plaza, it has similar shops to the markets but the pricing is much more reasonable and not many people go in thinking it is similar to Jungceylon. It’s much more relaxed and you can get some great little deals, you don’t have to haggle as much!

Shopping at Central Festival (Phuket Town)

Central festival is close to Phuket Town and is very similar to Jungceylon, It’s just a normal shopping mall like Westfield here in Australia. The upside is it’s air-conditioned which makes shopping a little more pleasant and you can get a bargain but you really have to hunt for it. The downside area is on that you can’t actually barter with the shop owners, its all set pricing.

Shopping at the Phuket weekend markets

Phuket Town weekend markets is my absolute favourite place to shop in Phuket, it’s in Phuket town and it’s on the weekend (as the name suggests). I love these markets because it makes you feel like these are what local markets are like. It’s fairly similar to Patong but at the same time so different, it is much more relaxed (and a lot hotter as it’s under tarps). The vendors are calm and very friendly and they honestly want your business; they don’t try to rip you off and are much easier to bargain with.

Most of this market is under huge tarps so make sure to take lots of water or buy lots of water and stay hydrated because it will feel like you’re in an oven. You are able to get the same items as you woudl in Patong, including fakesigner clothing and handbags etc .

Where to go shopping in Phuket?

They sell almost everything you would expect from a Thai market, clothing, handbags, DVD’s, Electronics (10000s of remote controls), Makeup, Tourist gifts and much much more. The right end of the market is the food area and includes foods such as buttered corn on the cob or in a cup, Pork balls on a stick (Yummmm and my favourite!!!), grilled chicken & grilled fish, exotic Thai fruit, deep-fried insects, Fried octopus (huge and small!), chocolate coated banana’s and much more. I could eat Pork balls all day every day!… Hmm, Pork balls and fried rice, the diet of kings!

Where to go shopping in Phuket?

Other Markets to go shopping at in Phuket

Patak RoadKaron

Similar to Patong but with much fewer stalls and shops..

Taina RoadKata

A fair few shops, beginning at the intersection near Dino Park and then continuing down Taina Road.

Approx prices on a few things we purchased (as of 2017):

Singlets 100 Baht
DVD 70- 120 Baht
Watches (lower quality) 200-400 Baht
Sunglasses 100-200 Baht (we got 10 sunnies for 90-100 Baht from one vendor)
Novelty lighters (expel the gas before bringing home) 100-400 Baht
Designer* fake Wallet/Purse 250-500 Baht (depending on size)
Large designer* fake bag 1200-2000 baht (depending on the size)
Perfume 300 Baht
Casual dress (ladies…..) 150-300 Baht
Bikini (keep in mind if you have larger breasts… they may not be suitable) 300-450 Baht
Male board shorts 200- 300 Baht
Lacoste polo tops 150-200 Baht (we did, however, buy 7)

*Designers include – Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Guess, Ed Harding, Jimmy Choo, Lonsdale, Billabong, Nike, Adidas, Lacoste,  Reebok, Calvin Klein,

Hot Tip: If you want to see more/better quality copy (fake) handbags, ask the vendor if they have more in the back room? They will likely have a back room or lead you away from the shop and down the road to a large air-conditioned room with a lot more handbags. However, they might be a bit more expensive.

Where do you find the best deals in Phuket?

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Best Spots to go shopping in Phuket?

Best Spots to go shopping in Phuket?



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  1. Travelling King

    Hi Lawrence, that’s true the tarps can be a little low for tall people. Thanks for get the great tips. We will check it out next time we ar ein the area

  2. willy Thuan

    If you get a chance to go on Sunday to the new Phuket Town Walking street (Thalang Road)… it’s a good mix of shopping, local sweets and food and street performances done by locals. Good fun!

  3. Travelling King

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Prianca

    Hey, Thanks for the shopping tips. I and my husband are travelling to Phuket in the last week of this month. Would you have any recommendations for a budget stay?

  5. Travelling King

    No problem Prianca 🙂
    What is your budget and do you want to stay in the “thick of things” or relax?

  6. Marilyn Jones

    It was fun to read about Phuket. I was just there in November!

  7. Constance - Foreign Sanctuary

    I love shopping at the weekend markets in Phuket. You can score a lot of great deals and there is a wide arrange of things to purchase!

  8. Travelling King

    Hi Constance,
    I love shopping full stop 🙂
    BUt love the Phuket night markets – you can get a great deal!

  9. Gabor Kovacs

    The weekend market sounds really cool, we haven’t been to Phuket yet, but as you describe it, it reminds me of the weekend market in Chiang Mai. I love the atmosphere of these markets in Thailand, and there is always awesome food!

  10. Travelling King

    Oh yesh i have heard about the Chiang Mai markets!

  11. Carly

    Hi just wondering if the night markets sold fake nikes, adidas Ect ?

    Thank you

  12. Travelling King

    Hi Carly,
    Yes the markts we went to did have copy of desinger clothing and footwear

  13. aimee

    Hi my family and I are visting Phuket this Aug but our trip will fall on weekdays are there any night markets happening during this time? If yes please help suggest places to shop (night market locations) and eat. By the way we are staying in Holiday Inn Express Patong Beach Central. Thank you.

  14. Travelling King

    Hi Aimee,
    From memory the only markets that would be open on the weekdays would be the Patong street markets.

  15. Ali

    Thanks for the great shopping tips, I just wanted to double-check… I read somewhere that Bangla road is filled with ladyboys and ‘exotic girls’ – which I do not want be anywhere near such ‘activities’ it is inappropriate for children and they should not be introduced to this junk at young ages… please let me know if this is true, so we can be sure to avoid it. Thx so much

  16. Samantha Duffield - Travelling King

    HI Ali,

    Bangla around at night can be a little “trashy”, you are better off going to some of the smaller markets such as the Phuket Town markets or other markets throughout Patong, Kata or Karon.

  17. snehal

    hi!! i m planning to visit bangkok and phuket for vaccations and crazy to shop,,,,,any links about market where i can find good deals… i need to get a hell lot of stuff… so i really need to get them from a place that gives me a fair enough price

  18. Debbie

    we are heading to Khao Lak in 2 weeks. We arrive at 8.00 pm in Phuket Airport so staying the night there. I would love to go shopping and to P&C Jewelry store in Phuket before heading up to Beyond resort but other half not too keen. Any suggestions of how to get there and best places to visit in a short space of time? I am basically just interested in jewelry, clothes and pretty cultural souvenirs. Can you please give me any advise, How do you find a reliable driver to start with?
    Thanks in advance

  19. Samantha Duffield - Travelling King

    HI Debbie,
    I’m sorry im not 100% sure however i would recommend trying the Thailand (Phuket) Tripadvisor forums as they will provide you with the most up to date information as well as some great suggestions for drivers 🙂

  20. Deirdre stringer

    Hi there, thanks for the insight into the different places to shop. I’ve been to phuket now three times and have never been to the weekend markets. I’m taking my
    daughter with me this time and we intend to shop like crazy, i am wondering were to buy a under water camera from though, as we are going scuba diving and would like to take some great photos. We will be there in May and June 2015. And if you have any other ideas of were else to do or see. Kindest regards Deirdre

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  22. michaela

    hi im in phuket like right now in my hotel room and im wondering what is the best price i should buy a hand bag for?

  23. Pingback: Where to stay in Phuket - Where the party is or calm and relaxed?

  24. Linda

    Hi Travelking, we have a week stay so will only be there for a Sunday & a Friday night. Are the Phuket night markets open on both Friday & Sunday nights?

  25. Samantha Duffield - Travelling King

    Hi Linda not 100% sure about Friday but should be open Sunday

  26. Rejser til Thailand

    Hi, i really like Central Festival if i need something specific. It could be running gear or a new camera. Here you get the real brands. But if i just want shopping for some clothes or food i would go elsewhere in Phuket. Its quite expensive in Central Festival.

    Great blog you got here – Enjoy your day 🙂

    Best regards,


  27. Shopping in Pattaya

    Some great shopping tips here thanks for this. Any shopping experience in Thailand can be filled with it’s challenges such as not getting ripped off, the quality of the goods purchased and the eventual price paid.

    Always use a little common sense and you can have a great time shopping.

  28. Jeff Mclean

    Was this at the Phuket weekend markets?

  29. Samantha Duffield - Travelling King

    Depends where you are looking but yes there is a section about the weekend markets

  30. Cheryl

    Where is best place to buy a reasonably priced suitcase in Phuket? I’m sharing a suitcase for the trip there, but we will be bringing two home. Trying to decide if I should take a suitcase with me or just buy one over there. If I bring on I’ll have to buy one here (Australia), as mine has seen better days.

  31. Samantha - Travelling King

    Hey Cheryl !
    You can buy suitcases in the markets in Karon or Patong they will be fairly cheap compared to Australian standards however they will not likely last very long … if you want a decent case you can try central shopping centre which is similar to Myers over there or you might need to bite the bullet and buy one before you leave … just depends on how much you want to spend and the quality you are willing to put up with 🙂

  32. Selby

    Hi there

    Hope everyone is doing fine.
    I’m from South Africa, Durban.
    My friend and I will be in Phuket this October.
    I would like to know where I can get formal shoes for guys.
    Oxfords or Lace up or slip on’s but formal shoes to use for work ( I’m a Broker by profession).
    I know the malls will probably have stock but are there any shops / markets where I can go to buy formal shoes at a reasonable price.

    Secondly, do you have any good tailor you can recommend for good quality suits or an outlet where I can buy good quality suits?

    Thank you in advance for the help

  33. Samantha - Travelling King

    Hi Selby
    Thanks for getting in touch – i would say that a tailer can assist with shoes. Sadly i haven’t ordered from a tailor before so i might be best to jump on the Phuket Tripadvisor forum and ask the experts on there

  34. Louse

    Hi Selby, The tailors in Patong are excellent. My husband got a suit made as well as a leather jacket. The business shirts are also really cheap. We are going back to Phuket next week, so I will get the name of the tailor we usually go to. I just know where he is located.

  35. Deirdre

    Hi Selby.
    Tailor do not have shoes nor have any in shops . they can tell you where to go to get them. In patong there is a cobbler( a man who is a maker of shoes). If you’re staying in karon there is mall along side the beach with a heap of smaller shop’s. But best bet is patong. If in doubt you can ask at the resort or a tuk tuk driver. I’ve been going to phuket for the last 6years, hope this helps

  36. Selby

    Hi there

    Thank you for your response.
    I appreciate it.
    Will wait for those details
    Thank you!!

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