Where to Stay in the Swedish Lapland [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

When many people hear “Lapland” they might automatically think of Finland. However, Sweden also has a Lapland region, and Swedish Lapland is every bit as beautiful as Finnish Lapland and they are only separated by the River Torne for several kilometers.

Whether you are planning a trip to see the famous Northern Lights, fulfill your dream of sleeping in an ice hotel, or prefer a summer visit to see the Midnight Sun, we can help you find the best place to stay in Lapland.

Panoramic view of amazing Aurora Borealis northern lights over beautiful winter wonderland scenery with trees and snow on a scenic cold night in Scandinavia, northern Europe

We will cover off all types of Swedish Lapland accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Swedish Lapland hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Swedish Lapland 2024, the best Swedish Lapland hotels, best places in Swedish Lapland to visit.

This guide shows the best places to stay in Swedish Lapland, hotels near Swedish Lapland attractions, Swedish Lapland neighborhood guide and many more.  Wondering where to stay in the Swedish Lapland, this guide will help you decided which area is perfect for you.

Below are 11 of the best places in Swedish Lapland to stay and to help you make the right decision when trying to work out best areas to stay in Swedish Lapland for you. We have tried to make the guide as easy to follow as possible.

We have also included some things to do or places to visit as well as some eatery suggestions of either our favourite places or some funky places to eat at within the areas in Swedish Lapland so you can use this as a go to guide to pick the best accommodation in Swedish Lapland for you.

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Where to stay in Kiruna 

One of Sweden’s northernmost towns, Kiruna is best known for mining. Located over 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, this is often the entry point for many travelers arriving in Swedish Lapland.

The town itself is undergoing a fascinating transformation as it is physically being moved, brick by brick, to accommodate for expansion of the mine.

The move is expected to last through 2035, so this can affect the availability of accommodation. However, this is the best area for tourists who have only a short visit to Swedish Lapland and don’t have time to go deeper into the countryside.

You’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of outfitters here offering tours and excursions, so you won’t miss out on any fun.

Given the proximity of the mine, you’ll also be able to find budget-friendly accommodation in Lapland here. 

Getting to Kiruna ->

  1. Travel to Stockholm.
  2. Fly from Stockholm to Kiruna.

Best places to stay in Kiruna

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Kiruna

Budget accommodation in Kiruna

Mid range accommodation in Kiruna

Family Friendly accommodation in Kiruna

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Kiruna

Winter landscape with cabin hut at night in Kiruna Sweden lapland at Night with star trail

Where to stay in Jukkasjärvi

Jukkasjärvi in Sweden’s Lapland is a paradise for travelers. At the center of Jukkasjärvi lies the world-famous Icehotel, an artfully-crafted masterpiece made entirely out of ice blocks that melts away come summertime.

This is just one of the many attractions in this charming town; there are also ancient villages and monuments like Norrbotten, lake Sautusjärvi, Jukkasjärvi Church, and Márkanbáiki Nutti Sámi Siida that all provide unique experiences for visitors.

At night during winter months, tourists can also witness the stunning beauty of the Aurora Borealis while staying in Jukkasjärvi.

With plenty to see and do with its breathtaking scenery and rustic atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Jukkasjärvi is one of the most popular destinations in Sweden’s Laplands.

Getting to Jukkasjärvi ->

  1. Travel to Stockholm.
  2. Fly from Stockholm to Kiruna.
  3. Continue by bus to Jukkasjärvi

Best places to stay in Jukkasjärvi

Budget accommodation in Jukkasjärvi

Mid range accommodation in Jukkasjärvi

Family Friendly accommodation in Jukkasjärvi

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Jukkasjärvi

JUKKASJARVI, SWEDEN, The ice hotel and art exhibition is made of ice from the river Torne, each year reincarnated in a brand new design. A place to discover silence, northern lights, glistening snow clad forests, reindeer, cloudberries

Where to stay in Abisko

Abisko is a village on the shore of Torneträsk Lake, offering an abundance of activities and excursions.

Not only are you likely to see the Northern Lights here, you can also explore ice fishing opportunities on the lake, and visit nearby Abisko National Park. You can also opt for a day trip to the nearby Norway fjords and the town of Narvik.

The variety of activities make Abisko a good choice for family friendly travel in Swedish Lapland.

Abisko is easily reached with a bus transfer from Kiruna, and accommodation options range from guest houses to hostels, mountain lodges, and the famous IceHotel in nearby Jukkasjärvi. 

Getting to Abisko ->

  1. Travel to Stockholm.
  2. Fly from Stockholm to Kiruna.
  3. Continue by bus to Abisko.

Best places to stay in Abisko

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Abisko

Mid range accommodation in Abisko

Family Friendly accommodation in Abisko

house to observe the northern lights to. Abisko Sweden. Winter. Polar night. long exposure

Where to stay in Luleå

A bit further south you’ll find the city of Luleå at the northern end of the Gulf of Bothnia. One of the most famous attractions here is Gammelstad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This 15th century village just outside of Luleå is a church town with hundreds of wood houses and a stone church.

With a population nearing 100,000, Luleå is the largest city in Lapland, making it the best area for tourists who want to visit Lapland but prefer a mid-sized city with culture and cuisine be explored in addition to the natural wonders of the region. 

Getting to Luleå ->

  1. Travel to Stockholm.
  2. Fly from Stockholm to Luleå.

Best places to stay in Luleå

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Luleå

Budget accommodation in Luleå

Mid range accommodation in Luleå

Family Friendly accommodation in Luleå

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Luleå

Lulea, Sweden - Panorama city, Cathedral sunny day, blue sky

Where to stay in Piteå

Just a bit south of Luleå  is the small town of Piteå. With a unique location amongst the Piteå Archipelago, this city has something for everyone and is quite popular with Swedish travelers, especially in the summertime.

Piteå is best known for beaches, forests, and lakes, and there are a few interesting museums in town as well.

Pite Havsbad is the main beach resort, which fills with locals and tourists in the summertime, giving Piteå the reputation of being the “Riviera of Sweden.”

It’s hard to imagine a beach vacation so close to the Arctic Circle, but some of the warmest waters in Sweden are found here. 

Getting to Piteå ->

  1. Travel to Stockholm.
  2. Fly from Stockholm to Luleå.
  3. Continue by bus to Piteå.

Best places to stay in Piteå

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Piteå

Budget accommodation in Piteå

Mid range accommodation in Piteå

Family Friendly accommodation in Piteå

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Piteå

Pitea, Sweden - The former town hall (left) located at the square Radhustorget houses the Pitea Museum.

Where to stay in Skellefteå 

Continuing south along the Gulf, we find Skellefteå, the southern entrance into Swedish Lapland.

Like many of the cities here, Skellefteå offers the best of both worlds in terms of natural wonders and urban conveniences. Interestingly, there is no train service here, so you must arrive by bus or plane.

From breweries and fine dining to fishing and skiing, there is always something to do in Skellefteå. Accommodation options are plentiful, with hotel packages available that combine fun activities such as hockey tickets or kid parks.

If you are looking for romantic getaway in Swedish Lapland, many Skellefteå hotels also have spas for your relaxation and indulgence! 

Getting to Skellefteå ->

  1. Travel to Stockholm.
  2. Fly from Stockholm to Skellefteå.

Best places to stay in Skellefteå

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Skellefteå

Budget accommodation in Skellefteå

Mid range accommodation in Skellefteå

Family Friendly accommodation in Skellefteå

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Skellefteå

LOVANGER, SWEDEN - Lovanger church town in northern Sweden dates back to the 17th century and consists of 117 cottages of which many are used for hostel lodging.

Where to stay in Jokkmokk

Jokkmokk is the perfect destination for travelers seeking to explore the Swedish Laplands. From Jokkmokk Winter Market, where visitors can purchase handmade crafts made by local Sami people, to Ájtte Museum and Jokkmokk Mountain Garden, there are plenty of attractions in this beautiful region.

At the market, you will find everything from traditional reindeer hide clothing to hand-carved wooden decorations – perfect souvenirs to take home from your trip!

The museum offers an educational look into the history of the Sami people while the mountain garden promises breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Whether you are looking for a place to stay long-term or just a brief excursion into this stunning region of Sweden, Jokkmokk is sure to provide an unforgettable experience!

Getting to Jokkmookk ->

  1. Travel to Stockholm.
  2. Fly from Stockholm to Luleå, Gällivare, Arvidsjaur or Kiruna.
  3. Continue by bus and/or train to Jokkmokk.

Best places to stay in Jokkmokk

Budget accommodation in Jokkmokk

Mid range accommodation in Jokkmokk

Family Friendly accommodation in Jokkmokk

during winter in Lapland, Sweden, with snow and ice

Where to stay in Boden

Boden is a great place to stay when visiting the Swedish Laplands. Not only will you be surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, but there are also some amazing historical sites nearby.

Försvarsmuseum is a great way to learn about Sweden’s military history, while Rödberget and Åbergs fortresses offer a glimpse into Sweden’s past.

With pleasant green forests and an array of cultural activities, Boden provides the perfect gateway to experience the Swedish Laplands.

Getting to Boden ->

  1. Travel to Stockholm.
  2. Fly from Stockholm to Luleå.
  3. Continue by bus train to Boden.

Best places to stay in Bode

Budget accommodation in Boden

Mid range accommodation in Boden

Family Friendly accommodation in Boden

Boden, town in the north of Sweden

Where to stay in Kalix

The Swedish Laplands is an amazing destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. Kalix is the perfect place to stay, offering a range of activities and sights that will make your trip unforgettable.

Spend time exploring the northernmost medieval church in the world, Filipsborg, take a tour of the Arctic Mansion or spend some time relaxing on Vassholmen Island.

In Kalix you can also enjoy shopping at Galleria Kalix or try traditional Swedish cuisine such as vendace roe.

With its stunning natural beauty and cultural attractions, Kalix provides an unforgettable experience for any traveller.

Getting to Kalix ->

  1. Travel to Stockholm.
  2. Fly from Stockholm to Luleå.
  3. Continue by taxi or via Haparanda line (train) to Boden. Otherwise you can also fly to Skellefteå and then bus into Kalix, however, it is a much longer journey.

Best places to stay in Kalix

Mid range accommodation in Kalix

Family Friendly accommodation in Kalix

Summer landscape with green medow and pond, forest and village on horizon near Sangis in Kalix Municipality, Norrbotten, Sweden. Swedish landscape in summertime

Where to stay in Arvidsjaur

Arvidsjaur is a beautiful town in the Swedish Laplands with a diverse range of activities for travellers. It is known for its military history, but it also offers lots of cultural attractions such as Lappstaden, one of Sweden’s most “bar-abundant” town.

Hälsans Stig is an incredible nature trail surrounded by lush vegetation and unique wildlife while lake Tvättjärn and Nyborgstjärn offer serene views and plenty of swimming areas.

On top of these outdoor activities, visitors will have the opportunity to explore Arvidsjaurs hembygdsförening open-air museum which displays artifacts from the area’s past and friendly locals who will tell stories about their heritage. With so much to do in Arvidsjaur, travellers will never get bored!

Getting to Arvidsjaur ->

  1. Travel to Stockholm.
  2. Fly from Stockholm to Arvidsjaur.

Best places to stay in Arvidsjaur

Budget accommodation in Arvidsjaur

Mid range accommodation in Arvidsjaur

Family Friendly accommodation in Arvidsjaur

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Arvidsjaur

Arvidsjaur, Sweden -  View of the Frog spring, Grodkallan in Swedish, with clear fresh water, located near Arvidsjaur in the Swedish province of Lappland.

Where to stay in Umeå

Umeå is a city that offers the best of both worlds for travelers. Not only does it offer an abundance of stunning natural beauty in the form of its location in the Swedish Laplands, but it also boasts a rich cultural heritage.

Visitors can explore Västerbottens Museum to gain insight into the region’s history and culture, Guitars Museum to learn about the city’s musical background, or Umeå Energicentrum to view exhibits on energy production.

The city itself is also home to Bildmuseet, a major contemporary art museum as well as a variety of theatres and galleries.

For those looking for something more traditional, Umeå also hosts several festivals throughout the year celebrating food and music.

With so much to see and do, there’s no wonder why many people consider Umeå one of Sweden’s best places to stay when visiting the Swedish Laplands!

Getting to Umeå ->

  1. Travel to Stockholm.
  2. Fly from Stockholm to Umeå.

Best places to stay in Umeå

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Umeå

Budget accommodation in Umeå

Mid range accommodation in Umeå

Family Friendly accommodation in Umeå

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Umeå

UMEA, SWEDEN - View of an artwork by Megmet Ali Uysal, Skin 4 in Umea, Sweden. The Clothespin, this side Umea Academy of Fine arts.

Top 5 favorites accommodation options for Swedish Lapland 

❤️ Best Area first timersKiruna
💸 Best Luxury HotelIcehotel Jukkasjärvi
👪 Best Hotel for For FamiliesThe Wood Hotel by Elite
🏨 Best Mid-Range HotelAbisko Mountain Lodge
🛏️ Best Budget HotelHotell Björken
✨ Best HostelSPiS Hotel & Hostel

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