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Where to stay in Medellin

Medellin - view of the Castle museum in Medellin. This gothic castle, inhabited by a noble colombian family was built in 1930 inspiring by the castle of the Loira valley in France.

Medellin Colombia was once named the most dangerous city in the world, but those days are long gone. The capital of Colombia’s Antioquia department is booming with tourism as more travelers want to see what Medellin is all about. Colombia’s second largest city is putting itself on the travel map, thanks to a hip foodie scene, fun nightlife and the best coffee in the world.

Of course, there are still some no go areas in Medellin, so we want to help you find the best place to stay in Medellin, with Medellin hotels to recommend for every budget. Keep reading to decide what is the best neighborhood to stay in Medellin.

We will cover off all types of Medellin accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Medellin hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Medellin 2023, the best Medellin hotels, best places in Medellin to visit, the best places to stay in Medellin, hotels near Medellin attractions, Medellin neighborhood guide and many more.

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El Poblado – Where to stay in Medellin with Family

If this is your first time in Colombia, El Poblado is the best area for tourists and first-timers to Medellin. This is the safest area of Medellin, and also the most polished, so it’s family friendly, but El Poblado is also the best place to experience Medellin nightlife.

Some of the best restaurants and nightclubs are in walking distance of each other in El Poblado Medellin. With a convenient metro station, day trips to other areas of Medellin or other parts of Colombia are easy. For a quieter area of El Poblado, consider the Patio Bonito area, which is opposite the nightlife scene and more family friendly.

Best places to stay in El Poblado

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in El Poblado:
Black Sheep Hostel
Bambu Glamping City House
Cocobamboo Hostel
The Garden of Blues Hostal

Budget Hotels in El Poblado:
Hotel Portales del Campestre
Hotel Lleras Express
Hotel Natura Medellin
Hotel Casa La Fleur

Mid range Hotels in El Poblado:
Art Hotel
Novotel Medellin El Tesoro (Ex Atton)
Hotel Casa Victoria Medellin
Soul Lifestyle Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in El Poblado:
Hotel Poblado Alejandria
Hampton by Hilton Medellin
Hotel White House
Binn Hotel

Affordable Luxury Hotels in El Poblado:
NH Collection Royal Medellin

MEDELLIN COLOMBIA Traditional street of El Poblado neighbourhood one of the most exclusive places in Medellin Colombia.

Parque Lleras – Where to stay in Medellin for nightlife

Within El Poblado Medellin is the small, but popular, area of Parque Lleres. This bustling neighborhood is the best place to stay in Medellin for nightlife. Parque Lleres is not a park at all, but a lively entertainment district.

In the daytime, visitors and locals enjoy sidewalk cafes and coffee shops, as well as street vendors selling souvenirs. Once the sun goes down, Parque Lleras comes alive, with over 100 restaurants, nightclubs, DJ’s and live music.

Best places to stay in Parque Lleras

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Parque Lleras:
Spring City Hostel Medellin
Panela Hostel
Chillin District Hostel
Arcadia Hostel

Budget Hotels in Parque Lleras:
La Campana Hotel Boutique
La Martina Guest House
Summer Wind Hotel
Lleras Premium Hotel

Mid range Hotels in Parque Lleras:
The Morgana Poblado Suites
Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia
Hotel Dann Carlton Belfort
Epic Boutique Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Parque Lleras:
LQ Hotel by La Quinta Medellin
Park 10 Hotel
Soy Local
Premium Real Hotel

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Parque Lleras:
Viaggio Medellin
InterContinental Medellin
Medellin Marriott Hotel
The Charlee Hotels

Medellin, Colombia. A view of a street art gallery in Lleras Park in Medellin Colombia

Laureles – Where to stay in Medellin on a budget

If you would like a quieter neighborhood of Medellin, with a more local flavor than the glitz of El Poblado, consider the area of Laureles. This area was named for the laurel trees that grow in abundance, which gives you the idea that it’s a neighborhood with lots of green space.

The prices in Laureles are lower than El Poblado, meaning your travel budget will go further in Laureles, while still having a safe neighborhood to call home. As Laureles is less touristic, you’ll hear less English and will need a bit of Spanish to get by. Foodies will be happy to find tons of good restaurants, many of them clustered around the Nutibara area.

Best places to stay in Laureles

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Laureles:
Shangrila Hostel
Hostel Boutique Palo Alto
Calla’o El Loro

Budget Hotels in Laureles:
Casa Hotel El Jardin
Hotel Paradise La 33
Hotel Laureles Park
Hotel Laureles 70

Mid range Hotels in Laureles:
Inntu Hotel Medellin
Hotel Golden Palermo
Hotel Casa Laureles
Hotel Laureles Plaza

Family Friendly Hotels in Laureles:
Hotel Pomarosa
Hotel Vivre
Mediterraneo Hotel
Cabo de la Vela Hotel

Laurel shrub or bay tree. Blue sky on the background.

Belen – Where to stay in Medellin for backpackers

Belen Medellin is an up and coming area that may appeal to travelers seeking budget friendly accommodations. Parque Belen is a great place to relax, and Cerro Nutibara has walking and cycling paths, as well as great views of the city from the top of the hill. This was once a working-class neighborhood of Medellin, but has become much safer in recent years.

When deciding where to stay in Medellin, backpacker hostels are abundant here, and with great transportation to other areas of the city, it’s a great option for backpackers. Nightlife is abundant on Calle 33, and Los Molinos shopping center offers shopping, restaurants and a movie theater.

Best places to stay in Belen

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Belen:
Natural House Medellin
Hostel Ventura
Agua Marina Hostel

Budget Hotels in Belen:
Hotel Estadio Plaza
Calle 10 Express Hotel
Hotel Belen Plaza
Hotel Medellin Kapital

Mid range Hotels in Belen:
Portal del Rodeo Aparta Hotel
Aparta Hotel Torre Coral
V.A.G. Ensuites
Moblat Med

Family Friendly Hotels in Belen:
Hotel Pomarosa
Hotel Casa Laureles
Hotel Madeiro
Hotel Casona La 70

Medellin, Colombia - Pueblito Paisa in Nutibara Hill, reproduction of the traditional Colombian township in Medellin city.

Envigado – Where to stay in Medellin for families

Just south of El Poblado, you’ll find Envigado. Like Laureles, Envigado is characterized by leafy, green residential streets, which make this a popular place to live. Envigado has a decidedly suburban feel, which can make it a great place to stay for long-term travelers, or families looking for an apartment rental rather than a commercial hotel.

Envigado itself is a rather large district, with over 200,000 residents. Within Envigado, there are many neighborhoods, or barrios, to consider. El Dorado, Zona Centro and Northern Envigado. This is where you’ll find the highest concentration of restaurants, boutiques and things to do in Envigado.

Best places to stay in Envigado

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Envigado:
Hostal Monets Poblado

Budget Hotels in Envigado:
Hotel Santa Ana Medellin
Hotel Portales del Campestre

Mid range Hotels in Envigado:
Hotel Aromax del Campestre

Family Friendly Hotels in Envigado:
Hotel White House

Medellin the second biggest city in Colombia which is the capital of the Department of Antioquia

El Centro – Where to stay in Medellin for tourists

Sometimes called La Candelaria, El Centro is the city center of Medellin. Many of Medellin’s most popular tourist attractions are found in El Centro, including the Museo de Antioquia and The Cultural Palace of Rafael Uribe. Medellin’s first church. La Candelaria, gives the neighborhood its name.

This is definitely a neighborhood you will visit in Medellin, but it’s a bit rough around the edges at night. Budget travelers will find the cheapest deals here, but extra caution is recommended when visiting this area at night.

Best places to stay in El Centro

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in El Centro:
Alquimia Hostel
Hotel Norte Real
Amazonia Hostel
Nomad Hostel

Budget Hotels in El Centro:
Hotel Calle Real Medellin
Hotel Conquistadores
Hotel Cristal
Botero Plaza Hotel

Mid range Hotels in El Centro:
Nutibara Hotel
Hotel Mi Colombia
Estelar Square
Apartamento Lleras Verde Azul

Family Friendly Hotels in El Centro:
Gran Hotel
14 Urban Hotel
Hotel Mirador De San Joaquin
Hotel Sauces del Estadio

Affordable Luxury Hotels in El Centro:
Hotel Merlott
Hotel Suite Comfort

Medellin, Colombia, La Candelaria Church and park de Berrio: View of the city. Medellin is Colombia`s second largest city with a population of 2.5 million

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Where to stay in Medellin

Where to stay in Medellin

Where to stay in Medellin

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