Top eight national parks in Canada for nature lovers

There are over two hundred national parks in Canada, so narrowing down to top eight was an ordeal in itself. This was primarily due to the fact that the country in itself is so huge with breathtaking reserves spread all across.

Without further ado, we bring to you our handpicked list of best national parks in Canada for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Banff National Park

This park happens to be the first designated national reserve, founded way back in 1885. Located in some of the most scenic surroundings in Canada, Banff National Park is known for the splendid views of the Lake Moraine and Lake Louise.

The park is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts as it offers a plethora of activities for all age groups.

BANFF, CANADA - Winter scene on Banff Avenue in the Banff National Park with Cascade Mountain in the background. The townsite is a major Canadian tourist destination renowned for its mountainous surroundings and hot springs.

Gros Morne National Park

This 700 square miles of truly beautiful piece of paradise lies to the west of Newfoundland and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The park is known for the jaw dropping scenery and diverse flora and fauna, including the moose which are found here in sizeable numbers. The Tablelands Mountains, a source of surreal geological formations, is another major attraction of this park.

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Hiking in beautiful Gros Morne National Park atop Gros Morne Mountain in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Nahanni National Park

This paradise for nature lovers, lies in some of the remotest tracts of land in Canada in a area between the Northwest Territories and the Yukon.

Equally attracting climbers and paddlers alike, the Nahanni National Park’s other draws include incredible wildlife like grizzly bears, mountain goats, wolves and a variety of other animals which have made this 7000 acre place their home.

Virginia Falls Panorama on the Nahanni River, Northwest Territory, Canada

Torngat Mountains National Park

This 3745 acre area of pristine wilderness lies in Newfoundland and stretches way back from Labrador to the border with Quebec. While Torngat itself is not easily accessible due to lack of infrastructure, it does not deter visitors to spend quality time in this remote area.

Manned entirely by Inuit staff, a little known tribe, one can have some of the best time watching polar bears or getting a glimpse of the Northern Lights, while immersing in the culture of the locals.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

From endless hiking trails to spectacular ocean views, the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a real naturalists delight.

The 185 mile drive along the famous Cabot Trail is considered to be the most awe inspiring scenic trip in the world.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia. Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Prince Albert National Park

The only surviving natural home of the wild bison the Prince Albert National Park is one of the most popular parks of Canada.

While skiing is prominent in winter, summer attracts thousands of visitors to enjoy outdoor activities like wakeboarding and water skiing.

A lake in Prince Albert National Park in the early morning hours.

Pacific Rim National Park

The three districts of Long beach, West coast trail and Broken Group of islands form the core of the Pacific Rim National Park along the south west coast of the island of Vancouver.

Each area has its unique attractions which attract a mix of water sports lovers and naturalists.

Blue water and skies along the coast of Pacific Rim National Park Vancouver Island BC Canada

Waterton Lakes National Park

Located in Montana, the Waterton park is the smallest of all Canadian parks. However, what it lacks in size is compensated with stunning scenery among peaceful environment.

This UNESCO world heritage site is known for fishing, hiking and abundance of wildlife.

Aerial view of Waterton Lakes from the Bear's Hump, Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada

Canada as a whole is known to be an extremely beautiful country and with so many national parks thrown in, the vivid experience of exploring them can only get better. This vast region offers visitors a variety of wilderness trips which cannot be found anywhere else.

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