48 Hours in Victoria BC – 2 Day Itinerary 

I’ve live in Canada for a few months, and have enjoyed short trips all over the country, including a trip to Victoria, British Columbia.

With the wide range of activities that this small province offers, it can be hard to decide what to do with only two days in Victoria.

As someone who has experienced the beauty and charm of this city first-hand, I’m here to share ideas about how you can make the most out of your 2-day itinerary.

Victoria is a city that offers something new and unique. With its perfect growing climate and a wealth of experiences and attractions for visitors, visiting Victoria BC is something you should do in your lifetime.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Victoria Harbour and British Columbia Parliament Buildings at sunset

As you plan your trip, you might wonder if 48 hours in Victoria is enough — yes! This is why in this 2 Day Itinerary for Victoria, Canada, we will share how you can enjoy your trip to this beautiful city.

Victoria is not just British Columbia’s capital; it is also Vancouver Island’s biggest city, known for being one of Canada’s most English areas.

It is renowned for manicured parks, spectacular scenery, and afternoon teas. But aside from all these, Victoria offers everything – from history and culture to outdoor excursions and a delectable food scene!

One of the most famous landmarks in Victoria, which is a must-visit, is the Inner Harbour, where you can admire the iconic Parliament Buildings and stroll along the waterfront.

You can also check out the famous Butchart Gardens, Royal British Columbia Museum, and Craigdarroch Castle.
To make the most of your 2 days in Victoria, it’s also important to note the weather during your travel.

Fortunately, Victoria has a temperate climate, so you can expect plenty of sunny days. But, generally, the best time to visit Victoria is during the spring and summer months (April to September). This is when the city is abuzz with festivals and events.

Victoria, Canada - The Fairmont Empress hotel in Victoria - BC, Canada. Opened in 1908, the Chateauesque-styled building is considered one of Canadas grand railway hotels.

Victoria has plenty of great neighbourhoods, but if you prioritise convenience and accessibility, you should consider staying in downtown Victoria. The vibe here is bustling, with numerous shops, restaurants, pubs, and art galleries.

But if you want a more picturesque and laid-back place, consider staying near the Inner Harbour. Here you can find nearby recreational activities and, when lucky, even some pop-up concerts or festivals. 

While the city is large and has much to offer, we’re still confident that 2 days in Victoria BC is enough to give you a feel for all this city offers.  So, just keep reading (and take notes)! 

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Overview of 2 Days in Victoria Canada Itinerary

Here’s a glance at what you’ll see and do in two days in Victoria Canada:

Day 1 in Victoria BC

  • Get Breakfast at John’s Place
  • Explore Vcitoria’s Inner Harbour
  • Take the Water taxi to Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Lunch at Barb’s Fish & Chips
  • Check out Canada’s oldest Chinatown
  • Visit the Craigdarroch Castle 
  • Sunset Walk at the Dallas Road Waterfront
  • Dinner at Boom + Batten

Day 2 in Victoria BC

  • Breakfast at Jam Cafe
  • Explore the Old Town of Victoria
  • Visit the Royal British Columbia Museum
  • Lunch at Red Fish Blue Fish
  • Drive to the famous Butchart Gardens
  • Relax at the Beacon Hill Park
  • Dine and Drink at Stage Wine Bar 
VICTORIA BC CANADA  Victoria Inner Harbour, Fisherman Wharf is a hidden treasure Area has floating homes, boats, piers, and restaurants and eco-tour adventures

Day 1 in Victoria BC

Get Breakfast at John’s Place

John’s Place is one of the oldest running restaurants in the city, and what better way to kickstart your trip to Victoria that to have a hearty meal at this local restaurant?

John’s Place has consistently handmade its own pastries for over forty years. Some of their best-sellers include herb bread and cornbread, and they also serve homemade salad dressings that you can pair with fresh vegetables. 

This restaurant’s brunch menu will fill up your stomach, whether you have a sweet fluffy pancake or a heavy omelette as a meal. 

Explore Victoria’s Inner Harbour

Voted as one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, it’s a must to visit Victoria’s Inner Harbour during your first day in the city. This is the perfect place to start your day in Victoria BC (after breakfast). 

While you might think this harbour is like any other harbour in other cities, it’s not! Here you’ll find some of the best views, government buildings, and various whale-watching spots, and you can participate in ecotourism activities. 

The Inner Harbour of Victoria Canada is also considered the second centre of the city (aside from the Downtown). This is because many street performers, quaint shops, and lively cafe lines up at the harbour. 

Other things you can enjoy here are admiring the Parliament buildings, walking around flower gardens, and soaking in the vibrant and busy life in the city. You can even go on a food tour if you still have an appetite.

Tour Pick
Beautiful view of Inner Harbour of Victoria B.C. Canada

Food and History Tour

  • 2 hours 
  • Local Guide
  • Morning or afternoon tour
Beautiful view of Inner Harbour of Victoria B.C. Canada

Take the Water taxi to Fisherman’s Wharf

After exploring the Inner Harbour, head to the ferry terminal and look for the small boats that will take you to the Fisherman’s Wharf; while it’s walkable, it would be a fun experience to ride the tiny boats and admire the city from there. This will only take you 10 minutes before you arrive at the Fisherman’s Wharf. 

Once you get to the Fisherman’s Wharf, it’s time to stroll and explore again. Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf is a little neighbourhood, but don’t be fooled by that. It’s as vibrant as the Inner Harbour, and here you can enjoy walking along the docks instead of paved streets. 

You can find floating eateries and shops here, so you won’t get bored walking around. 

VICTORIA BC CANADA Victoria Inner Harbour, Fisherman Wharf is a hidden treasure Area has floating homes, boats, piers, and restaurants and eco-tour adventures

Lunch at Barb’s Fish & Chips

Before heading to your afternoon tour, fuel up at one of Victoria Canada’s iconic restaurants – Barb’s Fish & Chips. Not only will you get to enjoy classic English food, but also an experience of dining at a floating restaurant. 

Barb’s Fish & Chips is floating in Victoria BC’s Inner Harbour, giving guests a unique dining experience. You can order their best-selling dishes here, including fish and chips, seafood and chowder.

Check out Canada’s oldest Chinatown

In this 2 days itinerary for Victoria Canada, we have also included a schedule for you to visit Canada’s oldest Chinatown. Yes, it’s located in Victoria!

This vibrant city neighbourhood is filled with history and cultural treasures; you can do plenty of things here. A gate guarded by stone lions welcomes you, and as you enter Victoria’s Chinatown, you’ll see various cafes and antique and vintage shops to explore. 

Take your time to enjoy a stroll through the narrow streets, browse the speciality shops, and marvel at the ornate architecture. You’ll also find the famous Craigdarroch Castle, which you should visit!

Tour Pick
Evening in Chinatown in town of Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada

Chinatown and Hidden Alleys

  • 1.5hours 
  • Pedicab Tour
  • Local Guide
Evening in Chinatown in town of Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada

Visit the Carigdarroch Castle 

As mentioned earlier, your next stop after strolling the streets of Chinatown is Carigdarroch Castle. This Victorian-era mansion showcases the opulence and grandeur of the past with its exquisite architecture, intricate woodwork, and lavish furnishings. 

If you enjoy looking at the beauty and intricate details of architectural buildings and historical mansions, you’ll enjoy your time here. It’s still a must-visit if you’re not so much of a fan of these! 

Carigdarroch Castle is a national historic site serving as an essential landmark of the city, so your weekend in Victoria BC will only be complete with a glimpse of that. 

You can explore the outer area of the castle but also have the choice to take a guided tour through the rooms. This way, you can better immerse yourself in history while enjoying the breathtaking city views from the castle’s tower.

Victoria BC,Canada - Craigdarroch castle in Victoria BC,Canada is a fine example of Victorian architecture inside and out of this beautiful Victoria landmark.Come and see how the privilege lived long ago.

Sunset Walk at the Dallas Road Waterfront

As the day winds down, head to the Dallas Road Waterfront for a tranquil sunset walk. Visiting the trail gives you an experience that showcases Victoria, Canada’s true nature. You’ll enjoy a relaxing here with the idyllic oceanfront setting and the city’s bustling vibe. 

The Dallas Road Waterfront Trails extends from the Fisherman’s Wharf to the Ross Bay Cemetery. It has a paved path you can walk through as you enjoy the refreshing ocean breeze. 

During your walk, take in the panoramic views of the Juan de Fuca Strait, and witness the stunning colours of the sunset painting the sky. If you want to try something different, you can even get a rental bike that you can use to take down the path of the trail. 

Not only is the Dallas Road Waterfront, a famous leisure area for tourists, but it is also a go-to among locals. The grassy areas here are picnic spots and a playground for furry companions—definitely a great place to end your first day of your 48 hrs in Victoria.  

View of the Salish Sea from Dallas Road Waterfront Trail in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Dinner at Boom + Batten

Of course, it’s still a must that you finally end your day with a delightful dinner at a great restaurant. We chose Boom + Batten this weekend in Victoria because it offers excellent food and a unique dining experience. 

Boom + Batten is a waterfront restaurant that offers a sophisticated dining experience with its modern coastal cuisine and stunning views of the Inner Harbour.

You can indulge in their delectable meals that feature locally sourced ingredients and innovative flavours, accompanied by a carefully curated wine list.

Also, book ahead to confirm tables and seats since they usually get fully booked! 

VICTORIA, CANADA -  street view in the city center of Victoria historical and travel destination.

Day 2 in Victoria BC

Breakfast at Jam Cafe

If you ask locals or travellers who have been to Victoria Canada, which breakfast spot you should try, someone will eventually mention Jam Cafe

Since breakfast and brunch are a massive deal in the city, you’ll be assured that this coffee shop is the real deal. It’s located in the early-rising hipster area of the town, so be ready for a long line ahead of you (they don’t take reservations). But once you’re in, you’ll know why it’s worth the hype!

This popular eatery is known for its hearty and inventive dishes, offering a range of tasty options. We recommend you try their famous chicken and waffles, naan breakfast burrito and bacon pancakes. 

Explore the Old Town of Victoria

For your second-day morning itinerary in Victoria, we suggest you head to the city’s Old Town. You can explore different areas here, including Chatham Stree, Douglas Street, Humboldt Street and many more. 

For you to enjoy the historic charm of Victoria’s Old Town, we’ll share a more detailed guideline on what to check out first. 

In the heart of the neighbourhood, stop by Bastion Square, where you’ll see the entry arch of the original site of Fort Victoria. Here you’ll discover plenty of pubs, restaurants and shops.

The next stop is the narrowest street in Canada – Fan Tan Alley. This street was once home to opium dens and was a thriving gambling district, and when you stroll through, you will find different unique shops!

Take advantage of the iconic Market Square, where you can browse local artisans’ crafts, sample delicious treats, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of this bustling cultural hub.

There’s so much to do and see in Victoria’s Old Town, so just take your time to wander through its picturesque streets, lined with beautifully restored buildings and boutique shops.

You can also book a walking guided tour if you want to get a piece of deeper information about the history of each destination.

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA,  The British Columbia Parliament Buildings are home to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.

Visit the Royal British Columbia Museum

Located as well in the Old Town part of Victoria BC is the Royal British Columbia Museum. This museum aims to broaden the understanding of people about the rich history and cultural heritage of British Columbia. 

Serving as the most famous landmarks in Victoria Canada, this museum includes three permanent galleries where you can learn about natural history, modern history and local nations’ history. Each gallery displays art, collections and artefacts related to the subjects mentioned above.

But aside from these, you can also experience engaging exhibits covering topics ranging from natural history to indigenous cultures. They even have an IMAX theatre inside where you can enjoy educational entertainment. 

Victoria BC,Canada - The Royal BC museum in Victoria BC.Come to Victoria and enjoy the history of the province and people of British Columbia.

Lunch at Red Fish Blue Fish

Another famous must-visit restaurant during your travel to Victoria BC is the Red Fish Blue Fish. While fish and chips are renowned and familiar in the city, this restaurant offers one of the best, and people even line up just to get a taste of their goof. 

Red Fish Blue Fish serves a Quebec-inspired combination of West coast fish near the harbour over Jamaican jerk sauce and fries. Although you can order it to go, it’s highly suggested you dine in and eat while grazing over the great view of the harbour.

Drive to the famous Butchart Gardens

Although the Butchart Sunken Gardens is not located in Victoria BC, it’s one of the most famous destinations among those staying in the city. Lots of people, nature lovers in particular, take the time to drive going to the garden because of what it has to offer.

This botanical paradise is a meticulously manicured garden with vibrant floral displays and lush greens. It is a National Historic Site of Canada and a modern masterpiece, representing Canada’s gardening history.

Since it’s only a few minutes’ drives from the centre of Victoria BC, it should be part of this 48 hours in Victoria itinerary. If you do not rent a car, you can always use the city’s bus public transport system or maybe book a tour that can take you to and from the garden and your hotel. 

Famous Butchart botanical garden in town of Victoria at Vancouver Island, Canada

Relax at the Beacon Hill Park

After getting on a road trip to the sunken garden, you’ll travel back to Victoria and have enough time to take things slow before ending the trip. One of the best places to do that is at the Beacon Hill Park

Get to escape the hustle and bustle of the city as you visit this expansive green space offers a peaceful oasis with its lush gardens, scenic walking trails, and charming petting zoo. You can get your cup of joe ad then take a stroll or even have your little picnic on the grass.

As the sunsets, take advantage of the great view and don’t forget to capture great photos.

Victoria BC,Canada - Scenic landscape in Beacon Hill park in Victoria BC,Canada.The old stone bridge and turtles on a log.

Dine and Drink at Stage Wine Bar 

Wrap up your trip to Victoria BC, at one of the city’s best wine bars – Stage Wine Br. Located in the heart of downtown Victoria, this cosy establishment offers a curated selection of wines and a delectable menu featuring locally sourced ingredients. 

This place is a go-to date night restaurant, but you can still enjoy your dining experience here if you’re travelling alone. Get to indulge in some of their best-sellers, like smoked salmon poke or bison sirloin, and pair it with an exceptional glass of wine.

VICTORIA, CANADA - street view in the city center of Victoria historical and travel destination.

Tours in Victoria Canada

Whale Watching Tour

Aside from the bustling city and lush parks in Victoria, the city also has several Whale Watching tours available. On this whale-watching tour, you will be aboard a boat with some experts and head out into the sea to see the beautiful Orcas (killer whales) or humpback whales. 

The experts will share information and details about whales as you set off. You’ll learn about the life cycles and their role in the marine food chain.

While there are many of these available, it’s always great to patronise an ethical whale watching tour. This way, not only do you enjoy the sights of these vast creatures playing in their natural habitat, but you are also helping stand up against animal cruelty.

Bike Tour

An excellent alternative for active travellers is to go on a Bike Tour around the city. While you can travel by foot or by car, going on a bike tour will allow you to experience the streets of Victoria Canada, closely. 

You will be joined by a local guide during this tour, who will take you to different landmarks (and even off-beath paths) in the city. Some places you will be passing by are the Craigdarroch Castle, Government House, Clover Point Park and Beacon Hill Park.

At each of these stops, you will have the time to roam around and learn from your guide information and historical facts about them. 

View of Rocky shore with birds at a modern city park, Clover Point, during sunny summer day. Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

FAQs About 2 day itinerary victoria bc

What is the best 2-day itinerary in Victoria BC?

The best 2-day itinerary in Victoria BC would include a trip to Butchart Gardens, a visit to the famous Empress Hotel, and a stroll along the beautiful Inner Harbour. You can also enjoy some whale watching off the coast of Vancouver Island.

Where should I stay for two days in Victoria BC?

There are plenty of great accommodation options in Victoria BC, from cozy bed and breakfasts to luxurious resorts. You could stay near the Inner Harbour or downtown for easy access to shopping, dining, and attractions.

Are there any good restaurants in Victoria BC?

Yes! There are plenty of excellent restaurants to choose from in Victoria BC. Try some fresh seafood at Red Fish Blue Fish. If you’re looking for something more upscale, try 10 Acres Kitchen & farm or The Dining Room at The Empress Hotel.

Is there anything else I should do during my 2-day itinerary?

During your 2-day itinerary in Victoria BC you can also explore nearby parks such as Beacon Hill Park or Mount Douglas Park. Or browse the many boutiques on Government Street for one of a kind items and souvenirs!

Final Thoughts: victoria bc 2 day itinerary

Victoria BC is truly a place that will captivate you with its unique charm and beauty. From whale watching and coastal hikes in the morning to exploring local pubs and nightlife in the evening, there’s something here for everyone.

No matter what activities you choose to do over your two-day trip to Victoria, you can be sure it’ll be a memorable experience. So don’t forget to mix and match this itinerary that we’ve provided to create your own personalized trip. And remember: no two travellers are alike, so make sure you tailor your itinerary accordingly!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this 2-day itinerary of Victoria BC, and that it has given you some helpful tips for planning your next vacation. Wherever your travels take you, make sure to explore every corner of the world – because life is an adventure waiting to be discovered!

Thank you for joining us on our journey – happy travelling! And if you’re looking for more ways to customize your trip around Victoria BC, feel free to reach out and we’d love to help give you some tips!.

Recommended tours in Victoria BC

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