3 Day Itinerary for Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, which has made it become one of the leading cities in areas like business, finance, technology, and even culture.

It is known to be a vibrant and multicultural metropolis, with many immigrants from all over the world living here. 

Spectacular sunset at Toronto City, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

With its diverse neighbourhoods, iconic landmarks, and endless attractions, Toronto offers a captivating blend of culture, history, and modernity.

So, whether you’re a first-time visitor or returning to explore more of what the city offers, this 3 Day Itinerary for Toronto will guide you in maximising your time. 

Toronto is often called Canada’s cultural capital, home to countless museums, art galleries, theatres, music venues, and multiple multimedia spaces, such as the Royal Ontario Museum and Ontario Science Centre. 

Moreover, during your three days in Toronto, there are several must-see attractions that you can include in your Itinerary. 

You can start by visiting iconic landmarks such as Niagara Falls, which has gained popularity worldwide because of the captivating view you get from the group of waterfalls. Another must-visit is the CN Tower, one of the tallest freestanding structures in the world.

Here you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic city views from the observation deck or dine in the revolving restaurant for a truly unique experience.

Continue your exploration with a visit to the historic Distillery District, where you can wander through cobblestone streets lined with Victorian-era buildings that now house art galleries, boutiques, and cafes.

Of course, every trip to Toronto is complete with exploring its diverse neighbourhoods. Stroll through Kensington Market, a vibrant and bohemian area. Meanwhile, to taste Toronto’s multicultural heritage, visit the vibrant communities of Chinatown, Little Italy, and Greektown.

To enjoy all these, it would be great to visit Toronto during its best season, spring (April to June) or fall (September to October), when the weather is pleasant. Although you can also visit during summer and winter, you must consider Toronto’s extreme weather conditions. 

Apartments buildings view in Toronto. Canada .

If you are visiting Toronto for the first time, looking for accommodation in its downtown area would be best. This is the most convenient and popular choice for tourists since it allows you to easily access major attractions, public transportation, and a wide range of dining and entertainment options.

Ultimately, there’s so much to see and to do in Toronto, and you can all enjoy that within three days if you have proper planning. This is why in this Toronto Itinerary, we’ll be sharing detailed information about what to do, things to see, and much more that you can use as a guide for free. 

If you’re wondering how many days in Toronto is ideal or how many days do you need in Toronto? Well it all depends on what your plans are? You could easily spend a few weeks or even months in Toronto and still not see or do everything.

Below is a great guide on what to do in Toronto for 3 days because sometimes 3 days in Toronto is all you have, especially if you’re spending a weekend in Toronto or you’re travelling to Toronto on short stop over trip and want to be able to tour some of the main areas within Toronto.

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Overview of 3 Days in Toronto Itinerary

Here’s a glance at what you’ll see and do in three days in Toronto:

Day 1 in Toronto:

  • Explore Old Town Toronto
  • Have Brunch at the Esplanade
  • Check out CN Tower and Ripley’s Aquarium
  • Visit the three islands in Toronto
  • Have dinner at Greektown 

Day 2 in Toronto:

  • Stroll around Nathan Phillips Square
  • Have Lunch at Queen Street West
  • Visit Toronto Zoo
  • Learn something new at Ontario Science Centre
  • Go on a Toronto Harbour Cruise 

Day 3 in Toronto:

  • Visit Niagara Falls 
  • Have lunch at the Distillery District
  • Check out Casa Loma
  • Discover Art at Royal Ontario Museum
  • Dine at Amal Restaurant 
View of Toronto city during sunset from Toronto Central Island

Day 1 in Toronto

Explore Old Town Toronto

For your first day in Toronto, begin your adventure by wandering through the charming streets of Old Town Toronto, one of the city’s first-named neighbourhoods, and is famously known as St. Lawrence Market. 

This historic district has numerous heritage buildings, cobblestone streets, and unique shops. You can take a leisurely walk through the neighbourhood and admire the well-preserved heritage buildings, including the St. James Cathedral, Gooderham (the Flatiron Building), and St. Lawrence Hall. 

Meanwhile, the market of St. Lawrence has operated for over 200 years, becoming a staple for food lovers. Here you can browse the diverse food vendors, including fresh produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods, and international delicacies. 

But aside from the food scene, you can also find unique crafts and artisanal products you can purchase as a gift or souvenir. 

Toronto city, Ontario, Canada, down town, beautiful inviting Toronto city landscape view with old vintage classic buildings and people in background

Have Brunch at the Esplanade

Esplanade is also a part of the Old Town Neighborhood. It is a charming street lined up with shops, cafes, and restaurants, making it a perfect area for grabbing a coffee or lunch. So, while in the Old Town neighbourhood, maximise your time there. 

One famous restaurant located on this vibrant street is the Bier Markt. It is a casual dining place that has been open for more than 20 years already. Here you can enjoy various food, including European and American cuisine. 

There are also coffee shops around the area that you can check out if you like having a light meal, a coffee, and a pastry. You will be strolling around Esplanade Toronto anyways. 

Check out CN Tower and Ripley’s Aquarium

When visiting Toronto, you’re experience will not be complete if you miss out on CN Tower and Ripley’s Aquarium

CN Tower stands out as one of the world’s Seven Wonders. Standing at 1,815 feet, it is considered one of the world’s Seven Wonders. Once you arrive, you can start by taking the glass elevator to the LookOut Level. Here, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of Toronto and surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, if you’re feeling adventurous, consider trying the EdgeWalk. This thrilling attraction allows you to walk outside the CN Tower’s central pod while securely harnessed. 

Right next to the CN Tower, you’ll find Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, which houses an impressive collection of marine life. Explore fascinating exhibits, walk through underwater tunnels, and even touch some creatures in interactive displays.

One of the highlights of the aquarium is the Dangerous Lagoon, a moving walkway that takes you through an underwater tunnel. They also have schedules of daily programs and presentations that you can check beforehand if you want to participate in one during your visit. 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, down town, May  nice view of old retro and modern stylish architectural buildings, CN tower in Toronto down town area on sunny day

Visit one out of the three islands in Toronto

After strolling around downtown Toronto, it’s time to escape the hustle and bustle of the city by taking a ferry ride to the Toronto Islands. This small island group comprises Centre Island, Hanlan’s Point, and Ward’s Island. 

Each island offers a tranquil oasis with beautiful beaches, picnic spots, bike rentals, and stunning skyline views. While it looks tempting to visit all three islands in one day, choosing just one is better so you can spend ample time on one island. 

Centre Island is mainly known for housing Centreville Amusement Park. So, visiting this island is highly suggested if you’re staying with family or want to have fun going on rides. Meanwhile, Hanlan’s Point Beach is known for its great sandy beaches, perfect for those who want to enjoy a refreshing dip on Lake Ontario’s waters. 

Lastly, Ward’s Island is famous for its tranquil and picturesque atmosphere. You can take a leisurely walk or visit the Artscape Gibraltar Point, an artist retreat and residency building. 

Remember that you’ll need to hop aboard a ferry at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal to get to these areas, so remember the ferry schedules when returning to the main island of Toronto. 

TORONTO,CANADA -  View at the Toronto downtown from Toronto Islands on Ontario lake. Toronto is the capital city of the province of Ontario and the largest city in Canada.

Have dinner at Greektown 

After a long time touring around, head to Greektown, located along Danforth Avenue. While there are many areas you can spend the night in, capping off your day at Greektown is your best bet. 

Since Toronto is known to be a diverse city, they have several neighbourhoods that we’re built to cater to different races – and Greektown is one of them. Here you can enjoy a rich and delicious dining experience while indulging in authentic Greek cuisine. 

Make sure to order savour souvlaki, moussaka, and baklava, immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, and enjoy live music and entertainment in the area.

Greek food background. Meze gyros souvlaki fish pita greek salad tzatziki assortment of feta olives and vegetables. Traditional different greek dishes set. Top view. Food for share. Close-up

Day 2 in Toronto 

Stroll around Nathan Phillips Square

For your second day in Toronto, it’s time to explore the other side of Toronto. Start your day at  Nathan Phillips Square. This a bustling public space and the iconic symbol of Toronto, not only for travellers but most especially locals.

Spend your morning stroll while admiring the modernist architecture of Toronto City Hall, which stands as an impressive backdrop to the square. Its iconic design, distinctive curved towers, and podium roofs have become a prominent city symbol.

Before heading to your next destination, photograph the famous Toronto sign to capture the moment.

TORONTO, CANADA - A woman walking in front of a fountain at Nathan Phillips Square. The square before Toronto City Hall is named for Nathan Phillips, mayor of Toronto from 1955 to 1962

Have Lunch at Queen Street West

The next stop of your 2nd day is at Queen Street West. This well-known area is home to trendy shops, eclectic boutiques, and diverse dining options, and Vogue Magazine named it one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods.

One of the restaurants you can try here is The Good Son, which serves one of the best pizzas in the city. If you like Asian cuisine, you can try Little India Restaurant, which has been running for over three decades. 

After having a full email for lunch, explore the city street and look around each boutique or corner of the neighbourhood. 

TORONTO CANADA - Buildings along Queen Street West in Toronto showing the design of the buildings.

Visit Toronto Zoo

Since you’ve spent your first day in Toronto going around cultural and historical landmarks, it’s time to do something adventurous. For a wildlife adventure, head to the Toronto Zoo

This sprawling zoo is home to over 5,000 animals worldwide, including lions, tigers, giraffes, and polar bears. Explore exhibits and themed areas like the African Savanna, Canadian Domain, and Indo-Malaya region. 

In addition, you can also take advantage of the interactive Discovery Zone, where you can get close to animals and learn about conservation efforts. 

What’s more exciting is checking the animal feeding and keeper talks schedule beforehand. These educational sessions offer the opportunity to learn more about the animals, their behaviours, and their conservation needs. 

Toronto Canada: sign of the Toronto Zoo at entrance in Toronto, Canada.Toronto Zoo is Canadian the largest zoo with over 5, 000 animals.

Learn something new at Ontario Science Centre

If you are looking for a learning experience while in Toronto, the Ontario Science Centre is a fantastic place to experience that. 

Engage your curiosity and learn about science, technology, and the natural world as you explore interactive exhibits, participate in hands-on experiments, and discover fascinating scientific concepts. 

The centre also features IMAX films, live demonstrations, and educational programs suitable for all ages. When visiting the science centre, you can even touch a tornado or pilot a rocket chair.

Plus, there’s no need to rush while exploring since you have enough time to spare before heading to the harbour for the following itinerary schedule. 

Toronto city hall and Toronto Sign in downtown at sunset, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Go on a Toronto Harbour Cruise 

If you visit Toronto during spring or fall, one of the best ways to end a day here as a tourist is to go on a Harbour Cruise. Before the sun sets, hop aboard a boat that will take you cruising around the city. 

Several tours can take you; some might even include dinner and drinks. You can choose a sightseeing tour that will take you to different famous spots in Toronto.

You can also go for a romantic sail to see the sunset and enjoy a view of the city’s skyline. 

TORONTO, CANADA - A ferry named "Oriole" offering tours of Lake Ontario from the Toronto harbour.

Day 3 in Toronto

Go on a Day tour to Niagara Falls. 

Your three days in Toronto will not be complete if you don’t make time to go on a half-day tour of one of Canada’s famous landmarks, Niagara Falls.  

Niagara Falls is a breathtaking natural wonder located on the border of Canada and the United States, attracting millions of visitors annually. It has three magnificent waterfalls—Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls.

If you decide to DIY your trip to Niagara Falls, you can spend your time witnessing the falls as they plunge into the Niagara River blow. But you can also join a group tour that will allow you to ride a boat and get up close to the falls.

Lastly, you can also experience descending to the tunnels that lead to observation decks behind the waterfall. 

Most tours that take you from Toronto to Niagara Falls already provide transportation and lunch meals, so you won’t have to worry about those during your trip.

Niagara Falls American and Canadian falls US Canada

Check out Casa Loma

After returning from Niagara Falls (and eating lunch), it’s time to make the most of your last day in Toronto. 

If you enjoy mesmerizing old buildings, you will enjoy time at Casa Loma. This is a grand castle and a historical landmark in Toronto, and you can admire this Gothic Revival-style mansion’s stunning architecture and intricate details.

Once you enter the castle, explore the opulent interiors, including secret passages, elegant rooms, and the majestic Great Hall.

Take advantage of the beautiful gardens surrounding the castle, offering a serene escape from the city.

TORONTO, CANADA - Casa Loma exterior view in Toronto, Canada. Built C1914 and was Established as museum 1937, it was the largest private residence in Canada.

Roam around the Distillery District

The Distillery District is another iconic neighbourhood in Toronto that is a must-visit during your trip to the city. It is a historic and vibrant neighbourhood known for its preserved Victorian-era industrial architecture, charming cobblestone streets, and thriving arts and culture scene. 

Take things slow and wander through its charming cobblestone streets. This pedestrian-only village is filled with preserved Victorian-era industrial architecture, home to various boutiques, art galleries, and speciality shops.

It also hosts art installations, live performances, and cultural events annually. If you feel like fueling up, look for a cafe where you can rest while enjoying delicious food and drink.

TORONTO, CANADA - Distillery District (former Gooderham & Worts Distillery) - historic and entertainment precinct. It contains numerous cafes, restaurants, shops and industrial parts.

Discover Art at Royal Ontario Museum

Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is something you should include on your Toronto itinerary, especially if you enjoy learning about art and culture.

This museum has extensive collections spanning diverse disciplines, including natural history, archaeology, and fine arts. 

As you visit the ROM, admire the world-class exhibits, from ancient artefacts to contemporary art installations.

They also often host special exhibitions and events, so check their schedule for any temporary showcases during your visit.

One of the world's leading archeological and natural history museums. It has recently had a modern addition known as the Crystal.

Dine at Amal Restaurant 

To cap off your 3-day trip to Toronto, it’s highly recommended to dine at one of the city’s most famous restaurants – Amal Restaurant. It is a Lebanese restaurant that offers a fine-ding experience inside an elegant restaurant. 

It is located near the Royal Ontario Museum, so you don’t have to travel to another area just to get dinner. Amal Restaurant has an extensive menu list you can choose from, so make sure to try all their best-sellers! 

TORONTO CANADA -  A view of buildings down King Street West at night showing restaurants and bars

Tours in Toronto

Tasting Tours

Toronto is a vast city, and if you are travelling for a food scene (or not), you should book a Toronto food-tasting tour. Joining such a tour will allow you to visit locally-famous restaurants that have contributed to the city’s culinary heritage. 

With a small group and a local guide, you will visit St. Lawrence Market and try comfort-food staples like fish & chips and pierogies. You will also pass by Old Toronto, where a famous shop selling butter tarts and Canadian pastry is. 

After these two iconic locations, your last stop will be the Hockey Hall of Fame. You’ll be given time to see a vast collection of hockey memorabilia here as you cap off your tasting tour. 

TORONTO, CANADA - Shoppers stop at the Stonemill Bakehouse inside the St. Lawrence Market.

Harbour Tour 

When in Toronto, it is a must that you go on a Harbour tour. Better yet, a sightseeing cruise tour! During this trip, you will depart from the Toronto Harbour on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

From there, you will be riding a massive boat with an open-air observation deck you will be staying in. As you sail, you will pass famous Toronto landmarks, including CN Tower, Harbourfront Centre, Canada’s Sugar Beach, Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Rogers Centre, Scotiabank Arena, and the Redpath Sugar Museum. 

All these you will see from the point of view of the boat. You can join other harbour tours with different itineraries, so choose something you prefer and enjoy. 

TORONTO CANADA - The outside of the Redpath Sugar Factory in Toronto from Lake Ontario

3-Day Itinerary for Toronto Wrap-up

Now that we have provided all the details you need for your three days in Toronto itinerary, including things to do, places to visit and tours to take, it’s up to you to plan your next step!

Anyways, all you have left to do is to book accommodation, buy a flight ticket and pack your bags – and you’re ready to conquer a 3-day trip to Toronto.

Recommended tours in Toronto

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