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Where to Stay in Vancouver

Sunset skyline of Vancouver downtown as seen from Stanley Park, British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver is one of the coolest cities in North America, if not the world. Located on Canada’s West Coast, in the British Columbia province, Vancouver receives over ten million tourists per year.

Less than three hours from Seattle, Vancouver is also a popular weekend destination for travelers along the Pacific Coast of the United States, and Amtrak access makes this an easy trip.

Vancouver has many interesting neighborhoods that display the many cultures that make up the city. There’s a fairly decent public transportation system for getting around, too.

If you’re planning a Vancouver vacation, we’ve narrowed down some of the best neighborhoods to help you decide where to stay in Vancouver Canada.

Wondering where is the best place to stay in Vancouver? We will cover off all types of Vancouver accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Vancouver hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Vancouver BC 2023.

This guide shows off the best Vancouver hotels, best places in Vancouver to visit, the best places to stay in Vancouver, hotels near Vancouver attractions, best neighborhood to stay in Vancouver and many more.

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Downtown Vancouver – Where to stay in Vancouver for nightlife

Downtown is the hub of Vancouver, and an excellent place to stay, especially if it’s your first visit to Vancouver.

The downtown area is very compact and transportation to other parts of the city are easily accessible. Points travelers will find many global hotel brands to choose from and there are tons of restaurants to sample downtown.

Downtown Vancouver is also one of the best places to stay in Vancouver for couples, due to the amount of easy to access restaurants for romantic date nights!

Downtown Vancouver is on a peninsula, so chances are, if you have a higher floor room, you’ll have pretty fantastic views of the surrounding Burrard Inlet or Strait of George.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Vancouver for one night, Downtown would be the most ideal place to postion yourself.

Where to stay in Vancouver downtown

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Downtown:

Budget Hotels in Downtown:

Mid range Hotels in Downtown:

Family Friendly Hotels in Downtown:

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Downtown:

VANCOUVER, CANADA - Science World at TELUS World of Science in a sunny day in Vancouver, Canada

Gastown – Where to stay in Vancouver first time

Just east of downtown and Coal Harbour, Gastown is a fun neighborhood best known for a steam clock located on Water Street.

The neighborhood name comes from “Gassy” Jack Keaton, who owned a bar here in the mid-19th century. Gastown is one of Vancouver’s most historic neighborhoods, but is also full of trendy bars, restaurants and souvenir shops.

If you are a fan of craft beers, craft cocktails, or anything hipster, you should consider staying in Gastown.

Gastown is the best neighborhood in Vancouver for first time visitors as its close to downtown Vancouver, Chinatown and the waterfront.

It’s a short walk to the CRAB Park at Portside waterfront park, as well as the Waterfront transit station and the SeaBus ferry terminal to Lonsdale.

Where to stay in Gastown Vancouver

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Gastown:

Budget Hotels in Gastown:

Mid range Hotels in Gastown:

Family Friendly Hotels in Gastown:

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Gastown:

Night view of Historic Steam Clock in Gastown Vancouver,British Columbia, Canada

Yaletown – Where to stay in Vancouver with a car

Located on the southern part of the Vancouver peninsula, Yaletown is a great place to stay in Vancouver.

Yaletown was once the warehouse district, but now home to many young, trendy professionals. Old warehouses now hold many restaurants, bars and home and fashion boutiques.

As a more residential neighborhood, you’ll find more amenities such as grocery stores, drug stores and neighborhood parks in Yaletown.

There’s a seawall here, too, perfect for cyclists and joggers. If you’re visiting Vancouver for an event at BC Stadium or the Rogers Arena, you won’t get any closer than Yaletown.

Yaletown is the best area to stay in Vancouver without a car, as access to the rest of Vancouver is simple, thanks to Canada Line Station right in the neighborhood.

Best places to stay in Yaletown

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Yaletown:

Budget Hotels in Yaletown:

Mid range Hotels in Yaletown:

Family Friendly Hotels in Yaletown:

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Yaletown:

VANCOUVER CANADA - Unidentified people enjoy sunny day in Yaletown Vancouver. Formerly a warehouse district Yaletown is one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city.

Coal Harbour – Where to stay in Vancouver on a budget

Coal Harbour is also sometimes just called the Waterfront. It’s just adjacent to downtown, but is a bit more laidback and quiet.

Across the water from the Stanley Park seawall, Coal Harbour hotels have excellent views of the water and mountains.

If you want to be close to the heart of Vancouver, but in a slightly less touristy locale, Coal Harbour is an excellent choice.

In addition to the marina, there are dozens of places to eat, from casual to upscale. You can follow the Seawall path all the way to Stanley Park, or jump on a bus to get anywhere else in Vancouver.

The seaplane center is also located in Coal Harbour; an excellent way to tour Vancouver!

Best places to stay in Coal Harbour

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Coal Harbour:

Budget Hotels in Coal Harbour:

Mid range Hotels in Coal Harbour:

Family Friendly Hotels in Coal Harbour:

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Coal Harbour:

Modern City Architecture in Coal Harbour, Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Cityscape Skyline. Dramatic Sunset Sky Artistic Render

West End – Where to stay in Vancouver with family

For a neighborly and local vibe with easy access to all the attractions of downtown, consider staying in the West End of Vancouver.

An extension of the downtown area, West End is also the closest neighborhood to the amazing Stanley Park, a must-see for anyone visiting Vancouver!

The West End is an older, established neighborhood with an eclectic mix of residents.

It’s a very trendy place to live or stay, and you’ll find many shops and restaurants catering to residents and visitors.

It’s a very safe neighborhood, and the proximity to Stanley Park makes it a great place to stay for families visiting Vancouver with children, as there’s lot of room for them to run and play, as well as the tide pools and beaches along the water.

Best places to stay in West End

Budget Hotels in West End:

Mid range Hotels in West End:

Family Friendly Hotels in West End:

Affordable Luxury Hotels in West End:

Stanley Park Seawall Path Autumn. Autumn leaves line the Stanley Park seawall in Vancouver's West End, Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver Airport – Where to stay in Vancouver near the Airport

The Lower Mainland and the city of Vancouver are served by the international airport known as Vancouver International Airport, which is situated on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia. 12 kilometres separate it from Downtown Vancouver.

There are two airports in Vancouver; the main one, Vancouver International Airport – YVR, is in Richmond to the south of the city and is run by the Vancouver Airport Authority.

It is the second-busiest airport in Canada. Abbotsford, a city east of Vancouver, is home to a smaller, secondary airport that serves both domestic and international charter flights.

Being able to stay in or around the Vancouver International Airport, makes late arrivals or early flights super easy, rather than having to wake up really early to fight traffic to get to the airport or travelling late into the night.

Best places to stay near Vancouver Airport

Budget accommodation near Vancouver Airport

Mid range accommodation near Vancouver Airport

Family Friendly accommodation near Vancouver Airport

Affordable Luxury accommodation near Vancouver Airport

RICHMOND, CANADA - Vancouver International Airport YVR with the Coast Mountains in the background

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