The Seven MUST see Wonders of Egypt

Have you ever fancied checking out the tombs of the Pharaohs? Well, if so, why not book a holiday to Egypt this year? It’s a country steeped in wonder, and mysticism, and will linger in your memory long after you’ve returned home.

But what will you do while you’re there? Well, start by exploring the cities and marketplaces, sampling delicious cuisine as you go. Holidaymakers heading to Egypt should also look forward to checking out some of the planet’s most incredible marvels: the wonders of the ancient world…

Ancient Egypt left behind a number of structures for us to visit in the present day, but we’ve whittled it down to a handful of must-sees. You’ve heard of the Seven Wonders of the World, so check out these Seven Wonders of Egypt and decide where you’re going to check out first on your holiday…

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Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is an extraordinary hidden underground mausoleum we were never supposed to see. A royal burial ground for pharos and other ‘elites’ of Ancient Egyptian society, the tombs in this valley have been the target of thieves and robbers for many, years.

Head here if you want to see the place where King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered, and get there early in the morning or as the sun is setting for a truly atmospheric experience.

The Seven Wonders of Egypt

Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx is magnificent and should definitely be on your holiday itinerary: it’s one of the world’s largest and oldest monuments and was built around 2500 BC.

When you’re booking your holiday, consider booking a hotel in Cairo so you can easily get to this monument – it’s on the south western tip of the city.

The Seven Wonders of Egypt

Pyramid of Giza

The pyramid of Giza is one of the Ancient Wonders of the World, and with good reason.
For nearly 4,000 years it was the largest man-made structure in the world, requiring an incredible amount of labour, resources and engineering to get it completed.

Two secret chambers have been discovered in the 4,500-year-old structure this year, so make sure you pay it a visit while on holiday if you fancy speculating about what might have been hidden inside…

The Seven Wonders of Egypt

Temple of Hatshepsut

Queen Hatshepsut was the first known female monarch, ruling over Ancient Egypt for two decades around 1490 BC.

Her achievement alone is a good enough reason to visit the temple, but it’s also particularly beautiful: the terraces were originally lined with gardens of frankincense trees, and the walls were once painted too.

The Seven Wonders of Egypt

Step Pyramid of Djose

This pyramid is thought to be the oldest pyramid in all of Egypt. It was the first pyramid to be built and was constructed in the 27th century BC, and was originally constructed with a flat roof.

Given its age and early construction methods it’s not the most impressive pyramid in all of Egypt, but it’s still worth visiting given its historical significance and age.

The pyramid has been added to and re-designed, so check it out and see if you can imagine how awe-inspiring it would have been when it was first built.

The Seven Wonders of Egypt

The Karnak Temple

The Karnak temple became a significant place when Thebes became the religious centre of Egypt. Built in a hall style, you’ll probably be lost for words when you lock eyes on its forest of columns.

And you won’t be able to miss the obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut either as it’s the largest standing obelisk in Egypt; incredibly the obelisk was built from a single piece of granite, quarried and transported from 400 miles away.

The Seven Wonders of Egypt

Old Cairo

Finally, it’s not a pyramid or quite as old as the other structures on this list, but the mosques in Old Cairo are beautiful and absolutely worth getting round to see.

The Mohamed Ali mosque is one of the largest of the old Muslim world, and is located in Cairo’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

However, if all that history has you feeling like you’d do something other than marvelling at massive stone structures, why not take a trip to the Red Sea Reef? This coral reef is the largest reef along Africa’s coastline and is home to over 1,000 species of aquatic life.

It’s a pleasure to swim in (with summertime temperatures in the water averaging 22 degrees Celsius), and you can book onto snorkelling tours to view the edge of the reef if you want to see manta rays, turtles and even sharks.

The Seven Wonders of Egypt

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