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A Glance Inside Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park

Sprawling over an area of around 20,000 sq. km., Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa. The national park is home to over 500 bird species and 147 species of large mammals. Kruger is also home to the Big Five game animals, the African elephant, African lion, rhinoceros, cape buffalo and African leopard. Watching the varied flora and fauna thriving in their natural habitat is a sight to behold, which is why you must make sure the itinerary includes a visit to the park, when buying a South Africa tour package. Inside Kruger, there are many self-drives. When in Kruger, opt for these self-drives to get up close and personal with fauna thriving in the region. To help you plan better, the post lists some of the best self-drives with the most number of animal sightings. Take a look.

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1. Skukuza to Satara

The 93 km drive is your best chance to see lion prides. During your drive, halt at Tshokwane, to have food, rest for a while before proceeding. Tshokwane boasts mixed woodland, grassland, riverine bush and a mountain peak, a combination that attracts a number of species including elephants. Along the drive you will also spot different species of grazers such as impala, waterbuck, steenbok and tsessebe.

2. Voortrekker Road

If you have read the book, Jock of the Bushfield, you must be aware of this road. The road has a stretch of sweetveld grazing that attracts rare species such as eland, white rhino and sable antelope. The road is a 35 km stretch and runs from Pretoriuskop to Afsaal. At Afsaal, you will find a takeaway restaurant that serves local delicacies. Afsaal also has a picnic spot, where you can relax and take pics with your group.

Kruger National Park

3. Lower Sabie to Tshokwane

Considered by many to be the most scenic drive in Kruger, the road between Lower Sabie and Tshokwane incorporates many scenic views with Lebombo in the background. Along the drive, you will come across a number of grasslands that attract different species of grazers and the predators such as lions, cheetahs and hyenas that feed on them.

4. Skukuza to Lower Sabie

If you love watching leopards thrive in their natural habitat, this is a drive you cannot miss. It is reported that more leopards per square km are found along this route than in any other part of South Africa. The route is also famous for lion and hyena sightings. The drive has a popular picnic site and a river, inhabited by hippos and crocodiles flows through the area. Other animals that are often sighted on the route are cheetahs, rhinos and different species of grazers.

Kruger National Park

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These are some of the several drives in Kruger National Park that are famous for their panoramic views and animal sightings. Some other drives to take in the national park are: Luvuvhu River drives, Timbavati Road and Malelane to Skukuza. When booking a South Africa tour package from India, enquire about the major drives in the park and learn about the documents that you would be required to rent a car.

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