How to Prepare for a Safari Trip in Kenya

Ruins of ancient african city Gede (Gedi) in Watamu, Kenya with trees and sky in background.

A safari trip may sound like a simple thing, but for someone who hasn’t been to a safari before, the knowledge of what to pack and what to bring can leave them to over-pack a lot of stuff.

Here is a guide on everything you need for a safari trip in Kenya for a safe and enjoyable trip!

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  1. Visa and Travel Shots

The most important thing to prepare before you reach a safari park in Kenya is the visa application process and the health precautions you need to take. You can easily apply for a visa online, making sure that you have the necessary documents and identification cards you will need to fill out the form. More information about visa to Kenya

Having your flight details and hotel accommodations attached with your visa application will be helpful as well. The flight lands mostly in Nairobi since all of the national parks and safari parks are a few hours away from this center point.

You will also need some vaccination before you arrive in Kenya. The details are available on the visa application website. You will get a health certificate after taking all of the necessary health precautions and vaccinations. 

  1. What to Pack?

This is the most important thing for safari park travel after the visa application, of course. You need to have comfortable but sturdy clothes for the safari. This is not a place for loose clothes. Having a good pair of jeans or khakis with a nice breathable shirt is great since you will be outdoors mostly.

Having a good snack or two packed in your backpack is a great idea. Have lots of water on you because you will be sweating buckets before you know it. Last but not least, having some cash on hand and a sturdy pair of shoes on your feet will get you through the safari peacefully. 

  1. Choosing where to Camp

The camping destination is also an essential thing to think about ahead of time. There are a lot of camping spots in the safari parks of Kenya. Ranging from luxurious resorts to literal camping tents in the middle of nowhere, you can choose wherever you want to stay for your safari trip.

Doing your research before the safari trip will be helpful. Reading reviews of different camping places and figuring out where you can stay comfortably will do you lots of favors when you actually reach the spot. 

Interior of a Luxury Camping Tent with King Size Bed and Leather Furniture
  1. The Driving Route

The driving route is the highlight of any safari. There are mostly two times where driving safaris take place. One is usually during the day, from 7 am to 11 am.

The other is more like an evening safari where you can cruise around the safari parks at night too. Although the weather is sweltering during the day and pleasant at night, both of the experiences are well worth it; seeing different animals during different times of the day is very satisfying.  

Final thoughts

Grab your valid passport and apply for the Kenya e-Visa online to get your entry permit as quickly as possible! Pack your bags and don’t forget that you need to have a nice set of binoculars to see all of the animals clearly.


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