Romantic Things to Do in Paris

Luxury Travel Tips for Your Paris Trip

Paris is known as the city of love and for good reason, the city witnesses the most romantic proposals year after year! You will not only fall in love with this beautiful city but you’ll fall for your partner again because of the romantic vibe Paris gives off.

The palaces, beautiful gardens and the cafes set the perfect mood for all you lovely dovey couples. A romantic hand in hand walk down the streets of Paris is what dreams are made of.

You can do so many romantic things in Paris with your partner that will reignite love in your hearts (sappy I know!). Here are a few romantic activities that you can do together.

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(1) Check out the Phenomenal Views from the Top of the Eiffel Tower.

The views from the top of the very famous Eiffel Tower are as breathtaking and beautiful as they are portrayed in all the romantic, tear jerking movies you watched while growing up.

This time you’ll get to visit the Eiffel Tower with your real life prince charming. Enjoy a glass of French champagne with the love of your life, high up in the sky, it’s one of the most romantic experiences in Paris.

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Luxury Travel Tips for Your Paris Trip

(2) The Magical Louvre

If visiting the Louvre is not on your bucket list then you’re missing out something really special. The Louvre boasts of some incredible pieces of art by the most famous artists of all time.

You can admire Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace, Coronation of Napoleon and so much more at the Louvre. The mystical aura of this museum will bring you closer to your soul mate.

(3) For the Love of Wine

Paris is famous for its mystic vineyards and the love Parisians have for their wine. Head out for wine tasting day trip (from Paris) with your partner to learn all about this wine region. It would make for a really romantic day trip for you and your lover!

Luxury Travel Tips for Your Paris Trip

(4) A Shopping Spree

Who doesn’t love shopping especially when you are in a city where fashion comes naturally, where big brand names such as Chanel and Gucci are everyday brands!

While most men don’t enjoy shopping as much as us women, but I’m sure they will still have a great time on a shopping spree at Avenue des Champs-Elysées or Avenue Montaigne. You simply MUST go shopping when you’re in Paris, even if it’s window shopping!

Luxury Travel Tips for Your Paris Trip

(5) A Romantic Dinner at Epicure

For the perfect romantic date night, you must go to Epicure. The ambiance of this beautiful restaurant is classic and looks similar to a country side fort.

The food is delicious (although a little pricey – but worth it!), the wine is fabulous, and most importantly the love of your life is sitting right next to you. It couldn’t be anymore romantic than this.

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