Where to stay in Saint Tropez

Aerial view of Saint Tropez old town and harbor

Saint Tropez calls to mind an exotic locale on the French Riviera, flooded with movie stars and royalty. After an exclusive peak of jet set tourism in the 1960’s, St Tropez France is still a popular destination on the Cote d’Azur, although much more accessible to travelers of all budgets.

As you plan your French Riviera getaway, you’ll need to decide the best area to stay in St Tropez. We’ve rounded up some of the best resorts in St Tropez, as well as the best beaches in St Tropez to help you decide what area to stay in St Tropez.

This where to stay in St Tropez guide, we will cover off all types of Saint Tropez accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Saint Tropez hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Saint Tropez France 2023, the best Saint Tropez hotels, best places in Saint Tropez to visit, the best places to stay in Saint Tropez, hotels near Saint Tropez attractions, Saint Tropez neighborhood guide and many more.

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Old Town Saint Tropez – Where to stay in Saint Tropez for nightlife

If you prefer not to stay in any St Tropez hotels on the beach, and would rather stay in a central location to the city centre, consider staying in Saint Tropez’s Old Town.

Since Saint Tropez is as well known for nightclubs as it is for beaches, those seeking to take advantage of Saint-Tropez nightlife might choose to stay in Old Town.

The area is fairly compact, so it’s easy to get around, exploring the cobblestone streets, quaint cottages and gardens.

The marina is in walking distance, along with many shops, restaurants and bars. From the hotels in Saint Tropez Old Town, buses are available to take you to the Saint Tropez beaches.

Wondering where do celebrities stay in Saint Tropez? Aside from staying on their yachts anchored off-shore, the Hotel Byblos St Tropez on the edge of Old Town, is one of the best hotels in St Tropez and has been hosting the rich and famous for decades.

Best places to stay in Old Town Saint Tropez

Mid range Hotels in Old Town Saint Tropez:
Residence Caesar Domus
Villa Casabianca
B Lodge Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Old Town Saint Tropez:
Hotel de Paris Saint-Tropez

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Old Town Saint Tropez:
Pan Deï Palais
Hotel Le Mandala

Saint Tropez France - in the old town of Saint Tropez with unidentified people. St Tropez is a seaside resort at the Cote dAzur and popular for the European and American jet set

Pampelonne Beach – Where to stay in Saint Tropez for celebrity spotting

Pampelonne Beach is the original Saint Tropez beach that made this area famous. In 1956, Brigitte Bardot shot the film “And God Created Women” here at Pampelonne Beach. It’s still one of the best beaches in St. Tropez, with dozens of accommodation options, from camping to luxury hotels.

Club 55 has been a celebrity hotspot for more than 50 years, and was one of the first beach clubs in this area.

While there are so many beach clubs in Pampelonne Beach, you might never want to leave, there is a regular bus service to Saint Tropez Old Town if you need a change of scenery.

Best places to stay in Pampelonne Beach

Budget Hotels in Pampelonne Beach:
L’Ecurie du Castellas
Muse Hotel

Mid range Hotels in Pampelonne Beach:
Hotel Le Mandala
Tahiti Beach
La Ferme d’Augustin

Family Friendly Hotels in Pampelonne Beach:
Hotel de Paris Saint-Tropez
Villa Marie St Tropez

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Pampelonne Beach:
Pan Dei Palais
Hotel Le Mandala

Pampelonne Beach near Saint Tropez

Ramatuelle – Where to stay in Saint Tropez with family

In the hills above Pampelonne Beach is the village of Ramatuelle, and the neighbouring village of Gassiin.

This is a great place to stay near Saint Tropez for those seeking a quiet escape from the bustle of tourism and summer crowds. Vineyards spread out in the surrounding hills, many of which are open for tastings and tours.

The views of the French Riviera from Ramatuelle are unrivalled, and accommodation options include private villa rentals, quaint guesthouses and luxury hotels.

If you prefer poolside luxury over beachside lounging, Ramatuelle is an excellent choice. With all of the hotels and accompanying spas and restaurants, you might never need to enter the traffic and fray of Saint Tropez unless you want to.

Best places to stay in Ramatuelle

Budget Hotels in Ramatuelle:
Maeva Residence Amandine
Residence Maeva Les Marines de Gassin

Mid range Hotels in Ramatuelle:
Domaine les Mesanges
Residence Caesar Domus
Villa Maya
Villa Casabianca

Family Friendly Hotels in Ramatuelle:
Hotel Le Revest
Residence Odalys Domaine des Eucalyptus
Hotel Le Chardon Bleu
Matisse Hotel

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Ramatuelle:
Pan Dei Palais
Hotel Le Mandala
Hotel Font Mourier

The village of Ramatuelle in the Bay of St. Tropez Cote Azur France

La Croix Valmer – Where to stay in St Tropez on a budget

Southwest of Saint Tropez, the village of La Croix Valmer is a great budget-friendly alternative to the hotels in Saint Tropez.

St Tropez hotels on the beach can be quite expensive, so if staying on the beach is a priority, but taking out a second mortgage to pay for it is not, then consider staying on the beach in La Croix Valmer.

Families will enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere, while nature lovers will love the proximity to Massif des Maures Natural Park. La Croix Valmer has seven sandy beaches along the sea, some of them quite renowned for excellent swimming.

Best places to stay in La Croix Valmer

Mid range Hotels in La Croix Valmer:
Hotel Le Mandala
L’Ecurie du Castellas

Family Friendly Hotels in La Croix Valmer:
Mas Amore

Affordable Luxury Hotels in La Croix Valmer:
Pan Dei Palais

Beautiful La Croix-Valmer Mediterranean sea France Provence-Alpes

Port Grimaud – Where to stay in Saint Tropez with kids

The marina area of Port Grimaud is a great place to stay in Saint Tropez with families. It’s sometimes called “Little Venice” for the canal system winding through the village.

Along with many things to do including shopping, dining and entertainment, there are also ferries you can take to Saint Tropez, avoiding the world-famous traffic jams that happen along beach areas in summer.

It’s only seven kilometres from Saint Tropez, making this a great alternative to some of the hotels in Saint Tropez. Another excellent nearby option is the holiday resort area of Sainte Maxime

Best places to stay in Port Grimaud

Budget Hotels in Port Grimaud:
B Lodge Hotel

Mid range Hotels in Port Grimaud:
Villa Maya
Domaine les Mesanges
Parc Oasis

Family Friendly Hotels in Port Grimaud:
Parc Saint James Parc Montana
Hotel Les Capucines
L’Ecurie du Castellas

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Port Grimaud:
Pan Dei Palais
Mas de Chastelas
Villa Ingrid
La Bastide d’Antoine

View Of Colorful Houses And Boats In Port Grimaud During Summer Day-Port Grimaud France

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Where to stay in Saint Tropez
Where to stay in Saint Tropez
Where to stay in Saint Tropez

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