Tipping in Morocco Guide | When and How Much to Tip in Morocco 

Morocco has been on my ‘favourite’ list for years, ever since I learned about its incredible history and traditional culture. One of the important factors I like to keep in mind is whether I need to budget for tipping purposes in whichever country I visit. 

“So, is there tipping in Morocco?”  

The answer is yes; whether it is a common practice or not, know that it is imperative throughout the country. I found out for many good reasons recently. Coming from a country that relies heavily on percentages and small change, tipping goes a long way for the locals and residents.

Morocco falls directly under that category, and much of their wages depend on the gratuity we leave for appreciation and good service, but first, a little about the place.

Empty streets of old town Rabat medina, Morocco. It is an administrative city but very popular among tourists with famous historical architecture. HDR technique

Morocco is a North African country known for its rich history, diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities. It is a marvellous melting pot of cultures, with influences from Arab, Berber, European, and African traditions. Travelers can explore the intricate and highly detailed architecture, profound arts, music, and cuisine that reflect this beautiful diversity. 

When you’re getting ready to jump into a whirlwind of ancient Africa, Morocco provides a mix of old and new, with modern cities like Casablanca and Rabat, contrasting with historic cities 

like the ancient cities, Fes and Marrakech, with their medinas – which are the old town areas – palaces, and historic mosques around the area. Morocco offers diverse landscapes, including the Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountains, and the picturesque coastline along the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

Loved around the world, the cuisine is renowned for its flavours and aromas. Expect a lot of warmth and hospitality from the locals, expressed through their traditional tea ceremonies and warm welcomes.

These are also just a couple of great reasons to visit. Moroccan markets, known as souks, are a lively, colourful part of daily life.

Fez, Morocco - Sightseeing of Morocco. Tanneries of Fez. Dye reservoirs and vats in traditional tannery of city of Fez

When it comes to the tipping culture in Morocco, like many other third-world countries, leaving a gratuity or a small tip is an integral part of the service industry. It is the norm to show appreciation by giving tips for various services, including restaurants, hotels, taxis, and tour guides.

I rounded up all the essential details before your trip. The guide below will help you figure out how much to tip in Morocco when the best time is to do so, and good-to-know information for the various industries that expect a tip for their work.

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Are you expected to tip in Morocco?

In Morocco, tipping is generally expected, and it’s an important aspect of the country’s service culture. While it may not be legally mandated, it is considered customary. It is an integral part of interactions in the service industry. 

During my travels, it was always worth reminding myself that while tipping is expected, the specific amount can vary based on the quality of service and my personal discretion.

When in doubt, I always asked locals or my accommodation staff for guidance on appropriate tipping practices, as customs can differ in various regions of Morocco. The important thing is to acknowledge and reward good service and hospitality in a culturally respectful way. 

I found myself often feeling obligated to tip if I ended up receiving poor service. Still, ultimately, it’s up to us to motivate those in the service industry for better quality.

Common industries that will expect a tip are more or less the same places I would find in well-developed countries. Businesses like restaurants, hotels, drivers and tour guides are among the traditional industries, whilst public services and fixed-price establishments do not require a tip.

Inside of a traditional Hammam in Morocco Africa

What’s the easiest way to give a tip in Morocco?

Deciding how to tip in Morocco is up to you and your discretion. While cash is the primary way to give tips in Morocco, it’s essential to be discreet and respectful.

There isn’t a specific or elaborate ritual for tipping. Still, it’s always appreciated when given with a smile and a word of thanks. In most situations, especially in more formal settings like restaurants, waiting until the service is completed to present the tip is polite.

The easiest and most common way to give a tip in Morocco is to hand it directly to the person providing the service. For example, if you’re tipping a server in a restaurant, pass the tip to them in cash after paying the bill.

Likewise, if you’re tipping a taxi driver or a guide, you can give them the tip in person. I wouldn’t recommend leaving a tip on the table, but the option is there. Suppose you want to tip housekeeping staff at your hotel.

In that case, you can leave the tip in an envelope in a visible location in your room with a note indicating that it’s a tip or give it to them personally. When tipping tour guides or drivers, you can hand it to them directly at the end of the tour or excursion. It’s a good practice to provide the tip in an envelope with a note of thanks.

For small transactions, such as rounding up a taxi fare or adding a few extra Dirhams when paying a bill, you can give the tip in cash at the time of the transaction. Small change works well with tipping a therapist or attendant at a spa or hammam; you can provide the tip directly to them after your treatment.

CASABLANCA, MOROCCO - Wafacash financial services agency in Casablanca, Morocco. Wafacash financial services company specializes in fast international money transfers.

When and How Much to Tip in Morocco?

Deciding how much to tip in Marrakech varies with each industry and their service quality. I have been in a couple situations where I’ve been at a loss as to how much you’re supposed to tip the person in front of you, especially when specific industries require a percentage and others only need small change.

From what I understand, tipping is best done at a service’s end. Every industry that I am aware of expects a tip before anything has been done; otherwise, how will you know if the job has been done well? Or adequate even? 

Again, don’t hesitate to ask locals or residents in the area how best to provide a tip to the relative industry. In general, restaurants, spas and resorts expect at least 10% of the final bill, whilst smaller businesses desire small change as a token of your appreciation. 

Below, I have provided a much more in-depth guideline of what to tip for common industries throughout the country. 

Moroccan money - Dirham in the black wallet

Can I tip in USD in Morocco?

A common question and one I asked myself, “Can you tip in dollars in Morocco?”

While it’s possible to tip in U.S. dollars (USD) in most tourist areas and establishments in Morocco, I recommend sticking to the local currency, Moroccan Dirhams (MAD). 

If you tip in USD, the recipient must exchange the dollars for MAD, which can result in unfavourable exchange rates and additional costs. Using the local currency ensures that the person providing the service receives the total value of the tip!

In addition, Moroccan Dirhams are widely accepted and used throughout the country, making it the most practical currency for tipping. ATMs are also readily available in Morocco, and it’s easy to withdraw Moroccan Dirhams to have on hand for tipping and other expenses.

What Is A Reasonable Tip In Morocco

Knowing this information is vital before heading anywhere. Understanding what a customary tip is for each industry can significantly benefit you once you’re there. 

Believe me, handing over what you think is a reasonable tip to someone to find them staring back at you with a mixture of disappointment and frustration is never a nice feeling. Many people can get quite offended, but that, again, stems from the importance of tipping. 

Below is need-to-know information on the different businesses you will find around Morocco requiring a tip: 

Coins of Morocco. King Mohammed VI of Morocco depicted in the Moroccan dirham coins.

Taxi & Uber Drivers

When it comes to tipping in Morocco, taxi drivers and Uber drivers appreciate it heavily, and it is a common practice, especially in this industry.

Having some basic knowledge of French or Arabic is helpful, as English may not be widely spoken, especially by taxi drivers. It’s also a good idea to have the name and address of your destination written down or saved on your phone in case of language barriers.

You’ll encounter different types of taxis, including grand taxis (shared taxis) and petit taxis (city taxis). Tipping practices can vary slightly, but rounding up the fare or adding a small tip is generally appreciated in both types.

Ensure you’re using a reputable and licensed taxi service. Official taxis should have a taxi sign on the roof, a meter, and a visible license. Using a ride-sharing service like Uber, use the official app to request a ride.

Tipping taxi and Uber drivers in Morocco is a way to show appreciation for their service, and it’s customary. While the amounts mentioned here are typical, you can adjust them based on the service quality and satisfaction level.

  • Taxi Drivers:

Tip Amount

For taxi drivers, it’s customary to round up the fare to the nearest convenient amount or add a small tip, primarily if the driver provides good service or helps with your bags. This is generally a small amount, such as 5-10 MAD, but it can vary based on the fare and your discretion.

Negotiate Fares: 

In Morocco, it’s common to negotiate the taxi fare before starting the trip, especially for unmetered taxis.

Small Change: 

It’s helpful to have small denominations on hand for tipping taxi drivers, as they might only sometimes have change readily available.

  • Uber Drivers:

Tip Amount: 

While Uber does not officially support tipping through the app in Morocco, you can give a cash tip if you wish to show appreciation for good service. Similar to regular taxi drivers, a small tip, like 5-10 MAD, is common.

Marrakesh, Morocco -  Medina street scene with taxi cars, locals, and visitors, in Marrakesh, Morocco

Tour Guides & Operators

A big part of my planning, especially regarding tours and paid activities, is figuring out how much you tip a tour guide in Morocco or even how much you tip a tour bus driver? In many places, I have been to have different views on how much. 

Tipping tour guides and operators in Morocco is a common practice, and the amount you tip can vary based on the quality and length of the tour, as well as your level of satisfaction. 

  • Tour Guides:

Tip Amount: 

For tour guides, a reasonable tip typically ranges from 50 to 200 MAD per person, depending on the length and quality of the tour. Deciding how much to tip a private tour guide can range between 100 and 300 MAD and can also vary depending on how well the tour guide did and how much he went out of his way to provide the service. 

Discuss in Advance: 

If you’re joining a guided tour, discussing tipping with the tour operator or guide in advance is often a good idea. This can help you understand the expected amount and what is considered fair for the particular tour.

  • Tour Operators and Drivers:

Tip Amount: 

If you have a tour operator or driver who has provided excellent service and assistance, a tip of around 50-100 MAD per person is standard, especially for multi-day tours or transportation services.

Marrakech Morocco - A camel owner is getting his camels ready for a ride with tourists in the Sahara desert Merzouga Morocco.

Spa & Wellness Places:

I have always liked tipping spas and wellness places since they provide a service to you in a much more personal way, with a lot more thought towards it.

It is seen as a customary practice and a way to show appreciation for the services provided. The amount you tip can vary based on the quality and length of the treatment and your level of satisfaction. 

Tipping in Morocco at an all-inclusive resort spa and wellness centre may not be necessary since the service charge or gratuity is included in the total cost of your treatment. Additional tipping may not be essential in such cases, but you can inquire about this when booking your appointment.

  • Spa and Wellness Services:

Tip Amount: 

A reasonable tip for spa and wellness services typically ranges from 10% to 15% of the total cost of the treatment. 

Quality of Service: 

The amount you tip should reflect the quality of the service you received. Suppose the therapists and staff went above and beyond to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience. In that case, a higher tip may be appropriate.

Spa Facilities: 

Some wellness centres in Morocco may have separate facilities for steam baths, saunas, or relaxation areas. You can also consider tipping the staff who maintain and assist with these facilities.

Namaskar palace, Marrakech, Morocco -  Namaskar palace, luxury hotel and spa of Marrakech, Morocco

Hotel Staff

Like most places worldwide, tipping hotel staff in Morocco is the norm. I recommend having Moroccan Dirhams on hand to tip hotel staff, as it’s the preferred currency and gives them less hassle to change.

Take note and familiarize yourself with any specific hotel rules or customs, such as dress codes for common areas and the hotel’s preferred method of tipping.

During our travels, we tend to stay at many establishments that provide professional staff throughout the trip, so how much do we tip in Morocco at hotels, resorts, high-end guest houses, and places like these?  

  • Housekeeping:

Tip Amount: 

It’s customary to leave a small tip for housekeeping staff, usually around 10 to 20 MAD per day. If you stay for several days, you can leave the tip daily to ensure it reaches the appropriate staff.


Consider placing the tip in an envelope with a thank-you note. This adds a personal touch and ensures the tip is clearly intended for the housekeeper.

Lock Valuables: 

If you have valuables, locking them in the hotel safe is a good practice. While most hotel staff are honest and trustworthy, it’s better to be cautious.

  • Porters and Bellhops:

Tip Amount: 

If a porter or bellhop helps with your luggage, a tip of 10 to 20 MAD per bag is appreciated. This amount can vary based on the size and weight of your luggage and the level of assistance provided.

  • Concierge and Other Staff:

Tip Amount: 

For concierge services or any additional assistance from hotel staff, you can offer a small tip based on the level of service. A tip of 20 to 50 MAD or more is typical for exceptional assistance.

Luxury hotel room with breakfast on terrace

Cafes, Restaurants & Bars

Tipping in restaurants, bars, and cafes is a big yes! Especially in high tourist areas, servers and bartenders tend to be on their feet for most of the day, taking orders and, in general, constantly moving.

That little extra can go a long way and do wonders for their monthly wage and personal upkeep. Some establishments rely purely on tips, which is why it’s so important. 

Be sure to carry Moroccan Dirhams on hand for tipping in the places mentioned below, as it’s the preferred currency.

Check your bill for a service charge, especially in busy touristy areas. Some restaurants and cafes in Morocco may have designated smoking areas. Respect the rules and smoking restrictions in place.

  • Cafes:

Tip Amount: 

Leaving a small tip as a token of appreciation is customary in cafes. This can range from rounding up the bill to the nearest convenient amount to adding a small amount, such as 5-10 MAD, depending on the total bill.

  • Restaurants:

Tip Amount: 

For restaurants, a reasonable tip is around 10% of the bill if a service charge is not included. You can adjust this amount based on the service quality and satisfaction level. In upscale restaurants, it’s common to tip more generously.

Service Charge: 

Check your bill for a service charge. Additional tipping may not be necessary if the service is already included in the bill, but it’s still appreciated.

Bill Splitting: 

Suppose you’re dining with a group, and the bill is being split. In that case, you can collectively calculate the tip based on the total invoice and the agreed-upon percentage.

  • Bars:

Tip Amount: 

In bars, tipping is often done by rounding up the cost of your drink to the nearest convenient amount or adding a small tip for the bartender. A typical amount of 5-10 MAD per drink is standard.

Traditional Moroccan tea with mint and sweets

Food Delivery

Unlike more Westernized places, where many of our food delivery services are all processed through an app, Morocco has the original delivery service. Tipping the man or woman delivering your food hot and ready for you is a common practice. 

Ensure that your service charge is not included in the food delivery bill, especially when ordering from particular restaurants or using delivery apps.

Check your tab for this information. Before tipping, check the order to ensure it’s complete and accurate. Suppose there are any items or issues that need to be added. In that case, it’s best to address them directly with the delivery person or the restaurant.

  • Food Delivery:

Tip Amount: 

A reasonable tip is typically around 10% to 15% of the total bill when tipping for food delivery. You can adjust the amount based on the quality of service, the distance travelled by the delivery person, and your level of satisfaction.

Small Orders: 

For smaller orders or when the total bill is low, a fixed tip amount of 10-20 Moroccan Dirhams (MAD) is often appreciated.


It’s customary to provide the tip in cash when the food is delivered. Ensure you have enough Moroccan Dirhams (MAD) to pay for the order and offer a tip.

MARRAKESH, MOROCCO -  Courier rides a motobike with home delivery box on the road in Marrakech.

Street Vendors & Markets

Regarding street vendors and markets in Morocco, there isn’t a tipping culture since bargaining is more common in Moroccan markets (souks). Prices are often negotiable, and you must haggle to reach an agreeable price. The final price you settle on should include the tip if you’re happy with the deal.

Tipping street vendors and market sellers in Morocco can vary depending on the nature of the transaction and your satisfaction. Be sure to have Moroccan Dirhams in cash for transactions with street vendors and in markets. It’s the preferred currency and the most practical for tipping.

  • Street Food Vendors:

Tip Amount: 

While it’s not always expected to tip street food vendors, it’s a kind gesture to round up the price to the nearest convenient amount or add a small tip. If you’re pleased with the service, a 5-10 MAD tip is standard.

Negotiating Prices: 

In markets and with street vendors, haggling is common, and prices are often negotiated. If you reach an agreed-upon price, there may be no need to tip on top of the final amount.

  • Market Sellers:

Tip Amount: 

If you receive additional assistance or information that enhances your shopping experience, offering a small tip of 10-20 MAD as a token of appreciation is a kind gesture.

Marrakech, Morocco - Jemaa el-Fnaa square and market place at dusk.

Airport Staff

Whilst it’s not usual to tip any of the airport staff in Morocco since most airport services are covered by fees and charges. However, certain situations may make you inclined to offer a tip, or a tip is customary. 

Porters at Moroccan airports are available to assist travellers with their luggage. If you require their assistance, I will hand over a small token of my appreciation with a few coins from the local currency.

  • Porter Services:

Tip Amount: 

If you use the services of a porter to assist with your luggage, a small tip of around 10-20 Moroccan Dirhams (MAD) per bag is typical. The amount can vary based on the level of service and your discretion.

Marrakesh, Morocco. Exterior of the airport of Marrakesh Menara in Morocco.

Final Thoughts: How to tip in Morrocco

Like many other well-travelled places, Morocco has a tipping culture, and providing that little bit extra for good work can go far within families and Moroccans’ lifestyles. It is a middle-income country, but many still have to work long days to make the average wage and have the chance to go about their daily lives. 

Before you decide to jet off on your new adventure to a new country, you will better understand whether you should tip in Morocco and how much and when.

Different countries have different methods and customs when it comes to tipping. Certain places expect a tip, whilst others may even find it rude and disrespectful, which is the last thing anyone wants. 

Tipping guides for your travels in and around Morocco and other places can assist you and help you feel more comfortable during your stay.

Doing the research and going through the process makes you a respectful and thoughtful traveller since you have now put in the effort and are ready to support the local people, the economy and the country itself!


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