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When you think about it snow it's basically just ice, when you strap on a board or ski’s, things can quickly turn dangerous. This article is designed to make sure you enjoy your Next Ski Trip with these Winter Safety tips, which offers you some great tips on how to enjoy the snow safely, whether it is playing in the snow, skiing and snowboarding.

When you think about it snow is essentially just ice, when you strap on a board or a pair of skis on, things can quickly turn dangerous.

I’ve been snowboarding on and off for over 8 years, so I think i’ll be able to give you some great tips based on my experience, so that you’re able to enjoy your time the snow safely, whether it is playing in the snow, skiing and snowboarding.

Always wear a helmet!

Yes I know, you don’t look as “cool” while skiing or snowboarding, but things can go out of control very quickly (no matter how good you think you are),  someone can slam into you or you could hit a patch of ice and end up crashing into a tree (or smacking your head on the ground.

 While snow looks soft and fluffy, if you hit a patch of ice it is like hitting concrete. Brain damage is very serious and usually irreversible! Michael Schumacher suffered a terrible brain injury and he was wearing a helmet, I can’t begin to image the outcome had he not been wearing a helmet.

snowboard helmet and goggles

Wear Other Protective Gear

If you’re a snowboarder then wrist guards and knee pads will be your new best friends and come in handy, as most first timers (and 6th timers) fall over a lot.

Wearing a wrist guard can significantly reduce the chance of sprained or broken wrists although a lot of gloves these days come with built-in guards.

Knee pads are also excellent as you are not as frightening to fall on your knees if you panic and can’t stop. Your butt only has so much cushioning (well mine does) but after a few falls, it hurts a lot!

Learn from a Pro!

It’s great if you have friends or family willing to teach you how to ski but it can sometimes be very frustrating for both them and yourself if you aren’t picking it up well or can’t keep up.

I’d suggest that you take a few lessons from one of the ski instructors on the mountain! Either go for a private lesson (which can be pricey) or a group lesson.

By taking lessons, the instructors will teach you the basics and how to stop, which is very important!

Snow hut

Know your ability

Don’t attempt a black diamond (the hardest) run,  just because you have strapped on a board are you are trying to show off to friends.

It will end badly for you and If you’re hurt, it can take some time for Ski Patrol to (1) find you or (2) get to you and (3)  the costs of getting injured in the snow is astronomical.

Ski patrol picking you up is free, but then the medical centre is very expensive and if you need an ambulance or helicopter to be taken to a proper hospital it’s A LOT! It’s a good idea to have travel insurance that covers you for ski activities.

Use the chairlift responsibly

If it’s your first time skiing or snowboarding, or your first time on a new mountain then I’d suggest that you jump on the beginners lift as this is usually much slower and the staff are always happy to help.

If you decide to head to a harder run, the lift will likely be faster, if you get scared just ask the “liftie” if they can slow the lift at the top so it is easier for you to get off.

I haven’t had any issues asking this before but If they do say no, try to get a seat on one of the sides so if you fall over you won’t take the rest of the chair full of people with you.

Ski lift

What do you do when you fall over?

If you do fall over while getting off the lift, it’s VERY important to get up and out of the way as quickly as possible. I can’t stress this enough!

While I can understand you might be hurt or maybe even a little embarrassed, the lifties may not be paying attention or if they are, it can take a few seconds for them to stop the lift and by this time the next chair load of people will likely already be on top of you….literally.

I can tell you from a great amount of experience that being at the bottom of a pile-up hurts a lot!! Imagine breaking a bone coming off the lift, rather than skiing! It’s not much of a cool story to tell your mates.

Don’t go down closed runs!

Common sense should prevail but if a run is closed, do not go down it! You will either come across large sections that don’t have snow and if you’re lucky and the snow is “primo” you’ll be stuck at the bottom.

God forbid If you get hurt, Ski Patrol don’t generally patrol close runs so you will be left to get your own help or left there for dead…

Closed Ski run

Be aware of your surroundings 

When you’re making your way down the hill like a “pro”, make sure to keep an eye out of what’s in front of you and what’s behind you (by looking up the hill), especially on beginner runs.

There are people everywhere, some who have fallen over and some are not in total control or don’t know how to stop – you can usually tell who these people are, as they are the ones that look like windmills, swinging their arms round and round, trying to control where they are going, it is very funny to watch from afar, very far….

Treat snowboarding and skiing like driving. If you’re tired or hurting “pull over” to the side. Don’t just stop in the middle of the run or where you are not visible to other people, it can cause accidents.

If you are having trouble controlling yourself, be a nice and yell out to the person in front of you, so you don’t “take them out” with you.

Keep your gear in check

If you are a snowboarder, make sure that your board comes with an ankle strap and that you actually use it! (I use the ankle strap to drag my board when it gets too heavy to carry around!

hahaha!) If you need to take your snowboard off on a run just lay it in the snow upside down with the bindings sticking into the snow.

There is nothing worse than a runaway board, it can pick up a lot of speed and really hurt someone. For a skier, test to make sure your little “stabby” bits stick in the ground when your skis are off.


Have you ever had an accident in the snow? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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