8 Luxury Getaways to add to your Bucket List

Sometimes in life, we have to do it tough – scrimping and saving and slogging away – and other times in life, we get to live it up and enjoy the best things that money can buy.

This guide to luxury getaways is definitely not about being frugal – it’s the exact opposite. This guide is designed to help you to get the most out of life, and to help you to seize some serious luxury and style for yourself.

It doesn’t matter if your ultimate life goal is buying your dream catamaran or just having the money to charter one for a while, this guide will give you the inspiration to live a little bit large.

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Stay harbourside at Cannes

Mention the name Cannes and you’re likely to evoke whimsical sighs of approval from your friends.

Cannes is home to so many different types of awards and moments of excitement throughout the year – from advertising industry awards through to the ever-glamorous Cannes Film Festival.

The pinnacle of your accommodation at Cannes would have to be one of the uber-amazing harbourside apartments, with bumping into George and Amal Clooney par for the course, of course…

Cannes, France - : Le Vieux Port of Cannes view. Cannes yachting festival

Sail a catamaran around the Whitsundays

Few things are more evocative of luxury than the Whitsundays. The crystalline waters, azure blue depths and bright white sand simply beg you to enjoy them. And who are you to say no?

A great way to get the most out of the Whitsundays is to charter a catamaran and set sail around the islands.

You can stop where you like, sleep under the stars and dive into the deep when it all becomes too much and you need a refresh. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Aerial view of Whitehaven beach in the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland Australia. Whitehaven beach is one of the best beaches in Australia.

Camp under the stars in a luxury desert safari, Dubai

Make like a sheik and set up camp in the luxury sands of the Dubai deserts. You can do this on a budget, but why on earth would you when the glamping option is so much more attractive? Sleep on luxurious sheets, dine on silver platters and enjoy being treated like royalty.

Night in the bedouin camp in the desert. The united emirates.

Live it up in a penthouse in Vegas

When the urge to go a little bit wild beckons, there’s really no better place to do it than Vegas, baby! Stay atop one of the luxury hotels and live like a rockstar as you make like Mick Jagger. Room service and smashing up your TV is optional.

Las Vegas from the Eiffel Tower Experience Paris Hotel and Casino-2

Rent a luxury apartment in Rome

If Audrey Hepburn is your girl, then heading to Rome and pretending you’re starring alongside Gregory Peck will probably be right up your alley. Make sure you enjoy the best that Rome has to offer with a super cute, super old and super romantic luxury apartment.

Rome, Italy - Leftovers from a continental breakfast on a roof top bar overlooking the Piazza Navona on an early summer morning in Rome, Italy.

Cozy up in an ice hotel in Sweden

Brrr. Actually, you’re not going to be cold at all when you stay in an ice hotel – you’re provided with a HUGE amount of warm clothes, furs and furry bedding to make sure that you’re as snug as anything in your icy palace.

bed of ice in a hotel room ice

Visit the southern ice fields of Antarctica

Luxury, and a sight unlike any other in the word: Antarctica. Cited by many as one of the final frontiers, this luxury holiday destination is definitely one for the bucket list.

Stand on the deck of your luxury cruise liner and try to keep your mouth from falling open as the icy floes and glaciers draw into view. Wow.

Baby blue, gray blue and gray icebergs in Esperanza in Antarctica floating in the steel blue water of the Southern Ocean. Cloudy sky is above.

Relax in a private chateau in the French Alps

We couldn’t have a luxury getaways list without including a chalet stay in the French Alps now, could we? Hire your own chalet and why not spring for a butler as well to get the very most out of things?

Chalet in the mountains in winter. Courchevel ski resort in French Alps.

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8 Luxury Getaways to add to your Bucket List


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  1. Heart Reef off the Whitsundays coast is one of the best flights i have done, we got to land not far away by seaplane and snorkel in the middle of no where, absolutly deserves to be in this list

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