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8 Luxury Getaways to add to your Bucket List

8 Luxury Getaways to add to your Bucket List

Sometimes in life, we have to do it tough - scrimping and saving and slogging away - and other times in life, we get to live it up and enjoy the best things that money can buy. This guide to luxury getaways is definitely not about being frugal - it’s the exact opposite. This guide is designed to help you to get the most out of life, and to help you to seize some serious luxury and style for yourself. It doesn’t matter if your ultimate life goal is buying your dream catamaran or just having the money to charter…

Insiders Guide to Hotels and How to get the Best Deal

Have you ever wondered how people get free upgrades?  Or How to get a room with a great view at a hotel? I have worked in hotels for many many years and so I have had the chance to see how things run and how people get great hotel deals as well as what to look out for. Let me take you on an Insider’s Guide to hotels! Firstly think about what you want to achieve when travelling, are you likely to spend hours in your hotel room relaxing and sipping on coffees while reading the paper or do you…