48 hours in Korcula – 2 Day Itinerary

Floating off the southern coast of Croatia is Korcula. It’s an island rich in olive groves destined to be squeezed into olive oil and vineyards filled with grapes you won’t find anywhere else.

Living in the charming villages dotted around the pristine coastlines are mainly local Croatians, as the tourism industry on Korcula island is only starting to become popular. With nearby Hvar having a better infrastructure for visitors, is Korcula worth visiting?

Yes! And this 2-day itinerary for Korcula is perfect if you want to hop around several islands off the Dalmatian coastline on a week or two-week-long break. Korcula is a very seasonal destination so the best time to visit Korcula is from May to September during the peak warmer seasons.

Aerial shot of the Old medieval town Korcula center

For this 2-day Korcula itinerary, staying in Korčula town or the Lumbarda region on the eastern side is best.

If you are spending a week in Korcula, Croatia then you can visit the eastern villages and beaches like Pupnatska Luka Beach and Vela Luka. For 2 days in Korcula, it’s far better to stay on the western coastline and not rush around.

This itinerary includes a full breakdown of how to spend 48 hours in Korcula including what to eat, the best things to do on Korcula and the best Korcula attractions. It also includes the best tours and day trips too!

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2 Day Itinerary for Korcula

Day 1 in Korcula

Eat Breakfast at Tutta Forza in Korcula Old Town

Start your 48 hrs in Korcula in Korcula Old Town, the historic and cultural heart of Korcula island. Tutta Forza is a laid-back cafe/restaurant on the edge of Korcula Old Town. Whether you are staying on the edge of the newer part of town or the old town, it’s in a convenient location.

It’s open from 7 am so no matter how early you want to start your day, they will be open! Tutta Forza serves smoothies, omelettes, juices, and more so it’s perfect for a quick yet delicious morning meal.

Explore Korcula Old Town

You could spend a whole day strolling through the cobbled streets of Korcula Old Town, taking photographs, browsing shops, and looking at cool exhibits in the many museums and galleries. For this 2-day itinerary for Korcula, half of a day is a good amount of time to see the main attractions and landmarks.

Walk along the medieval city walls and out to sea. Take photos under Korcula Town Gate and visit the Korcula Town Museum to learn more about the history of the place. Check out Kanavelić Tower, the Ancient Stairs up the wall and galleries like HLKopiliney Gallery Atelier.

Korcula town gate and historic architecture view, historic tourist destination in archipelago of southern Dalmatia, Croatia

Visit St Mark’s Cathedral

One of the best things to do in Korcula Old Town is to visit St Mark’s Cathedral. This is a restored 15-century Gothic-Renaissance church made out of local limestone.

It has beautiful sculptures and artwork throughout the interior but nothing beats the view from the church’s bell tower. You will be treated to panoramic views across the coastline and across the rooftops of the town.

KORCULA, CROATIA - St Mark s Cathedral in the historic city Korcula at the island Korcula in Croatia

Check out the House of Marco Polo

Everyone thinks that Marco Polo, the famous 13th-century adventurer, was born in Venice. Well, there are some biographers and historians that believe he was born in Korcula Old Town. Korcula was part of the Republic of Venice at this time, so it’s not a completely ludicrous suggestion.

In fact, they think his birthplace is located in Ul. Depolo street. The House of Marco Polo has been open for visitors for years but at the moment it’s closed for renovation and is being turned into the Museum of Marco Polo.

By the time you visit Korcula, it might have reopened! You can still see the building from the courtyard anyway.

View at famous landmark Marco Polo birth house in old ancient town Korcula, Croatia.

Enjoy Lunch at Maha Bar

This gastropub is in a fantastic location right next to Korcula harbour with dreamy views across the water. Maha Bar serves a range of light bites, seafood, salads, sandwiches and burgers which is perfect for lunchtime fare.

Their covered terrace is an ideal place to enjoy your meal on a warm spring or summer day.

Try Windsurfing at the Oreb Club Sailing & Windsurfing School

If you didn’t already know, Korcula has a reputation for being a great place for windsurfing. There are tons of great spots all over the island where you can learn to windsurf, but one of the best is right outside of Korcula. 

You can sign up for windsurfing lessons or if you’re already a pro you can just rent the equipment. If you want to get out on the water but aren’t a fan of windsurfing, you can also rent kayaks too. Korcula Old Town is an amazing city to look back on from the water!

Unidentified windsurfer at Viganj beach with view at Korcula, Dalmatia, Croatia in Europe

Swim and Snorkel at Zakerjan City Beach

Don’t want to kayak or windsurf? You can swim and snorkel at the Zakerjan City Beach just outside of the Korcula city walls.

It’s not a sandy beach so it’s not as ideal for lounging and relaxing, but you can swim in pristine, clear waters and enjoy the view of the city as you swim away.

Buy or pack your snorkelling gear so you can check out the rocks and fish under the surface of the water too.

Historic island town of Korcula beach and stone walls view, southern Dalmatia archipelago of Croatia

Eat Dinner at Pensatore Kitchen & Wine

The only restaurants where you should eat dinner in Korcula Old Town are the ones by the old city walls. You have to eat dinner with a view and Pensatore Kitchen & Wine is one of the best! They’re housed in an old limestone townhouse with an outdoor terrace where you can look out over the water.

They serve seafood (including a catch of the day), pasta, and lots of simple yet delicious dishes for you to tuck into. 

Drink Cocktails at Massimo Cocktail Bar

Round off your first day in Korcula by enjoying a cocktail or two at Massimo Cocktail Bar. It’s based in one of the turrets on the city wall at the very top of the city so it couldn’t be in a better spot. Book ahead if you want to reserve a spot on the terrace for sunset!

Day 2 in Korcula

Eat Brunch at Konoba Maslina

On the second day of your 48 hours in Korcula itinerary, you’re heading out of the Old Town and into the countryside and some of the small villages.

Eat at Konoba Maslina for brunch since it’s on the way from Korcula Old Town to the region of Lumbarda.

Because it’s out of town, it has an authentic and local vibe. They serve delicious pastries for breakfast as well as lots of other delicious treats.

Rent e-Bikes in Lumbarda

You could rent a car to explore the Lumbarda region, you could take taxis, or you could take local transport but the best way to get around is to hire bikes.

Some of the paths aren’t accessible to cars and the scenery is gorgeous. Opt for e-Bikes so your vacation is much more relaxing rather than challenging!

Korcula. Lumbarda coastal village on island of Korcula turquoise waterfront view, southern Dalmatia region of Croatia

Lounge on Vela Przina Beach

Cycle to Vela Prizina Beach, one of the best sandy beaches in Croatia. It’s not secluded as others but it is set within a little cove so the waters are calm and safe.

It’s also quite a long stretch of beach for Korcula so there is plenty of space for everyone to eat a picnic, lounge, and play during the peak summer months.

Vela Przina Beach also has a beach bar, a restaurant, a volleyball pitch, and a car park. Just enough amenities to have a comfortable stay but not too many that it feels commercialized! 

Korcula Island, Croatia - Tourists and locals enjoying the beautiful clear waters off the shores of Korcula Island at vela przina beach on a warm sunny summer day.

Enjoy Lunch at Konoba Feral

Head to a small village called Vela Glavica in the Lumbara region for lunch. It is yet another waterfront establishment with beautiful views of the coastline.

Konoba Feral’s terrace is practically right on the water so it’s ideal! They serve seafood, salads, and other light bites which are ideal for lunch. You’ll want to eat well so you are prepared for this afternoon’s activity!

Wine Tasting at Popić Winery

If there was one winery in Korcula that you just had to visit, it would be Popić Winery. It’s one of the largest in the Lumbarda region with around 16,000 vines which produce around 9,000 litres of wine every year.

The Grk grape variety can only be found in Lumbarda and they are one of the biggest producers. This grape produces a dry, crisp white wine that is particularly refreshing on a summer’s day after cycling in the sun!

Head to Popić winery for a wine tasting of several of their grapes. They also provide nibbles like local meats and cheeses for you to enjoy too. Plus, they will give you a tour of their stunning vineyard too.

Wine Tasting at Lovrić Winery

Don’t overindulge at the first winery! You can’t visit Korcula and only visit one, so hop on your bike and cycle to Lovrić Winery next. Don’t worry, it will take you no longer than 10 minutes to cycle. This is a smaller, compact and family-run winery so will offer a totally different atmosphere to Popić Winery.

Taste all of their local wines at a tasting as well as a tour of their beautiful building. They have a spacious cellar and a picturesque tasting room so you’ll be glad that you visited two wineries instead of just one.

A view of a sprawling wine vineyard growing the local grk grapes with the small town of Lumbarda in the background, on Korcula island in Croatia.

Eat Dinner at Pizzeria Pape

Korcula cuisine includes lots of fresh seafood and salads, and you’ll have eaten a lot of both over your 2 days in Korcula! Italy is just over the Adriatic so it has lots of influence over Croatia too, so eating at a pizzeria still counts as authentic!

Cycle back to Korcula Old Town to Pizzeria Pape, one of the best pizzerias on the island. It’s a casual, laid-back restaurant with an outside terrace and an excellent wine menu. Just in case you’re not done tasting all the best wines in Korcula!

Watch a Moreska Sword Dancing Performance

On your last night, witness a cultural performance that you can only experience in Korcula, Croatia and nowhere else.

The Moreska Sword Dance is an elaborate show with several dancers acting out the story of two gangs fighting over a girl in a veil through movement and swordsmanship. It dates back to the 17th century and has origins in Spain.

If you’re visiting in the summer and you’re there on a Monday or Thursday evening, you can watch the performance at the Ljetni Kino (summer cinema).

Tours in Korcula

Three Island Tour

If you stay in Korcula an extra day or have a few hours before you need to catch your ferry, you should book a water taxi tour to the three main islets just off the coast from Korcula Old Town! 

Badija, Vrnik, and Stupe all have lush forests with shaded hiking trails. They also have cool things to see like ruined churches and calm waters to swim in.

This tour is a super easy way to island hop without having to navigate ferry tour schedules so you can concentrate on relaxing and having fun.

Korcula, Croatia. Vrnik Island next to Korcula. Summer coast landscape.

Old Town Walking Tour

You could explore Old Town by yourself and still have a great time surrounded by Architecture so incredible that it is that it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Or you could book this walking tour of Korcula Old Town with a local, knowledgeable guide.

You’ll learn about the history of the churches, civic buildings, medieval city walls and more. This will give you a much better appreciation of how the town and island developed and the legends, myths, and stories associated with the town. 

Korcula, Croatia - View of Korcula Island Old Town

Pelješac Sunrise Hike

Want to squeeze in another activity on your 48 hours in Korcula before you even eat breakfast? Book a tour with a mountain guide and hike up one of the highest hills in the region.

On a clear day, you can witness views across Hvar and other islands on the peninsula and hopefully, a killer sunrise. What a great way to start a fantastic day in Korcula!

Sea bay and aerial view of the Orebic, Peljesac peninsula, Croatia.

2 Day Itinerary for Korcula Wrap Up 

This itinerary will allow you to experience a taste of everything Korcula has to offer. It includes historic buildings, water sports, sandy beaches, cultural performances, great food and great wine. You will have the best weekend break with this detailed guide!

FAQ for 2 days in Korcula

How much time do you need in Korcula?

Have you given any thought to how long you intend to spend on Korcula Island? As there is so much to do in Korula, I suggest staying at least three days. It would be wonderful to stay for a week.

Especially if you included day trips to the adjacent islands of Mljet or Peljeac but some visitors stay for just one day or night, while others stay for their two-week (or longer) trip. To make the most of your time on Korcula Island, I’d personally advise staying for at least two or three full days.

Is Hvar or Korcula better?

There is a lot to do and see on both Korcula and Hvar, and they each provide a wide variety of beach and water activities.

While Korcula promotes its authenticity and slower pace to families and older couples, Hvar typically appeals to a younger crowd. While Korcula is a little more relaxed and reasonably priced, Hvar is slightly more pricey and has a significantly busiser nightlife.

Is it worth visiting Korcula?

Korcula is a beautiful island with good restaurants, bars, and narrow cobblestone streets; highly recommended for a visit. The views from the ferry ride over to Korcula Island is really pretty.

The old town is a must visit, with its fortified city isolated on a peninsula, it is comparable to a mini Dubrovnik. The rest of the town is just outside, and there are several restaurants and gift shops.

Is Korcula closer to Split or Dubrovnik?

The western tip of Korcula near Vela Luka is closer to Split, where as the eastern tip of Korcula, near Korcula Old Town is closest to Dubronvik. Korcula is situated somewhere in the middle of Split and Dubrovnik.

There is a 2-hour ferry ride between Dubrovnik and Korcula. Depending on the route followed, the ferry ride from Split to Korcula might take anywhere from 2 hours 20 minutes to 3 hours 40 minutes. Dubrovik is therefore nearby.

Recommended tours in Korcula

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48 hours in Korcula - 2 Day Itinerary
48 hours in Korcula - 2 Day Itinerary
48 hours in Korcula - 2 Day Itinerary


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