17 things to do in Korcula

Out of the 79 main islands on the Dalmatian Coast, Korcula might possibly be the most beautiful and best for travellers.

That’s saying something when all of Croatia’s southern islands have long stretches of soft white sand, clear turquoise waters, historic towns and lush forests. There are just so many amazing things to do in Korcula that it beats out all the others!

Korcula island has a fantastic array of wineries, particularly those in the Lumbarda region on the eastern tip. It’s also a wonderful place to go hiking, biking, swimming, snorkelling, and plenty of other adventure and water sports.

Historic town of Korcula panoramic view through natural frame, island in archipelago of southern Croatia

Foodies and arty types will love Korcula’s coffee culture and Korcula’s Old Town which some say is even nicer than Dubrovnik’s Old Town.

Decide for yourself when you visit! You can also learn more about all the top Korcula attractions and discover all the best things to do on Korcula island in Croatia here.

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Vela Przina Beach

Naturally, one of the top things to do on a pristine island in the Adriatic Sea is to check out the soft, sandy beaches! Vela Przina Beach is one of the best.

It sits on the southeastern coast and, since it’s south facing, it catches the sun better than some of the other beaches on the island and it’s in the driest part of the island.

Vela Przina Beach is around half a km in length so not exceedingly long but a decent enough size that you won’t be lounging in deckchairs with groups of other tourists sitting in your lap.

It might surprise you that a beach as beautiful as this can be fairly quiet even on summer days because many families prefer the amenities close to the beaches in the west. More space for you to picnic and swim in this sheltered cove.

There are also amenities here too, like a beach volleyball court, car park beach bar, and pizzeria so it’s not without the essentials.

Korcula Island, Croatia - Tourists and locals enjoying the beautiful clear waters off the shores of Korcula Island at vela przina beach on a warm sunny summer day.

Korcula Old Town

You cannot miss visiting the Old Town in Korcula even if you are only visiting for one day! It should definitely be on your itinerary if you’re planning what to do in Korcula in two days. At the very least.

Korcula Old Town comprises a small chunk of Korcula town on the northeastern coast of the island in the Luka Korculanska Bay. It dates back to the 10th century and possibly earlier though the whole area underwent a transformation in the 13th century. 

This Old Town, like Dubrovnik, is a medieval walled city with sandy stone walls and orange roofs. The Kanavelić Tower erupts out of the town’s skyline which is peppered with restaurants, bars, galleries, cafes, churches, shops, and so much more.

Taking a walking tour to learn more about the things to do in Korcula Old Town and the history behind the architecture!

Korcula island. Historic town of Korcula aerial view, island in archipelago of southern Croatia

The Cathedral of St. Mark

For example, one of the best things to do in Korcula Old Town is to pay a visit to The Cathedral of St. Mark, otherwise known as Korcula Cathedral.

It won’t take you long to find it as it sits in the centre of Korčula Town and you’ll be able to see its bell tower for miles around.

This is a 15th-century restored church with lots of breathtaking religious sculptures, paintings, and more.

You can also climb up several steps (okay, more than several steps!) to the top of the cathedral’s bell tower for unbeatable views of the city and across the coastline.

KORCULA - Central square in the old town. The cathedral of St Mark was built from 1301 to 1806.

Popić Winery

Let’s get into the really fun attractions in Korcula; the wineries! There are eight official wine producers in Lumbarda, which is just one region.

For an island that is only 47 km (29 miles) long and around 8 km (5 miles) wide on average, that’s a lot! This region is the only one that grows Grk grapes (as well as Pošip varieties which you can find all over the island).

All of the wineries have something special about them but Popić Winery is known as one of the best. It’s only a few minutes up the road from Vela Przina Beach and boasts a sizeable vineyard with around 16,000 vines. This produces approximately 9,000 litres of wine every year!

Join a vineyard tour and a wine tasting here on their beautiful terrace. They usually provide small mezze platters to pair with local cheese, olives and meats too. 

A view of a sprawling wine vineyard growing the local grk grapes with the small town of Lumbarda in the background, on Korcula island in Croatia.

Korcula Town Museum

If you love visiting museums when you travel to learn more about the history and culture of a place, you need to head to Korcula Town Museum.

Housed in a 16th-century Renaissance palace no less, it displays artefacts, artwork, and other nicknacks to paint a picture of life in Korcula in times gone by.

It includes lots of vases and tools found in the antiquity period, ship models, and furniture. Even if you are not a “museum person”, it’s not an overly big place and the building itself is beautiful enough to warrant a visit.

Square of Antun and Stjepan Radic seen from Revelin Tower musem in Korcula old town, Croatia. Korcula is a historic fortified town on the protected east coast of the island of Korcula

Pupnatska Luka Beach

As nice as the towns and villages are on the island, checking out the beaches is still one of the best things to do in Korcula.

Pupnatska Luka Beach is a small beach on the south coast of the island. Its unique location inside a long cove means it’s set back away from the main coastline. This makes it an incredibly calm, safe and relaxing place to swim.

There’s only a car park nearby which is great because it keeps the visitor numbers low so might be lucky enough to bag this chilled, secluded beach all to yourself!

Korcula. Aerial view of Korcula island beach in Pupnatska Luka cove, southern Dalmatia archipelago of Croatia

House of Marco Polo

Where is the birthplace of the 13th-century explorer Marco Polo? Most people would say Venice, which is the officially-recognized location but it’s not 100% confirmed.

In fact, some biographers and historians believe that he was born in Korcula which was a part of the Venetian Republic at the time of his birth in 1254.

Korcula’s Town Authority bought the supposed house of his birth on Ulica Depolo in Korcula Old Town so that people could tour the property.

At the time of writing, the House of Marco Polo is in the process of being renovated and rebranded into the Museum of Marco Polo. It may have reopened again by the time you visit Korcula and you can still see the house from the outside courtyard!

View at famous landmark Marco Polo birth house in old ancient town Korcula, Croatia.

Lovrić Winery

This is another great winery in Lumbarda that you need to visit and taste their Grk wine. It’s a small, family-run winery but still a beautiful place and a well-run business.

They run wine tastings, vineyard tours, and a shop so you can buy wine to take home with you or drink at your apartment later. 

This winery is also right on the coastline so you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful sea views while drinking fresh, crisp white wine.

A table for a place to have dinner beside a sprawling wine vineyard growing the local grk grapes with the small town of Lumbarda in the background, on Korcula island in Croatia.

Coral Shop Irena

Do you love to shop when you travel and buy local souvenirs? Are you a fan of exquisite jewellery?

One of the best places to shop in Korcula is Coral Shop Irena in the Old Town. As well as coral jewellery, Irena also sells pearl pieces and other unique accessories.

Irena is so passionate about what she sells and she can tell you all about the quality and history behind the jewellery as well as who makes it.

Even if it is not your style, you may have a family member who would love a coral necklace or pair of coral earrings as a souvenir.

Day Trip to Badija

If you’re planning a week-long vacation to Korcula, you definitely have room for a day trip to another island. Badija is a small islet off the coast of Korcula Old Town and you can easily take an inexpensive taxi there.

Badija has a few pebble beaches and lots of shaded paths through lush woodland but the best thing to do in Badija is to explore the churches.

The main one is the Franciscan Monastery which was built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries by monks from Bosnia. You should hike to the ruined churches of Kapela Sv. Diega and Crkva Sv. Katarina too.

Aerial view on popular touristic town Korcula with marble seascape in background, Croatia Europe famous places.

Taste Honey and Olive Oil at OPG Komparak

Korcula doesn’t just produce wine; they also make their own honey and olive oil. One of the best places on the island to taste these local treats is at OPG Komparak which is an agriculture farm on the outskirts of Korcula town.

You can see their beehives, plants, olive trees, and their store where they sell all of their products. Yes, you can even have tastings of the honey and olive oil too! They also sell olive oil and honey soaps and other cosmetics which make perfect souvenirs.

Vela Spila Cave

Just outside of Vela Luka village (a charming place that’s definitely worth a visit!) is the Vela Spila Cave. This is an archaeological site that has been occupied by humans since the Stone Age over 6,000 years ago.

There’s a car park nearby so it makes a convenient place to stop on a road trip or bike ride around the island!

Korcula. Vela spilja cave in Vela Luka on Korcula island view. Amazing landscape of Dalmatia region of Croatia.

Rent e-Bikes in Lumbarda

Speaking of bikes, Korcula’s quiet roads and paths make it an ideal place to rent bikes. You can also rent e-bikes if it’s been a while since you hit the gym. 

Ride around the Lumbarda coastline stopping at every beach, winery, and historic site that looks interesting. It’s a great way to travel from winery to winery just as long as you don’t overdo it!

Lumbarda beach in Croatia. Korcula Island Adriatic Sea coast.

Watch a Moreška Sword Dance

This is a cultural experience with a difference. Instead of walking around a museum or historic ruins, you can watch a Moreška sword dance performance. It is a traditional display local to Korcula that has been performed for hundreds of years. 

The dance tells the story of two groups in a battle over a veiled young woman. It’s a protected cultural dance that can only be performed in Korcula so you absolutely must make time to see it!

There are performances in the Revelin Tower in Korcula Old Town during the Moreška Sword Dance Festival from mid-June to October.

Eat Local Cuisine at Konoba Mate

Traditional Korculan cuisine includes stewed meat, grilled fish, pizzas and pasta. It is only a short boat ride away from Italy, after all! One of the best restaurants to eat in Korcula is Konoba Mate in Pupnat, Croatia. 

They serve mezze platters and seafood platters and make their own house wine. It’s a relaxed place that is family-friendly during the day and perfect for couples on vacation at night.

mixed fresh portuguese gourmet seafood selection set on white table

Go Kayaking or Windsurfing

Korcula is well known amongst water sports enthusiasts to be a fantastic place to enjoy water sports like surfing and windsurfing.

The Peljesac Channel to the north of Korcula, in particular, provides fantastic conditions for wind-based water sports. But the Korcula Channel, off the south coast, is still great.

Take windsurfing lessons from the Oreb Club International Sailing & Windsurfing School or any other reputable equipment rental company.

If windsurfing is too far out of your comfort zone, why not try sea kayaking instead? Hire an instructor who will take you to calm coves where you can enjoy a relaxing sail. 

Seascape in Croatia by the Adriatic Sea. Deckchairs and water toys by the sea.

Drink Cocktails at Massimo Cocktail Bar

On the very tip of Korcula Old Town is an old lookout tower on the city walls that has been transformed into a cool, trendy bar. Massimo Cocktail Bar, without a doubt, has the best terrace on the island! 

You can order any of your favourite exotic fruity cocktails and watch the sun go down on the horizon. Book ahead in the peak season as space on top of the tower is very limited.

Alcohol bar, cocktail glass on bar counter, cocktail glass in a bar, Drinking cocktails

Žitna Beach

Do you have time to visit one last beach? You’ll make time for one of the most remote and picturesque beaches on the island, Žitna Beach.

This is another southern coast beach (all the best ones are) which doesn’t have a car park because it isn’t connected by a road. You’ll need to walk or hire a bike to visit this beach, but it’ll be worth it. 

There may not be a lot of soft white sand here, but it’s more of a quiet swimming cove anyway. The water is super clear and super warm in the summer months which will make you want to get in the sea and never leave. 

An overhead view of Zitna Beach, on a wonderfully spectacular bay with a small private hotel on the beach Korcula Island in Croatia. The water is a beautiful turqvoise colour.

Recommended tours in Korcula

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17 things to do in Korcula
17 things to do in Korcula
17 things to do in Korcula


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