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4 reasons you need to visit Montenegro today!

With improved flight links, Montenegro is fast developing as a popular tourist destination. Even though it is one of Europe’s smallest countries, the country offers stunning landscape and beautiful stretch of Adriatic coast. Here are 4 great reasons to visit the region;

Picturesque Old Town of Kotor

The picturesque UNESCO World Heritage city of Kotor has a charming old town, as well as a busy harbor. In the old town, you can still see the citadels and city walls built during the 15th century. Walk through the narrow cobblestone streets and squares, to explore the rich heritage of this city. Do not miss the most recognizable symbol of Kotor; the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon. Most of the churches were built between the 12th and 17th centuries. Climb the city walls to catch a scenic view of the town and Kotor Bay; the Bay of Kotor is the gem of Montenegro, and is surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery, take a stroll to the ferry docks for the best views.

Spectacular Durmitor National Park

Located in north-western Montenegro, Durmitor National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site with protected pine forests and lakes. This national park was formed by glacier, and the largest lake is Crno Jezero (Black Lake). You can hike on several of the well-marked trails, found along the loop of the Crno Jezero.

Located in the north of the national park is the gorgeous Tara River Canyon. Tara River Canyon has the deepest gorges in Europe. You can hear the roar of the water falling from the waterfalls. Due to its geographical location and range in altitude, a wide range of endemic flora can be found here.

4 Reasons to visit Montenegro

High value destination

Food and accommodation are considered cheaper in Montenegro than most Western European countries. You can expect to pay less for sights and activities, and there are also many discounts and free activities if you’re a student.

Accommodation varies according to season and region, with prices more expensive in summer than other seasons. Accommodation in a two bedroom apartment in the old town, costs around USD80 to USD100 per night. You can also find affordable bed and breakfasts in many places. Cafes can be found in most towns and cities. A 3-course lunch in a restaurant costs around USD15 per person. One Euro will buy you a cup of tea or coffee in non-touristy areas.

4 Reasons to visit Montenegro

Authentic food

The national cuisine in Montenegro is typically Mediterranean. You must try all the fish specialties such as octopus salad, fish thick soup and rice with sea fruits. Other food to look out for include sarma (cabbage leave stuffed with mincemeat), cevapi (kebabs), pasulj (bean soup with flecks of meat) and karađorđe vasnicla (breaded veal roll filled with cheese). For those with a sweet tooth; frustula is a crunchy, sweet cookie of rhombus shape.

Often known as the pearl of the Mediterranean, Montenegro is one of the most underrated countries in the Balkans. The rich history and culture, natural wonders, reasonable prices of accommodation, and food are a host of reasons to visit Montenegro.

4 Reasons to visit Montenegro

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