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Where to Stay in Podgorica

Where to Stay in Podgorica

Montenegro has recently become increasingly popular with world travelers, and the capital city of Podgorica is poised to welcome visitors from all over the world. Many travelers are skipping over Podgorica Montenegro in favor of coastal or mountain locations, but it’s worth a look. The city doesn’t get much love from travel writers, but intrepid travelers know how to find the good in any destination. We did, and now we’re going to help you find the best area to stay in Podgorica.   We will cover off all types of Podgorica accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Podgorica hotels as well…
17 Things to do in Podgorica - That People Actually Do!

17 Things to do in Podgorica – That People Actually Do!

Podgorica is the capital city of Montenegro, a rugged, mountainous country in the Balkans. Named after the Gorica Hill overlooking the city, the Podgorica Municipality is the country's cultural, economic and educational hub. While it may not be a bucket list travel destination by any means, there are charming spots to uncover here that will surprise and delight you. Montenegro is beloved for its sweeping landscapes and spectacular 180-kilometre Adriatic coastline, yet the capital never gets much love from travellers. Hopefully, this article will show you that there are plenty of interesting things to fill in a day or two…

4 reasons you need to visit Montenegro today!

With improved flight links, Montenegro is fast developing as a popular tourist destination. Even though it is one of Europe’s smallest countries, the country offers stunning landscape and beautiful stretch of Adriatic coast. Here are 4 great reasons to visit the region; Picturesque Old Town of Kotor The picturesque UNESCO World Heritage city of Kotor has a charming old town, as well as a busy harbor. In the old town, you can still see the citadels and city walls built during the 15th century. Walk through the narrow cobblestone streets and squares, to explore the rich heritage of this city. Do not miss the…