SilkAir Airlines Flight review of Business Class flight from Kalibo to Singapore

Business Class flight from Singapore to Kalibo via Cebu through SilkAir Airlines
Flight time: 6 hours, 25 minutes
Seats 1A & 1B

Check in:

Check in was fairly easy as we followed out lovely Shangri-La hotel rep who took us through check in, customs and ensuring we were looked after through the whole process.

Lounge Access:

Unfortunately as Kalibo is a fairly new airport on a small island there is no VIP/Lounge access with our business class tickets, there is however a small VIP lounge that you can pay to get into (5,800++ pesos), however it does not offer much, a few selection of drinks, philipino snacks and a few tables and chairs and of course WIFI, it is a bit nicer than sitting at the gate waiting.


The Business class seats on SilkAir are older (as are the airplanes) however they are still comfortable and very wide. They did not lay flat but they do recline down; however they do not have a divider around them like the bigger planes which always makes me feel a little guilty reclining as the person behind you has limited space.
The seat controls are on the side of your seat, maybe not put in the best spot as they can dig into your leg dependent on how you seat, sadly my controls didn’t work properly which was a little frustrating, we debated asking to move however Pete had the same trouble, this might just be due to the age of the plane.


Due to this being a short haul flight, the plane was not fitted with TV’s/screens, so we were provided with a Lenovo tablet and headphones, the use of these were a little difficult when the food came around however it was better than not having anything to watch. Otherwise you can always look out the window, the scenery is beautiful!


This was afternoon flight, we were welcomed with a refreshing glass of coke (with many many refills), a plate of Pringles (or similar) and a broken up,very delicious cheese flavour pretzel, we loved it so much, I think we ate them out of it on the flight ( sadly we are yet to find more of this!!!!! Which makes us both very sad as it was such a great snack!).
Our starter was fresh fruit and a small prawn and potato salad and a small bread roll.
The mains were a piece of chicken breast, beans, carrots and wedges/potato chips (fried) with a delicious tomato sauce.
Our tray table was turned into a “fancy table” with a cloth table and silver cutlery was provided.


The service on the flight was excellent as always, the flight attendants were very attentive, and always making sure we had enough to each or drink.

Flight goodies:

We didn’t receive any “flight goodies” however we did receive a nice fluffy pillow  and a blanket in case we wanted to have a quick nap on the flight.


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