3 Essential Life Hacks When Travelling to Bali

While technology is continuing to create a smaller and more inter-connected world, it has never been easier for people to traverse the four corners of the globe.

This has opened up unique travel experiences to exotic destinations such Bali, which has emerged as an increasingly popular destination among recreational and professional travellers alike.

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Relatively cheap to visit and increasingly diverse in its nature, travelling to Bali represents one of the most lucrative travel experiences in the modern age.

You will need to keep certain points in mind when visiting a destination such as Bali, however, especially if you are to make the most of your trip and earn the best value for your hard-earned money.

3 Important Life Hacks When Travelling to Bali

So, here are three crucial life hacks that can help you to make the most of your Bali experience.

1. Remain Connected With WhatsApp and a Local SIM Card

Remaining in touch with your loved ones back home is an important part of international travel, but it can be difficult when traversing remote regions such as South East Asia.

WhatsApp provides an accessible and cost-effective way to remain connected at all times in countries such as Bali, however, with an account and a viable Wi-Fi signal all you need to make calls and send messages.

To reduce the cost of international communication, be sure to contact your carrier and alert them to the fact that you are travelling abroad, while also requesting a free travel unlock. This will instantly reduce roaming charges while enabling you to use your own mobile hotspot as and when required.

You can also look to invest in a local SIM card once you have landed in Bali, focusing on packages that are data-heavy and within your budget.

2. Set Your Budget and Select Suitable Accommodation

One of the most notable aspects of travelling to Bali is the sheer range of accommodation options that are available.

From bargain-basement hostels and high-end villas, there are options to suit every conceivable taste and budgetary constraint, so it is important to efficiently compare the market and make an informed decision.

Your best bet is probably to set a budget from the outset, before searching through sites like Airbnb to fine your ideal abode. This can save considerable amounts of time, while helping you to get the most value for your eventual spend.

3. Change Money at the Airport and Avoid ATMs

Whether you choose to visit the Pura Besakih or the Bali Bomb Memorial or make the most of the exotic sunshine, there are plenty of ways to spend your time in the region.

You will need to tread carefully when dealing with money matters and accessing your funds in Bali, however, regardless of your travel plans.

Strive to change your currency at the airport once you land in Bali, for example, as this will enable you to access a better exchange rate and secure a superior deal. Double check the rate and the amount that you expect to receive, however, as there can occasionally be errors when handing over cash.

You should also avoid using ATMs in Bali, particularly those that are located outside of the city. Some of these may be fitted with skimming devices that are designed to copy your card’s details, so it is far better to remain cautious and visit your local bank instead.

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