25 Badass Female Bloggers of 2018

25 Badass Female Bloggers of 2018 - cover

2018 is finally here and we’ve complied the below list of Badass Female Bloggers of 2018. Some are well known bloggers, while others are new bloggers to add to your list to follow.

This isn’t going to be a list of typical Female bloggers you see in every list on the “interwebs” – although there are some wicked females you’ll see on here that we simply cant miss! We wanted to make sure to introduce you to some new and upcoming bloggers!

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for our Bad ass Male and Couple bloggers as well!


Sharon has to be my number #1 on this list, she is absolutely killing it. I first met Sharon at a Problogger conference a few years ago, she was running the travel blog “Where’s Sharon” and she had some big dreams which made me initially think “yeah yeah, every blogger wants success” but this lady showed us all! She created Digital Nomad Wannabe, which provides GREAT information for new bloggers and seasoned bloggers alike and earns a great income doing what she loves. Keep you the great work this year Sharon!

Sharon - 25 Bad Ass Female Bloggers of 2018


Megan has a wonderful heart, I’ve seen her around blogging groups for years and she always seems to go out of her way to help everyone out, answering questions or providing links to resources. She should be featured in our couples list as her and her Husband Mike run their blog Mapping Megan but I think she deserves her spot here! Mapping Megan has been around in 2007 with the intent to bring readers the best in adventure travel from all over the globe and they certainly do this, having travelled to over 50 countries.

Megan - 25 Bad Ass Female Bloggers of 2018


Jo… I love this girl; she’s a hustler at heart and works bloody hard, she’s helped me out more times than I can count. Jo is a passionate globetrotter, wildlife enthusiast, thrill seeker and writer at Wander with Jo.

Jo - 25 Bad Ass Female Bloggers of 2018


Geraldine from Everywhereist is a nut case (in a good way), she has been a long time favourite blogger of mine because she has the ability to make you laugh so hard you pee a little, i’ve read almost every article she writes! She says that her travel blog started as a “love letter” to her husband Rand (the Moz guy), where she followed him around the world after being laid off work.



Admittedly, I’ve only recently started following her but she has really blown me away with her honestly and her great tips! Michelle runs a personal Finance blog called Making Sense of Cents. Michelle provides some great resources to making money online and goes into great details on her monthly income reports. I was gobsmacked to see that in 1 month she earnt $136,000!


Jean from Holy smithereens is a blogger who features a lot of Luxury and adventure travel of her blog and she has been featured on a large number of “Top Luxury blog” lists. I spend hours going through her hotel and airline reviews drooling a little on the screen.



Alyssa from My Life’s A Movie is a full time solo traveler who has travelled to over 75 countries around the world. Being a full time traveller, you can follow her on Snapchat or Instagram for real time travel stories. She has amassed 135,000+ followers on Instagram, her photography skills are “on point” (as the kids these days say).



Aileen from I am Aileen is a successful digital nomad (online entrepreneur, travel blogger and travel vlogger) living a sustainable travel lifestyle. At 21 she quit her corporate job in investment banking to travel the world and a build a business, with hard work she achieved her dreams and she been featured on Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, lonely Planet, National geographic, BBC Travel and many more big name “to aim for” companies in the travel world!


Sabrina (Sab)

Sab from Just One Way Ticket, came out of no where, one day I hadn’t heard of her, the next she was everywhere I looked and for good reason! The photography and videos on her blog are phenomenal! Sab is from Berlin and has been travelling since 2008, where she quit her job to travel the world . She has been featured on BCC, Lonely Planet, Go Pro, USA today and a lot of large companies! She is amazing…. Check her out now!



Alex from Alex in Wanderland is a beautiful chick, who’s been blogging for 6 years (since 2009). Her main focus is scuba diving and scuba diving destinations but she does write a lot more about the different destinations she visits. She has a great sense of humour and her articles are a breeze to read! Alex has recently teamed up with Amy Jennifer Jewellery to create a line of Jewellery called Wanderland Waves!

Alex - 25 Bad Ass Female Bloggers of 2018


Lis runs the travel blog Young Adventurous, she says she is a normal girl living her biggest, messiest dream! She’s been travelling for 12 years and has visited over 50+ countries. She has since quit her job and currently lives I New Zealand.  

Liz - 25 Bad Ass Female Bloggers of 2018


Kiki run the popular travel blog Unlocking Kiki, she’s an American living in Iceland.  He blog provides readers with insider tips to Iceland from the perspective of a foreigner living in Iceland. Her story is straight out of a romantic novel, she met her Icelandic boy in Australia and they moved to Iceland together, they have recently welcomed a little Viking into their lives and they lived happily ever after!



Ana is the main lady at luxury travel blog called Mrs. O Around The World, I’ve quietly “stalked “this woman (no need for a restraining order Ana!) since I first started my blog, I found her blog to be so inspiring and I wanted to be able to travel in such luxury as much as she does. Ana is originally from Lisbon but no resides in the UK with her Husband Mr O,  she shares stories from her travels and her personal life.  

mrs o


Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad. She’s a California native, who quit her job in corporate finance to become a world traveller. Since then, she has travelled to over 50 countries. Her Instagram account is choke-full of cool adventures, which has earnt her over 470,000 followers!!!

the blond aborad


Aubrie (what a beautiful name!) is the wonderful blogger from Globe Trotting Ginger, her vibrant red hair highlights her in every photo (her Instagram account has over 202,000 followers!). She has travelled the world and her goal is to help other people discover their passion for travel and to help them prepare for their dream trips.



Nicola is a 23-year-old Aussie photographer from Polkadot Passport, she has an obsession with adventure. Over the past four years, she has been seeking out meaningful travel and unique bucket-list experiences in over 45 countries.



Anna from Anna Everywhere was born in Poland and later in life moved to the US to study, since then she has lived all over the world. Anna doesn’t have the typical travel blogger story, she left home approx 10 years ago to travel the world, she didn’t quit her job, leave a boyfriend or avoid studying. She isnt a backpacker and prefers luxury hotels and always travels with a decent wardrobe (rather than the usual ack shorts and old t shirts). Overall Anna has travelled to 78+ countries and has done this all while studying or working!



Leonie is the amazing mind behind Ohh Couture, which is a personal style, travel blog. Leonie is based in Germany but she prides herself on travelling the world! Ohh Couture was founded in 2014, since then Leonie quit her corporate work job (working in textiles) and went on to fulfil her dream of working independently and building her blog. She has already worked with brands such as Cartier, Bulgari, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, Lancome and Net-A-Porter. Her Instagram account has a whopping 1.5million followers!



Sjana is an Aussie girl behind Sjana.com.au, she is a sunshine seeking, happy being, yoga doing, hug giving, ocean loving, travel enthusiast! She originally grew up on the East Coast of Australia in Newcastle. You won’t find her out clubbing, instead she is usually sitting at home with family and her dogs, drinking peppermint tea and talking about life, purpose and The Universe. All in all she is a Yoga Goddess! Check her out now!



Nina from Where in the World is Nina broke up with her work cubicle in 2011 for a one-way plane ticket to Thailand.  She has since lived on 4 continents and loves to talk about how others can work abroad and remotely so they continue their travels



Kathi runs the Scottish based blog called Watch me see. She’s a passionate writer, traveler, photographer, film buff, PhD student, foodie, dreamer and feminist. Kathi photographer portrays her travels and her fun loving attitude, she always has the biggest smile!!



Ashley from My Wanderlusty Life is a beer drinking, book reading, mountain loving, American girl with too much wanderlust and not nearly enough vacation days. She isn’t a typical travel blogger, she works full-time and travels part-time. Her mission is to show people who are time poor how to travel efficiently.



Boundless Roads by Isabella is a travel blogger that specializes in Caribbean and Mexico. She spent 6 years and travels around the Caribbean for work and has since left her corporate job to start a nomadic life and is now travelling across Mexico heading towards  Latin America.



Izzy runs the travel blog The Next Somewhere, she lives for good times and good people. Her curiosity has taken her all over the world, from fairytale Balkan villages to the misty jungles of the Peruvian rainforest. With 46 countries under her belt. After being based abroad for the last three years, she’s back at home in Boston, Massachusetts breaking into the world of international education and en route to hitting 50 countries by the end of next year.


So… what are you waiting for!?! Start following these amazing chicks and make sure to send them some love!



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  1. Thanks for the inclusion among some truly remarkable women! Looking forward to following everyone’s adventures in 2018!

  2. Hi Sam! Thanks for including me. It seems so long ago since we were both at Problogger. If you remember, I actually also said at that time that I was giving up on travel blogging as I’d never make money from it LOL!! How things can change in such a short timeframe 😀 Glad I was wrong!

  3. Great list, and all well deserved for many good reasons. Some I know of already, but you’ve introduced me to some fab badass female bloggers today. Thank You!

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