12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018

12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018

2018 is finally here and we’ve complied the below list of Badass Male bloggers of 2018. Some are well known bloggers, while others are new bloggers to add to your list to follow…..Get to following now and some them some love!

This isn’t going to be a list of typical male bloggers you see in every list on the “interwebs” – although there are some wicked males you’ll see on here that we simply cant miss! We wanted to make sure to introduce you to some new and upcoming bloggers!

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for our Badass Couple bloggers as well! You can check out our list of Badass Female Bloggers here.


Gary runs the very popular and very well known travel blog Everything-everywhere. He’s been travelling since 20017 and has now travelled to all 7 continents, ticking off 175+ countries off his “bucket list”. Gary’s also an award winning photographer and provides a lot of help and support to newbie (and more advance) bloggers, from blogging advice to great photography tips, he now runs his own Photography Academy.

Gary - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018


Norbert is one of my favourite bloggers (and someone I have silently “stalked” for years!). He’s a guy from Puerto Rico who’s professionally trained as an Architect and naturally educated as a traveller. He took his first solo backpacking trip in 2008 and in 2010 Globotreks was born. His Current goal is to visit all UN Recognized Countries.

Norbert - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018


Matt’s been an explorer for the last 7 years and shares entertaining stories, useful travel tips, fun videos, inspiring photography, and crazy adventures from his travels around the world at Expert Vagabond. He’s a professional blogger and photographer who offers great photography tips and advice for aspiring photographers.

Matt - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018


Johnny is the man behind One Step 4ward. 10 years ago he left his home in Ireland with very little money and a dream to better his life. Since then Johnny has made over a million dollars blogging and working online. Talk about a hustler!

Johnny - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018


Will runs the travel blog The Broker Backpacker, he considers himself a Writer and hustler. Adventurer and vagabond. Master of the handstand pushup (impressive Will!). He’s been on the road for over 9 years now, travelling on a tight budget and he’s passionate about teaching others how to ditch their desks, hit the road and achieve real freedom by earning money online. Currently, Will is on a four year journey from the UK to Papua New Guinea; travelling through truly special countries such as Iran, Pakistan and Bhutan.

Will - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018


DJ is one of the happiest guys I’ve ever seen! There isn’t one photo (I’ve seen) of him  looking serious, he always has a massive, gorgeous smile on his face! He describes himself as a Serial Euro Tripper and so far he has travelled extensively through almost 150 European cities in 25 European countries and so Dream Euro trip was created; a travel resource page that you can go to for all of your Euro Trip needs.

Dj - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018


Client is from Boston and didn’t leave the country by air until he was 19. Since then he has visited 100+ countries. In the last 10 years he has done the majority of his travelling while working full time, he achieved this by travel hacking everything from airfare to accommodation and maximize every trip. His goals is to use his travel blog Triphackr to show people what he has learnt so that they can travel more often for less.

Clint - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018


Ryan is a location independent blogger, digital influencer, small group tour organizer, world traveller and owner of Pause the moment. In May 2010,  he said goodbye to his 9 to 5  job to travel the world for 6 month around, but he never found his way back home. 7 years and 50+countries later he’s still on the road

Ryan - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018


Gareth is a Marketing Director turned World Traveller with a passion for slow, meaningful travel. His blog Tourist to Townie is all about taking one adventure at a time and he likes to count relationships formed over countries visited, and experiences over landmarks. In October 2009, he dropped everything, left his comfortable life behind and took off on a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina. His life is based on passion instead of a paycheck.

Gareth - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018


Sanket is the proud owner of Nomadic Lives, which didn’t start off as a travel blog. It started off as a collaboration between Sanket and 3 friends – they started the website with a view to speak about their varied set of interests; however, their priorities and individual focus changed rapidly and within an year’s time, the present day Nomadic Lives was conceived. At 23 Sanket 23, I gave up an extremely comfortable job and took a position at a travel company that specializes in developing tourism experiences around ‘local communities’.

Sanket - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018


Dan is obsessed with exploring the world, meeting new people (+ goats) and getting as lost as possible with my camera. He’s been on the road for 1000+ days taking a chance on changing my career from restaurants to running around capturing the world. He describes himself as travel and photography obsessed by day and an ice-cream addict and web-designer by night. Dan owns and runs the travel blog Dan Flying Solo.

Dan - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018


In 2012 Marek thought he was going to Thailand for a 2 month trip but things escalated and the travel bug got him, he ended up travelling around the world for 2 years instead. He has a fixed base (home) and still travels the world when he can. To Marek, travel isn’t just about relaxing; it’s also about venturing out into the unknown, following your own path, and pushing beyond your comfort zone. He shares hi experiences at Indie Traveller where he has now travellers to 55+countries across 6 continents.

Marek - 12 Badass Male Bloggers of 2018

So… what are you waiting for!?! Start following these awesome fellas and make sure to send them some love!


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