10 Places You Need To Visit In Malta

La Valletta, Malta - Valletta with traditional Maltese buildings with colorful shutters and balconies in the sunny day, Valletta, Capital city of Malta

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the Republic of Malta is a superb vacation destination for those looking for a summer getaway in Europe.

Its unique history and beautiful landscape make it a popular for tourists who want to be able to relax and enjoy a vacation without the hustle and bustle of the main continent.

With a wide variety of attractions including stunning temples, charming villages and fantastic beaches, this little island nation has something to offer for all types of visitors!

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When visiting Malta, you must be sure to visit its capital city. The cobblestone streets of Valletta will leave you feeling as you’ve escaped to a historical paradise.

Walk along the famous Merchants Street that is the capital’s longest street where you can find cafes and lovely little shops between the churches and historical buildings, then relax in the Upper Barrakka Gardens while enjoying the tranquil views of Grand Harbor.

Blue Grotto

Located just off the southeast coast near the small village of Qrendi, the Blue Grotto is one of the top natural attractions in Malta. It is a collection of sea caverns and an impressive arch cliff formation that was created by the wind and sea.

Visitors can expect to see 9 rocky caves with green, purple and orange hues. Taking only 10 minutes to reach by boat, the Blue Grotto is an excellent destination for kids and adults alike.

Ghar Lapsi

Malta tops the list for cleanest waters in Europe that makes this destination excellent for those who wish to learn about the Mediterranean Sea’s rich marine life. According to local undersea explorers, Ghar Lapsi – that lies only about 1 kilometer away from Blue Grotto – is one of the best places to go snorkeling in Malta.

The rocky shoreline forms a natural swimming pool where the water is always calm and crystal clear allowing you to observe sea creatures, while there are also multiple caves and holes you can swim into. With parking and restaurants available, Ghar Lapsi is our top recommendation to go if you’d like to spend the day at a wonderful, but not too touristy spot.

Comino Blue Lagoon

No Malta trip is complete without visiting the famous Blue Lagoon that features the most vibrant blue waters in the world. The lagoon is located on the island of Comino, just to the north of the main island of Malta. Visitors can reach it by private boat or by the Blue Lagoon Ferry from Cirkewwa.

If you decide to visit Blue Lagoon and Comino, besides the popular activities including swimming and snorkeling, make sure to walk to the historic fortification located on this small island called Santa Marija Tower that was part of the defensive tower chain of the archipelago and a truly unique attraction to see.

Mosta Dome

The Mosta Rotunda is the island’s most impressive landmark in the heart of Mosta town in central Malta. Built in the mid-1800s, this Roman Catholic Parish Church has survived through both world wars, although an aerial bomb destroyed it during World War II in 1942, but luckily, it failed to explode.

It is the third biggest dome in the world that stands unsupported. Visitors to the Mosta Dome can enter the large church and tour the sanctuary while learning about the structure’s rich history.


The former capital of Malta, Mdina is a tiny city on a hilltop in the town of Rabat that was founded by Phoenician settlers in the 8th century. It has a population of only a few hundred who pass their homes down through the generations.

Despite its small size, Mdina is rich with history and walking through its gates feels like stepping back tin time.

If you visit the city, you can expect breathtaking views besides the fantastic historical experience. An interesting fact is that Mdina is known as the “silent city” because there is a strict noise restriction here that applies to residents, visitors and businesses operating here.

MDINA, MALTA - Bridge and Mdina Gate to the historical complex of buildings ner Il-Rabat

Popeye Village

One of the most colorful places to visit in Malta is Popeye village that was originally built for a film set, but has since become a theme park.

Complete with boat rides and many options for local food, Popeye Village is a great place for you to take children or enjoy a day packed with fun. The village is open 7 days a week year-round and can be easily reached by public transport.

The Blue Hole in Gozo

Unfortunately, you cannot see the iconic Azur Window anymore on Malta’s sister island, Gozo, but at the same location there is another unique attraction, the Blue Hole.

This circular, 15 meters wide natural rock formation is one of the archipelago’s most famous diving spots that is connected to the open water by an underwater arch at 10 meters deep. It is a popular training spot for freedivers too who often swim in and out through the opening and exploring the nearby caves.

Golden Bay

For those looking to kick back and relax on a beach, Malta’s Golden Bay is the best place to be. Located on the west side of the island near Manikata, Golden Bay is a popular tourist destination known for the golden tint in the sand. It is easy for you to find and access, making it a popular choice for tourists who want to stay close to the amenities.

Fish market in Marsaxlokk

The fish market in the authentic fishing village of Marsaxlokk is one of the best places in Malta to visit if you want a unique and authentic experience. The market takes place only on Sunday mornings where you can buy the freshest seafood on the island.

If you don’t feel like buying fish, there are also stalls offering souvenirs and local products. You will be sure to enjoy strolling around in this small harbor that offers fantastic views with traditional fishing boats called ‘luzzu’ around!


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