48 Hours in Kortrijk – 2 Day Itinerary

Many cities in Belgium offer charming centres with medieval architecture and a modern vibe, including the city of Kortrijk. Also known as the City of the Golden Spurs, this city is located in the heart of West Flanders, Belgium and is the largest in the province. 

Broel Towers Bridge in Kortrijk. Kortrijk Flemish Region Belgium.

In this 2 Day Itinerary for Kortrijk, we will share with you the things you can do, places you can visit and the activities you can participate in during your visit. The city is famous for having a Medieval past, but recently it has been made hypermodern, making it a perfect destination for a short getaway and weekend escape. 

The blend of old-world charm and contemporary flair is seen almost everywhere in Kortrijk. With the city’s history dating back to Roman times, its medieval roots are evident in the well-preserved architecture found throughout its streets. One of the most iconic landmarks is the Belfry of Kortrijk, a UNESCO World Heritage site with panoramic city views. 

Aside from the rich historical heritage, there are other things to see and do during your stay in Kortrijk. Art enthusiasts will be delighted by the Broel Towers, home to a museum showcasing an impressive contemporary and modern art collection.

Meanwhile, exploring the vibrant shopping streets and lively markets is highly recommended for those seeking a taste of local culture. The Veemarkt is a bustling square where you can sample local delicacies, browse through unique shops, and soak in the lively atmosphere. 

All these are just the tip of what you can expect in the city, and yes, it’s possible to explore almost everything even with just 48 hours in Kortrijk.

Kortrijk, West Flanders Region - Belgium - Art deco interior of a bar and restaurant

However, it is essential that you also consider the time of your visit. Generally, if you want to experience a city with a mild climate, the best time to visit Kortrijk is from April to November. 

The weather during these months is delightful, with mild temperatures and fewer crowds. But Kortrijk is a year-round destination, so depending on your preference, you can expect each season to offer a unique charm.

Another factor to consider for your 2 days in Kortrijk is the location of your accommodation. It would be best to stay somewhere convenient and accessible to tourist spots and public transportation hubs. When choosing the best area, the city centre is popular with tourists. 

At the centre of Kortrijk, you will have easy access to the main attractions, restaurants, and shops, making exploring the city on foot convenient. 

Again, Kortrijk is a city you can explore in just 2 days. Proper planning and a well-organized schedule allow you to enjoy the city’s architectural wonders, fascinating museums, vibrant shopping streets, and diverse culinary scenes. So, keep reading and let this serve as your comprehensive guide for a perfect Kortrijk Belgium getaway!

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Overview of 2 Days in Kortrijk Itinerary

Here’s a glance at what you’ll see and do in two days in Kortrijk:

Day 1 in Kortrijk

  • Check out the Broel Towers (Broeltorens)
  • Visit the Eglise Notre-Dame (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk)
  • Get Lunch at Va et Vient
  • Go to the Beguinage of Courtrai (St. Elisabeth)
  • See the Kortrijik City Hall (Historisch Stadhuiis) 
  • Take photos at Belfry
  • Explore the Grote Markt 
  • Dinner at Maddox

Day 2 in Kortrijk

  • Early Stroll at Buda Beach
  • Discover Art at Texture Museum 
  • Learn about the History at Kortrijk 1302
  • Visit a Coffee Shop near Korte Streenstraat 
  • Shop at Korte Streenstraat
  • Stroll the Banks of the Leie
  • Get Dinner at ALTA Takeaway
Kortrijk, West Flanders Region - Belgium - Traffic tunnel with car and bicycle lane under the railway

Day 1 in Kortrijk

Check out the Broel Towers (Broeltorens)

One of the most famous spots in Kortrijk is the Borel Towers. These two towers are medieval structures, standing proudly along the Leie River, offering a glimpse into the city’s rich history. 

They are made with sandstone and limestone from the 14th and 15th centuries and are the only ones standing from the medieval walls used as a defensive compound. With this, the Broel Towers is an iconic tourist landmark essential to the city’s history. 

For your first day in Kortrijk, this is something you must visit right away. It can be found on either side of the Leie River. All you have to do is stroll across the bridge Broelburg; from each side, you can access the towers.

Medieval Broel Towers and old bridge in Kortrijk city Belgium

Visit the Eglise Notre-Dame (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk)

After checking out the Broele Tower, your next stop is the Eglise Notre Dame, or what the locals call Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk.

This former Romanesque church was used to hang the golden spurs of 500 dead French knights after the Battle of the Golden Spurs. It was then looted, and after decades, the church was renovated into what it is now. 

The current church has this Baroque interior, where you can see stunning wall paintings, stained glass and the image of the Holy Catharina inside. During your visit, you’ll learn how important Eglise Notre Dame holds for the city of Kortrijk. 

Kortrijk, Flanders, Belgium -  Spire of Notre Dame church seen from Corner of beguinage with white and red roofed housing. Some green foliage.

Get Lunch at Va et Vient

Just a few minutes away, the church is a restaurant known for Belgian specialities. Va et Vient is a famous restaurant & cafe, not only for visitors but for locals as well. 

This will be your first meal at Kortrijk, so getting something delightful and authentic is essential. While the restaurant may look quaint, it has several things to boast of, more specifically when it comes to food. 

So, don’t miss out on their moules-frites (mussels and fries) or savour a hearty Flemish stew which is all Belgian specialities. Moreover, the trendy and calm ambience of the place adds to your lunch experience.  

Go to the Beguinage of Courtrai (St. Elisabeth)

For a quick and brief background, Beguines were religious women who dedicated their lives to God but did not take a vow of Poverty. Back then, they lived in separate houses and had to provide for their income, which explains the creation of Beguinages.

As you resume your day at Kortrijk, one place to visit is the famous Saint Elisabeth Beguinage. While it is small to get lost quickly, it would be nice to stroll around it and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the charming old houses and narrow cobblestone streets. 

While other cities in Flanders have a Beguinage, it would still be a miss if you don’t visit St. Elisabeth’s Beguinage. Here you can also see courtyards, an experience centre and a statue of the last ever Beguine in the city named Marcella Pattyn. 

KOTRIJK,BELGIUM  - View at the buildings of Beguinages cloister in Kotrijk. Kortrijk is the largest city in southern West Flanders.

See the Kortrijik City Hall (Historisch Stadhuiis) 

The Kortrijk City Hall goes back to the Late Gothic Renaissance. Since then, the building has been restored, making it more grandeur as it represents the cities standing as a community.

Among many other city halls in Belgium, this is the most impressive, yet it has a stunning facade. 

Not only do you get to see the outside, but you can also enter the city hall and check out different displays inside. Some collections you can see inside are carvings, murals, sculptures and decorative details. 

Meanwhile, you can also find the Aldermen’s Hall and the Council Chamber inside, which locals and visitors now use as a wedding venue.  

KOTRIJK,BELGIUM  - View at the building of Old Town hall in Kotrijk. Kortrijk is the largest city in southern West Flanders.

Take photos at Belfry

If we’re talking about iconic landmarks in Kortrijk, locals will mention Belfry if you ask them. 

This medieval bell tower that was built in the 14th century, and used to be part of the Old Cloth Hall, has an essential mark on the city. It was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site a few years back. 

Belfry is one of the most photographed landmarks in the city, which means it’ll be hard to miss out on. Capture picture-perfect moments at the Belfry, climb the 366 steps to the top for panoramic views of the city and its surroundings, and don’t forget to snap some memorable shots for you to remember! 

Belfry of Kortrijk in Belgium - medieval free standing bell tower in the middle of the Grote Mark

Explore the Grote Markt 

After exploring half of the city, it’s time to take things slow and observe the city and its residents at one of the busiest areas – Kortrijk’s Grote Markt. 

Just across the city’s town hall, Grote Markt is the city’s busiest main square, where many things happen. Many picturesque buildings surround it, including charming cafes, restaurants, and shops. There are times when cultural events and festivals occur here so you can see and experience one. 

Meanwhile, a small market opens in the middle of the town if you visit on weekends. There you can buy a few souvenirs or snacks during your visit.

Kortrijk, West Flanders Region - Belgium - Old market square with tourists

Dinner at Maddox

After a long day exploring the city, you deserve a treat! Indulge in a delectable dining experience at Maddox, a trendy restaurant blending traditional Belgian cuisine with international influences.

Maddox is within the area of Grote Markt, so you can go a short way to eat. Here you can enjoy dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients; all served in a welcoming and stylish setting. They also serve great wine, beers and cocktails, which you can drink to cap off your first day in Kortrijk. 

Day 2 in Kortrijk

Early Stroll at Buda Beach

Buda Beach isn’t a beach that you would imagine, with white sand or a vast crystal clear ocean water. Instead, Buda Beach in Kortrijk is located beside the waterway of Leie, where many locals and visitors come to enjoy a picnic or a jog all day. 

Since this is your second day in Kortrijk, it’s highly suggested you enjoy more leisurely activities and take things slow. So, you can start your day with a refreshing early morning stroll at Buda Beach. 

Enjoy the serene atmosphere and beautiful views, and breathe in the fresh air as you walk through the pathway and cross bridges. You can also stop by a coffee shop for your morning coffee and pastry. A perfect way to invigorate your senses before delving into the city’s attractions!

Kortrijk, West Flanders Region - Belgium - Banks of the river Ley

Discover Art at Texture Museum

The Textile industry has played a big part in the city’s economy, which means it’s a must to see the city’s Texture Museum

This contemporary museum showcases the rich textile heritage of Kortrijk through interactive exhibits and engaging displays. It’s already open when you finish your morning walk (from 10 AM to 5 PM). 

Inside, you can explore the fascinating history of the textile industry, marvel at intricate fabrics, and gain insights into the city’s cultural significance. Several charters can tour you inside, but visiting the museum and discovering art and textiles on your own is also a great idea. 

Learn about the History at Kortrijk 1302

Not known to many (except for the residents), the year 1302 plays a significant role in Kortrijjk. This was the year the Battle of the Golden Spurs occurred during the Franco-Flemish War.

During the war, an unexpected victory for the Flemish took place, becoming a source of pride for the country and the Flemish community, resulting in the creation of the Kortrijk 1302 Museum

When you tour around Kortrijk 1302, you get to step back, dive into the region’s rich history, and learn about the significant events that shaped Kortrijk.

Inside the museum are several artefacts, immersive exhibits, and multimedia presentations that bring the past to life. This gives you a better overview of what happened during 1302 in Kortrijjk.

Kortrijk, West Flanders Region - Belgium -The historical 1302 exposition site and abbey

Visit a Coffee Shop near Korte Steenstraat 

Since you’ve already visited two of the most famous museums in Kortrijk, you deserve a break at one of the charming coffee shops near Korte Steenstraat. 

Korte Steenstraat is one of the go-to coffee shops of locals, as they serve excellent and delicious coffee. They also have a few freshly baked pastries that you can try. The cafe is located near the Leie River, giving you a great view of the waterway and the city. 

So, while indulging in treats, don’t forget to soak up the cosy ambience and indulge in a moment of tranquillity.

Shop at Korte Steenstraat

Of course, your 2 days in Kortrijk will only be complete with a shopping spree. Korte Steenstraat is Kortrijk’s major shopping centre. It’s a vibrant and bustling street with many shops, boutiques, and speciality stores. 

You discover fashion-forward clothing, unique accessories, and local products as you visit each shop. So, whether you’re seeking trendy fashion or souvenirs, you’ll find them at Korte Steenstraat.

Don’t get pressured, though; you can always do window shopping anytime and maybe save a few bucks for another trip! 

Stroll the Banks of the Leie River 

Since it’s already your second day in Kortrijk, you’ve probably seen Leie Rive a few times. It connects city districts and neighbourhoods and is an important waterway for locals. 

Still, you must stroll along the banks of the Leie River before you end your trip to Kortrijk. You can enjoy the scenic beauty that Kortrijk has to offer, especially during sunset.

The riverside promenade provides a perfect backdrop for a relaxing walk, allowing you to soak in the city’s charm and, at the same time, admire the picturesque bridges, charming houses, and tranquil waters.

The K-tower in Kortrijk along the Leie in the evening light, Belgium

Get Dinner at ALTA Takeaway

Enjoy a delightful dining experience at one of their most famous restaurants–ALTA Takeaway–to end your trip to Kortrijk. This popular restaurant offers a range of flavorful dishes with a contemporary twist. 

The chef that cooks for the restaurant is known to use traditional and modern techniques in creating their menu. You are promised a fantastic time at ALTA Takeaway, from gourmet burgers to Asian-inspired delicacies.

Plus, with the restaurant’s cosy setting, you can enjoy a few drinks here and maybe make friends while you chill. 

Kortrijk, West Flanders Region - Belgium -Decorative lamps hanging in a bar , art deco style

Tours in Kortrijk

City Game Tour

Are you up for something adventurous and fun? Well, this city game tour in Kortrijk lets you become a Sherlock Holmes for a few hours while you explore the city on your own. 

Before the start of the self-guided tour, you will be given a case to solve in the city. You will need to collect clues around the city and solve a murder of a fictional character together with the tour group. 

This is an excellent alternative to tour around the city with some spice. Plus, there’s no time limit, allowing you to interact with other travellers and locals! 

WW1 Day Tour 

If you have spare time to go on a day tour, a visit to the World War I site near the Ypres in Flanders is something we highly recommend for you to join in.

Going on an expedition to the WW1 Flanders Fields will let you discover and learn more about what took place in the region during this time. 

Get to avoid the hassle of organising your own day tour and transportation when you join this tour. Moreover, a guide will be with you, sharing important information about the Flanders Fields.

Some areas you will visit are the original trenches in the Hooge Crater, the city of Ypres and several cemeteries and memorials. 

When booking, you can also choose where to pick up and drop off in Kortrijk. 

Kortrijk, West Flanders Region - Belgium - White painted brick stone facades of the beguinage

2-Day Itinerary for Kortrijk Wrap-up

In this comprehensive 48-hour guide for Kortrijk, we have listed every piece of information and detail you can use – from things to do in Kortrijk to the must-try restaurants; it’s all in here!

This is why all that’s left for you to do decide the date of your visit, pack your bags, and you’re ready to conquer this unique and captivating city of Kortrijk! 

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