12 of the Best Beaches in Bermuda

Panorama of rocky Bermuda coast in pink sand beach

Composed of more than 100 islands in total, at just 20 square miles, Bermuda seems extremely small, but in reality, it’s made up of six larger islands.

Most of these are connected via bridges, making it easy for beach lovers to tour some of the best beaches in Bermuda while enjoying a subtropical climate all year.

Located 700 miles north of the Bahamas and roughly 600 miles off the Eastern coast of the USA, it is known as Britain’s oldest British Overseas Territory.

Along with beautiful scenery, culture, and history to delve into the coastline is dotted with pink crescent sandy beaches created by tiny broken seashells mixed with soft white sands, dramatic rock formations, and hidden coves, all surrounded by crystal clear waters and worthy of exploration.

Hence, whether you are looking to lounge on a beautiful tranquil beach, explore, swim, snorkel or dive, there is something available for everyone.

The south shore beaches are exposed to the southern Atlantic ocean. Therefore, this is where you are likely to find both the best surfing ground and the softest sands, but the waves can grow ferocious if a storm is on the way.

At the same time, the northern coastline is renowned for its protected coral reefs and offers a far more sedate experience.

Looking at a map of Bermuda beaches, it is clear that there are many spectacular locations. In this guide, we will explore the very best, highlighting which ones are most suitable for families.

Which ones to visit if you are seeking out an adrenaline rush, and also which ones are best for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the amazing sea life that surrounds the country.

It is also important to remember that due to Bermuda’s petite size, all of the beaches mentioned are within easy reach of one another.

They can be reached daily from any hotel you choose to stay in or from the dockyard should you visit on a cruise ship.

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Elbow Beach

Situated between the Elbow Beach Resort and the Coral Beach Tennis Club on the southern coast of the Paget Parish, you will find a mile stretch of white sandy beach lined with palm trees and some of Bermuda’s most exclusive hotels.

Although some of this shoreline is privately owned, a good stretch is open to all. Due to its proximity to the island’s busy cruise-ship port and the city of Hamilton, it remains one of the most popular public beaches in Bermuda.

Getting its name from the gentle curve of the beach resembling an elbow, the water here is also surprisingly calm, thanks partly to the coral reef that can be found close to the shoreline.

This makes it an ideal spot for those wanting to snorkel with kids, paddleboard, or kayak while more competent divers can investigate the wreck of the cargo ship, Pollokshields, which sank back in 1915.

For those wanting to experience the luxuries of the private section of Elbow Beach, many of the hotels do offer day passes which include not only access to the beach but also the pools, sun loungers and umbrellas, towels, entertainment, and lunch facilities.

For those staying on the extremely popular public beach, you can rent loungers and umbrellas, although prices for these items are often steep.

There are also basic bathroom facilities and Mickey’s cafe where you can purchase drinks and snacks. However, you will be asked to dress appropriately and cover up because beachwear alone is unacceptable.

If you are not staying in one of the local hotels to get to Elbow Beach from the dockyard, hop on the number 7 bus, which takes about 50 minutes.

You can also take the blue route ferry from Kings Wharf to Hamilton, which takes around 20 minutes, and then hop on either the number 7 or number 2 bus for the last 10 minutes of the journey. Once you hop off, there is still a 10 to 15-minute wander down to the beach area.

Accommodation near Elbow Beach

Aerial view of the harbour, beach and lighthouse in Hope Town on Elbow Cay off the island of Abaco, Bahamas.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

With pale pink sand and inviting brilliant blue waters, Horseshoe Bay is the most idyllic picture postcard beach in all of Bermuda. Making it the most well-known and one often voted as one of the top 20 beaches in the world by various publications, including Conde Nast Traveller and USA Today.

Located on the south coast in Southampton, this horseshoe-shaped beach is the number one destination for many who visit Bermuda, making it also one of the busiest. However, it is well worth visiting early in the morning, before the crowds, to catch a glimpse of the sun rising from one of the many rock formations that bookend the beach.

As with Elbow Beach, the clear waters here make this beach perfect for snorkelling. For those competent enough, if you head offshore towards the rocks, you will often be rewarded with a rainbow of colourful sea life, including snapper and angelfish.

You can rent chairs, sunloungers, umbrellas, and watersports equipment on the beach, with a small beach shop also selling any essentials you may have forgotten. At the same time, there are several bars and restaurants either directly on the beach or nearby to keep you both well-fed and watered all day long, with the fresh tuna burger being a top seller.

For those looking to explore, there are also many secluded coves nearby, including Port Royal Cove, also known as Baby Beach, which locals frequently recommend due to the rocks surrounding the cove. It is a safe place for children to swim in the shallows and feed both angelfish and parrot fish.

To get to Horseshoe Bay, head towards the Fairmont Southampton hotel and wander down the hiking path. There is also a large car park nearby with a restaurant and changing rooms attached for those driving.

Before visiting, it is also worthwhile checking with the local tourism office, as the beach is home to many festivals throughout the year, including a sand sculpture contest, the Bermuda kite festival, and a music festival.

With so much going on, it is no surprise that Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda is one of the most popular places to visit; therefore, if you are after your own piece of paradise, consider walking further along the shoreline southwards to Stonehole Bay, which is smaller but still as stunning.

However, be mindful that this Bay cannot be reached during high tides, and it’s best to visit either in the morning or mid-afternoon.

There are several ways to get to Horseshoe Bay, including buses, scooters, cars, and taxis, appealing to all types of travellers and budgets.

Accommodation near Horseshoe Bay Beach

Landscape of Ocean rock and beach in Horseshoe Bay Southampton Parish Bermuda

Warwick Long Bay Beach

Nestled on the south coast, next to Horseshoe Bay, this is the longest beach in Bermuda and is the perfect place for beachgoers seeking out stretches of unspoiled pink sand and crystal clear waters.

Being so close to Horseshoe Bay, this is far quieter and has become one of the most scenic and pleasant beaches in all of Bermuda. Mainly because it is just 20 minutes by bus from Hamilton, so even for those without transport, it is a convenient spot to reach.

There are no beach amenities here, so come well-prepared, but it is worth the effort with a backdrop of dunes and cedar trees to shield you from the height of the summer rays, while the offshore reef entices those wanting to explore the local sea life.

In fact, Warwick Long Beach has to be one of the best beaches in Bermuda for snorkelling.

You will often be able to spot blue angelfish, parrotfish, trumpet fish, and many other marine animals that thrive here while exploring little rocky outcrops, secluded coves, and tidal pools.

Famous pink sand beaches of Bermuda - Warwick Long Bay Beach

Church Bay Beach

If Warwick Long Beach wows you, your next stop should be Church Bay, located on the island’s western side in Southampton. Especially if you want to explore the sea, as this again has gained a reputation for being one of the best beaches in Bermuda for snorkelling.

Not far from the shoreline, you will be greeted by a coral reef that protects from what would typically be an extremely high surf, which is not suitable for younger or inexperienced swimmers and is home to a multitude of fish species. Just watch out for the jellyfish.

To get there, jump on the number 7 bus, and enjoy a beach day like no other in a private and protected setting with minimal facilities, including bathrooms and picnic spots. A small rental concession appears for those wanting to hire snorkelling equipment in the summer months.

If you would like to spend a few days here, the Reefs Resort and Club is less than 0.5km away, while the Pompano Beach Club and the Fourways Inn are just a short taxi ride away.

Accommodation near Church Bay Beach

People on vacation in Pink Sand beach Bermuda

Jobson’s Cove Beach

Another beach not far from Warwick Long Bay is Jobson’s Cove Beach, one of the island’s most visually stunning beaches, where its steep jagged rocks crash into the sheltered inlet, and the waters lap against what is perhaps the best pink sand beach in Bermuda.

It is so picture perfect, with its gorgeous soft sands, calm waves, and chilled-out vibes, that anyone wanting to propose should do so here – there is no better spot.

It is also the best beach in Bermuda for swimming where little ones are concerned, as the encircled cliffs protect the cove and the waters are no more than 2 metres deep. This makes it an ideal location for children to relax in the waters while watching the tropical fish around them.

There are no bathrooms or other amenities here, so you will need to be organised and bring everything you need including food and drink and plenty of sunscreen.

Jobsons Cove in Bermuda

Clearwater Beach

Just south of the international airport, Clearwater Beach, an artificial beach, is renowned for being the one-stop beach for all – whether socialising, exploring, or simply topping up your tan.

This is the top party spot at weekends for locals; therefore, do not expect a relaxing vibe when it is busy. During the week, however, things are calming.

Visitors will experience something much tamer, where the shallow, calm waters attract families who also want to explore Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve at the southeastern end of St Davis’s Parish.

This is right next door, where people have reportedly seen migrating whales from Cooper’s Island Observation Tower. This family-friendly beach also features a kid’s play area, several nature trails stretching over 36 acres, and a vista of Castle Island.

If you head over the headland, you will find the quieter Turtle Bay, a smaller sandy cove. At the same time, nature lovers will love this location as the nature reserve is home to nesting loggerhead turtles and numerous tropical bird species.

Landscape of Ocean rock and beach in Horseshoe Bay Southampton Parish Bermuda

Long Bay Beach

Following a trail from Clearwater Beach car park, you will find Long Bay Beach in the middle of Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, a former military base and NASA tracking station.

This secluded sandy beach is ideal for those seeking solitude with a good book, as there are no facilities, just clear teal waters, and pink-water sands. You can walk further trails, snorkel, or keep an eye out for turtles and whales swimming nearby.

Wondering where to stay near both Clearwater and Long Bay Beaches? Due to the proximity to Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, you will not find any accommodation nearby, therefore people often travel here daily from St George, the former capital. 

Clearwater Beach is located at Annie’s Bay on Cooper’s Island Road in St Davids, and while the number 6 bus does operate from St George’s to St Davids, not all buses go via the beach, making it less accessible than some; therefore, the best, most convenient option is to take a taxi on this occasion.

Due to this location, beach hotels are more exclusive, with the Rosewood Bermuda, the St. Regis Bermuda, and the St. George’s Club all offering budget-busting rooms. At the same time, the Grotto Bay Beach Resort is slightly more affordable.

Accommodation near Long Bay Beach

Warwick Long Bay beach and rock formations located on the island of Bermuda near Jobsons Cove.

Astwood Cove Beach

As with most beaches in Bermuda, Astwood Cove Beach also has crystal clear turquoise waters, but while other beaches get extremely crowded in high season, this one, surrounded by cliffs, remains secluded, perhaps because it does require a bit of a steep hike to reach it.

However, don’t be put off by this, as it is one of the best and most romantic spots. This is perfect for anyone wanting to appeal to your inner Robinson Crusoe personality. While the number 7 bus does travel along this route, there is also plenty of parking for those that prefer to hire cars or scooters.

Heading down the winding trail from Astwood Park, the intimate Astwood Cove is tucked away into a steep cliff making this one of the most picturesque places on the island to have a picnic, enjoy a swim and relax on the rarely visited sands. 

For those that want to unwind here for a few days and are happy to blow the budget right out of the water, consider staying at the Newstead Belmont Hills Resort, while others may decide to stay at the slightly more affordable Hamilton Princess and Beach Club or the Willowbank Resort.

Accommodation near Astwood Cove Beach

Scenic overhead landscape of man splashing in the waves of a beautiful, hidden Bermuda beach surrounded by stoney cliffs and jutting rocks and boulders.

West Whale Beach

Nature lovers travelling in spring need to visit this beach because, as the name suggests, you are most likely to see humpback whales migrating in pods to their summer feeding grounds near Greenland and Iceland. 

Located on the western end of Southampton Parish, West Whale Beach is often quieter than others, is fringed with coastal pines, and remains inviting due to the low tides and shallow waters. It makes it one of the best beaches to visit with smaller children. 

You can also visit Whale Bay Fort, a fortress built in the 1700s and an excellent viewpoint for the adventurous.

This isn’t a beach for the faint-hearted, though, because whether you take the number 7 or 8 bus, a taxi, or hire a car, you still have over 1 km to walk to the beach itself; however, for those that make the trip, it is well worth it.

For those looking to stay nearby, the Azura Bermuda offers the perfect blend of pure luxury and stunning views while remaining casual. The Cambridge Beaches Resort provides old-world charm and elegant interiors. In contrast, the Royal Palms hotel offers quintessential Bermudian boutique opulence.

Accommodation near West Whale Beach

Beautiful pristine Clearwater Beach on south-eastern end of Bermuda.

Tobacco Bay Beach

Tobacco Bay Beach sits on the northern shore of St George’s Island, which you can access either via foot in around 15-20 minutes or by bus in about 5 minutes from St George’s, and gains its unique name due to the relatively unusual tobacco plants that were once growing here in the wild. 

Tobacco Bay, Bermuda, offers visitors shallow, crystal clear waters, offshore reefs teeming with colourful fish and limestone rock formations, making it the ideal setting for anyone who enjoys a mixture of watersports and is easily one of the best beaches in all of Bermuda.

Since the survivors of the shipwreck, Sea Venture, discovered this idyllic beach, it has become one of the most popular on the island, which does mean that when the cruise ships arrive, it can become overwhelmed with tourists, so it is important to time it right.

Unlike some other beaches, though, there are family-friendly restaurants and kiosks to enjoy, and after the sunsets, beach bonfires are lit, happy hours start, and live music plays late into the evening.

Most people who visit tend to base themselves in nearby St George’s, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so there are plenty of accommodation options, including Grotto Bay Beach Resort, the St. George’s Club, or the Rosewood Bermuda.

Accommodation near Tobacco Bay Beach

Green foliage and morning glories surround this tranquil seascape of Tobacco Bay in Bermuda.

Shelly Bay Beach

Rated highly by families due to the shallow waters, Shelly Bay Beach in the Hamilton Parish was named after Henry Shelly, a crew member from the ill-fated wreck Sea Venture.

This protected cove is home to a stunning beach that backs onto a nature reserve that you can explore via the wooden boardwalk, which has been added by the western edge of the sand.

Ideally located next to the road means that while it is perhaps noisier than other beaches, it is also easily accessible for all. With bathrooms and picnic areas partially shaded by palm trees, this is the perfect place to while away the day on a family holiday.

For those who like to mix relaxing with exploration, you also have the Crystal Cave nearby, where you can take a guided tour of the fantastic stalactites and stalagmites formed there over millions of years.

To reach Shelly Bay, just off of North Shore Road, you will need to catch either the number 10 or 11 bus that operates between Hamilton and St George’s or take a taxi. If you are looking for an alternative to a hotel, the Brightside Guest Apartments are incredibly close by.

Overview of Horseshoe Bay beach in Bermuda with beautiful sea waves.

Black Bay Beach

After exploring the pink sand beaches of Bermuda, heading to Black Bay Beach, made up of three tiny coves, will be somewhat different.

Close to the Royal Naval Dockyard at the west end of Bermuda, this little paradise is best known for those that want to see the beaches covered in colourful sea glass.

While some of these coves disappear during high tides, others sparkle with the remains of glass bottles and containers worn down over time and now appear as treasure-like gems.

These beaches have become so popular, with people wanting to collect some jewels for themselves, that since 2004 collecting sea glass is now banned.

Pink sandy beach and turqoise blue water of Bermuda

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12 of the Best Beaches in Bermuda
12 of the Best Beaches in Bermuda
12 of the Best Beaches in Bermuda


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