10 of the most stunning beaches in Israel

Israel is known for many beautiful things—Masada, the Sea of Galilee, and Gal Gadot. But perhaps the most spectacular locales you will find, from the top of Israel to the bottom, are its gorgeous beaches.

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Achziv Beach

The Achziv Beach, located in the Western Galilee, is part of Achziv National Park, which contains ruins of Crusader castle. Achziv Beach also contains a campground that is popular with locals and tourists alike.

Ein Gev Beach

Ein Gev Beach is set on the pastoral Sea of Galilee, in the North of Israel. The quiet and calm waters of the Galilee will lull you to relaxation. Visit the natural bay of Sussita, where you can rest under the Eucalyptus trees.

Caesarea Beach

The Caesarea Aqueduct Beach is located north of Tel Aviv, near the Herodian port of Caesarea. Visit the ruins of an ancient Roman Aqueduct while you’re there. Caesarea is also home to an outdoor amphitheatre where famous artists perform during the summer months.

Beit Yanai Beach

Just south of Caesarea, you will find the water sportsman’s dream beach. Beit Yanai is located within a nature preserve, which means that it is maintained regularly, making for a clean beach.

Gordon Beach Tel Aviv

One of the of the most popular beaches in Tel Aviv, the Gordon Beach boasts many attractions. Enjoy the restaurants, bar, and shops on the promenade, visit the fitness trail or take the children to the playground. The clean, clear water is perfect for resting after a long day of touring.

Palmachim Beach

A bit out of the way of the Tel Aviv beaches, Palmachim Beach is usually less crowded. With its stunning views of the cliffs to the south and Tel Aviv to the north, it is a lovely place to visit while avoiding hordes of people. As it is located close to the Palmachim airbase, you will enjoy frequent fly-bys of Israeli helicopters.

Mineral Beach Dead Sea

Of the beaches in the Dead Sea, Mineral Beach is considered the prettiest and most organized. Slather on some famous Dead Sea mud or take a swim in the freshwater pool. Afterwards, enjoy one of the spa treatments and have lunch at a café.

Ein Gedi Beach

Located about an hour and a half south of Jerusalem, Ein Gedi Beach is one of the free beaches in the Dead Sea. It’s a great place to float in the healing, buoyant waters on your way to riding the cable car up to Masada.

Coral Beach Nature Reserve Eilat

Visit the Coral Beach Nature Reserve the next time you’re in Eilat. Known as the best beach for snorkelling in Israel, you’ll find a beautiful coral reef hiding under the sea’s surface.

Dolphin Reef Eilat

If you thought you’d never get the chance to swim with dolphins, visit Eilat’s Dolphin Reef. For a fee, you will swim along dolphins in one of the quietest beaches in Eilat. Afterwards, sip a glass of lemonade and soak in one of the relaxation pools.

The beaches in Israel are important tourist attractions, and it imperative to visit more than one on your visit. This wouldn’t be possible without using car rental Israel service, so you can travel from the North to the South with ease.

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