11 of the Best beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica island, Montego Bay on Caribbean beach.

Did you know there are over 50 public beaches in Jamaica? For a Caribbean island country that measures around 146 miles long and 51 miles wide, there are, of course, many more beaches, cliffs, and rocky coastlines. But there are at least 50 that have clean and pristine white sand with crystal clear waters.

But even if you’re visiting Jamaica for a two-week beach vacation, you won’t have time to check out all 50! You want to know what the best beaches in Jamaica are so you can make the most of your trip.

You want to know which Jamaican beaches have the best amenities like public bathrooms, restaurants and bars nearby. Or, you might want to know the beaches with the best waves for watersports, or the best Jamaican beaches with the fewest crowds.

This guide will break down all of that info and more! It also includes the resorts with the best beaches in Jamaica all-inclusive, and the best beaches in Kingston, Jamaica or nearby the capital city. So, if you’re planning a trip to Jamaica and want to know the best beach in Jamaica 2023, 2024, and beyond then this list will help you out!

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Negril Seven Mile Beach

Negril Seven Mile Beach Jamaica is one of the most popular, well-known beaches in the country. Situated in Bloody Bay on the western coast of Cornwall County, Negril is a small resort town known for its selection of gorgeous beaches and phenomenal coral reefs that attract lots of scuba divers and snorkelers.

The town itself also has world-class five-star resorts, fine-dining restaurants, and elegant bars so it’s a great place for overseas tourists to visit.

Contrary to its name, Seven Mile Beach is actually just four miles long, with the last three miles extending into two small horseshoe bays. Regardless, this beach boasts super soft white sand and inviting warm waters.

Hit up the Margaritaville bar if you fancy a beach day cocktail or ChillPops Jamaica if you want ice cream.

Though it’s not a quiet beach and there are lots of resorts on the beachfront, the ensure stretch of sand is lined with thick green scrubs and palm trees so it is separated from the rest of the town. You absolutely cannot miss a beach day at Negril Beach Jamaica! It’s one of the top things to do here.

Accommodation near Negril Seven Mile Beach

7 miles beach on Grand Cayman, Cayman islands

James Bond Beach

Did you know that the author of the James Bond books, Ian Fleming, used to live in Jamaica? His villa, GoldenEye, is now available to rent in a luxury resort complex in Oracabessa.

The beach that appeared in the first ever James Bond film Dr No (1962) is only a short walk south down the coast. This is the same beach where Bond girl, Honey Ryder, ascends from the water wearing a skimpy two-piece. It’s perhaps the most famous beach in Jamaica but most of the people who have seen it will never visit it in real life!

In terms of amenities, there are lots of seafront resorts nearby and the appropriately named Ian Fleming International Airport is only a few miles west too.

There are also changing rooms and a bar (also aptly named Moonraker Bar) on the beach as well as picnic tables. It’s much smaller than the average public beach in Jamaica and it’s not somewhere where you could spend an entire beach day. But you have to visit it, even just to say you were there!

Accommodation near James Bond Beach

Amazing tropical sandy beach.

Dunn’s River Falls & Park Beach

Nestled slightly inland from Mammee Bay is a beach with a difference. Dunn’s River Falls and Park is first and foremost a waterfall, but it flows into a plunge pool with a small, scenic beach nearby.

These waterfalls are one of the top things to do in Jamaica and there are many private and public tour companies that arrange excursions to them. 

You can also arrange transport through your hotel or resort too. Since the falls are located near the city of Ocho Rios which is a popular resort town, you might even be staying nearby!

These river falls are surrounded by thick greenery and they aren’t the sort of waterfalls with one huge drop. It’s a series of small falls that are actually short and flat enough for people to climb up. Carefully, of course!

The waterfall is much larger than you might think and can definitely accommodate all of the visitors it received every day.

As well as the River Falls Beach, there’s also a children’s play area with waterslides and some walking trails. It’s a lot of fun and you’ve probably not seen a waterfall like this in your life.

Accommodation near Dunn’s River Falls and Park Beach

Famous Dunn's river falls on Jamaica

Fort Clarence Beach

The bad news is that there aren’t many good beaches in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital city. Some cities around the world do have amazing beaches but sadly, Kingston isn’t one of them.

Even the best beaches in Kingston (it has maybe four or five small ones) are very tiny and aren’t as safe or clean as some of the other public beaches in Jamaica.

The good news is that there are some amazing beaches like Fort Clarence beach right on the outskirts of the city. So even if you are enjoying a city break in Kingston, you can still have a beach day! Fort Clarence is only 20 km west along the coastline through Portmore.

Fort Clarence Beach is a wide and long stretch of bright white sand surrounded by rugged dunes and trees. It’s much quieter than the other beaches in resort towns, even during peak season, made to seem even quieter still thanks to its size.

The water is safe to swim in (the coastal grasses that grow on the edge of the water won’t bite!) and people ride horses along this beach too.

But the main event is the nesting turtles that you might find on this beach. Of course, you should leave any turtles you see well alone but it’s a pretty amazing experience if you spot one!

Accommodation near Fort Clarence

Tropical paradise: idyllic caribbean beach with single palm tree, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Puerto Seco Beach

Travelling to Jamaica with your kids? You absolutely need to check out Puerto Seco Beach! It’s in discovery Bay in between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay on the north coast, two of the most popular resort cities in Jamaica, so it’s very each to reach. 

Puerto Seco is quite a small patch of sand compared to the likes of Negril Seven Mile Beach which stretches as far as the eye can see. The beach is known for its safety measures as there is always a ‘safe swim’ zone cordoned off and there are two promenades on either side of this zone that stretch out to sea. 

The sand and water are always clean and inviting and, the pièce de résistance, there is an inflatable obstacle course that children and children at heart can tackle as many times as they like.

There are tons of amenities at Puerto Seco Beach Park which means you could easily spend a whole day here.

There are sun loungers and shades you can hire as well as bars and resorts right on the promenade. The line of palm trees helps the beach feel further away from the town but in reality, everything you need is only a short walk away.

Accommodation near Puerto Seco Beach

Caribbean sea in Sunny beach in tropical Caribbean island. Jamaica beach in Montego Bay.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

If you’re willing to spend a little to guarantee that you have an amazing beach day, there are some amazing private beach clubs in Jamaica. One of the most popular is Doctor’s Cave Beach on Jamaica’s north coast in the popular city of Montego Bay. 

For a fee, you gain access to some of the best stretches of white sand on the island with dazzling turquoise water. There are changing rooms, showers, gift shops, a gym, a spa, and dining at the bathing club right on the beach.

There are also, of course, sun loungers and everything you would expect a beach club to provide. Doctor’s Cave Beach is the perfect beach to visit if you are staying in a hotel or resort that doesn’t have a private beach you can access.

Accommodation near Doctor’s Cave Beach

Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Burwood Public Beach

Near the town of Corral Spring on Jamaica’s north coast is where you’ll find Burwood Beach. It’s a public beach that’s been redeveloped so that it provides everything you need for a fun day at the beach.

It also has Jamaica’s trademark bright white sands and clean, clear seas as well as lots of trees, benches and beach huts for shade. 

This is a family-friendly beach with a children’s play area and showers plus a watersports equipment rental service. If you’ve never tried jet skis or snorkelling then Burwood Beach is the perfect place to give them a go!

Corral Spring is by no means a large town, but there are lots of resorts in this area and lots of smaller towns nearby too. 

Accommodation near

One of the many secluded beaches on Jamaica's north coast.

Hellshire Beach

Want to know some of the other best beaches near Kingston Jamaica as well as Fort Clarence? Hellshire Beach is ideal if you don’t mind spending time on more crowded beaches that have more amenities nearby.

Hellshire beach is just a few kilometres west of Fort Clarence so you could easily enjoy both on the same day. Or, spend the whole day here as a day trip from Kingston. Locals love coming to Hellshire Beach so you know it must be good!

Hellshire Beach is known for having lots (seriously, tons) of seafood restaurants right on the sand. It has a protected swimming area so you can feel relaxed and safe having fun in these waters.

There isn’t a lot of unoccupied sand on Hellshire Beach so it’s not the best if you like to lounge in the sun, but lucky for you there is another beach right next door called Sugarman Beach. This beach is small but ideal for lounging as it’s often totally empty.

Accommodation near

View of Montego Bay Rose Hall Half Moon Resort

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach is actually a small resort town on the southern coast of Jamaica and not just one beach.

But the reason it makes the list of the best beaches is that the entire coastline of this town is essentially one long beach. It’s not wide, but it’s picturesque and super convenient to reach from any of the multiple resorts that line up along the coast here.

There are parts you should avoid because it’s rocky and the current can be quite strong, but there are several unnamed beachy bays (like the one near Jack Sprat Restaurant & Bar). Here, you can relax on a small stretch of sand, look out at the ocean and watch the sunset.

Accommodation near

Montego Bay, Jamaica - Mein Schiff 6 cruise Ship of TUI Cruises docked in Montego Bay city, Jamaica

Ocho Rios Bay Beach

As already mentioned, Ocho Rios is one of the most popular resort towns in Jamaica and one of the bigger cities on the north coast.

It has a major cruise port so there are always lots of tourists here year-round. But don’t let the crowds deter you because Ocho Rios Bay Beach is the main city beach and it is plenty big enough to accommodate everyone who visits.

You can do whatever you like on this vast white sand beach including all types of watersports (waterskiing, jetskiing, kitesurfing, anything!) and it’s super cool watching the cruise ships sail in and out of the port.

It’s popular with families looking for a swim-safe beach with lifeguards, plus there are tons of resorts that line the beach so it won’t be difficult for you to find accommodation nearby.

Accommodation near

Ocho Rios, Jamaica - Motor boat and paddle boats (pedalos) on sandy Ocho Rios Bay Beach in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

One Man Beach

Montego Bay has lots of gorgeous beaches but one of the best beaches in Montego Bay is One Man Beach, also known as Old Hospital Park Beach.

The water here is bright blue and much of the white sand is actually covered in grass and palm trees. This makes it a great beach for picnics and walks as well as lounging. 

Because there are lots of other beaches nearby on the ‘Hip Strip’ as it’s called in Montego Bay, you’ll find that overcrowding is less of an issue.

Yes, there will probably be more than one man on One Man Beach but it’s still a relaxing place to spend a beach day with lots of restaurants and other amenities nearby.

Accommodation near

Sandy beach with palm trees and a sailing boat in the turquoise sea on Paradise island.

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11 of the Best beaches in Jamaica
11 of the Best beaches in Jamaica
11 of the Best beaches in Jamaica


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