The Only Honeymoon Guide to Bermuda You’ll Ever Need!

KINGS WHARF BERMUDA Kings Wharf at sunset with the clock towers and Casemates Prison

Pink sand beaches, luxurious five-star resorts, beautiful summer weather… Booking your honeymoon in Bermuda might be the best decision you ever make. Some think it’s a Caribbean island, but it isn’t.

Bermuda 650 miles east of North Carolina in the USA floating in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. And because it’s a British Island territory, Bermuda has mixes of both US and UK culture blended with a slice of island paradise. 

Bermuda has a unique blend of architecture, especially in its capital city Hamilton. You’ll find lots of small harbours and docks with catamarans and sailing boats in the stunning crystal-clear turquoise water.

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations if you struggle to sit still. You’ll find an array of romantic activities on the island including horseback riding on the beach, playing a round of golf, swimming in coves, and getting pampered in high-end spas.

This Bermuda honeymoon guide covers everything you need to know to plan a Bermuda honeymoon. It will show you the best romantic neighbourhoods, where to stay in Bermuda for couples on their honeymoon and the top romantic things to do in Bermuda.

This guide also includes where to eat and all the best tours and day trips so you have the most amazing, romantic Bermuda honeymoon.

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Important Information on Bermuda for Your Honeymoon

Unless you plan on sailing to Bermuda from the US (which some people do!) then you will be flying into L.F. Wade International Airport in St George’s Parish.

No foreign nationals need visas to travel to Bermuda but check before travelling. There are no specific vaccinations (like Yellow Fever, for example) that you need before entering Bermuda but you should still get travel insurance.

Bermuda’s official language is English, with standard English being used in professional and hospitality settings. Colloquial Bermudan English is spoken by locals in more casual settings. The Bermudian dollar (BMD) is the official currency though USD is accepted in some locations.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are widely accepted around the island which is a huge turnaround from just a few years ago when you could only pay in cash. However, keep some cash with you for smaller vendors and purchases.

Bermuda has an excellent bus and ferry system that runs from Hamilton, but since you are on your honeymoon you will probably travel by taxi. It’s easy to walk around Hamilton city but there aren’t many pavements or sidewalks in other parts of the island.

Taxis are plentiful and affordable, costing around $6.40 for the first mile and $2.25 for every subsequent mile. Visitors cannot rent cars in Bermuda, only scooters.

The best time to visit Bermuda is during the warm, summer months of May – October. Bermuda has a mild, not tropical, climate. It won’t be warm enough to lounge on beaches in January.

Tap water is safe to drink in Bermuda and raw fruit and vegetables are safe to eat too. This is an affluent country so you should plan to spend at least €175 USD per day in Bermuda; your honeymoon cost will likely be double that amount.

Where To Go in Bermuda on Your Honeymoon

Bermuda is an archipelago made up of seven main islands and a bunch of smaller ones (138 in total, to be exact). It’s only 25 miles long and, at the widest point, two miles wide. Its neighbourhoods or districts are called parishes and the island has nine. 

From west to east, these are Sandys, Southampton, Warwick, Paget, Pembroke, Devonshire, Smith’s, Hamilton, and St George’s. Five of these parishes are the best honeymoon destinations in Bermuda.

Sandys Parish

Sometimes called the ‘West End’, all of the islands in Sandys Parish are joined by a bridge so it’s easy to get around. Around 8,000 people live here, mostly in the main settlement of Somerset Village.

Dockyard Beach and Cambridge Beaches are the most popular beaches here, but the Royal Naval Dockyard is the main landmark in this parish as well as the National Museum of Bermuda.

View of Daniel's Head Island from 9 Beaches, Sandys Parish.

Southampton Parish 

Next door to Sandys Parish is Southampton Parish, home to arguably the best beaches in Bermuda. It’s also where you’ll find Port Royal Golf Course, the most popular golf course on the island, and Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

One of the best pink sand beaches, Horseshoe Bay Beach, and Church Bay Beach are in this parish.

Landscape of Ocean rock and beach in Horseshoe Bay Southampton Parish Bermuda

Paget Parish

Moving past Warwick Parish, Paget Parish is roughly in the centre of the island and home to the smaller neighbourhoods of Mount Pleasant and Camden.

There are few things to do here beyond Elbow Beach (another beautiful pink sand beach) and the Bermuda Botanical Gardens but it’s one of the best places to have a Bermuda all-inclusive honeymoon. There are lots of fabulous resorts and guesthouses here.

Clipped boxwood hedges are part of the formal gardens in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Petunias fill in the spaces amongst the hedges.

Pembroke Parish

Just north of Paget Parish above Hamilton Harbour is Pembroke Parish. This is where you’ll find Bermuda’s capital city, Hamilton.

This might be confusing as Hamilton Parish is a separate parish. But if you consider Washington State and Washington DC in the US, it’s a similar setup! You’ll find the most shops and the best restaurants in this parish as well as some small city parks.

Hamilton Parish

Hamilton Parish is one of the most westerly parishes in Bermuda. It’s known for its rugged natural beauty like swimming holes, coves, caves, and nature reserves as opposed to the clean and serene beaches towards the east of the island.

Cathedral Cave, Crystal and Fantasy Caves, and Blue Hole Park are where you’ll find the majority of Hamilton’s show-stopping natural wonders.

Fantasy Cave in Bermuda. Subterranean cavern located in Hamilton Parish close to Castle Harbour.

Where To Stay in Bermuda on Your Honeymoon

Unlike the overwater bungalows you see in the Maldives or Caribbean islands, there are no Bermuda honeymoon bungalows (yet!).

There is a brilliant selection of all-inclusive Bermuda resorts, boutique hotels, and private beach clubs in all five of the best Bermuda honeymoon parishes.

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa in Sandys Parish

People have been staying in the Cambridge Beaches area since 1923. Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa is a four-star resort sitting at the very top of a peninsula so it has amazing panoramic ocean views.

The resort consists of detached, private cottages, four private beaches, and two private coves. There are three on-site restaurants, a full-service spa, and many more facilities.

This is the perfect resort for your Bermuda honeymoon if you want to stay in a more secluded area away from the crowds.

Pompano Beach Club in Southampton Parish

If you want to stay close to all the best pink sand beaches and golf courses on the island, then the Pompano Beach Club is a great choice. It’s a four-star, 75-room hotel overlooking Bermuda’s south coast. Pompano Beach has a private beach club for quick beach access.

There are also lots of hot tubs and a pool, and many of the rooms have their own terrace. Pompano even has a game room and two on-site bars.

This is the best hotel if you’d prefer to stay in a high-end boutique hotel with lots of things to do so you’ll never get bored.

Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort in Paget Parish

Elbow Beach is one of the top beaches on the island, so if you stay in the Elbow Beach Bermuda Resort then you will get easy access to it any time you like!

This is a four-star hotel with 98 stunning ocean view rooms. It sits in the middle of 50 acres of tropical gardens with a beautiful terrace restaurant and elegant, timeless decor.

Stay at the Elbow Beach Resort if you want an upmarket hotel in the centre of the island in easy reach of all the best romantic things to do across the island. But you’ll also have the serenity of a coastal hotel, so it’s the best of both worlds!

Colorful homes and hotels on this hillside in Hamilton Bermuda.

Royal Palms Hotel in Pembroke Parish

This is one of the most unique hotels in Bermuda. The Royal Palms Hotel is more like a guesthouse in the middle of Hamilton City. It comprises two 19th-century Georgian manor houses near all the ferry ports and best restaurants.

While you don’t get a sea view, you do get some privacy as the house is completely surrounded by tall, native palm trees. Plus, the decor is an attractive mix of British colonial style and bright, modern island colours.

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club in Pembroke Parish

Do you want to stay in Hamilton city for your honeymoon but an ocean view is non-negotiable? The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is a 410-room, five-star resort on Pembroke Parish’s south coast right on Hamilton harbour.

It has everything you could possibly want in a honeymoon resort including an infinity pool, watersports hire, a full-service spa and so much more. There has been a hotel on this site since 1885, so they know what they’re doing.

If you want to stay in the best resort in Bermuda for your honeymoon with no expense spared, then you couldn’t choose anywhere better than the Hamilton Princess.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa in Hamilton Parish

Moving further west and further away from city living as Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa sits in a lush, green tropical estate surrounded by palm trees.

This four-star hotel is fully serviced and Bermuda’s only resort that offers all-inclusive deals so you could stay here for your entire honeymoon and have everything you need. It has a private pink sand beach and sea views, and it’s the closest resort to Hamilton Parish’s famous swimming caves.

Rosewood Bermuda Hotel in Hamilton Parish

This five-star resort is directly next to Tucker’s Point Golf Club, one of the best courses on the island, and Castle Harbour for those gorgeous sea views. It also has direct access to Bermuda’s largest private beach.

Rosewood Bermuda benefits from being located right next to St George’s Parish which is possibly the lushest, tropical and untouched part of the island.

HAMILTON, BERMUDA - Bermuda has a blend of British and American culture, which can be found in the capital, Hamilton. Its Royal Naval Dockyard combines modern attractions with history.

Things To Do in Bermuda While on Your Honeymoon

Sandys Parish

Relax on Cambridge Beaches and Long Bay Beach

There are around 34 official beaches in Bermuda and all of them are either white or pink sand beaches with beautifully clean, clear water.

One of the main reasons why Cambridges Beaches and Long Bay Beach are two of the best is because they’re situated in Somerset Village on the west of the island.

This is the perfect place to enjoy a sunset in Bermuda or simply take a stroll or dip in the ocean with your significant other.

Famous pink sand beaches of Bermuda - Warwick Long Bay Beach

Watersports at the Royal Naval Dockyard

The Royal Naval Dockyard is the biggest harbour in Bermuda. It used to serve navy ships but now it welcomes cruise ships and shops and it is the location of the Bermuda Craft Market. 

You’ll also find a huge selection of water sports equipment rentals here in case you and your new spouse want to pick up surfing on your honeymoon! And you’ll also find a marine life centre here as well as a safe snorkel park.

HAMILTON, BERMUDA - Hamilton, in Bermuda has a blend of British and American culture. Its Royal Naval Dockyard combines modern attractions and boating with history.

Southampton Parish

Lounge on Horseshoe Bay Cove Pink Sand Beach

Horseshoe Bay Cove is one of the most popular, well-loved beaches in Bermuda. As the name suggests, this is a long stretch of soft white sand tucked away in a bay in the shape of a horseshoe. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas here and there are a couple of beach bars too.

You can also check out the other, smaller beaches nearby if this one gets crowded. These are Hidden Beach, Angle Beach, and the comically named Butts Beach.

You can also head up to the small Horseshoe Bay Viewpoint to witness beautiful vistas along the coastline. Bring a tripod or accost a friendly stranger to take photos of you and your significant other up here, you’ll treasure it for years!

Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda on a Sunny Day.

Witness the Sunset at Church Bay Beach

There isn’t a bad beach in Bermuda to watch the sun go down, but if you want to witness the sunset from the best beach in Bermuda, it’s Church Bay Beach.

Situated on the edge of Church Bay Park, this beach is surrounded by lush greenery that will make you feel a million miles away from everyone else on the island.

Sunrise over the sea and beautiful cloudscape. Colorful ocean beach sunset.

Play a Round of Golf at Port Royal Golf Course

Mark Twain supposedly said that “golf is a good walk spoiled.” But if you prefer to stay active on your vacations and even your honeymoon, it can be a great bonding activity!

Port Royal Golf Course is Bermuda’s premier golf club and you’ll be able to rent all the equipment you need. Hopefully, the game would trigger your first fight as a married couple!

Green golf field on Bermuda. European landscape

Paget Parish

Get Pampered in The Spa at Elbow Beach

Everyone loves a good spa day, especially on their honeymoon. Most resorts and hotels in Bermuda have full-service spas, but if you want to book a spa day somewhere extra special then you should pay a visit to The Spa at Elbow Beach.

Every treatment room has beautiful views across the ocean and one of the best pink sand beaches in Bermuda. They have large granite baths with floating flowers that give a tranquil and serene vibe.

You can book different types of massages, facials, and cosmetic treatments like manicures and pedicures. The day pass includes access to their swimming pool and beach too.

Kiss Under a Moongate at Bermuda Botanical Gardens

Though the idea originated in China, moongates are a staple part of Bermudan architecture. They are round, overhead openings that you’ll most commonly find in garden walls made from local limestone. They are good luck charms and you will see them all over Bermuda.

One of the most instagrammable moongates is in Bermuda Botanical Gardens surrounded by colourful flora and majestic trees.

The romantic atmosphere will surely compel you to embrace your loved one and share a kiss under a moongate. If you want to spend more time in this part of Bermuda, check out the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and the historic mansion Camden House.

An old stone wall with a moon gate in Queens Park Hamilton Bermuda.

Pembroke Parish

Eat a Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Pembroke Parish doesn’t have the best beaches in Bermuda, but it does have some coastline and it has the best restaurants on the island.

Some of those restaurants actually allow you to eat a romantic dinner on the beach! Check out 1609 Bar and Restaurant, Intrepid Bermuda, and Harbourfront Sushi Restaurant for the best fine (sand) dining experiences.

Explore the Sights in Hamilton City 

Hamilton is such a picturesque, company city that you should spend an afternoon walking arm-in-arm down its beautiful pastel-coloured streets. Check out St. Theresa’s Catholic Cathedral and The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, the Bermuda National Gallery, and Queen Elizabeth Par-La-Ville Sculpture Park.

Grab a tasty and healthy lunch at Devil’s Isle Cafe or a Sweet Treat from the Cake Shop. You’ll also find lots of old-school British pubs in Hamilton like the Robin Hood Pub & Restaurant and you’ll realise just how multicultural the locals on the island are when you see a mosque and a synagogue only two streets apart. 

HAMILTON, BERMUDA - Bermuda has a blend of British and American culture, which can be found in the capital, Hamilton. Its Royal Naval Dockyard combines modern attractions with history.

Hamilton Parish

Cycle Along the Bermuda Railway Trail

The Bermuda Railway Trail is a former rail track that is now a designated cycle and walking route. It starts on a small island called Coney Island off the coast of Hamilton Parish and follows the coastline all the way into Hamilton City and beyond.

You can rent bikes in several places in Hamilton City and there is one rental shop in Grotto Bay, Hamilton Parish.

The entire trail is 18 miles and spans almost the entire island. It’s a scenic and safe way to explore Bermuda and is one of the most unique things to do in Bermuda on a honeymoon.

Swim in the Caves at Blue Hole Park

Swimming and snorkelling in the sea is a lot of fun, but swimming in the caves at Blue Hole Park is an experience unique to Bermuda. In Cathedral Cave, you can tread water underneath the impressive stalactites which decorate the ceiling of the cave.

There are lagoons you can swim in and there are also diving schools in case you want to make the most of your honeymoon by bonding over a new skill and shared experience.

Fantasy Cave in Bermuda. Subterranean cavern located in Hamilton Parish close to Castle Harbour.

Romantic Places To Eat on Your Honeymoon in Bermuda

Since Bermuda is an island, it’s not surprising that some of the best local Bermudan dishes are seafood. One of the most traditional dishes on the island is salted codfish with boiled potatoes.

Rice and black-eyed peas are popular as well as a traditional Sunday fried breakfast which is a British influence. But since there is a large number of affluent residents and tourists, you’ll find international as well as upmarket, fusion Bermudan cuisine.

The Waterlot Inn in Southampton Parish

If you have the cash to splash, dining at The Waterlot Inn is a must when visiting Bermuda on your honeymoon. It’s a top-tier steakhouse located in a cottage dating back to 1670 next to the Turtle Hill Golf Club.

With main courses priced around $34–$68, you can expect the usual upmarket fare like foie gras, oysters Rockefeller, and jumbo scallops as well as steak. The decor is cosy and traditional with dark wood beams and comfy armchair dining chairs.

Fourways Restaurant & Inn in Paget Parish

Technically, this restaurant is in Warwick Parish but it’s right on the edge of the Paget Parish border. Fourways is a hotel but it’s also a casual yet absolutely delicious modern French restaurant.

They serve dishes like lobster, veal, and lamb in sauces and offer classic French desserts like souffle. The decor is also quite old-worldly with dark wood, white table clothes, and a live piano player in the corner to set a romantic mood.

HAMILTON, BERMUDA - Hamilton, in Bermuda has a blend of British and American culture. Its Royal Naval Dockyard combines modern attractions and boating with history.

Lobster Pot & Boat House Bar in Pembroke Parish

This restaurant is slightly more laid back, casual, and affordable but no less classy so it’s still a romantic place to eat on your Bermuda honeymoon. As the name of the restaurant suggests, it’s a seafood restaurant serving local catches like lobster, salmon and snapper.

It also gives you the opportunity to taste more traditional Bermudan cuisine like island chowder. They also serve a range of classic cocktails and the decor leans into the seafaring theme so you’re guaranteed to have a great meal.

Ascots Restaurant in Pembroke Parish

Tucked away down a narrow street in Hamilton City in an old colonial townhouse, Ascots Restaurant is a hidden gem. You’ll really feel like you’re dining in a wealthy person’s living room or conservatory.

Ascots serves quintessential upmarket fare like roast leg of lamb, surf and turf, pork belly, and duck confit as well as salad and pasta dishes and have an extensive wine selection.

The Swizzle Inn in Hamilton Parish

This is a must-visit on any vacation or honeymoon in Bermuda because it is a Bermudan institution. It’s the oldest pub on the island and the creator of the island’s national cocktail, the Rum Swizzle. It has a friendly pub vibe and serves traditional British pub fare along with the daily catch. 

Restaurant open air in philipsburg, sint maarten. Terrace with tables, chairs and yacht in sea. Eating and dining outdoor. Summer vacation at Caribbean island, travelling. Enjoy life concept.

Tours To Do in Bermuda on Your Honeymoon

Local Food Tour

Though there are some excellent restaurants in Bermuda (and you know what they are!), it can sometimes be difficult to spot those that aren’t so good.

With so many international residents and visitors, it can be difficult to find traditional Bermudan cuisine.

This food tour will take you around no less than seven amazing eateries around the city of Hamilton with lots of tastings.

If you can tear yourself away from the pink sand beaches or your resort’s infinity pool for three hours, this is a great way to meet some locals and possibly some other honeymooners in an intimate group. 

Bermuda Fish Chowder - chowder soup that is considered the national dish of Bermuda a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

All aboard the perfect way to see Bermuda’s colourful and exotic sealife without even getting your feet wet.

This glass-bottom boat tour departs from the dockyard in Sandys Parish and sails across the world’s northernmost coral reef and the shipwreck of HMS Vixen.

You’ll get an informative talk from the boat’s captain as well as a complimentary rum swizzle cocktail.

An underwater photo of a Four Eyed Butterflyfish or Chaetodon capistratus, is found in the Western Atlantic, Bermuda, and Caribbean.

Half-Day Trips in Bermuda on Your Honeymoon

Catamaran Sail & Snorkel Tour

You can’t go all the way to an island country like Bermuda on your honeymoon without going on a romantic sailing trip. You can drink cocktails while you sail and snorkel in your own private cove for almost four hours.

It’s pure bliss and you’ll be able to see a gorgeous view of Bermuda from the sea instead of looking out of your resort window.

Big rock in coast of Bermuda island. Crystal clean blue water for snorkel on sunny day

St George East End Excursion

St George’s Parish is one of the most historic parts of the island. So while you might not want to base yourself there during your honeymoon in Bermuda, you might want to explore it with a local and knowledgeable guide!

Build your own itinerary and see sites like Fort St Catherine, and the beautiful Unfinished Church. It’s a gorgeous place to sit and have a picnic! 

ST.GEORGE BERMUDA - The historic Anglican St. Peters Church dating back to 1620 in St. George's Bermuda.

Recommended honeymoon tours in Bermuda

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The Only Honeymoon Guide to Bermuda You’ll Ever Need!
The Only Honeymoon Guide to Bermuda You’ll Ever Need!
The Only Honeymoon Guide to Bermuda You’ll Ever Need!


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