12 of the Best beaches in Anguilla

Ocean bay sunrise with distant black cliffs

Anguilla is an island in the Caribbean that you do not want to miss. It is a great place for all sorts of activities, including hiking and fishing.

But you might be wondering about the beaches here: how are they? Which ones should I visit? It is said that Anguilla beaches are some of the best beaches in the world!

If you are planning a trip to the island, it is important that you have an idea of the best ones to visit. Beaches are one of the most popular attractions in Anguilla.

People come to the island just for the beaches, and it is easy to see why as they are amazing! The white sand on the beaches makes them even more beautiful.

They are also very clean, which means you will have no trouble finding a spot to set up your chair or umbrella.

The beaches are so picturesque that you will want to see all of them. There is no shortage of beaches in Anguilla. In fact, you can find 33 beaches!

Most of them are white sandy beaches that are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and other water activities.

The beaches are located all over the island, which means you can see a lot of them during your trip whilst visiting different areas.

The below list is a round-up of the best beaches in Anguilla, along with some suggestions on where to stay in Anguilla near the beach.

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Shoal Bay Beach

Shoal Bay beach is a popular beach in Anguilla. It is a long sandy beach with great snorkelling, sunbathing and swimming opportunities.

The water is not very deep, so it is good for families with small children. There is also a coral reef that is home to many marine life species.

It is easy to get up close with them since the water is so shallow. There are lounge chairs available for rent if you want to spend the day relaxing there.

Shoal beach Anguilla is located to the north of the island and is situated in Shoal Bay Village. There are several water activities you can enjoy here aside from snorkelling, including sea kayaking.

There are plenty of restaurants and beach cafes nearby where you can get lunch or dinner after your beach session, including the Tropical Sunset Restaurant & Bar.

The area surrounding Shoal Bay Anguilla is also very scenic and perfect for coastal walks. There is a boardwalk that runs along the beach, where you can see some of the local fishermen going about their trade.

You can also go on a guided nature walk around the area if you want to learn more about its history and ecosystem.

Accommodation near Shoal Bay beach

Beach in Anguilla Island English Caribbean Island

Meads Bay Beach

For those who are serious about their beach time, Meads Bay beach is the place to be. The sand is soft and powdery, and there is plenty of room on this stretch of shoreline.

There is plenty of space so you will not feel crowded or as if you need to share your space with strangers.

The water is also clear and blue here, making it easy for snorkelers and swimmers to spot any marine life that might be hiding below the surface.

Meads Bay has something for everyone. It is a very popular area of the island for tourism and has a variety of activities going on.

It definitely provides that luxurious holiday feel but provides a sense of culture and Caribbean life. There are many exclusive all-inclusive resorts based along Meads Bay beach that are perfect for those looking for a luxurious, but relaxing holiday.

As well as all-inclusive resorts there are also self-catering apartments and villas in Meads Bay. This is the perfect place to come if you are after a beach holiday with your family or friends.

Accommodation near Meads Bay beach

view of rocky rugged shore with white sand beach and turquoise lagoon at anguilla island

Maundays Bay

Maundays Bay is located on the South East coast of Anguilla. It has sandy shores and clear water. The beach is wide, with plenty of space to relax and play in the water without bumping into other guests.

There are also restrooms, showers and a bar nearby to purchase food or drinks if you do not have time to pack your own lunch or want to venture far out.

This area is lined with privately rented villas, luxury apartments and beach houses. The five star resort, Cap Juluca is located here on the east of the beach.

This resort is extremely high end and has views that overlook the whole of Maundays Bay. If you are after an unforgettable Anguilla beach experience, you should definitely try Maundays Bay, one of the best Anguilla beaches that the island has to offer.

Accommodation near Maundays Bay

Empty beach chair white sand with coconut palm tree paradise sea

Sandy Ground Beach

Sandy Ground Beach is a stunning, white sandy beach that offers visitors some of the best views of the ocean and sunsets on Anguilla.

The beach is located in the Sandy Ground district of the island and is easily accessible via taxi or car from any location in Anguilla. In the summer, the locals hold a festival here named Anguilla Summer Festival that attracts many tourists from all over the world.

The festival is an opportunity for people to learn about Anguilla’s culture and traditions and also experience some of the island’s best music and dance performances.

The beach itself is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun as well as the cool breeze coming off of the ocean.

There are plenty of vendors selling snacks, drinks and souvenirs at Sandy Ground Beach so you will not have to worry about bringing anything with you.

If you want something more than just sitting on the sand, there are kayaks and paddleboards available for rent.

Nearby, you will also find The Road Salt Pond. This is a protected area for birds and wildlife. If you enjoy birdwatching or nature in general, this may be an excellent place to visit after your beach visit.

Accommodation near Sandy Ground Beach

Sandy Ground Beach located on the island of Anguilla.

Rendezvous Bay

Rendezvous Bay is a large bay that has a long stretch of white sand, making it popular with tourists and locals alike.

There are several restaurants, bars, shops and other businesses nearby that make it a good spot for families to spend time in the sun together.

The beach has clear waters that are perfect for snorkelling or swimming. It is located just west of Blowing Point, which hosts the main island’s ferry port.

The area is very sheltered due to its large inland bay and the forested area that lies behind it. It is also surrounded by beautiful scenery and the perfect spot to enjoy the views while relaxing on the beach.

Accommodation near Rendezvous Bay

Stunning Rendezvous Bay beach on Caribbean island of Anguilla

Little Bay Beach

Little Bay Beach Anguilla is one of the most secluded beaches in Anguilla. It can only be accessed by walking from the cliff above.

The walkway leading down to the beach is very steep and rocky so be careful when walking down it.

The sand is soft and white and the waters are shallow making it another great spot for snorkelling as well as other water sports like paddle boarding and kayaking.

The cove surrounding the beach is extremely rocky so you have to be careful of sharp edges and swimming too close to the rocks.

The Little Bay beach is also known for its beautiful sunsets and the surrounding cliffs are perfect for taking photos.

As the beach is very secluded there are no facilities so be sure to take plenty of water and snacks with you for your day on the beach.

Accommodation near Little Bay Beach

long white sand beach see small island with little tree on the top

Crocus Bay Beach

Crocus Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in Anguilla. It is just north of Sandy Ground. The sand here is beautifully golden and the water is crystal clear.

If you want to get away from the crowds on the other beaches in Anguilla then Crocus Bay Beach is a great option.

There are barely any facilities here so make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks with you when heading out here. The beach bar Da’Vida is a nice restaurant here that is great for a spot for lunch.

The beach is backed by a wooded area that gives it that desert island and secluded feel. It is a great place to go if you want to get away from the crowds and have some peace and quiet.

Accommodation near Crocus Bay Beach

Perfect Caribbean beach on Anguilla island

Savannah Bay

This large beach bay is very secluded with virtually nothing around it. If you are coming to Anguilla to visit the best beaches, Savannah Bay should not be your first go-to.

If you are a seasoned traveller of the island and wish to see an alternative spot to the mainstream beaches such as Sandy Grounds Bay or Meads Bay, then Savannah Bay could be a great spot for you.

There is one restaurant that services the beach named Palm Grove Barbeque Grill. This restaurant provides a colourful beach bar vibe and serves cold drinks and traditional seafood.

Beautiful beach framed with palms on Caribbean island of Anguilla

Nim’s Nook

Located just south of Long Bay Village and north of Meads Bay beach, you will find a small cove beach called Nim’s Nook. It is separated from the main Meads Bay beach by a small rocky section.

It is a quiet beach with calm waves and clear water. It really is a hidden gem and a must-see if you are after a small secluded beach. There are no facilities at Nim’s Nook, so bring your own towel or chair.

Accommodation near Nim’s Nook

Beautiful beach framed with palms on Caribbean island of Anguilla
Captain’s Bay

To the north of the island, you will find Captain’s Bay. This beach is very remote and situated at the northern tip of Anguilla.

There are not many facilities or amenities around this part of the island. The area is mostly green spaces and hiking trails. The beach itself is a perfect spot for snorkelling.

It has clear waters and beautiful coral reefs. There are some small waves at Captain’s Bay, but it is still a calm and relaxing place to spend your day.

The beach is not very big and is often empty. This makes it a great place to spend time with your family or just enjoy some quiet time by yourself. The sand here is golden in colour and quite soft.

If you decide to spend some time here, make sure you check out the many hiking trails.

The Windward Point Lighthouse is nearby here and can be accessed via walking routes that cover around 2km. From here you can also get a great view over to Scrub Island.

Beautiful beach on Anguilla island, Caribbean

Pelican Bay

This stretch of coastline is very exclusive and luxurious. It has several private villas that are set back from the seafront and have their own swimming pools and high-end facilities.

Pelican Bay itself does not have a public beach like the other areas of the island. But small sandy areas that the private apartments can enjoy. This area is great for honeymoons and romantic getaways.

Accommodation near Pelican Bay

Sun umbrellas and chairs on tropical beach with sunset.

Barnes Bay

Barnes Bay is a beautiful sandy beach that has turquoise water and white sand. It is a great place to go swimming or snorkelling as the water is shallow and clear.

You can also take some time out to enjoy a cocktail while watching local fishermen in their boats. There are several restaurants here too if you want to grab something quick at lunchtime.

The shoreline is full of private villas that have breathtaking views of the ocean and Barnes Bay.

The beach is very popular with locals, so it can get busy. There are also plenty of vendors selling items such as drinks and souvenirs.

The water can be a bit choppy at times, but the beach is safe for swimming and snorkelling. There are also plenty of sunloungers available if you want to relax on the sand with your loved ones.

The beaches here are well-maintained, so you will not have any problems finding somewhere to sit or lie down.

Accommodation near Barnes Bay

Beautiful beach on Anguilla island, Caribbean


If you are looking for the best beach in Anguilla, you will definitely find a fair few. You will have to try them out for yourself and pick your favourite.

Depending on what you are after, most of the beaches have golden or white sandy beaches, shallow waters for swimming and many opportunities for fun water sports.

Most of the beaches are also well-equipped with facilities such as toilets, showers and other amenities.

Plus have many restaurants and bars surrounding them if you need any refreshments. We hope that this article has helped you make a decision on which beach to visit.

Our final recommendation is that you try as many beaches as possible so that you can experience Anguilla’s full beauty for yourself.

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12 of the Best beaches in Anguilla
12 of the Best beaches in Anguilla
12 of the Best beaches in Anguilla


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