Where to Stay in Tokyo Japan

Where to Stay in Tokyo Japan. Tokyo is massive, so we have put together a great guide on different areas in Tokyo to stay as well as where to stay in Tokyo on a budget, the best area to stay in Tokyo for nightlight lovers and of course the best family hotels in Tokyo.

Tokyo is one of the best places to visit in Asia Pacific. Being Japans capital city and one of the most populous cities in Asia, there are several places you can stay in Tokyo and more than enough things to keep you occupied. The great thing about Tokyo is that city is interconnected with great infrastructure and an easy to use transport system, and so mobility is not an issue when staying in Tokyo. Tokyo is massive, so we have put together a great guide on different areas in Tokyo to stay as well as where to stay in Tokyo on a budget, the best area to stay in Tokyo for nightlight lovers and of course the best family hotels in Tokyo.

Quick note: Prices will obviously vary from high season to low season, in some cases by almost 60%! Times to avoid are Golden Week (end April-early May) Obon (mid August) and Christmas/New year’s. Recommended times to go are, Late March/early April (however book as early as possible), when you can see cherry blossom trees come to life. This blog post gives you a great idea when to visit and when to avoid Tokyo.

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Where to stay in Tokyo


Shinjuku is basically in the heart of Tokyo and is home to the largest railway station in all of Tokyo. Shinjuku is divided into two regions the Eastern region and the western regions. On the eastern side of Shinjuku, you’ll find an active nightlife featuring Robot Cabarets as well as thousands of bars, cafés and restaurants, Shinjuku eateries prepare the best Tokyo dishes. One of my favourite cafés is the Owl Cafe in Akihabara, where you can get up close and personal with an owl. Shinjuku is also very well known as a large shopping district, with the majority of hotel in Shinjuku Tokyo.

On the western side, there are several high-rise buildings and government offices found in this area. There are also a number of modern hotels where you can stay in Shinjuku. In both regions, you’ll enjoy several things to do including sightseeing in town.

Where to stay in Shibuya Tokyo

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Shinjuku

Imano Tokyo Hostel

UNPLAN Kagurazaka

City Hotel N U T S

Budget Hotels in Shinjuku


Hanabi Hotel

Tokyo Plaza Hotel

Mid-Range Hotels in Shinjuku

Ibis Tokyo Shinjuku

Tokyu Stay Yotsuya

Hotel Sunroute Higashi-shinju

Family Friendly Hotels in Shinjuku

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Citadines Shinjuku

Luxury Hotels in Shinjuku

Hilton Hotel Tokyo

Rihga Royal Hotel

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Where to stay in shinjuku Tokyo


Roppongi is a district of Minato, Tokyo, which is well known for being a “party town”. The nightlife is considered the best in Tokyo, offering a large number of foreigner friendly bars, restaurants and of course night clubs, as well as high end bars and reaturants. Roppongi also caters for the expat community in Toyko. Ironically Roppongi is also home to a lot of foreign embassies, so keep this in mind if you plan to party too hard and get in trouble with the police.

This area isn’t all about partying, it also offers a lot to all those art lovers out there. The National Art Centre is Japan’s largest art museum, together with Roppongi Hills’ Mori Art Museum and Suntory Museum of Art, forms the “Art Triangle”. Something else to keep in mind is that Roppongi is not on the Yamanote Line (loop line) so it can make getting around Tokyo is a little more difficult, however not impossible, just a little inconvenient at times. As for sights in Roppongi, I would recommend checking out the Tokyo City View Observation Deck to take in the views of massive city as well as the above museums and art galleries.

Where to stay in Roppongi Tokyo

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Roppongi

INNO Family Managed Hostel

Kaisu Hostel

Budget Hotels in Roppongi

Hotel Marroad Inn Akasaka

Akasaka Yoko Hotel

Olympic Inn Azabu

Mid-Range Hotels in Roppongi

Remm Roppongi

APA Hotel Roppongi

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Roppongi

Family Friendly Hotels in Roppongi

Hotel Mystays Premier Akasaka

Hotel the M Innsomnia Akasaka

Centurion Hotel Grand Akasaka

Luxury Hotels in Roppongi

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Intercontinental ANA Tokyo

Hotel Allamanda Aoyama

Where to stay in Tokyo

Tokyo Station aka Marunouchi Area

Marunouchi Area is located in Tokyo’s prestigious business district and is home to the most important train station (Tokyo Station), including the terminal station of the Tokaido shinkansen line (for easy access to Kyoto). The pre-war prominent red brick building, Tokyo station not only offers travel via train, it also offers hotels, restaurants and an art gallery. Marunouchi is a great areas for shopping with one of the city’s main department store and is considered the best area to stay in Tokyo.

Marunouchi is also home to Tokyo’s Imperial Palace, which is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. Sadly visitors are not allow in the grounds of the palace however its still a sight to see from the outside from the deep moat and imposing stone walls of the perimeter. You can however visit the East Gardens, which are open most days except Mondays, Fridays, New Year (Dec 28 to Jan 3) and some special occasions. Another sight to take in is the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum is an elegantly restored Meiji-era building with 19th-century European paintings. Below we will check out the hotels near Tokyo Station.

Where to stay in Marunouchi/ Tokyo Station

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Marunouchi

Imano Tokyo Ginza Hostel

Budget Hotels in Marunouchi

Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

Grand Central Hotel

Hotel Mystays Kanda

Mid-Range Hotels in Marunouchi

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu

Toshi Center Hotel

Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon

Family Friendly Hotels in Marunouchi

Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Hotel Monterey Hanzomon

KKR Hotel Tokyo

Luxury Hotels in Marunouchi

The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho

Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Imperial Hotel Tokyo

Shangri La Hotel

Where to stay in Marunouchi/ Tokyo Station


Shibuya is another huge shopping and transport hub on the west side of the Yamanote Train Line. It’s perfect for travellers as it offers convenient transport connections, heaps of shops, restaurants, bars and lots of sightseeing attractions. It is however a little less busy than Shinjuku and a bit more targeted to the younger crowd. Shibuya prides itself on being the centre of youth and fashion culture, you may catch an eyeful or funky new fashion trends!

A prominent landmark of Shibuya is the large road intersection in front of the station’s Hachiko Exit. The intersection has a lot of neon advertisements and giant video screens on large billboards on the surrounding buildings, which gets flooded by pedestrian traffic each time the crossing light turns green, making it a popular photo spot.

Where to stay in Shibuya Tokyo

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Shibuya

Wise Owl Hostels Shibuya

Tokyo Hostel ENISHI

Budget Hotels in Shibuya

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Hotel Marroad Inn Akasaka

Hotel Bougainvillea Shinjuku

Mid-Range Hotels in Shibuya

Sakura Fleur Aoyama

Hotel Mets Shibuya

Shibuya Tokyu REI Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Shibuya

Tokyu Stay Shibuya Shin-minamiguchi

Tokyu Stay Shibuya

Luxury Hotels in Shibuya

Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel

Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu

Where to stay in Shibuya Tokyo

Added extra: Coolest places to stay in Tokyo

Capsule hotels in Toyko

First Cabin Kyobashi

Tokyo Nihombashi Bay Hotel

The Prime Pod Ginza Tokyo

Tokyo Ginza Bay Hotel

First Cabin Akasaka

Coolest places to stay in Japan


Ryokan are traditional Japanese inns, however most of Japan was destroyed in WWII and has since been rebuilt as a modern city, with only a few Ryokans left.

Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou

Hotel Ryumeikan Ochanomizu Honten

*If you’re planning to go to Kyoto then I would recommend waiting til you get there and try a traditional Japanese Ryokan experience in Kyoto, Kyoto still has plenty of traditional buildings compared to Tokyo.

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