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Where to stay in Oita Prefecture

Hot spring water (Hells), the "sea hell" features a pond of boiling and red torii gateway in Umi Jigoku at Beppu, Oita-shi, Kyushu, Japan

So you are planning a trip to the onsen capital of Japan and now need to choose where to stay in Oita. While Oita Japan has long been known for the many onsens scattered around the prefecture, the area is also undergoing a makeover to become a destination known for more than just onsen in Japan.

 The Oita Prefecture also includes nearby Beppu, another onsen town in this part of Japan. Whether you prefer to stay in one of several Oita hotels, or a ryokan in Oita, we can help you find the best area for tourists.

We will cover off all types of Oita accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Oita hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Oita Japan 2023, the best Oita hotels, best places in Oita to visit, the best places to stay in Oita, hotels near Oita attractions, Oita neighborhood guide and many more.

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Oita – Where to stay in Oita for tourists

The city of Oita is an excellent home base for visiting the prefecture. The city of Oita is the largest city in Oita prefecture, which means accommodations and attractions abound. This central location will allow you to easily reach other areas of Oita prefecture, and take day trips to many other onsen towns in the region.

As host of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, hotels near Oita Stadium are filling up quickly, so make sure you reserve ahead of time! If rugby doesn’t interest you, it may be best to visit before or after this huge event, so you are not paying inflated prices on hotels and attractions.

Best places to stay in Oita

Budget Hotels in Oita
Hotel Route-Inn Oita Ekimae
Toyoko Inn Oita Ekimae
Oita Regal Hotel
Green Rich Hotel Oita Ekimae

Mid range Hotels in Oita
Hotel 910
Oita Century Hotel
Hotel Areaone Oita

Family Friendly Hotels in Oita
JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Oita
Rembrandt Hotel Oita
Hotel Nikko Oita Oasis Tower

Beppu, Oita, Japan, Shiraike Jigoku (White pond Hell) pond in autumn, which is one of the famous natural hot springs viewpoint, representing the various hells in Beppu

Yufu – Where to stay in Oita with family

Yufu is part of the Oita prefecture and is named for nearby Yufu Mountain. The city itself was only recently formed in 2005 when several nearby towns were combined. This place is very family-friendly, with a lot of nature activities to enjoy in the surrounding forests and mountains.

Local attractions such as Lake Kinrin are the perfect place to enjoy a lovely afternoon with your family, before returning to your local accommodation for the evening. Accommodation choices include traditional ryokan and boutique hotels. Yufuin District is known for having one of the best hot springs resorts in Japan.

Best places to stay in Yufu

Budget Hotels in Yufu
Tsuruya Intaku
Ryokan Hikarinoie
La Maison de David

Mid range Hotels in Yufu
Oyado Mokuren
Yufu no Yado Kifuu
Ryokan Yufusan

Family Friendly Hotels in Yufu
Shimizu Ryokan
Kazeno Sanso Yamashiro
Yufuin Bath Satoyamasafu

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Yufu
Yufuin Kaze no Mori
Ryotei Tanokura

Fukuoka, Japan - Yufu city in Yufuin, Oita, Japan.

Beppu – Where to stay in Oita on a budget

Just 15 minutes from Oita station is Beppu, an area known for “hells.” Hells are sometimes called mudpots in other areas and are where the sulfur bubbles up in a muddy, colorful pond. Popular hells near Beppu include Oniyama Hell and Blood Pond Hell. Of course, there are also many onsens for soaking here, too.

Other activities in Beppu include hot sand baths and mud baths, which are offered in several locations including at Kaihinsunayu sand baths along the seashore of Beppu. With a red light district that includes the Hihokan Sex Museum, there are budget-friendly accommodation options in Beppu, for backpackers and budget travellers.

Best places to stay in Beppu

Budget Hotels in Beppu
Chobonoyado Shiori
Business Hotel Star
Beppu Daiiti Hotel

Mid range Hotels in Beppu
Hotel Shiragiku
Kappo Ryokan Yumesaki
Biyunoyado Ryoutiku Bettei
Ryotei Matsubaya

Family Friendly Hotels in Beppu
Hana Beppu
Beppu Kamenoi Hotel
Umikaoru Yado Hotel New Matsumi
Hotel Umine

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Beppu
Beppu Yuya
Hotel Umine
Shosei no Yado Shinan
Beppu Showaen

Beppu, Japan - View over Beppu city to the sea from the Global tower

Hita – Where to stay in Oita for a traditional Japanese expereince

Further inland in Oita Prefecture is the town of Hita, also known as “The Little Kyoto of Oita.” Many of the local buildings were built during the prosperous Edo period, just like Kyoto, and they have been well-preserved in Hita.

This charming village has something for every traveler, and the Mikuma River running through town offers many activities, including river cruises. Traditional Japanese homes have been converted into cute cafes, shops, and museums. Sampling sake and traditional Japanese cuisine is a must when staying in Hita.

Best places to stay in Hita

Budget Hotels in Hita
Yasuragi Guest House & Bar
Tabino Yado Satsuki
Hotel Socia
Plaza Hotel Fujinoi

Mid range Hotels in Hita
Kizantei Hotel
Hitanoyado Yorozuya
Hinanosato Sanyokan
Mikuma Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Hita
Hotel Kazahaya
Ryokan Keisenkaku

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Hita
Okuhita Onsen Umehibiki
Sanso Tensui
Milky Spa Sun Village

A narrow street with Japanese traditional houses in countryside of Japan

Kitsuki – Where to stay in Oita for Japanese Castles

Kitsuki Castle Town is just outside Oita, known as the home of Japan’s smallest castle. Comparisons to Kyoto are sometimes also made for Kitsuki, as they are promoting themselves as the place to explore while dressed in traditional Japanese clothing. There are many places in town where visitors can rent traditional Japanese kimono or yukata.

The castle and surrounding area have retained architecture from the Edo period as well, making this picturesque village a great place to explore. Many tea houses dot the town, and there’s a theater with daily traditional Japanese performances, a must for any visitor to Oita prefecture!

Best places to stay in Kitsuki

Budget Hotels in Kitsuki

Mid range Hotels in Kitsuki
Spa and Resort Hotel Solage

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Kitsuki
Gahama Terrace

Kitsuki, Japan - Kitsuki city view from the top of Kitsuki castle in Oita prefecture

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Where to stay in Oita Prefecture

Where to stay in Oita Prefecture

Where to stay in Oita Prefecture

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