Where to stay in Cartagena [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

A visit to Colombia’s Caribbean coast is not complete without a stop in the vibrant city of Cartagena. If you want to experience beaches, culture, and history, then Cartagena is the perfect mix of all three.

This city of nearly one million residents is less than three hours from Miami, making it an increasingly popular destination for many travelers, especially North Americans.

When deciding where to stay in Cartagena, there are several cool areas with some of the best hotels in Cartagena. With choices for every budget and travel style, we’ve found some of the best places to stay in Cartagena. 

Wondering where is the best place to stay in Cartagena Colombia? We will cover off all types of Cartagena accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Cartagena hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Cartagena Colombia 2024.

Aerial view of the historic city center of Cartagena, Colombia. Panorama of the old and new parts of the city in Cartagena.

This guide shows off the best Cartagena hotels, best places in Cartagena to visit, the best places to stay in Cartagena, hotels near Cartagena attractions, best neighborhoods in Cartagena and many more.

Below are 9 of the best neighborhood to stay in Cartagena to help you make the right decision when trying to work out best area to stay in Cartagena for you.

We have tried to make the guide as easy to follow as possible. We have also included some things to do or places to visit as well as some eatery suggestions of either our favourite places within the areas in Cartagena so you can use this as a go to guide.

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Centro – Where to Stay in Cartagena for Tourists

Centro is the old walled city of Cartagena and the best area for tourists that are visiting Cartagena for historical interest. Surrounded by the widest stone wall in South America, the Old Town area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Travelers looking for budget-friendly accommodations will find a good selection of hostels in the old city, and luxury travelers will also have plenty of choices where to stay in Cartagena walled city. As the hub of tourism in Cartagena, there are many cafes, shops, and attractions to keep you busy. 

Best place to  stay in Centro Cartagena

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Centro
El Barrio Hostal
The Clock Hostel & Suites
República Hostel Cartagena

Budget Hotels in Centro
Hotel El Viajero Centro
Casa One Hundred Cartagena
Casa Abril II
Casa India Catalina

Mid range Hotels in Centro
La Passion by Masaya
Estancia de La Mantilla
NH Royal Urban Cartagena
Casa La Fe by BespokeColombia

Family Friendly Hotels in Centro
Casa Raynes by Masaya
Casa BuGo
Ganem Suites Cartagena
Beatiful Place Benedetti

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Centro
Hotel Casa Don Luis by Faranda Boutique
Ananda Hotel Boutique – Hoteles Cosmos
Hotel Casa San Agustin
Hotel Boutique Casa Del Arzobispado

Alley in the colorful old town of Cartagena, Colombia. High quality photo

San Diego – Where to Stay in Cartagena for Family

If you want to stay near the old town, but prefer a quieter atmosphere with fewer tourists, then San Diego is an excellent choice.

It is located within the historic walled city, but just outside of the busy Centro area. Plaza San Diego is the center of this area, with many restaurants to check out.

Slightly more bohemian and less touristy than Centro, San Diego is a great place to shop for unique souvenirs or watch a Caribbean sunset from the city walls.

If you are looking for a family-friendly Cartagena hotel, this is a great neighborhood with easy access to Centro. 

Best places to stay in San Diego Cartagena

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in San Diego
Viajero Hostel Cartagena
Casa Movida Hostel

Budget Hotels in San Diego
Hotel Boutique Callecitas de Cartagena
Hotel Casa la Tablada
Casa de la Cruz
Casa Lorenza Hotel

Mid range Hotels in San Diego
Casa Logos Hotel Boutique
Hotel Cartagena Royal Inn
Townhouse Boutique Hotel
Hotel Casa Gloria Boutique

Family Friendly Hotels in San Diego
Maloka Boutique Hostel
Hotel Boutique At the Park
Art Gallery Hotel
Hotel Kartaxa

Affordable Luxury Hotels in San Diego
Hotel Boutique Bovedas de Santa Clara
Voilá Centro Histórico
Hotel Bantu by Faranda Boutique
Sol de Alba Hotel Boutique

Residential buildings at San Diego square (Plazuela De San Diego) in Cartagena walled city Colombia. Colorful buildings under the bright tropical sun.

Getsemaní – Where to Stay in Cartagena for Nightlife

Wondering best place to stay in Cartagena for nightlife? If you want to know where to stay in Cartagena for nightlife, Getsemani Cartagena is a great area!

This is one of the up and coming neighborhoods of Cartagena that is quickly changing from a rough neighborhood to a haven for artists and hipsters.

Younger travelers flock here for budget-friendly accommodations, including hostels and affordable hotels. It’s a great area to find street art and street food, or you can splurge on some of the many bistros, cafes, and bars throughout the neighborhood. 

Best places to stay in Getsemani Cartagena

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Getsemaní
Media Luna Hostel Cartagena
Hostal 1811
Casa Del Pozo Boutique Hostel
Santuario Getsemani Hostel

Budget Hotels in Getsemaní
Casa Noir Cartagena
Hotel Plaza de la Trinidad
Casa Pedro Romero
Casa Hostal Luna Llena

Mid range Hotels in Getsemaní
Hotel Casa Mara By Akel Hotels
Posada La Fe by BespokeColombia
Soy local insignia
Hotel Boutique Casa Isabel

Family Friendly Hotels in Getsemaní
Hotel Casa Tere
Casa El Carretero Hotel Boutique
Casa central Getsemaní
Casa Pizarro Hotel Boutique

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Getsemaní
GHL Arsenal Hotel
Hotel Casa Lola Deluxe Gallery
Hotel Capellán de Getsemaní

Cartagena , Colombia  -  Colorful streets of Getsemaniarea of Cartagena de los indias Bolivar in Colombia South America

Bocagrande – Where to Stay in Cartagena for Beach Bums

If you are primarily visiting this region to enjoy a beach vacation, then Bocagrande is a great choice. Like Centro, Bocagrande is pretty touristy, but finding beachfront accommodation will not be a problem. The entire beach is lined with high-rise hotels.

Bocagrande is often compared to Miami Beach, in part due to the crowds, vendors and modern skyline along the beach.

While it’s not the best beach in Colombia, you can still walk to Centro, making this a great spot for beach bums who might want to take in some historic sights during their trip. 

Best places to stay in Bocagrande Cartagena

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Bocagrande
Mi Llave Hostels Cartagena
Hostel la Antigua Capsula
Hostal Ocean View

Budget Hotels in Bocagrande
Hotel Atlantic Lux
Azuán Suites Hotel
Hotel Amoek
Hotel Balcones de Bocagrande

Mid range Hotels in Bocagrande
Hotel Capilla del Mar
Apartamentos Palmetto
Hampton by Hilton Cartagena
Madisson Inn Hotel Cartagena

Family Friendly Hotels in Bocagrande
Hotel Cartagena Plaza
Hotel Almirante Cartagena Colombia
Hotel San Martin
GIO hotel Cartagena Tama

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Bocagrande
Hilton Cartagena
Hyatt Regency Cartagena
Estelar Cartagena de Indias Hotel & Convention Center
InterContinental Cartagena De Indias

Aerial View of the modern Skyline and luxury hotel resort of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia on the Caribbean coast of South America

Laguito – Where to Stay in Cartagena for Relaxation

Just south of Bocagrande is a small area called Laguito. At the center of the peninsula is a lake that is very popular for recreation. Laguito has some of the best beaches in Cartagena; the water is calmer, as is the atmosphere.

You won’t find as many vendors strolling the beach, and the additional distance from Centro helps to lessen the crowds of tourists and locals.

If you aren’t visiting exclusively for the beaches, then keep in mind the additional travel time to other areas of Cartagena. 

Where to Stay in Laguito

Budget Hotels in Laguito
Hollywood Beach Suite
Coral Reef Hotel
Hotel Barahona 446
Hotel Marina Suites

Mid range Hotels in Laguito
Hotel Dorado Plaza
Playa Club Hotel
Hotel Dann Cartagena
Hotel Regatta Cartagena

Family Friendly Hotels in Laguito
Wala Beach Club
Unik Cartagena Faro Tequendama
Hotel Caribe By Faranda Grand
Torres del Lago Apartamentos

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Laguito
Hilton Cartagena
Hyatt Regency Cartagena
InterContinental Cartagena De Indias
Hotel Charleston Santa Teresa

Cartagena, Colombia, At the tourist beach at the Caribbean Sea in Cartagena

Manga – Where to Stay in Cartagena with Kids

Located on an island in a bay just east of Bocagrande and Laguito is the area called Manga. It is home to the city’s shipping port, as well as a marina filled with yachts.

This area is decidedly less touristy but is a great place to find family-friendly accommodation.

The waterfront promenade is a lovely place for a walk and ends at Pastelillo Park, which is an ancient fort with cannons overlooking the water. 

Best places to stay in Manga Cartagena

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Manga
Peregrinos Hostel Cartagena de Indias
Casa del Puerto Hostel & Suites
Mi Llave Hostels Cartagena

Budget Hotels in Manga
Neos Hotel Cartagena
Hotel Casa Zoe
Hotel Casa de las Palmas

Mid range Hotels in Manga
GHL Armeria Real
Cartagena Legends
Hotel CASA LOLA Deluxe Gallery
Patio de Getsemani

Family Friendly Hotels in Manga
Holiday Inn Express Cartagena Manga
Hotel Casa Pizarro
Hotel Casa Cytia Cartagena

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Manga
Hotel Capellan de Getsemani
Hyatt Regency Cartagena
Sophia Hotel
San Pedro Hotel Spa

Cartagena Colombia - Horsedrawn carriages and haukers wait for tourists and restaurant goers in the Plaza San Pedro Claver. The Towers of Bocagrande in the background.

El Cabrero – Where to Stay in Cartagena for an Authentic experience

On the northern side of the walled city, the neighborhood of El Cabrero is a great choice for those seeking a more residential area to stay.

Only ten minutes from Centro, you’ll find a much quieter atmosphere in this traditional neighborhood.

Tree-lined streets wind past colonial mansions, and there are many parks to explore, including Park Apolo. The Cabrero Lagoon is also a great place to relax or go for a run. 

Best places to stay in El Cabrero Cartagena

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in El Cabrero
Viajero Hostel Cartagena
Hostal Mi Lindo Septiembre
El Barrio Hostal
República Hostel Cartagena

Budget Hotels in El Cabrero
Mundihoteles AstraSuite 427
Beautiful apartment within the walled city Cartagena
Hotel Boutique Del Mar
Hotel Stil Cartagena

Mid range Hotels in El Cabrero
Ermita Cartagena
Hotel Isla Capri
Hotel Boutique Santo Toribio
Casa Amanzi Hotel Cartagena

Family Friendly Hotels in El Cabrero
Apartamento con vista al mar y al centro Historico
Casa Real Del Cabrero by Soho
Penthouse Caribbean View and private pool
212 Cartagena Walled City Magical Apt

Affordable Luxury Hotels in El Cabrero
Privado Cartagena Self Service
Bastión Luxury Hotel
Nacar Hotel Cartagena
Casa La Cartujita

El Cabrero Hermitage or Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes Church

Marbella – Where to Stay in Cartagena on a Budget

Continuing north along the coast, we now come to Marbella. A large district containing several beaches and beachfront hotels, this is a great place to stay if you want to stretch your budget a bit.

Being a 15-minute walk from Centro means you’ll save some money over the more expensive central hotels without losing out on convenience and location.

If you are looking for a long-term stay in Cartagena, an apartment rental in Marbella might be a perfect choice. 

Best place to stay in Marbella Cartagena

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Marbella
Wonderland Party Hostel
Hostal Casa Cano

Budget Hotels in Marbella
Casa Crespo Beach 65-148
Mucura Hotel & Spa
Marbella Beach Rooms
Astrasuite 427

Mid range Hotels in Marbella
Summer Hotel
Hotel Cabrero Mar
Radisson Cartagena Ocean Pavillion Hotel
Holiday Inn Cartagena Morros

Family Friendly Hotels in Marbella
Varanasi Hotel Boutique
ibis Cartagena Marbella
Corales de Indias
Hotel Las Americas Casa de Playa

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Marbella
Hotel Las Americas Torre del Mar
San Pedro Hotel Spa
Bovedas de Santa Clara Hotel Boutique
Sofitel Legend Santa Clara

The morning view of a lighthouse and the waterfront park in Cartagena city (Colombia).

Crespo – Where to Stay near Cartagena

Further north past Marbella is the district of Crespo. The main attraction of this neighborhood is the international airport.

Naturally, there are many hotels around the airport, however, it’s not the best choice for tourists who want to be near the center.

You’ll need to use public transportation or hire a taxi to explore the other areas of Cartagena.

Crespo is a great choice for business travelers or those who have an early morning departure or late night arrival and want to be close to the airport. Outside of the airport hotels, the neighborhood is largely residential. 

Where to Stay in Crespo

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Crespo
Hostal El Bando
Wonderland Party Hostel

Budget Hotels in Crespo
Pleasant Rest sencillo
Tita’s Airport Hotel
Luna Cartagena Airport Hotel
Hotel Atuchi

Mid range Hotels in Crespo
Wyndham Garden Cartagena
GHL Corales de Indias
Charming 2BR seaview

Family Friendly Hotels in Crespo
Varanasi Hotel Boutique Aeropuerto
Mucura Hotel & Spa
Spacious House With Jacuzzi Near Ciudad Amurallada
Lovely KJ Apartments

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Crespo
Hotel Las Americas Casa de Playa

CARTAGENA COLOMBIA Perspective view of Cartagena airport airstrip in a sunny day of december.

Top 5 favorites accommodation options for Cartagena 

❤️ Best Area first timersCentro Cartagena
💸 Best Luxury HotelHilton Cartagena
👪 Best Hotel for For FamiliesHotel Boutique At the Park
🏨 Best Mid-Range HotelNH Royal Urban Cartagena
🛏️ Best Budget HotelMucura Hotel & Spa
✨ Best HostelWonderland Party Hostel

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