Where to Stay in Luxembourg [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Aerial cityscape image of old town Luxembourg City skyline during beautiful sunset.

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s tiny countries, at under 2,600 square kilometers, it’s the 7th smallest country in Europe. Bordered by France, Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg is often visited on a day trip from one of these countries, by travelers seeking an extra stamp in their passport.

However, for the intrepid traveler seeking a more immersive experience in Luxembourg, we have found the best places to visit in Luxembourg, as well as the best Luxembourg accommodation in all areas for every budget.

We will cover off all types of Luxembourg accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Luxembourg hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Luxembourg 2024, the best Luxembourg hotels, best places in Luxembourg to visit, the best places to stay in Luxembourg, hotels near Luxembourg attractions, Luxembourg neighborhood guide and many more.

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Old Town – Where to stay in Luxembourg for first timers

In Luxembourg City, Old Town, or Upper Town, is one of the best places to stay in Luxembourg City, thanks to many historic attractions and proximity to the city centre. Most Luxembourg city attractions are within 5-20 minutes on foot from the Luxembourg city hotels in this area.

If you prefer to stay in luxury hotels in Luxembourg, the Old Town area has several to choose from.

The beauty of Luxembourg Old Town is that most streets are pedestrian-only, making walking around very easy. You won’t need a car, in fact, it will be more of a hindrance here, with so many streets closed to cars.

Best places to stay in Luxembourg Old Town

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Luxembourg Old Town:
Youth Hostel Luxembourg City

Budget Hotels in Luxembourg Old Town:
Hotel Le Chatelet
Ibis Luxembourg Sud
Hotel Bristol
Hotel Yasha

Mid range Hotels in Luxembourg Old Town:
Grand Hotel Cravat
La Pipistrelle
Hotel Simoncini
Hotel Parc Beaux-Arts Luxembourg

Family Friendly Hotels in Luxembourg Old Town:
Le Royal Hotels & Resorts – Luxembourg
Hotel Parc Plaza
Novotel Luxembourg Centre
Grand Hotel Cravat

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Luxembourg Old Town:
Melia Luxembourg
Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal
Lago Welcome Clausen II
Le Place d’Armes Hotel

Luxembourg city, the capital of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Old Town and Grund quarter.

Luxembourg Gare District Where to stay in Luxembourg with family

The Gare district also known as the Railway station district is another option for finding Luxembourg accommodation. If you are arriving via the Luxembourg railway station, or planning several day trips by train, then this is the best area to stay in Luxembourg.

In many European cities, the area closest to the railway station isn’t always the safest or most attractive, but that’s not the case in Luxembourg City.

There are many hotels in the area, as well as shopping, and the historic Old Town district is just 20 minutes walk from here.

The Gare district also has many residences, and 19th century homes currently housing embassies. There’s a grocery store and restaurants to choose from as well, making this an excellent choice for Luxembourg accommodation.

Best places to stay in Luxembourg Gare District

Budget Hotels in Luxembourg Gare District:
Hotel Zurich
Christophe Colomb
Cozy Studio Apart
Hotel Empire

Mid range Hotels in Luxembourg Gare District:
Yasha Hotel
Hotel Bristol
JJ32 Luxembourg
Le Chatelet

Family Friendly Hotels in Luxembourg Gare District:
Brand New Studio in City Center
Hotel Perrin – former Carlton
Apart2stay Luxembourg
The city flat – Gare Luxembourg

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Luxembourg Gare District:
Park Inn by Radisson Luxembourg City

Luxembourg - Gare Centrale train station in Luxembourg City

Kirchberg – Where to stay in Luxembourg for business travellers

Kirchberg is the business center of Luxembourg, with modern buildings holding corporate headquarters and EU offices.

You’ll find fewer tourist attractions in Kirchberg, so it’s best for business travelers, or those who like to stay in hotel chains or use points for travel.

Within the Kirchberg district, there are some areas of architectural interest, however with few residential buildings, you won’t find the conveniences of other areas of Luxembourg, such as grocery stores or shops.

It’s a bustling area during the day, but grows quiet at night as workers return to their homes in other districts.

Best places to stay in Kirchberg

Budget Hotels in Kirchberg:
Au P’tit Max – Studios hotel

Mid range Hotels in Kirchberg:
d’Coque Hotel
Meliá Luxembourg

Family Friendly Hotels in Kirchberg:
Mama Shelter Luxembourg
Novotel Suites Luxembourg

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Kirchberg:
Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg
Sofitel Luxembourg Europe

Residental area with houses in park landscape naer Kirchberg in Luxembourg city

Vianden – Where to stay near Luxembourg for a cultural experience

For a cool place to stay in Luxembourg outside of Luxembourg city, consider Vianden. Just 50 minutes from Luxembourg city, and 120km from Frankfurt, Vianden is best known for the Romanesque hilltop castle built between the 11th and 14th centuries.

Vianden is also home to several museums, including the Victor Hugo Literary Museum, and is a great destination for nature lovers seeking solitude in the surrounding forests.

The cobblestone streets of the village are lined with restaurants and cafes, an adventure park for all ages, and a public swimming pool. Thanks to the winding, scenic roads in the area, Vianden is a popular stop for motorcycle tourists.

Best places to stay in Vianden

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Vianden:
Youth Hostel Vianden

Budget Hotels in Vianden:
Café Hotel de ville de Bruxelles
Auberge Aal Veinen Beim Hunn

Mid range Hotels in Vianden:
Hôtel – Restaurant ” Victor Hugo”
Hotel Heintz
Hotel Petry

Family Friendly Hotels in Vianden:
Hotel Belle Vue
The Vianden Cottage – Charming Cottage in the Forest
Grand Hotel Vianden

Vianden, Luxembourg - the historic Vianden Castle in Luxembourg framed by lush green summer forest

Mullerthal – Where to stay near Luxembourg for nature lovers

Outdoor enthusiasts wondering what area to stay in Luxembourg should consider the Mullerthal region, which is also known as Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland. Echternach is the largest city in this region.

Luxembourg’s oldest city retains a medieval atmosphere, with winding streets and Gothic ruins about town. There are many cultural attractions in Echternach, and a unique culinary scene based on local cheeses and honey.

The Mullerthal Trail is a 120km hiking path offering some of the best scenery in Luxembourg. Besides Echternach, other cities in the Mullerthal region include Larochette, Rosport, Bourglinster, Berdorf and Beaufort.

Staying in Mullerthal means exploring the countryside, so this region is best explored with a private vehicle.

Best places to stay in Mullerthal

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Mullerthal:
Youth Hostel Beaufort

Budget Hotels in Mullerthal:
Le Pavillon

Mid range Hotels in Mullerthal:
Waldhotel Sonnenberg
Trail-Inn Natur & Sporthotel
Ein Trip in die Natur

Family Friendly Hotels in Mullerthal:
Safari Tent XL Camping Belle-Vue
Loggia Camping Belle-Vue 2000
Berdorfer Eck
Vue sur “LE POTAGER”

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Mullerthal:
Hotel Bel Air Sport & Wellness
Eden au Lac

Schiessentümpel waterfall, stone bridge over the Black Ernz river, brick wall with moss, water flowing between the rocks, wild vegetation in the background, Mullerthal Trail, Luxembourg. Long exposure

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Where to stay in Luxembourg
Where to stay in Luxembourg
Where to stay in Luxembourg


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