14 Things to do in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg is a small European country, nestled between France, Germany and Belgium. It is the only Grand Duchy in Europe and has a population of 639,000 people.

The country is famed for its castles, which are dotted around the countryside. Its capital city is named Luxembourg City, which dates back to Roman times. The country’s main industry is banking, which has brought great wealth to its citizens.

There are lots of things to do in Luxembourg including hiking through the scenic landscape, visiting the large Luxembourg City attractions and museums, eating at local restaurants and sampling the local cuisine.

Luxembourg is a beautiful country that offers lots of opportunities for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to experience ancient history.

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Luxembourg City

The capital city of the country is the largest city in Luxembourg and the most important economic centre. It is also the most populated city in the country, with over 110,000 residents. The city has a rich history dating back to Roman times and there are many interesting places to visit.

There are many tourist attractions based in the city that you can explore and learn from such as the Grand Ducal Palace.

The city also has its own medieval quarter, which is well worth exploring. There are many beautiful churches in Luxembourg City and you can visit them all if you wish to learn more about the history of this place.

The main square in the city is named Place Guillaume, and it is one of the most popular squares in the city to visit.

The square has many interesting sights such as sculptures, and there are also plenty of shops and restaurants nearby if you wish to take a break from sightseeing. There are also many parks in the city centre such as Parc Municipal if you wish to take a scenic stroll.

Luxembourg city - Panoramic view of the Grund quarter in the city center

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in the capital city of Luxembourg. It is the only cathedral in the whole country and boasts beautiful Gothic and Baroque architecture. The foundations of the building were erected back in 1613 but it was not fully completed until 1968!

The stunning architecture really stands out against the other buildings in the city and over the years the cathedral has become a huge tourist attraction for not only the city but the whole country.

The cathedral is open to the public every day and is free to enter. Once inside, the interior of the building boats huge arches and solid columns presenting a grand yet solemn atmosphere.

There is also a beautiful stained glass window at the back of the cathedral which allows natural light to filter in through its many colours. The cathedral is also home to many other features such as a large organ, pulpit and altar that are all intricately decorated with beautiful carvings.

Luxembourg city = exterior view of Notre Dame Cathedral in the city center

Grand Ducal Palace

A must see in Luxembourg is The Grand Ducal Palace. It is the official residence of the Grand Duke and a main sightseeing for any visitor to Luxembourg City. Located in the heart of the old city centre, it was built in 1572 as a fortress but has been expanded over time.

Today’s Baroque-style palace dates from 1895 due to later additions and renovations. The palace is home to a vast collection of art and furniture that has been accumulated over the centuries, as well as more modern art and tapestries.

You can take a guided tour inside Grand Ducal Palace for a 15 euro fee. This tour then includes a behind the scenes look at private areas such as the exquisite dining room and the Grand Duke’s office.

The tour lasts approx 75 minutes and is highly recommended. The palace has many beautiful rooms, and it is hard to believe that this is the home of a royal family.

Luxembourg - Grand Ducal Palace, residence of the Grand Duke, and people on the street in Luxembourg, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Luxembourg City History Museum

The Luxembourg City History Museum is located in the old city center and has exhibits on the history of Luxembourg City and its surroundings.

There is also a permanent exhibit on the history of the Grand Duchy, which gives you a good overview of what life was like in this part of Europe over time.

The museum also has temporary exhibits that display various themes about Luxembourg’s past and present history.

Opened back in June 1996, the museum has become a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike. The museum is open every day except Monday, with admission being 5 euros per person.

external view of the National Museum of History and Art in the city center

Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM)

This museum is the largest of its kind in Luxembourg and is a must-see for art enthusiasts. It houses several collections, including modern art, contemporary art, photography and more.

The Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art is open every day bar Tuesday and costs 8 euros per person to gain entry.

There is also a cafe and a library on site should you want to use this during your visit. The museum is located in the heart of Luxembourg City, so you can easily walk to other attractions from here.

Parking place and glass roof of Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg city

Bock Casemates

These underground tunnels date back to 1644 and have been named Gibraltar of the North due to their outstanding defence works.

The long galleries measure 23 kilometres in length and up to 40 metres deep and they were used to shelter soldiers from enemy attacks. Now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Bock Casemates are a must-see in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg City,Luxembourg - People walking in Old Town of Luxembourg, Bock Casemates, a vast complex of underground tunnels & galleries used as WWII bomb shelters, on the background.

Panoramic Elevator of the Pfaffenthal

The Panoramic Elevator of the Pfaffenthal is a fun way to get an incredible view of the capital city. It is a panoramic elevator that takes you up to the top of a hill, where there are fantastic views over Luxembourg City and its surroundings such as the Alzette River valley.

The elevator takes around 10 minutes for one trip, so it is not long before you can enjoy the views from above. Using the Panoramic Elevator is free and a great way to get from one place to the other.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg - City view with Pfaffenthal lift, modern buildings with glass facades, old town skyline with towers of the Cathederal. Lift is part of free public transport system

Vianden Castle

The stunning medieval castle sits on a cliff overlooking the town of Vianden. It is one of the most popular Luxembourg attractions and is a must-see for those who love castles, history and nature.

Back in the 10th century, the building used to be a roman outpost but between the 11th century and the 14th century, it was turned into the lavish castle that you can see today.

Since then it has been used as a fortress and home over the years. The architecture consists of Gothic and Romanesque styles and the building boasts many turrets and towers.

It is a wonderful place to visit if you want to get away from the city and enjoy some peace and quiet. The Vianden Castle is open every day from 10 am until 4 pm, with an entry ticket being 10 euros per person.

Vianden, Luxembourg - the historic Vianden Castle in Luxembourg framed by lush green summer forest


Based in the north of Luxembourg, Wiltz is a small town with a population of 7000 people. It is located on the River Wiltz and has many beautiful buildings, including the castle. The small town is perfect for a romantic getaway or an excellent place to stay if you are looking for things to do in Luxembourg for families.

The town has many cafes, restaurants and shops. There is also a large park where you can enjoy a picnic or take your children to play on the playground equipment.

The town is very safe and you can walk around without any worries. The small town also has some amazing architecture, making it a great place to visit if you are interested in seeing the history of Luxembourg.

Aerial view of Esch-sur-Sure, medieval town in Luxembourg, dominated by castle, canton Wiltz in Diekirch. Forests of Upper-Sure Nature Park, meander of winding river Sauer, near Upper Sauer Lake.

Wiltz Castle

The Wiltz Castle dates back many years ago to 1573. Today, it is open to visitors and they can wander around its 600 acre grounds or take part in one of its many activities such as the Wiltz annual music festival. The Wiltz Castle is quite large and has many things to see and do.

You can take a tour of the grounds or just wander around by yourself. There are also many exhibitions inside such as the Museum of the Battle of the Bulge, which tells you all about this battle that took place during World War II.

The National Brewing Art Museum shows off some interesting artwork from local people who have been inspired by beer over time.

Aerial view of Esch-sur-Sure, medieval town in Luxembourg, dominated by castle, canton Wiltz in Diekirch. Forests of Upper-Sure Nature Park, meander of winding river Sauer, near Upper Sauer Lake.

Wiltz Garden

Wiltz Garden is a lovely place to relax and enjoy the view. It is set on a hillside overlooking the town of Wiltz and has many different types of trees and plants growing there.

Set in a green space that is 2.5 hectares large, the garden is mostly kept by volunteers who work hard to keep it beautiful.

The garden has many different types of trees, including beech, oak and chestnut trees. There are several sculptures situated in the garden as well as winding stone paths and a small lake.

Hike the Mullerthal Trail

The Mullerthal Trail is a hiking trail located in Luxembourg. It is about 112 kilometres long and is popular with most people who live in the country. It runs through the Mullerthal region of Luxembourg, which has an interesting history and many different types of animals that can be seen there.

It has been described as being one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe, so if you are into hiking or exploring different areas then this might be the place for you.

The Mullerthal Trail has a lot of different things to see and do, so you could spend several days in the area if you wanted to. There are many different types of animals that can be seen on the Mullerthal Trail, including deer and wild boar.

There are also many different types of plants in this area, so if you are interested in botany then this might be a good place to visit. The trail is popular with mountain bikers as well, so if you enjoy riding bikes then there is no reason why you should not try it out.

A beautiful location called Mullerthal trail with a bridge over a small waterfall in Luxembourg

Hike the Minett Trail

The Minett Trail is another great hiking trail in the south of Luxembourg. It is a nice, easy hike that should be suitable for most people. The trail begins near Clemency and takes you through some beautiful countryside before ending near either Dudelange or Bettembourg depending on which branch of the trail is taken.

The total length of the trail is approx 9- kilometres long and is split up into several sections. The trail is well-marked and there are plenty of places along the way where you can stop for a rest or enjoy the view.

The Minett Trail is a great way to spend an afternoon if you are looking for a relaxing hike. The trail is quite flat and easy, so it is suitable for most people.


This city is located in the south of Luxembourg, and it is known for its historical architecture. The town centre itself is very pretty, with many old buildings that have been renovated to their former glory.

There are also plenty of shops and restaurants in this area if you need to stop for food or drink. It has been named the ‘European Capital of Culture’ for 2022, so you can expect to see a lot of changes over the next few years.

The city has plenty of events going on throughout the year, so it is well worth checking out. The area also has a beautiful botanical garden, where you can enjoy walking around and admiring the plants. There are also some nice parks nearby such as Escher Tier Park, which are perfect for relaxing with friends or family.

Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg - Huge steelwork plant dominating the skyline of Belval quarter of Esch-sur-Alzette, with buses, city traffic and people.

Luxembourg is a small country but it has plenty of things to do. It has many museums, churches, parks and other attractions that are worth visiting.

Luxembourg City is the capital city, a small but diverse place. It is a great country for families, young people and older people alike. You can get a lot of culture in a short amount of time here, or you can just relax and enjoy the scenery.

The country is very safe, so you can feel comfortable bringing the kids. The people are friendly and welcoming and they want you to enjoy your visit. You will find that the prices here are reasonable, especially if you come during the off-season when there are fewer tourists around.

The country is not very large, so you can easily get around by car or public transportation. There are also several trains that connect Luxembourg City to other European cities if you want to travel more widely.

Recommended tours in Luxembourg

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14 Things to do in Luxembourg
14 Things to do in Luxembourg
14 Things to do in Luxembourg


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