Where to stay in Lille [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Can you name a city in northern France that sits at the crossroads of Paris, London, and Brussels? A city with a vibrant culinary scene, a well preserved old town, and enough nature and greenery to make you feel like you’ve escaped to the countryside?

View of Big wheel on big place of Lille

A city where Eurostar trains from abroad ramble into town as frequently as fresh baguettes are propped up in nearby bakery windows? If you haven’t guessed it already, this little urban gem is Lille, France.

First time in Lille? No problem. We’re here to help you decide where to stay in Lille, whether it’s tourism, culinary delights, nature, or budget being your top priority.

We’ll also guide you through the best hotels in Lille, France as well as cheap hotels in Lille. But, before we dive into the best places to stay in Lille, let’s dive into some history and fun facts behind this superbly located city in northern France. 

Together with its surrounding suburbs, Lille, France is the fourth most populated greater metropolitan area in France (after Paris, Lyon, and Marseille), with a population of over 1.5 million.

Geographically, Lille sits very close to the border of Belgium and is part of the Flanders region of France, but the city’s inhabitants speak French rather than Flemish. Lille suffered greatly during both world wars; destruction was widespread and much of the city’s original architecture had to be recreated after the wars.

Nonetheless, Lille has enjoyed a resurgence since the 1980s, when the city’s superb location at the intersection of Paris, London, and Brussels was finally realized, and plans to build a business district adjacent to train stations were underway.

Republic square, overlooking the amphitheater and the Prefecture, Lille, Nord France

Since then, Lille has become both a business and cultural hub, where visitors are welcomed with the northern French hospitality that this region is known for.

Another huge benefit of visiting Lille is its location. By Eurostar, Lille sits just 1.5 hour from London, 40 minutes from Brussels, and 1.5 hour from Paris–a location that might just be unrivaled elsewhere in Europe.

Apart from its proximity to these three cities, Lille is a 1 hour drive from the northern seaside towns of Calais and Dunkirk, which are both beautiful to visit and historically significant (history lovers, we’re looking at you).

It’s also very conveniently located to Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Reims (France’s champagne capital), and you can even find yourself in Luxembourg, Germany, or The Netherlands in just a couple of hours.

Needless to say, Lille makes for a perfect layover between London and mainland Europe, and it’s surrounded by seemingly endless options for day trips. 

Lille itself offers many enticing neighborhoods for visitors, from the business focused Euralille district, to the funky culinary hub in Moulins, to the leafy suburb of Lambersart.

But no matter your interest, this charming little city at the crossroads of some of Europe’s most visited locales, lovingly referred to as the “Capital of Flanders”, should not be overlooked. So, without further ado, let’s dive into where to stay in Lille, and get you on your way.

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Wazemmes: Where to stay in Lille for tourists

Why stay in Wazemmes

Wazemmes is known for being a trendy, ethnically diverse neighborhood right in the heart of  Lille Centre. In Wazemmes, you’ll find everyone from students, to people of North African descent, to families with small children.

Not only will Wazemmes wow you with its food and shopping offerings–the Wazemmes Market is famous for having some of the best food around–but its proximity to old town Lille makes it one of the best places to stay in Lille.

If a culturally rich and authentic experience is what you’re after in Lille, yet you yearn to be close to the city’s many other attractions, then Wazemmes is the best area to stay in Lille for you.

While in Wazemmes, be sure to visit the Wazemmes Market, considered by many to be the beating heart of this welcoming district. 

Things to do in Wazemmes

Best places to stay in Wazemmes

Budget accommodation in Wazemmes

Mid range accommodation in Wazemmes

Family Friendly accommodation in Wazemmes

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Wazemmes

Lille,FRANCE- Great Lille Braderie it is a traditional annual event on the first weekend of September, flea market, street stalls, many people from france and the world.

Euralille: Where to stay in Lille with family

Why stay in Euralille

In the 1980’s, local city planners conceived the Euralille district with one goal in mind: to build a business district that sits at the crossroads of Paris, Brussels, and London—and thus, Euralille was born.

A bustling business hub in the very centre of Lille, Euralille’s Gare de Lille Europe train station and Gare de Lille Flandres train station are buzzing transit hubs where professional  people from all across Europe intersect before descending upon Lille. Looking for Lille hotels near Eurostar station?

In Euralille, you’ll also find some of the best hotels in Lille near Eurostar stations, making business and leisure  travel even more convenient.

Despite being just a 10 minute walk from the old town, Euralille is incredibly modern and offers all the modern luxuries one might expect, like diverse fast and fast casual food options, as well as brand name shopping.

Perhaps most importantly, Euralille is within walking distance to Lille’s well preserved old town, so be sure to visit that charming area if staying in Euralille.

Euralille’s proximity to public transit and the old town, its food and shopping offerings, plus the fact that it’s home to some of the best hotels in Lille, France, make this business minded neighborhood the best place to stay in Lille for families. 

Things to do in Euralille

  • Visit the Porte de Paris monument to Louis XVI
  • Visit the birthplace of Charles de Gaulle (“Maison natale Charles de Gaulle”)
  • Walk to old town Lille and take in the sights
  • Visit the Beffroi de Lille, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 
  • Soak in the architecture at the Lille-Flandres train station
  • View famous artwork at the Palais des Beaux Arts museum
  • Take in panoramic views of the city from the Beffroi de Lille bell tower
  • Tour the magnificent Lille Opera House
  • Visit the former site of the stock exchange at the La Vieille Bourse
  • Watch a live music or comedy performance at the Casino Theatre
  • Shop major brands at the Westfield Euralille mall
  • See a movie at the UGC Ciné Cité Lille

Best places to stay in Euralille

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Lille, France, Nord-Pas-de-Calais - modern student campus Lille-Pasteur Les Estudines near EuraLille and railaway station

Lambersart: Where to stay in Lille like a local

Why stay in Lambersart

If bustling tourist areas aren’t your thing, then the leafy, quiet suburb of Lambersart is for you. Lambersart is an upscale suburb of Lille, a popular home base for business people, where the residents are lovingly referred to as “Lambersartois”.

You won’t find many traditional attractions in Lambersart, but what you will find is peace and quiet, authentic restaurants and cafes, and plenty of parks and walking paths.

Further bolstering Lambersart’s reputation as a wealthy neighborhood is the Avenue de l’Hippodrome, an expansive avenue lined with impressive villas that once competed in a local architecture contest to be crowned the neighborhood’s most beautiful.

Thanks to its proximity to Lille Centre, transport from Lambersart to downtown takes less than 20 minutes. Being an upscale and residential minded neighborhood, Lambersart also offers some of the best accommodation in Lille, France. 

Things to do in Lambersart

  • Step back in time at the Musée de la Fête Foraine, a museum dedicated to old carnival games and rides
  • Ogle at the impressive villas on Avenue de l’Hippodrome
  • Watch canal locks in action at the Écluse du Grand Carré
  • Stock up on French groceries and wine at the huge Intermarché Super Lambersart
  • Enjoy a waterside drink at La Guinguette de la Plage
  • Escape to the countryside in the Scarpe-Escaut Regional Nature Park 
  • Explore the nearby towns of Roubaix, Douai, Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, Cassel, Aire-sur-la-Lys, and Esquelbecq.

Best places to stay in Lambersart

Budget accommodation in Lambersart

Mid range accommodation in Lambersart

Family Friendly accommodation in Lambersart

View of the River Deule and Citadel during an autumn day  in Lille, France

St Maurice – Pellevoisin: Where to stay in Lille on a budget

Why stay in St Maurice – Pellevoisin

Another residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Lille, St Maurice – Pellevoisin is noticeably less upscale than Lambersart, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing.

A solid option for those in search of cheap hotels in Lille, St Maurice – Pellevoisin is a comfortable and conveniently located suburb close to downtown Lille.

St Maurice – Pellevoisin is well connected by public transport, and will offer temporary dwellers an affordable and authentic stay near Lille.

Things to do in St Maurice – Pellevoisin

  • Relax and have lunch or coffee in the Jardin des Géants
  • Take in the greenery at the Parc Botanique
  • Visit the urban yet pretty Parc des Buissonnets and Parc Valmy
  • Take a walk through the local cemetery, Cimetière de L’Est
  • See a show at the Théâtre Charcot
  • Go for a swim at the Piscine Municipale de Marcq-en-Baroeul

Best places to stay in St Maurice – Pellevoisin

Budget accommodation in St Maurice – Pellevoisin

Mid range accommodation in St Maurice – Pellevoisin

Family Friendly accommodation in St Maurice – Pellevoisin

Weeping willow tree reflecting into a lake at the Citadelle Park in Lille France

Moulins: Where to stay in Lille for foodies

Why stay in Moulins

Let’s head back to the Lille city limits, to the Moulins neighborhood, a trendy and edgy district that’s undergone a complete transformation in its post industrial era.

Once home to factories and warehouses, these buildings have since been renovated to house exciting new culinary offerings, making this enclave a fantastic option for food lovers visiting Lille.

In addition to finding some of the best food in all of Lille, you’ll also find the Maison Folie Moulins, an arts and theater hall, plus breweries, a comedy club, a greenhouse, and botanical gardens.

The diverse offerings in this little corner of Lille make Moulins one of the very places to stay in Lille for foodies and non foodies alike. 

Things to do in Moulins

  • Indulge in the local food and art scene at the Maison Folie Moulins
  • Try the best frites in town at the Friterie Sensas
  • Get a modern take on traditional French fare at L’Improviste
  • Grab a fresh baguette or sandwich at Le Relais de Moulins
  • Escape the city in the Jardin des Plantes (Botanical Garden)

Best places to stay in Moulins

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Moulins

Budget accommodation in Moulins

Mid range accommodation in Moulins

Family Friendly accommodation in Moulins

Lille, France - Esquermoise street in the old part of the city of Lille

Bois Blancs: Where to stay in Lille nature lovers

Why stay in Bois Blancs

Bois Blancs is an escape for nature lovers in the vert heart of Lille. Located along the banks of the Deûle River and also adjacent to an expansive public park that houses the Citadelle de Lille, Bois Blancs is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Lille for nature minded visitors.

Bois Blancs will delight visitors with the ambiance of somewhere far from a city, while still being within public transit and walking distance to many of Lille’s top attractions.

Things to do in Bois Blancs

  • Go for a swim at the Piscine Marx Dormoy
  • Stroll around the Plaine des Vachers park
  • Tire your kids out at the Aire de Jeux pour Enfants playground
  • Rent paddle boards or bikes from Le Grand Huit
  • Walk along the banks of the Deûle River
  • Take the kids to see all the animals at the Lille Zoo

Best places to stay in Bois Blancs

Budget accommodation in Bois Blancs

Mid range accommodation in Bois Blancs

Family Friendly accommodation in Bois Blancs

Buildings on the riverside in Lille, northern France

Added Extra: Areas to Avoid in Lille

Generally speaking, Lille is a very safe city. At night, in the city centre and old town, you’ll find busy streets, bars, and restaurants, so you needn’t be too worried about safety in those areas.

Moulins and Lille Sud are two neighborhoods where you’ll want to exercise a bit of extra caution in, especially at night. Given Moulin’s recent transformation from an industrial hub to a trendy neighborhood, you may still find some lingering issues, such as drug use and homelessness.

Lille Sud is a densely populated suburb of the city with a higher crime rate than the surrounding area, but since it doesn’t have any tourist attractions of its own, you likely won’t find yourself there anyway.

Other than that, just be sure to practice normal travel caution while visiting Lille. Keep an eye on valuables, hold your passport and wallet close to your body, and don’t wander off alone in quiet areas at night.

Now that you’re well versed on what to do and where to stay in Lille, it’s time to get you on your way. We hope that our guide to the best  places to stay in Lille has helped you chart your course through this impressive city in northern France. 

Top 5 favorites accommodation options for Lille

❤️ Best Area first timersWazemmes – Lille city Centre
💸 Best Luxury HotelHôtel Barrière Lille
👪 Best Hotel for For FamiliesNovotel Suites Lille Europe
🏨 Best Mid-Range HotelHoliday Inn Express Lille Centre
🛏️ Best Budget HotelhotelF1 Lille Metropole
✨ Best HostelAuberge de Jeunesse HI Lille

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