48 hours in Pula – A 2 day Itinerary

I’ve been travelling around Europe for the past few years, and I’ve spent more time in Croatia than anywhere else. Of all the cities I’ve visited, Pula is by far my favorite. It’s a beautiful city with lots of interesting things to do and see, especially if you have two days to spend there.

If you’re looking for an itinerary that’ll make your two days in Pula unforgettable, look no further! As someone who has lived here for many months, I feel like I can offer you an insider’s guide to what this stunning city has to offer. Whether it’s exploring the Roman ruins or tasting local flavors at the local markets, I’m confident you’ll find something to satisfy even the most discerning traveller.

I’m passionate about Pula and have designed this 2-day itinerary so that you get the very best out of your visit. With my first-hand knowledge of the area, you can rest assured that this is a tried-and-tested plan that will give you an incredible experience here in Croatia’s most beautiful destination.

Nestled on the picturesque Istrian Peninsula, Pula is a stunning coastal city in Croatia. It boasts a blend of ancient history and natural beauty.

As the largest city in Istria, Pula holds a significant place in Croatia’s cultural heritage, offering travellers a fun mix of historical landmarks, stunning beaches and a vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere.

PULA, CROATIA - Modern Hotel Park Plaza and hotel facilities, in background Pjescana Uvala, aerial view, Pula, Istria, Croatia

A 2 Day Itinerary for Pula is a great amount of time to dive into the city. With a history dating back thousands of years, Pula has witnessed the rise and fall of various civilisations, leaving behind a treasure trove of Roman ruins and architectural marvels to explore.

Pula Croatia enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate, making it a year round destination. However, the best time to visit Pula is arguably during April/May or September/October.

This is due to the pleasant weather which means it is perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing. Furthermore, it is quieter and more budget friendly, due to it being slightly out of the tourist summer peak season.

If you are wondering where to stay in Pula, consider the Old Town as a first option. It has a variety of accommodation options to suit every traveller’s preferences and budget, all with a central and beautiful location.

You will have easy access to the city’s main attractions, restaurants and bars. An alternative is the Verudela Peninsula.

This area is known for its beautiful beaches and resorts, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a beachfront stay. The resorts here often have facilities like pools, spa services and restaurants, ensuring a relaxing holiday.

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Overview of 2 Days In Pula Itinerary

Here is a brief overview of a Pula itinerary. This is perfect for a weekend in Pula.

Day 1 in Pula

  • Breakfast at Backyard
  • Explore the Pula Arena
  • Visit the Arch of the Sergii
  • Have lunch at Rustica III
  • Stroll through Pula’s Old Town
  • Explore the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria
  • Dine at Pizzeria Jupiter
  • Experience Pula’s Nightlife

Day 2 in Pula

  • Have Coffee at Rustico Bar
  • Discover Pula’s Roman Ruins
  • Swim at Ambrela Beach
  • Have lunch at E&D caffe i restaurant
  • Explore Brijuni National Park
  • Indulge in Local Cuisine at Veritas Food&Wine
Clouse up view of Historic Center of Pula City from the Venetian Fortress (Pula Castle) in Croatia

Day 1 in Pula

Breakfast at Backyard

Start your 2 days in Pula with a delicious breakfast at Backyard. This is a fantastic choice if you are after a charming café with a welcoming atmosphere.

It has a menu filled with delicious breakfast options and plenty of freshly brewed coffee and pastries. Sit back and enjoy before you embark on your first day exploring the city of Pula.

Explore the Pula Arena

Head over to Pula Arena, a 2 minute walk away from Backyard. Pula Arena is one of the most magnificent sights in the city. It is an ancient Roman amphitheater that has been incredibly well preserved over the years.

When you visit, you will be amazed at its grandeur and impressive structure. This historical gem is not just for show; even today, it serves as a unique venue for concerts and events. Imagine sitting in the same place where ancient Romans once gathered to witness gladiator battles and other grand spectacles!

The Pula Arena offers a fascinating glimpse into the city’s ancient past, allowing you to step back in time and feel the echoes of history all around you.

It is a must visit attraction that will leave you in awe of the remarkable craftsmanship and the stories it holds. It costs 10 euro per person to enter and it is open from 9 am until 5 pm every day.

Tour Pick
Croatia, city of Pula, ancient Roman arena, historic amphitheater and old town center from drone, aerial view

Best of Pula Tour

  • 2 hours 
  • Arena entrance ticket
  • Tasting of local specialties
Croatia, city of Pula, ancient Roman arena, historic amphitheater and old town center from drone, aerial view

Visit the Arch of the Sergii

Next up, take a stroll over to the Arch of the Sergii. It is a remarkable Roman triumphal arch that dates all the way back to approximately 27 B.C. The arch is an impressive structure with beautiful architectural details and years of history.

As you stand before it, you can not help but marvel at the work of the ancient Roman builders who created it. It is a fantastic opportunity to step back in time and imagine what life was like during the Roman era.

PULA,CROATIA  - View at the Arch of Sergii in the streets of Pula. Pula is the largest city in Istria County, Croatia.

Have lunch at Rustica III

Across the road, you will find Rustica III, an excellent choice for lunch. This charming restaurant offers a delightful dining experience with a menu featuring delicious and authentic Croatian cuisine.

From traditional dishes to seafood options, Rustica III promises to satisfy your taste buds and provide a taste of the local flavours. This pretty lunch location is a perfect spot to recharge before continuing your exploration of the city of Pula.

Stroll through Pula’s Old Town

After lunch, take a leisurely stroll through Pula’s Old Town where you will be transported back in time. As you walk along the cobbled streets, you will feel the charm of the city.

The Old Town is a treasure trove of history, with its quaint cafes, charming boutiques and fascinating historic buildings.

The picturesque streets are lined with colourful houses and charming shops, inviting you to explore at your own pace. You will encounter historic landmarks around every corner. Take time to explore, take photos and make memories.

Porec, Istria, Croatia: picturesque cityscape at sunrise of an ancient square in the old town

Explore the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria

The Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria is a great destination for those who love history and those curious about the region’s maritime heritage.

Visitors to the museum can explore a diverse array of exhibits, artefacts and displays that span different periods of Istria’s past. From ancient Roman artefacts to medieval treasures and beyond. The museum offers a comprehensive journey through the region’s historical evolution.

It is a unique opportunity to learn about the diverse cultures and civilizations that have shaped Istria over the centuries. The museum is open from 9 am until 5 pm every day and costs just £2 to enter.

The Citadel of Pula, view of an artillery fortress with observation tower in Pula town on Istria, Croatia, Europe.

Dine at Pizzeria Jupiter

Dine at Pizzeria Jupiter for your first evening meal during your 48 hours in Pula. It is a popular spot known for its delicious and authentic pizzas.

With a diverse menu of mouthwatering options, including classic Margherita and gourmet combinations, everyone can find something they love.

Prepared with fresh ingredients and baked in a traditional wood fired oven, the pizzas are flavorful and satisfying.

Its central location makes it a convenient stop during your exploration of Pula, offering a taste of authentic Italian style pizza in this charming coastal city.

Experience Pula’s Nightlife

When the sun sets, Pula’s nightlife comes alive, offering an exciting array of options to help you unwind and socialize at the end of the day. One of the best bars in Pula is Cafe “Sirena” located on Forum Square.

This is a great place to enjoy a variety of local beverages, from Croatian wines to craft beers. Alternatively, Caffe bar “Dvojka” is another great option and a renowned establishment in Pula.

Tour Pick
Hong Kong Cocktails

Pula Pub Crawl

  • 4 hours 
  • Learn drinking games
  • Entrance fees included
Illuminated Downtown in the City of Pula at Night Croatia

Day 2 In Pula

Have Coffee at Rustico Bar

Start your second day for your 2 days in Croatia by heading to Rustico Bar for coffee. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast here as well as your refreshing cup of morning coffee. This cute and welcoming café offers a variety of coffee choices, from classic espressos to creamy cappuccinos.

Discover Pula’s Roman Ruins

In addition to the famous Pula Arena, there are more Roman ruins to explore in the city. Pula is like a treasure chest filled with ancient wonders!

You can discover the Twin Gates, which are ancient city gates that served as an entrance and exit for people in Roman times. These gates have stood for centuries, witnessing the comings and goings of people from different eras.

Then, there is the Hercules Gate, another impressive sight. It is a grand archway dedicated to Hercules, a legendary Roman hero. Do not miss the Temple of Augustus.

This ancient temple was dedicated to the first Roman emperor, Augustus. Even though parts of it have weathered the test of time, its intricate design and architecture will still leave a lasting impression.

View at the Twin gate(Porta Gemina) in the streets of Pula in Croatia

Swim at Ambrela Beach

Pula has many beaches that are accessible and close by. Ambrela Beach is a great choice if you wish to enjoy a relaxing morning. This beautiful beach offers a chilled family vibe and cooling waters, making it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkelling.

Feel the soft sand between your toes as you stroll along the shoreline or bask in the warm sun on a comfortable beach lounger. There are many amenities around the beach such as Ambrela Bistro & Beach Bar if you wish to stop for a drink.

Verduela Beach Pula Croatia Croatia Rocky Beaches Landscape

Have lunch at E&D caffe i restaurant

After soaking in the sun all morning, go for lunch at E&D Caffe i Restaurant. This eatery offers a diverse menu with Mediterranean inspired dishes, fresh seafood and hearty pasta.

The friendly ambience and welcoming staff create a comfortable setting to enjoy your meal. Whether you’re dining indoors or on the outdoor terrace, E&D Caffe i Restaurant provides a perfect place to relax and enjoy delicious cuisine.

Explore Brijuni National Park

For an unforgettable afternoon adventure, take a boat trip to Brijuni National Park off the coast of Pula. The park’s pristine beauty and diverse attractions make it a must visit destination.

As you cruise through the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea, you will be greeted by amazing views of the island’s lush landscapes and coastlines.

Once you arrive at Brijuni National Park you will be able to see the diverse wildlife that thrives here, including deer, peacocks and various other bird species.

Do not forget your camera, as the scenic landscapes and stunning views provide ample photo opportunities.

The park also holds significant archaeological sites, like ancient Roman villas and Byzantine ruins, showcasing the region’s historical heritage. Take a guided tour to learn about the fascinating stories behind these ancient structures and the people who once lived here.

Tour Pick
Brijuni National Park, an amazing place for vacation and relaxation

Dolphin & Sunset Cruise

  • 8-9 hours 
  • Max of 6 people 
  • Tasting fee included
Brijuni National Park, an amazing place for vacation and relaxation

Indulge in Local Cuisine at Veritas Food&Wine

For your final evening, dine at Veritas Food&Wine. It is a charming destination for food and wine lovers. With a thoughtfully curated menu featuring fresh and local ingredients, you can sample delicious Istrian dishes and international gourmet delights.

The restaurant’s impressive wine selection complements the dining experience perfectly. Whether you are seeking a romantic dinner or a memorable experience, Veritas Food&Wine will provide you with that.

Traditional croatian dish Peka view, meat and vegetables in iron cover under warm glow close-up on the table. horizontal top view from above

Tour ideas for your 2 days in Pula

Dolphin & Sunset Cruise with Dinner & Drinks from Pula

Experience a magical evening in Pula with a Dolphin & Sunset Cruise with Dinner & Drinks. Depart from Pula and sail along the stunning coast as the sun sets.

Reach Brijuni National Park and enjoy dinner and drinks on deck while dolphins playfully leap and swim alongside the boat in their natural habitat. Witness the nighttime lights of the city as they illuminate the skyline as you sail back to Pula.

The tour includes a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian meal with wine or soft drinks. Your local guides and crew will share insights into the local dolphins and their behaviours, making this an unforgettable Croatian adventure at sea.

Transparent Kayak Night Glow Experience from Pula

Discover an alternative adventure in Pula with the Transparent Kayak Night Glow Experience. Explore the beaches and sea cliffs by night in a unique transparent kayak equipped with mesmerising multi colored LED lights underneath.

As you paddle along the coast, witness the illuminated underwater world, glide over corals, venture through caves and spot fascinating marine life like jellyfish and sea urchins.

No experience is needed as full instruction is provided. Enjoy this intimate small group adventure with a maximum of 12 people, offering a magical sea experience like no other.

Pula walking tour

Escape the tourist crowds and enjoy an exclusive experience with a private walking tour of Pula’s historic centre.

Wander through the charming streets and gain an insight into the iconic landmarks, such as the Roman amphitheatre, city gates, harbour and the Venetian fortress.

The beauty of a private tour lies in its flexibility, allowing you to explore at your preferred pace and schedule a convenient departure time.

Aerial drone photo of famous European city of Pula. Location place Istria county, Croatia, Europe. Popular touristic place. Aerial photography, drone shot. Discover the beauty of earth.

Final Thoughts: 2 day itinerary for pula

In conclusion, Pula, Croatia, offers a trip that will be filled with unforgettable memories. It features a mix of history, natural beauty and Mediterranean charm. With this 48 hours in Pula itinerary, you can embark on a remarkable journey through this Croatian city.

Explore Pula’s ancient past at the Pula Arena and Arch of the Sergii or relax and stroll through the picturesque Old Town. You will be able to have adventures by taking boat trips over to Brijuni National Park, where you can spot dolphins and witness breathtaking sunsets.

It also has a laid back beach scene that is perfect for sun worshippers. Pula has a mixture of everything that makes it an amazing destination.

Recommended tours in Pula

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