Where To Stay in Cinque Terre [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Manarola village at sunset, Cinque Terre, Italy. UNESCO heritage, Long Exposure.

Italy isn’t short of historic, charming and utterly drop-dead gorgeous postcard-perfect places. If you specifically want to visit quaint and colourful seaside towns then you couldn’t find a better place than Cinque Terre.

It’s a popular place to visit (for good reason!) and figuring out what to do, what to eat and where to stay in Cinque Terre Italy will ensure you are adequately excited and prepared for your trip.

Cinque Terre Italy is a group of five villages (Cinque Terre literally means ‘five lands’) on the Ligurian Coast. Not only do the towns of Cinque Terre have their own Italian national park but they are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to their significant historic and cultural value. 

All of the Cinque Terre villages have their own personalities but they are all former fishing villages with colourful houses built into the rocky cliffside that seemingly defy gravity.

They all offer stunning views of the coastline and of the towns themselves. There are lots of great restaurants, gelaterias, shops, wineries and more in each place.

Since the Cinque Terre towns are so popular, there are lots of Cinque Terre accommodation options to choose from to suit all travel budgets and styles. This guide breaks down the best place to stay in the Cinque Terre towns to suit your specific needs so you can have the best vacation possible!

Below are 7 of the best town in Cinque Terre to help you make the right decision when trying to work out where to stay when visiting Cinque Terre for you.

We have tried to make the guide as easy to follow as possible. We have also included some things to do or places to visit within the towns of Cinque Terre so you can use this as a go to guide.

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La Spezia – Where To Stay in Cinque Terre on a Budget

It might be more beneficial for you to stay outside of the five villages while exploring Cinque Terre towns. La Spezia is a city with a population of around 95,000 just south of Riomaggiore. It is also quite beautiful with colourful houses in the Porto Venere neighbourhood.

Due to it being a city, it has a greater choice of accommodations such as hostels and camping options. It also has a main train station with connections to other major Italian cities and a greater choice of cheap eateries. All of these reasons make it a great choice if you’re looking for where to stay near Cinque Terre on a budget.

It’s also ideal if you want to know where to stay in Cinque Terre with a car. It’s almost impossible to explore the five villages with a car because they’re in a national park and almost inaccessible by road. You can leave your car in La Spezia and take the train between the towns instead.

Where to stay in La Spezia Italy

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in La Spezia
Grand Hostel Manin
5 Terre Backpackers City
Hotel Venezia

Budget accommodation in
 La Spezia
Albergo Teatro
Nautilus Hotel
Levante Residence
Porta Marina

Mid range accommodation in
 La Spezia
La Taverna del Metallo Rooms
Hotel Novecento
Albergo delle Spezie
Benso Rooms

Family Friendly accommodation in
 La Spezia
Miramare Apartments&Suites
CDH Hotel La Spezia
Hotel Corallo
Hotel Mary

Affordable Luxury accommodation in La Spezia
The Poet Hotel
Hotel Firenze e Continentale
NH La Spezia
La Spezia by The First – Luxury Rooms & Suites

Port of Lerici town with many boats moored. Tourist resort on the coast of the Gulf of La Spezia, Mediterranean sea (Ligurian Sea), Liguria, Italy, Europe.

Riomaggiore – Best Cinque Terre Town for Nightlife

Riomaggiore is the second-largest Cinque Terre town behind Monterosso al Mare, it is the most southerly, and it has the highest population.

All of those factors mean that Riomaggiore welcomes a higher number of visitors than some of the other towns and therefore has lots more amenities such as restaurants and bars. If you want to know where to stay in Cinque Terre, Italy for nightlife then it is the best choice!

Riomaggiore’s train station is within easy walking distance of the town. In the town, you’ll find the revered Terra di Bargòn and Azienda Agricola Possa wineries which produce wines from Cinque Terre’s own vineyards.

Some of the best restaurants in Riomaggiore are La Cantina del Macellaio and Fuori Rotta which serves seafood with a beautiful view over the harbour.

This village does have some other things to do such as a very small beach and stunning panoramic views of the harbour. The Church of San Giovanni Battista of Riomaggiore is also worth visiting.

Most of the Cinque Terre hotels in Riomaggiore are two and three-star budget hotels which charge between €100-150 per night during the shoulder seasons. You’ll also find lots of short-term rental apartments here too.

Where to stay in Riomaggiore Italy

Budget accommodation in
Locanda Dalla Compagnia
Good vibes penthouse Ca Lidia 5terreparco
Hotel Villa Argentina

Mid range accommodation in
Miramare love nest 5terreparco
Ai Pesci Room Rental
La Dinette Riomaggiore
ca’ di sotto

Family Friendly accommodation in
Alla Marina Affittacamere
Casa D’amore
Sapore di Sale
Riomaggiore Apartment cà di Euro

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Riomaggiore
The Sunset Line

RIOMAGGIORE, ITALY - The famous Riomaggiore village, view from the small port, Cinque Terre National Park in Liguria, La Spezia, Italy, Europe. UNESCO world heritage site.

Manarola – Where To Stay in Cinque Terre Honeymoon

Whenever Cinque Terre pops up on your Instagram feed and you think, “where is this gorgeous village?” then you are probably looking at Manarola. This is the second Cinque Terre village you’ll reach as you travel north up the coast. 

It’s arguably the most picturesque and iconic out of all of the best village in Cinque Terre. That’s why it’s the perfect choice if you want to know where to stay in Cinque Terre on your honeymoon!

Enjoy aperitivo at Nessun Dorma, the landmark restaurant overlooking the popular view of the houses on the harbour. Munch on gelato as you explore Cinque Terre and browse the shops for local wines and treats.

Despite Manarola being the second-smallest Cinque Terre town, its popularity means there are lots of accommodation options.

You can stay in budget and three-star hotels and guesthouses for around €80 per night in the shoulder season. If you are staying in Cinque Terre for your honeymoon, there are plenty of €300 per night luxury hotels with unforgettable views of the coastline.

Where to stay in Manarola Italy

Budget accommodation in
Manaview-Pepita, apartment with sea view
affittacamere nuova Vandiris
Olimpo Affittacamere
Ca’ D’Andrean

Mid range accommodation in
Liersena Sea View Mini Villa with AC
Bianca Luna
Alla Porta Rossa
Incanto Manarola

Family Friendly accommodation in
Giovanni Rooms Manarola
Libeccio Panoramic Sea View
Fiesse Cottage
At Yours… Manarola 5 Terre (Sea View)

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Manarola

Manarola Village Cinque Terre Coast Italy. Manarola colorful town Liguria on a sunny day

Corniglia – Best Town to Stay in Cinque Terre to Escape the Crowds

Corniglia, the middle village, is perhaps the most unique Cinque Terre town. For starters, it only has a population of around 150 people.

To reach it from the train station, you either need to walk up a cliffside staircase with 400 steps or hail a taxi. Corniglia is also not quite directly next to the sea as the others are. This is why it’s the perfect place to stay to escape the crowds and enjoy some serenity!

Corniglia has one main overlook and one main labyrinthine street littered with quirky shops and grocery stores.

When it comes to its restaurants and bars, luckily it prioritises quality over quantity. La Scuna Wine & Beer, Terra Rossa wine&food winebar and Gelateria Corniglia are all excellent.

Most of the best Cinque Terre accommodation options in Corniglia are B&Bs and guesthouses. You can find budget hotels and apartments for around €90 per night in the shoulder season and upmarket options for around €150-200 per night.

Where to stay in Corniglia Italy

Budget accommodation in
Stella Maris
Monolocale caterina

Mid range accommodation in
Puppo Apartments
One bedroom appartement with wifi at Corniglia

Family Friendly accommodation in
La Casetta Rossa
IL GRECALE – Ca’Mare Apartments
Residenza Solferino

Aerial view of Corniglia and coastline of Cinque Terre,Italy.UNESCO Heritage Site.Picturesque colorful village on rock above sea.Summer holiday,travel background.Italian Riviera landscape.Steep cliff.

Vernazza – Where To Stay in Cinque Terre for First Timers

Continuing up the coast, Vernazza is the second most northerly Cinque Terre town. Like Riomaggiore and Manarola, it also has lots of colourful houses dotted around the coastline and panoramic viewpoints for you to get a good look at them. 

Vernazza town is very close to the train station and despite it having lots of amenities, restaurants, and things to do it is generally one of the quieter Cinque Terre towns. It doesn’t get as many day-trippers as Riomaggiore or Manarola. This is why it’s one of the best places to stay in Cinque Terre for first-time visitors.

You can enjoy a delicious meal at 5 Terre Bistrot and check out the Ruins of Doria Tower while tucking into a delicious gelato. Walk around the harbour and even hop on a boat ride out to sea. There’s a hiking trail that connects all five towns which you can easily reach from Vernazza.

If you want to know where to stay in Vernazza, Italy then you have a wide range of options. That’s just another reason why it’s a great choice for all first-time visitors! Guesthouses and hotels are available in the shoulder season for around €70 per night.

Where to stay in Vernazza Italy

Budget accommodation in
Hotel Gianni Franzi
Albergo Barbara
Guesthouse Rollando
Candidina 2

Mid range accommodation in
The Honeymooners’ Paradise Suite
La Casa di Eio
Carmelina Room

Family Friendly accommodation in
Via Mazzini – Francamaria Rooms Vernazza
SeaBreeze Vernazza
Casa Pina Quiet Apartment

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Vernazza
MADA Charm Apartments Jacuzzi

sunset at Vernazza village Cinque Terre National Park Italy, The picturesque village of Vernazza

Monterosso al Mare – Where To Stay in Cinque Terre With Family

Monterosso al Mare is the largest Cinque Terre town. It’s the furthest north of all five towns and it is the only one with an actual beach.

The Monterosso train station is conveniently located right in the centre of town and the beach is lined with lots of bustling bars and restaurants as well as beach supply and souvenir stores. 

It’s one of the best places to stay in Cinque Terre with family and young kids.  While it can be busy in the peak season, its size means it never feels too packed and there are lots of things to do here for older kids.

You can enjoy a beach day or walk along the coastline and explore churches like Parrocchia di S. Giovanni Battista and Convent of the Capuchin Friars.

Most of the accommodations in Monterosso al Mare are B&Bs, guesthouses and short-term rental apartments which are perfect for families. Prices are a little more expensive here than in Vernazza, for example. Mid-range options and three-star hours generally cost over €100 per night in the shoulder seasons.

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Where to stay in Monterosso al Mare Italy

Budget accommodation in
 Monterosso al Mare
Hotel Palme
Raggi di Sole
Villa Caribe affittacamere

Mid range accommodation in
 Monterosso al Mare
Albergo Degli Amici
Hotel Souvenir
Villa degli Argentieri
Il Giardino di Ada Ground Floor Studio with AC and Patio

Family Friendly accommodation in
 Monterosso al Mare
I Coralli rooms & apartments
Casa Agnese Monterosso al mare
Affittacamere Monterosso 5 Terre
Amazing Sea View 4 Bedrooms&Balcony

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Monterosso al Mare
LE CINQUE VELE ***** Cinque Terre

Monterosso al Mare, Italy - View of the Spiagge di Fegina beach. Monterosso is the westernmost of the Cinque Terre region, a national park in Unesco's world heritage list.

Levanto – Where To Stay in Cinque Terre Without a Car

Another option for staying close but not in Cinque Terre is Levanto. This town is just north of Monterosso al Mare. It’s not a huge town but there are lots and lots of accommodation options including agriturismos and B&BS. It also has a beach and hiking trails.

Though any Cinque Terre town is better to visit without a car, you don’t need one to stay in Levanto either. It’s a direct train ride south from the Ligurian capital of Genoa and you can easily hop on a train down to Monterosso al Mare which takes only five minutes by train.

The advantages of staying in Levanto over Cinque Terre are the greater choice of connections from Levanto to other cities in Italy. Cinque Terre can be a little bit closed off, but Levanto is a fantastic gateway town.

Where to stay in Levanto Italy

Budget accommodation in
Oasi Felice
Formentera e’ qui
Dora Aurea

Mid range accommodation in
ARIA Design B&B Levanto
Beatrice Nel centro di Levanto
Casa Federico
Oasi Hotel

Family Friendly accommodation in
Casa zagare sul mare
House Of Alex
Casa Caterina
Mare Blu CITRA

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Levanto
Park Hotel Argento

View of Levanto at coastline of Liguria. Italy

Added Extra: Areas to Avoid in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a very safe Italian region and dangerous, violent crimes are few and far between. Tourist scams are also more common in big Italian cities than they are in the Cinque Terre villages. 

This doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t be vigilant and keep a close eye on your belongings. Lots of people pass through the Cinque Terre towns every day!

Many of the visitors are cruise ship passengers who will be in and out of the area on the same day so you never know who is around.

All of the Cinque Terre villages and surrounding cities and towns are beautiful but there are a couple you should avoid staying in because they’re just too far away.

Sestri Levante is a town to the north of Cinque Terre and it’s about 45 km away from Monterosso al Mare, the northernmost Cinque Terre town. It takes 40 minutes on the train to travel between these two places and trains only leave every hour.

You should also avoid staying in Massa, a city south of Cinque Terre and La Spezia. There is nothing wrong with either of these places, but staying so far away will only cut into your exploring time!

Pebble beach Monterosso vacation Chairs and umbrellas on the beach of Cinque Terre Italy.

FAQs for Where To Stay in Cinque Terre

Where Should I Stay in Cinque Terre for the First Time?

If it is your first time visiting Cinque Terre then you should stay in Manarola. It is the second southernmost Cinque Terre town and has the most iconic vistas and eateries. 

Manarola might be the busiest and arguably one of the more expensive Cinque Terre villages but it also has the widest range of accommodation.

No matter what type of hotel, hostel or apartment you are looking for, you are more likely to find it in Manarola. 

Basing yourself in one of the central Cinque Terre villages also makes logistical sense so that you are in closer proximity to more villages. This makes it easier and quicker to explore all five places from your accommodation in Manarola!

Which Is the Best Cinque Terre Village to Visit?

Deciding which are the best villages in Cinque Terre is difficult. Though they might all look similar in the photos you’ve seen on social media, they all have their own unique charms. You should try to visit all five Cinque Terre villages!

If you are short on time and would prefer to focus your attention on just one of the villages, Riomaggiore is one of the best Cinque Terre towns to visit.

Due to its location as the southernmost Cinque Terre village, it’s easy to reach by train from the larger town of La Spezia which has connections to the rest of Italy’s train network. 

It’s also one of the biggest Cinque Terre towns so there is more to explore here than in some of the other towns. It has the quintessential Cinque Terre ‘look’ which you won’t find in Corniglia, for example.

Evening at Riomaggiore Cinque Terre Liguria, Italy, Europe. seascape of the Mediterranean sea

Is it Better to Stay in La Spezia or Cinque Terre?

La Spezia is the second-largest city in the Liguria region (after Genoa) and is a gateway city to the Cinque Terre region. It has more amenities and transport connections to Cinque Terre due to it being a city. Accommodation is also cheaper in La Spezia because it is less popular with tourists.

It is better to stay in La Spezia if you are on a budget or you are only planning on visiting Cinque Terre on a day trip as part of an extended trip to Italy. If budget is less of a concern and you have two or more days to explore Cinque Terre then it is better to stay in Cinque Terre over La Spezia.

Is it Better to Stay in La Spezia or Monterosso?

La Spezia is the first city south of the Cinque Terre villages and Monterosso al Mare is the northernmost Cinque Terre town. Monterosso al Mare is known for being the only Cinque Terre village with an actual beach.

It is better to stay in La Spezia over Monterosso if you are travelling on a budget and would prefer to stay in a large city over a small village. It is also better to stay in La Spezia over Monterosso if you are only spending a short amount of time in the Cinque Terre region and you’re travelling south afterwards.

It is better to stay in Monterosso over La Spezia if you love the beach and want the experience of staying in one of the official Cinque Terre towns. It’s also better to stay in Monterosso over La Spezia if have a healthy budget to spend on nicer accommodations or if you want to stay at the northern end of the region.

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Where To Stay in Cinque Terre
Where To Stay in Cinque Terre
Where To Stay in Cinque Terre


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