Where to Stay in Brescia [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Brescia is a little village steeped in Italian old-world charm that has drawn inspiration from the neighboring country of Greece and city of Rome.

City if Brescia - view from the castle (citadel) of Brescia. Lombardy. Italy.

It’s as if a Greek God and an Italian Princess got married and built a kingdom together. If a city had a personality type, Brescia’s would be an “introvert”.

Brescia isn’t one for flashy landscapes and architecture but rather a place which appreciates the natural landscape and blends with the vibe of the people. Brescia has a soft atmosphere that makes you feel like the main character throughout your visit. 

Below are 6 of the best neighbourhoods in Brescia to help you make the right decision when trying to work out best areas to stay in Brescia for you. We have tried to make the guide as easy to follow as possible.

We have also included some things to do or places to visit as well as some eatery suggestions of either our favourite places or some funky places to eat at within the areas in Brescia so you can use this as a go to guide.

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Brescia Centro – Where to stay in Brescia for Tourists

Brescia Centro, located in the city center of Brescia, is a captivating destination for tourists. With its history, masterful architecture, and chilled atmosphere, Brescia Centro offers an ideal place to stay for visitors eager to explore the city’s best kept secrets.

From its ancient Roman ruins to its charming medieval streets and elegant Renaissance palaces, Brescia Centro immerses travelers in a captivating blend of past and present.

Why Stay in Brescia Centro?

Brescia Centro is home to a wealth of historical and cultural treasures. The city boasts well-preserved Roman ruins, including the impressive Capitolium and Roman Theater, offering a fascinating glimpse into the past.

Additionally, Brescia Centro is dotted with magnificent medieval and Renaissance architecture, such as the stunning Brescia Cathedral and the grand Piazza della Loggia. Staying in Brescia Centro is a historian’s dream come true.

The area is well-connected by public transportation, making it easy to reach attractions both within and outside the city.

Whether you’re interested in visiting nearby Lake Garda, exploring the Franciacorta wine region, or discovering the charming towns of Lombardy, Brescia Centro’s strategic location simplifies your travel plans. You can let out a sigh of relief now.

Things to do in Brescia Centro

  • Start your adventure by visiting Brescia Castle, also known as the Falcone Castle. This medieval fortress offers panoramic views of the city and houses several museums, including the Museo delle Armi Luigi Marzoli, showcasing an impressive collection of arms and armor.
  • Admire the iconic Brescia Cathedral, also known as La Rotonda. This Romanesque-Gothic masterpiece features intricate details, beautiful frescoes, and a panoramic terrace offering sweeping views of the city.
  • Experience the quaint, yet full, atmosphere of Piazza della Loggia, the main square of Brescia Centro. Marvel at the elegant Renaissance architecture of the Loggia Palace and enjoy a coffee or aperitivo at one of the charming cafes while taking in the vibrant ambiance.
  • Put on your archaeology hat and head to the Capitolium, an archaeological site that was once the heart of the ancient Roman city of Brixia. Explore the remains of the Roman temple and the Roman Theater, which occasionally hosts theatrical performances and events.
  • Reflect on your day by taking a leisurely walk along Via dei Musei, a picturesque street lined with several museums and art galleries.
  • Located within walking distance from the train station, the Santa Giulia Museum is a must-visit. Housed in a former monastery, this UNESCO World Heritage Site showcases an impressive collection of art, archaeological artifacts, and historical exhibits spanning various eras.

Best places to stay in Brescia Centro

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Affordable Luxury accommodation in Brescia Centro

Brescia, Italy -  Typical italian narrow street with traditional old buildings, cobblestone road, fruit and vegetables store and walking people, historical city centre, Lombardy

Corso Zanardelli – Where to stay in Brescia for foodies

After visiting Corso Zanardelli, you’ll have to loosen your belt a couple of notches. Corso Zanardelli is one of the main streets in the city center of Brescia, Italy.

It is a busy thoroughfare that smells like heaven and offers a wide array of attractions, including numerous dining options for you to explore.

It is a street that stretches from Piazza della Vittoria to Piazza Paolo VI, encompassing a significant portion of the city center.

It is lined with elegant buildings, boutique shops, and charming cafes, creating an inviting atmosphere for locals and visitors alike. 

Why Stay in Corso Zanardelli?

When it comes to gastronomy, Corso Zanardelli is home to a diverse range of restaurants, trattorias, and eateries that cater to various tastes and preferences.

From traditional Italian cuisine to international flavors, you’ll find an enticing selection of culinary delights along this bustling street.

Foodies can indulge in authentic Italian dishes, including regional specialties from Lombardy and Brescia. Look out for trattorias that serve local delicacies such as casoncelli pasta, a traditional stuffed pasta, or polenta, a cornmeal-based dish that can be enjoyed in various preparations.

You’ll also find restaurants offering delectable risotto, succulent meats, and fresh seafood, all prepared with a focus on quality ingredients and traditional recipes.

Corso Zanardelli is also known for its vibrant aperitivo culture. Many bars and cafes along the street offer aperitivo hours, typically in the early evening, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink accompanied by a selection of appetizers and snacks. It’s a popular social activity in Brescia and a great way to experience the local dining culture.

In addition to the dining establishments, Corso Zanardelli is dotted with gelaterias, pastry shops, and cafes where you can satisfy your sweet tooth. Treat yourself to a scoop of artisanal gelato, savor a freshly baked pastry, or relax with a cup of coffee while taking in the lively ambiance of the street.

Things to do in Corso Zanardelli

  • Explore specialty food shops along the street, where you can find an assortment of gourmet products and local culinary treasures. Look for stores selling cheeses, cured meats, olive oils, balsamic vinegar, and other regional delicacies. These shops are perfect for food lovers seeking unique ingredients to bring back home or to create a memorable meal.
  • Relax in one of the many cafes along Corso Zanardelli and enjoy a cup of coffee, prepared by expert baristas. Immerse yourself in the Italian coffee culture as you sip a flavorful espresso or savor a creamy cappuccino. Pair your coffee with a freshly baked pastry or a traditional biscotti for an authentic experience.
  • Keep an eye out for food events and festivals that may take place along Corso Zanardelli or in the nearby area. These events celebrate the local gastronomy, showcasing a variety of culinary delights, live cooking demonstrations, and tastings. It’s an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Brescia’s food scene and discover new flavors.
  • Visit enotecas (wine shops) along Corso Zanardelli that offer a selection of local and Italian wines. Engage in wine tastings to discover the flavors of the region, including the renowned Franciacorta sparkling wines. Learn about the production methods, terroir, and characteristics of different varietals while expanding your wine knowledge.
  • Explore the food markets that pop up along Corso Zanardelli at certain times or on specific days. These markets feature a wide range of fresh produce, artisanal products, and local delicacies. Engage with local vendors, sample their offerings, and purchase ingredients to create your own culinary masterpieces or enjoy as picnic provisions.

Best places to stay in Corso Zanardelli

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Giuseppe Zanardelli street in Brescia Lombardy Italy.

Brescia Train station – Where to stay in Brescia with Family

Brescia Train Station showcases impressive architectural design that combines both modern and historic elements. The station building features a sleek and contemporary facade, while the interior exhibits a blend of classical and modern aesthetics.

The grand entrance hall welcomes passengers with its spaciousness and elegant detailing. As a major transportation hub, Brescia Train Station offers convenient access to both domestic and international destinations, making it an essential hub for travelers exploring the region.

With its modern facilities, efficient connections, and strategic location, Brescia Train Station provides a seamless and comfortable starting point for discovering the city’s historical landmarks, cultural attractions, and surrounding areas. Let’s just say your journey begins and ends with the Brescia Train Station. 

Why Stay near Brescia Train Station?

Brescia Train Station, conveniently located near the Quartiere Don Bosco district, serves as a gateway to the enchanting city of Brescia, Italy. For families seeking a comfortable and accessible place to stay, Brescia Train Station offers an excellent choice.

With its strategic location and excellent transportation links, this area provides easy access to the city’s top attractions, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable family vacation.

From its proximity to popular landmarks and cultural sites to its family-friendly amenities and nearby green spaces, Brescia Train Station and the surrounding Quartiere Don Bosco district offer a convenient and welcoming setting for families.

Things to do near the Brescia Train Station 

  • Take a leisurely stroll through Parco della Resistenza, a scenic park located near the train station. This green oasis offers peaceful paths, lush gardens, and tranquil spots to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Best places to stay in Brescia Train Station

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Family Friendly accommodation in Brescia Train Station

Main downtown of italian city of Brescia near Garda lake called piazza loggia

Crocifissa di Rosa – Where to stay in Brescia on a Budget

Crocifissa di Rosa is a neighborhood located in the city of Brescia, in the province of Brescia, Italy. Situated within the larger urban area of Brescia, Crocifissa di Rosa offers a residential setting with a mix of residential buildings, shops, and amenities.

The neighborhood takes its name from Saint Crocifissa di Rosa, also known as Rosa Venerini, an Italian saint who founded the Venerini Sisters religious order in the 17th century.

While Crocifissa di Rosa is not a widely recognized tourist destination, it holds significance for its connection to the saint and serves as a residential area within the city.

It provides a glimpse into the local culture and offers a quieter atmosphere compared to the more bustling areas of the city center. It’s often the smaller areas that make the biggest impact on a trip.

Why Stay in Crocifissa di Rosa?

The neighborhood offers a range of budget-friendly accommodation options such as budget hotels, guesthouses, and apartments. These accommodations provide cost-effective choices for travelers seeking affordable places to stay while exploring Brescia.

Crocifissa di Rosa has local markets and shops where travelers can find reasonably priced groceries, snacks, and everyday items. This can be beneficial for those who prefer to prepare their own meals or want to save money on dining out.

Being located in Brescia, Crocifissa di Rosa benefits from good transportation links, including proximity to Brescia Train Station and bus routes.

This enables budget-conscious travelers to easily access the wider city area and nearby attractions without spending excessive amounts on transportation. Heading to Italy doesn’t have to be super expensive… You just need to know where to stay.

Things to do in Crocifissa di Rosa

  • Check for any local events or festivals happening in Crocifissa di Rosa or nearby areas during your visit. These events may include cultural celebrations, food markets, music performances, or art exhibitions, offering a chance to engage with the local community and experience the neighborhood’s vibrant atmosphere.
  • Discover the neighborhood’s local cafés and gelaterias, where you can enjoy a cup of Italian espresso or indulge in delicious gelato. These establishments often provide a cozy atmosphere and an opportunity to mingle with locals while savoring a sweet treat.
  • Crocifissa di Rosa and its surrounding neighborhoods are known for their artisanal craftsmanship. Take the opportunity to visit local artisan workshops and studios, where you can witness traditional crafts being practiced firsthand.

Best places to stay in Crocifissa di Rosa

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Family Friendly accommodation in Crocifissa di Rosa

Museum of the Roman ruins and Santa Giulia

Borgo Trento – Where to stay in Brescia for Relaxation

Borgo Trento is a charming neighborhood located in the city of Brescia, Lombardy, Italy. Situated on the northeastern side of th e city, Borgo Trento is known for its residential character, tree-lined streets, and a pleasant atmosphere.

The neighborhood is named after the Trento family, who were influential landowners in the area during the Middle Ages. Borgo Trento is characterized by its elegant architecture, featuring a mix of historic buildings, charming villas, and well-maintained gardens.

Why Stay in Borgo Trento?

In complete contrast to the city center, this neighborhood offers a peaceful environment, perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating. That’s not to say that you’ll be bored though…

Despite its tranquility, Borgo Trento offers a range of amenities within close proximity. You can find grocery stores, local shops, and cafes, providing convenience for everyday needs.

Having these amenities nearby ensures a hassle-free stay, allowing you to focus on relaxation and enjoying your time in the neighborhood.

Borgo Trento offers a range of comfortable accommodation options, including hotels, guesthouses, and apartments. These establishments prioritize relaxation and often provide cozy and natural settings for a peaceful stay.

Late mornings, lots of good food and the Italian countryside? Say less!

Things to do in Borgo Trento

  • Borgo Trento has a few charming cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or indulge in delicious Italian cuisine. Relax in a cozy setting and savor the flavors of the region.
  • Take advantage of the nearby natural surroundings by engaging in outdoor activities. Enjoy a bike ride along the scenic paths or go for a jog in the neighborhood and its surrounding areas. This is a great way to stay active while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of Borgo Trento.

Best places to stay in Borgo Trento

Budget accommodation in Borgo Trento

Mid range accommodation in Borgo Trento

Family Friendly accommodation in Borgo Trento

Brescia Castle aerial panoramic view. Castle of Brescia is a medieval castle locate atop Cidneo Hill in Brescia city in north Italy.

Mompiano – Where to stay in Brescia like a Local

Italians embody  “the sweet life” in the small town of Mompiano… Mompiano is known for its tranquil atmosphere and stunning natural surroundings.

Mompiano is nestled in the hilly terrain on the outskirts of Brescia, providing beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

It is located approximately 3 kilometers Northwest of the city center, making it easily accessible for both residents and visitors. One of the standout features of Mompiano is its natural beauty.

The neighborhood is surrounded by green spaces and picturesque hills. Mompiano is known for its residential character, featuring a mix of apartments, houses, and villas.

The neighborhood showcases beautiful architecture and well-maintained streets, providing an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for both residents and visitors.

Why Stay in Mompiano?

The neighborhood’s proximity to hills and green spaces provides opportunities for leisurely walks, hikes, or simply unwinding amidst nature.

Mompiano is home to the Museo della Città, which showcases the history and culture of Brescia. By staying in Mompiano, you’ll have easy access to this cultural attraction, allowing you to delve into the rich heritage of the city.

Additionally, the neighborhood’s close proximity to Brescia’s city center means you can explore other cultural landmarks and historical sites with ease.

By staying in Mompiano, you can immerse yourself in the local residential character and experience the neighborhood’s sense of community.

Things to do in Mompiano

  • Mompiano’s proximity to natural parks and outdoor areas offers opportunities for nature lovers. Take a leisurely stroll or go for a hike in the nearby Parco delle Colline di Brescia or Parco delle Cave. Enjoy the fresh air, picturesque views, and peaceful atmosphere of these natural landscapes.

Best places to stay in Mompiano

Mid range accommodation in Mompiano

Family Friendly accommodation in Mompiano

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Mompiano

the view of blooming trees of Mompiano district

Top 5 favorites accommodation options for Brescia

❤️ Best Area first timersBrescia Centro
💸 Best Luxury HotelHotel Vittoria
👪 Best Hotel for For FamiliesHotel Igea
🏨 Best Mid-Range HotelHotel Master
🛏️ Best Budget HotelCasa Leonardo da Vinci
✨ Best HostelLUOGO COMUNE Ostello

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