Where to Stay in Basel [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Basel is a beautiful medieval city on the Rhine River in northern Switzerland near the French and German borders. 

Switzerland’s third-largest city is often overlooked for the larger cities of Geneva and Zurich or the smaller towns of Lucern, Bern, or any of several villages in the Swiss Alps.

However, Basel is a lovely city worth a few nights on your Central European tour. The city is best known for art and has a lively cultural scene.

BASEL, SWITZERLAND - Panorama of the Rhine Embankment. City view from the Dreirosenbruecke bridge. City of Basel, Switzerland, Europe

When planning your visit, there are many hotels in Basel Switzerland to choose from. Let us help you find the best area to stay in Basel, with Basel hotels for each price range and travel style. 

We will cover off all types of Basel accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Basel hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Basel Switzerland 2024.

This guide shows the best Basel hotels, best places in Basel to visit, the best places to stay in Basel, hotels near Basel attractions, best neighborhoods in Basel and many more.

Below are 7 of the best neighborhoods to stay in Basel to help you make the right decision when trying to work out best areas to stay in Basel for you. We have tried to make the guide as easy to follow as possible.

We have also included some things to do or places to visit as well as some eatery suggestions of either our favourite places or some funky places to eat at within the areas in Basel so you can use this as a go to guide to pick the best accommodation in Basel Switzerland for you.

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Altstadt Grossbasel – Where to Stay in Basel for Tourists

The old town area of Basel is split into two distinct sections. Altstadt Grossbasel and Altstadt Kleinbasel are separated by the Rhine River.

Altstadt Grossbasel has the typical old town feel and is the best area for tourists who are visiting Basel for a short time or for their first time.

Many of the best attractions and sites are within walking distance of the hotels located here. Explore several churches, the town hall, and museums, and if you wish, take a stroll across the bridge, or hop on a ferry to Altstadt Kleinbasel. 

Wondering where to stay in Basel for Christmas markets? Well Old Town is where the Christmas markets are located, Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz to be exact.

Best places to stay in Altstadt Grossbasel

Budget accommodation in Altstadt Grossbasel

Mid range accommodation in Altstadt Grossbasel

Family Friendly accommodation in Altstadt Grossbasel

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Altstadt Grossbasel

BASEL, SWITZERLAND - Old town Grossbasel. Historical houses on the Muensterberg street. City of Basel, Switzerland, Europe

Altstadt Kleinbasel – Where to Stay in Basel for Nightlife

On the right bank of the Rhine River is the district of Alstadt Kleinbasel. Whereas Alstadt Grossbasel is a bit more expensive and has long been home to the city’s wealthier residents, Kleinbasel was usually a working-class neighborhood attracting all sorts of residents.

Alstadt Kleinbasel best area to stay in Basel Switzerland for nightlife, it has a lot of pubs and clubs within it’s area.

Today, it remains densely populated and is known as the nightlife hub of Basel. Popular with locals and tourists, there are tons of entertainment options, from posh nightclubs, live music, and tasty restaurants.

There are several town squares here that are always lively; a great place to meet friends or just sit and watch the world go by. 

Best places to stay in Alstadt Kleinbasel

Budget accommodation in Alstadt Kleinbasel

Mid range accommodation in Alstadt Kleinbasel

Family Friendly accommodation in Alstadt Kleinbasel

BASEL, SWITZERLAND - . Rhine river on a spring sunny day. View of the Middle Bridge. City of Basel, Switzerland, Europe.

Clara – Where to stay in Basel for foodies

Clara Basel is a great place to stay in Basel for any type of traveler. Foodies are particularly in for a treat with the wide selection of restaurants, cafes and bars available close by.

Exhibition Center Basel is a modern complex located right in the heart of the city which hosts exciting exhibitions throughout the year. It also features numerous cafes and restaurants where visitors can take a break from all the stimulating activities on offer.

Congress Center Basel is another great option for travelers looking for some culinary inspiration. The center offers a diverse range of food outlets including Michelin-starred eateries as well as more casual dining experiences.

VIBES Rooftop & Lounge is an open-air venue that boasts spectacular views of Basel and serves drinks and light snacks perfect for enjoying an evening under the stars. KLARA 13 AG is a restaurant serving delicious Mediterranean dishes in a chic atmosphere.

Restaurant Nua – the dumpling spirit provides its diners with an array of traditional Asian dishes made using only fresh ingredients. ISBILIR | Pizza, Döner & Grill offers authentic Turkish cuisine while Café Charlotte provides guests with local Swiss food in an inviting setting.

Best places to stay in Clara

Budget accommodation in Clara

Mid range accommodation in Clara

Family Friendly accommodation in Clara

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Clara

Basel, Switzerland -  an Asian restaurant in the pedestrian shopping street of Steinenvorstadt on a winter day

Centralbahnplatz – Where to Stay in Basel near the Train Station

Just south of Old Town, you’ll find Bahnhof Basel, the main train station. Just outside is Centralbahnplatz, a busy neighborhood surrounding the station.

There are many Basel hotels in this neighborhood, including budget-friendly options opposite the train station.

This is the best area for tourists who plan to take many day trips from Basel using the train system of Switzerland, as most hotels are within walking distance of the train station.

Also, for travelers with mobility issues, the Altstadt neighborhoods are quite hilly. You might prefer to stay near the train station so you can take advantage of public transit to get around, rather than walking up and downhill all the time. 

Best places to stay in Centralbahnplatz

Budget accommodation in Centralbahnplatz

Mid range accommodation in Centralbahnplatz

Family Friendly accommodation in Centralbahnplatz

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Centralbahnplatz

BASEL, SWITZERLAND - . Old town. Beautiful old houses on the Heuberg street. Grossbasel district, city of Basel, Switzerland, Europe

St. Alban – Where to Stay in Basel for Relaxation

Not far from Old Town is the leafy residential area called St. Alban. St. Alban’s gate marks the part of the old walled city and dates back to 1400.

The streets are winding and lined with trees, while canals flow through the neighborhood, giving it a medieval charm.

Mixed in with historic buildings, you’ll find modern architecture, which is what makes this neighborhood unique. A bit quieter than Old Town or Centralbahnplatz, this is the perfect family-friendly place to stay in Basel. 

Best places to stay in St. Alban

Budget accommodation in St. Alban

Mid range accommodation in St. Alban

Family Friendly accommodation in St. Alban

Picturesque view of Basel city with St. Alban Gate

Bachletten – Where to Stay in Basel with Family

Just west of the train station is the Bachletten quarter, home of the Basel Zoo. Several parks, including Schützenmatt Park and Benkenpark, make this a great place for family-friendly accommodation in Basel.

At Bachgraben recreational area, you can enjoy an outdoor swimming pool and miniature golf course.

The neighborhood is filled with quaint cafes and unique shops, and the Markthalle food hall is just a few minutes’ walk from the Basel Zoo.

You won’t find as many large hotels in this district, however, there are dozens of guest houses and bed and breakfasts, as well as apartment rentals for longer stays. 

Best places to stay in Bachletten

Budget accommodation in Bachletten

Mid range accommodation in Bachletten

Family Friendly accommodation in Bachletten

Two adult predators, the family of a lion and a lioness rest on a stone in the zoo of the city of Basel in Switzerland in winter in cloudy weather

Gundeldingen – Where to Stay in Basel on a Budget

South of the train station is the district of Gundeldingen. Like Centralbahnplatz, it’s a good area to stay if you plan to take advantage of public transportation for day trips out of Basel.

Being a bit out of the city center, this is also the area where you’ll find the most budget-friendly accommodation in Basel, including several hostels.

This is one of the more diverse neighborhoods of Basel, with many cultural influences showing up in the local restaurant scene.

This is a fun Basel neighborhood that almost feels like a separate town, thanks to the train station cutting it off from the rest of Basel.

Of course, it’s just a few minutes’ walk through the train station to reach popular destinations like Centralbahnplatz and Markthalle. 

Best places to stay in Gundeldingen

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Gundeldingen

Budget accommodation in Gundeldingen

Mid range accommodation in Gundeldingen

Family Friendly accommodation in Gundeldingen

BASEL, SWITZERLAND - Embankment of the Rhine river. View of the Theobald Baerwart Secondary School. City of Basel, Switzerland, Europe

Top 5 favorites accommodation options for Basel

❤️ Best Area first timersAltstadt Grossbasel (old town)
💸 Best Luxury HotelGrand Hotel LES TROIS ROIS
👪 Best Hotel for For FamiliesBALEGRA City Hotel Basel
🏨 Best Mid-Range HotelVISIONAPARTMENTS Basel Nauenstrasse
🛏️ Best Budget HotelHotel & Lounge by Hyve Basel SBB
✨ Best HostelBasel Backpack

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