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The Top 3 Jamaican Luxury Villas to Stay in This Year

Going on vacation in Jamaica means preparing for the best trip of your life. Between the vibrant culture, the amazing food, and the stunning history, there is no end of things to enjoy in the land of reggae. But when you’re looking for a luxury vacation, there are even more choices to be had. Jamaica is home to some of the best luxury villa rentals you can find. Here are the top three Jamaican luxury villas that you can’t miss this year.

Jamaica island, Montego Bay on Caribbean beach.

Stella By The Sea — Tryall Club, Jamaica

Stella By The Sea is an unforgettable stop on your Jamaican vacation. This villa is a true definition of luxury. At $5,143 a night, the villa offers six bedrooms and a huge variety of luxury amenities. At Stella By The Sea, you’ll enjoy two pools, a spa, beautiful gardens, and a private beach. But even though there is endless fun to be had out in the sun, the villa also offers great entertainment and relaxation inside its walls.

Stella By The Sea is a perfect combination of Jamaican and Italian styles. On the property, you’ll enjoy an Italian courtyard, a private movie theater, and an enormous kitchen complete with a pizza oven. Of course, it has no shortage of modern tech features, including cable television and DVD players. It also features a private bar, beautiful bedrooms with bathrooms en suite, a gazebo, a jacuzzi, and a private pond.

Panoramic view of Montego Bay Jamaica on a stunning spring day.

Villa Twin Palms — Tryall Club, Jamaica

The Villa Twin Palms provides a luxury Caribbean experience for the price of $3,507 a night. Set on 10 acres of land, including lush gardens, the villa overlooks the ocean. It combines Roman, Moroccan, and Caribbean influences to make a haven away from the busy world for its guests.

With a large courtyard and long halls, this seven-bedroom villa is designed to let you experience the inside and the outside worlds all at once. Here, you’ll experience a gentle breeze no matter where you are. But there is no shortage of outside amenities to enjoy. At Twin Palms, you’ll find a beautiful private veranda, a bar, and a sundeck, as well as seven — yes, seven — private pools. These include an infinity lap pool, a wading pool, and two whirlpools. Of course, you’ll find all the latest tech indoors.

Sandy beach with palm trees and a sailing boat in the turquoise sea on Paradise island.

Rio Chico Private Estate — Ocho Rios, Jamaica

An estate that combines luxury with privacy, Rio Chico can be experienced for $4,125 a night. Sitting on 14 acres of tropical plant life, including waterfalls and gardens, it borders 2,000 feet of Caribbean beachfront. Inside, eight bedrooms provide every comfort for your guests.

Here, you’ll also find marble tubs and a personal staff, including a butler and two chefs. There are also three private pools, as well as ample opportunity to hit the beach with private instruction in kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling. Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy billiards, croquet, and tennis while staying here.

Sandals South Coast – Jamaica

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