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What is the appeal of Central Park for tourists?

When you talk about planning a trip to visit New York City, there are several locations that tend to come up as being a must to see. I’m sure you can think of many of them already.

The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building, and the Brooklyn Bridge just to name a few, but the most popular place for visitors to the big apple may just be the beauty of Central Park.

The park is a the one piece of nature that isn’t covered by concrete and asphalt. While the city is an amazing site and is filled with energy and excitement, the chance to get into a wide open space and have some freedom from the hustle and bustle of city life in the city that doesn’t sleep.

How do you get to see the park?

There are many ways to see park. You can walk around it and see things from a ground level or rent a bike and see more of the open spaces than you could possibly see on foot, but using either of these options will still keep you from seeing the most important parts of the park.

Rather than just wander around, you should look into getting a guide to help you find the best and most interesting parts of the park. It’s always helpful to have a guide no matter how you want to see Central Park.

The best ways to see the park are walking tours, biking tours, and pedicab tours. Let’s look at the different options so you can decide which one is best for you.

Central Park New York City

The benefits of a walking tour of Central Park

Walking is not only a great low impact workout, but it also gives you the benefit of being able to take the time you need to enjoy where you are walking.

When you walk around the park, you will get to see all of the most important sights in the park and have an experienced guide who will be able to give you the best details of the places you are visiting in the park.

Without a guide, you may see the same places, but your guide will be able to show you more in the two or three hours of your tour, than you would be able to see and experience on your own, even if you had the most comprehensive guide book available with you.

Central Park New York City

Take a guided biking tour instead

If you want a chance to see more of the park than you could possibly see on your own two feet, sign up for a biking tour and make the most of the time that you have in Central Park.

You will still have an experienced guide with you, but you will be able to visit more of the park and have a great experience seeing the sights of the park.

Let someone else do the work with a pedicab tour

If you want to combine the experience of seeing as much of the park as you could on a biking tour without having to do all of the work, you should look into pedicab tours.

This kind of tour will involve being carried around in a pedicab that is pedalled around by a skilled biker and someone that knows Central Park better then most people that visit the park. They enjoy making sure that their passengers have the best experience in the park.

Central Park New York City

Which is the best choice for you?

When you visit New York City, there are plenty of places to visit, but Central Park is one of the best of them. Why not look into a great option to explore the park and learn as much as possible.

Look into a Central Park guided tour that will help you to see all of the best places in the park that allows you to see all of the sights in the park and do so in a way that works best for you.

Whether you walk, bike, or allow someone else to do the biking for you, a guided tour is the best way to see the park.


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