New York City Secrets That Will Get You Excited For Your Trip

The Empire State Building and New York City Skyline

If you are planning on going to New York City sometime this year, there is probably one thing you aren’t particularly looking forward to – all the crowds of tourists! But there is one way you can avoid all these crowds. You just need to head to all the places where they aren’t!

Sure, you will want to do all the big attractions, such as Central Park and the Empire State Building, but after you have ticked off these from your list, there are some quieter spots you should head to.

Here are some truly awesome New York secrets that not everyone knows about just yet. Read on and get ready to be excited about your trip!

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Secret Train Lines Under The Waldorf Astoria

These days, private jets are the chosen way for millionaires and celebrities to get about without being spotted. But before these expensive planes came onto the market, people had to rely on trains. And what better way of getting from A to B than taking a train on some secret train lines?

Some of New York’s secret lines still exist underneath the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel. If you are lucky enough to be staying at this iconic hotel, take one of the New York airport transfers, dump your bags in your rooms, and then head out to see if you can spot these secret train tracks!

Enjoy Cocktails In A Speakeasy

Between 1920 and 1933, the whole of America went through a period of prohibition. During this time, it was illegal to sell and buy alcoholic products. However, that did not deter people who wanted to enjoy a drink, and lots of speakeasy bars popped up around the city.

These were highly secretive and were located underneath shopping malls, in people’s living rooms, and hidden in train stations.

These days, some speakeasies live on, and you can sneak into one of these bars to enjoy a classic cocktail.

One great speakeasy that is still open is Le Boudoir. To get in, you need to go into the Chez Moi bistro on 135 Atlantic Avenue. You’ll find a secret door in a bookcase…

The Submarine In Coney Island Creek

When you’re walking around Brooklyn, the chances are that you will stumble across Coney Island Creek. This small tidal inlet is only 2 miles long.

When you find it, you might end up rubbing your eyes in disbelief, though! But don’t worry, you aren’t seeing things, that really is a submarine in the middle of it! Head here to get some curious pictures that will make all your Instagram followers jealous of your trip!

The Berlin Wall

Yes, you did read that correctly! If you know where to look, you will find sections of the Berlin wall in New York City – weird, right?!

Head to Midtown and to the area’s public plaza. You’ll find a small section of the wall here covered in some very artistic graffiti! Bet you never thought you’d be able to see some German history in New York!

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