Coastal Croatia – Here’s what you need to know!

Aerial view at old city center and main square of capital of Croatia, Zagreb, Europe.

Croatia a beautiful country that often goes under the radar to some people and well, that’s a shame. This country gets even more beautiful in hot summer months when her long coastline becomes a sunny paradise and the main summer attraction.

Croatia will amaze all history lovers since there are many cultural and historic sites with astounding traditional architecture all over the cities and islands.

Nature lovers can enjoy in natural beauty Croatia has and Nature Parks or National Parks, islands, pristine beaches, and mountains that frame many panoramic views. Besides natural beauty, food and traditional drinks are also known to leave even the toughest critics out there speechless.

So here are some facts, top destinations and Croatia essentials you have to know before starting to plan anything further!

Plan your trip?

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1. Croatia coastline & breathtaking islands

Croatia coastline is nearly 1.800 km long, and it is decorated with over 1200 dreamy islands, bays and isles. These places in recent years attracted more and more tourist but still, there are many places and villages to be found that are peaceful and without large crowds.

Like for example, island Vis, beautifully preserved from mass tourism or small village Or maybe Pučišća on island Brač that are among top 15 most beautiful villages in Europe!

However, if you are party person and you like to be in a centre of happenings then hop to flashy party island Hvar that is popular even among world famous stars. There is an option for any age group and any preference.

Good fast to know is that distances between islands are quite short so if you want to experience more of the islands in a short period of time, island hopping with a yacht is a good way to see it all!

Furthermore, the Adriatic Sea is so crystal clear and warm, ideal for swimming and various watersports.

Croatia also offers some of the best sailing adventurous in Europe, and it’s a great way to experience the country from the seaside. You get a chance to see so many places, experience the best views and enjoy in sea whenever you please.

Other ideal islands worth of visiting are Korčula, Mljet, Krk, Kornati, Rab, Cres, Šipan, Šolta… and many more to explore.

2. Historic Coastal Towns & UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Croatia is full of cultural and historic sites, which 10 of them stand on the Unesco World Heritage Sites list. Some of the highlights to consider visiting:

  1. a) Dubrovnik and his preserved massive ancient walls that wrap around the historic breathtaking Old Town, where even Game of Thrones scenes was filmed. Or catch up with summer festival in Dubrovnik hosting international performers.
  2. b) Split the second largest town in Croatia offers more than a just great getaway to a nearby island. Here among all other things, you’ll discover the ancient Diocletian Palace built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Inside and outside of the palace city Split grew and expanded and now it lives on as the most beautiful city in Croatia as many says.
  3. c) Zadar is the town where the most beautiful sunsets are being made. Discover magical Sea Organs, the sound system made out of pipes and waves that collide under the sea and make the most relaxing melodies. Or the Monument to the Sun, a large solar-powered attraction that changes colours at night and makes sunsets even more spectacular.

3. Idyllic nature parks and National parks

Croatia is also a great place for nature lovers seeking relaxation and reviving energy in the tranquil atmosphere in nature.

Croatia itself has 11 nature parks, 8 national parks, and 2 nature reserves and some of them are protected by UNESCO like Plitvice Lakes or gorgeous Krka waterfalls. Swimming at Krka waterfalls is allowed so that for sure is a reason in itself to visit Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage list

4. Warm summer days and great weather

Croatia is one of the sunniest places on the European map, it has numerous sunny hours per day, especially on the coastline region. Temperatures during the summer months go up to 32 Celsius, but you can find refreshment in the beautiful turquoise sea whose temperatures stays around refreshing 22/24 Celsius.

Summer nights on the islands can get a bit cooler, so packing two extra light long sleeves is never a bad idea.

5 …with food that is even greater!

Speaking of food, every region in Croatia has its own specialities, so everyone should find something for their food preferences. Mediterranean cuisine in Coastal Croatia is known for its fresh high-quality fish dishes infused with herbs and spices.

Also, an unavoidable thing is often used olive oil that was and still is produced on many Croatian islands.

Of course worth of mentioning are distinctive traditionally made Croatian wines that always so nicely go along with any dish you choose.

Dishes are usually made by old inherited traditional recipes; even some restaurants will follow the inherited recipes that their grandmother left them. So not only that this is verified and one of the healthiest cuisines, it’s also one of the tastiest!

Dubrovnik city walls - 18 Impressive Things to do in Dubrovnik - Croatia Travel Guide

 6. Most gorgeous beaches and hidden bays

When travelling around Croatia coastline you’ll discover some of the best dazzling sand and pebble beaches that are located along the coastline, perfect for relaxation and enjoyment in the endless sun. Some of those more secluded beaches are untouched by human hand, beautifully preserved and reachable by sea only.

The aromatic smell of pine trees mixed with salt sent in the air makes the best natural essential oil smell you’ll ever experience.

Golden Bay (Zlatni rat) on island Brač is uniquely shaped beautiful beach worth of visiting. Sea is very refreshing, with calm waves completely safe for children too. Waters are so crystal clear with various shades of blue that you can almost see the ground and fishes in it.

Whatever beach you choose, don’t forget to use very important sunblock with high SPF, especially if you go around noon when the sun is highest and it gets very hot.

Dubrovnik Lokrum Island - 18 Impressive Things to do in Dubrovnik - Croatia Travel Guide

7. Prices & best deals

Prices in Croatia are quite reasonable, especially when compared to some other European hotspot destinations. If you have budget limits or you simply always like to save up some money while you travel, the great news is that you can do that here!

Croatia offers great things, destinations, accommodation and food for great value for the money you’re spending.

Of course, you still have to stay realistic and know if you go to the trendiest luxury restaurant, then yes, the price will be higher. However, for example, you can get exceptional dinner (drinks included) for around £50!

If staying at hotels is not really your cup of tea and you are looking for some different experience than there are many popular cruise possibilities and for some renting a boat might be a more suitable choice for a summer holiday in Croatia.

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