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Why Lapland should be on your bucket list

Reindeer in a winter forest in Finnish Lapland

When thinking of the most remote and mysterious corners of the world, a picture of fairytale Lapland will surely emerge in front of your eyes, and that’s not surprising at all.

This Nordic region, despite the apparent loneliness and wilderness, is full of adventures and surprises waiting for you to explore. So in this piece, we are going to assure you why Lapland tours should be a part of every traveler’s must-visit list.

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The homeland of Santa!

We bet that being a child everyone has written letters to Santa Claus at least once in a lifetime (or maybe still writes them) and sent them to his residence far-far away above the Arctic Circle. But how about paying a visit to the winter magician and sharing your heart’s desire with him in reality?

For making this childhood dream come true, you need to head to the Santa office, located not far from Rovaniemi, where you’ll be able to meet Santa Claus in person.

You can get there from the Finnish capital, hopping on a Helsinki to Rovaniemi train, often called the Santa Claus Express. Moreover, moving only one kilometer from the Santa Village, you’ll find a themed underground Santa Park, where the elves live. A pretty cool adventure worth the ride, don’t you think?

Rovaniemi Finland - Snowman at Santa Office at Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi Lapland Finland on Arctic Circle in winter. At dusk in the evening

Magic lights, dancing in the sky

Lapland is the kingdom of eternal winter and truly dramatic views. The period from November to May is the time when the region looks like a postcard snow-white wonderland but, apart from lush landscapes.

There is one more natural miracle that beckons thousands of tourists to come and visit these chilly cold lands. We are sure that you have already guessed that we are talking about the Northern Lights.

It goes without saying that the Aurora Borealis is a one-of-a-kind light show, witnessing which with your own eyes is simply an unforgettable experience for many.

Lapland is one of the best places on the planet for the Northern Lights hunting as this unique phenomenon usually appears here more than 200 nights a year, which is pretty impressive.

Incredible Northern lights Aurora Borealis activity above the coast in Norway

Unusual but cozy accommodation

If gazing at the dark winter sky on the crispy frost and waiting for the Northern Lights to appear is not your thing, Lapland definitely has an appetizing accommodation option you won’t be able to resist.

You can stay in an exclusive Kakslauttanen Arctic resort, offering cozy glass igloos which are perfect for observing the wilderness of the surrounding arctic nature without leaving the warm spots. Ice hotels are also very popular in Laplands

Just imagine a quiet evening when you, sitting with your loved one in a fluffy blanket, observe colorful aurora lights coming out and dancing in the dark. What else do you need for an ideal vacation?

Bed Of Ice In A Hotel Room Ice

Exotic safaris around snow slopes

Of course, the Northern Lights hunting is not the only entertainment that Lapland has in store. If you feel adventurous enough and want to immerse into the local traditions, you can set off on an exciting reindeer or husky safari.

A pack of lovely animals will show you around and take you to the spots off the beaten touristic paths. What is more, the charm of communicating with friendly huskies and feeding lively reindeer is very difficult to overestimate.

A winter activity in Rovaniemi, Finland - husky sledding/husky safari.

Various activities for everyone in the family

Lapland boasts a wide range of activities that will meet any demands. Winter will welcome you with such opportunities as skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.

The only thing you need is to choose what way of conquering Lapland snow expanses you like more.

If you decide to spend your summer holiday in this Nordic region, it’s the season for exploring Lapland’s scenic hiking trails and witnessing another unique natural wonder (yes, Lapland sky shows take place not only in winter), the Midnight Sun.

Man driving snowmobile in snowyfield in a sunny day. Lapland, Finland.

Exceptional local cuisine

Even such a region as Lapland has something to please foodies from all over the world. Considering severe climatic conditions, it is no surprise that traditional Lapland dishes are hearty and warm.

Local delicacies are based on the use of the gifts of nature and only fresh ingredients. The most typical flavors of Lapland include smoked venison, salted salmon, roasted whitefish, baked partridge, and cloudberries served with country cheese.

If you’re a sweet tooth, you also can’t miss such local pastries as cinnamon rolls and blueberry pie.

Cooked, Venison

When to visit Lapland?

Your touring Lapland depends on what exactly you expect from this kind of experience. Basically, the region is covered with snow from November till May, so this period is ideal for practicing winter activities and the Northern Lights seeking.

The darkest but most magical time is December and January so if you want to immerse into the true fairytale and visit Santa in Christmas time, it is the best time to go. Moreover, the polar night will increase your chances to catch the Aurora Borealis.

On the contrary, if you desire to discover the charm of the Midnight Sun and the best hiking trails of Lapland, your perfect season is from June to July. But going on a hike, do not forget the insect repellent, as the eternal day keeps mosquitoes awake as well.

All in all, Lapland is an amazing land which provides unique impressions that you can not get anywhere else in the world. This destination will charm you in every season, providing a huge number of opportunities for recreation, entertainment, and nature exploring. So are you ready to conquer this wild region?


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