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Best places to spend Christmas in Australia

If you will be spending Christmas in Australia, or plan on taking a vacation there over the festive period at some point in the future, you will want to know the best places to go. This useful guide details a number of different ways to spend Christmas in Oz.

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Bondi Beach

With its surf culture and golden beach, Bondi is popular all year round; if you don’t mind the crowds, Sydney’s Bondi beach has become a fashionable attraction for people to gather on Christmas Day, and it’s especially well-liked by backpackers. However, despite the festive celebrations, there’s no alcohol allowed so bear this in mind before you go.


Tasmania Mountains

For an excellent alternative to the beach life at Christmas, the mountain areas in Tasmania can be a good choice, especially for people who like the outdoors life. There are companies that organize walking and rafting tours over the Christmas period; if you want to get active perhaps consider one of these. If you don’t want to participate in a structured trip, then choose a car hire company, like Apex car hire, and arrange your own.

As well as the mountains in Tasmania, look out for the wildlife and the amazing sunsets that can be experienced at this time of year.

Best places to spend Christmas in Australia

Kwiambal National Park

For festivities that are truly unique, a Christmas camping trip is a real option in Australia. One suitable location is the Kwiambal National Park in New South Wales, which is famed for its gorges, picnic areas, walking tracks and wildlife.

If you enjoy action packed activities, then there are also plenty of opportunities for swimming and mountain biking.

Margaret River

If you’re in the area, you might consider a drive down to Margaret River over the Christmas period. The region is easily accessible; if using a hire car then make the most of this Western Australian destination by taking the scenic route there.

Margaret River has a cooler climate, which makes it ideal for people that might want to escape the heat of cities like Sydney, and it’s quieter. In addition, there is plenty to see and do such as wine tours, caves to explore and whales to watch. The more adventurous among you can indulge in some surfing, walking or mountain biking activities.

Best places to spend Christmas in Australia


If you don’t mind the intense heat, then Cairns in Queensland might be one of your perfect locations for Christmas in Australia. By using a local car hire company, you can transport yourself to some of Cairns’ finest attractions including the Behana Gorge, the Skybury Coffee Plantation and the Herberton Historic Village.

Best places to spend Christmas in Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge

if you’re still in Sydney in the New Year then the destination of choice should be the Sydney Harbour Bridge or one of the nearby vantage points. Sydney’s New Year’s celebrations are well known the world over; anyone staying in the area can expect to witness some spectacular firework displays, and they’ll have a New Year that will also be remembered.

Although there is additional public transport put on the cater for the celebrations, tourists might prefer the convenience of car hire to get around as there are many other events to travel to on New Year’s Eve.

Best places to spend Christmas in Australia

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