5 Things to do in London like a Local

The United Kingdom capital offers so much for a traveller- you could spend years there and not experience everything.  Not all of us have that much free time however, so even if you’re in The Old Smoke for just a few days, you can still have an authentic experience. 

From learning how to professional photograph, satisfying your stomach, riding how the Beatles did, and enjoying drinks up high, the best things to do with locals in London will take you all over (and above) the town.

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London, England - Panoramic skyline view of Bank and Canary Wharf, London's leading financial districts with famous skyscrapers and other landmarks at golden hour sunset with blue sky and clouds

Learn the history and how to professionally photograph landmarks

London is teeming with history, from monuments to buildings to horses.  In addition, the city is also excellent for photography. 

Take a tour with Ian, a local professional photographer, where you’ll learn about both the history of the city and how to enhance your photos of everything London offers! 

Everyone has photos of Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey.  With Ian, you’ll make yours stand out, and have the know-how for all your future adventures!

Eat in the house of one of London’s best chefs

The British Empire controlled an enormous part of the world back in the day.  Due to this, Indian cuisine has a big influence in British culture.  Local Pratap is a Michelin-trained chef, who has worked with the famous chef Gordon Ramsey and in London’s best Indian restaurant, The Cinnamon Club. 

Be a guest in his home, and taste famous Indian dishes.  Not to worry, he’s learned Ramsey’s famous tips, not his famous anger.  Leave with a full stomach and more London foodie tips for when you’re hungry again!

SOHO, LONDON -: Pedestrians at a market selling food, flowers, fruit and vegetables on Berwick Street in Soho, London, UK.

Release your inner child and cook

As a child, we were all told not to play with our food.  Well Christabel doesn’t believe in that; in fact, she says to do the opposite. 

Enter her home for what she calls the “Edible Playground,” reminisce your childhood, and feed your playful side.  Have fun making creative treats with the likes of Legos, Snakes and Ladders, Jenga, Coloring, all things we loved as kids (and probably still do!). 

When it’s all said and done, enjoy your creations with great views of a London secret, Regent’s Canal.  Oh, and no one is making you pick up your toys this time either.

Experience Beatlemania through a Mini Cooper

There’s nothing much more British than The Beatles and Mini Coopers… So why not combine the two?  That’s just what Robert did. 

Join him in seeing the impact of Paul, George, John and Ringo on London (by the way, all four of them drove Minis…). 

Travel as the Beatles did and you’ll get to see where A Hard Day’s Night was filmed, the first office, and where their final gig was played among many more memorable locations. There’s not much else that could make this a true London experience for music lovers!

Party on the rooftops

Ok, rooftop parties are badass.  So a rooftop party in London just has to be one to remember. According to Jonathan, partying in London is only done properly when it’s high up.  He has been to the best of the best and wants you to join him. 

It’s hard to find out when and where these events take place, so here is the chance to get to one.  Revel in the atmosphere with a one-of-a-kind view over London’s skyline, with landmarks such as the London Eye, Shard, St. Paul’s, and more all around you.



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